And another message for Japanese fans from Mariah

Wednesday 21 May 2008

To promote the release of E=MC2 in Japan, Mariah Carey has left the following message with Tokyo FM for her Japanese fans.

Dear all my lovely lambs. How is everything? We are finally married and our wedding was simply amazing. I am truly happy that I am able to be with Nick. Just recently, we had a gigantic wedding party at Six Flags Mountain theme park. The event was beautifully decorated with pink balloons, pink cakes and everything else pink. I was so happy. And Nick told me that he wants to have this party for me every year. He is so cute.
Well, I am finally meeting all of you in Japan next week. Has it been already 2 years? I am waiting for all my lovely lambs to greet me when I go there. Hope you guys are waiting for me at the airport. (laughs)

(Tokyo FM Mobile - Mariah Connection)

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