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Name: Billy
Country: Greece
I don't know, and neither do you.
Re: How Greatest Hits should've played out (99,437) (99,448) by Billy from Greece
(Sunday 16 January 2022; 21:58)
I totally agree. It's sad that thirty years into her career the available greatest hits set focuses only on her first decade. I would love an elaborate retrospective but we ain't getting that. We got The Rarities though, which I absolutely loved, so that's something.
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New song (98,855) by Billy from Greece
(Friday 5 November 2021; 19:55)
Love it. Very sophisticated arrangement.
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The Adventures of Mimi (live at East Rutherford) (98,666) by Billy from Greece
(Tuesday 28 September 2021; 15:58)
Great show. Love the raw vocals, so much more compared to the edited Anaheim show.
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Ex-Factor (98,555) by Billy from Greece
(Friday 27 August 2021; 09:41)
It's only a snippet (albeit sweet) from the Rainbow tour but still it sounds so good hearing Mariah on my favorite Lauryn Hill track.
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Hero 2007 (98,499) by Billy from Greece
(Friday 6 August 2021; 18:38)
I've been looking for this since forever!
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Home for the holidays 2001 - news report (98,485) by Billy from Greece
(Monday 2 August 2021; 20:22)
This is rare and a true gem, with undubbed snippets of her performances that night, which were all gorgeous. I can't believe it's been twenty years since the Glitter era.
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Revisiting Whitney and Mariah's 2001 megadeals (97,795) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 10 April 2021; 22:07)
Great, informed article.
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Re: Top 5 music video eras (97,634) (97,639) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 20 March 2021; 19:40)
Love your list enwar, although I would add Rainbow there as well. And yes, she was such a stunner during #1's. That super short scene of her in a blue dress walking on the street in the beginning of Sweetheart is so elusive and captivating.
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"H.A.T.E.U. (Stripped)" (97,377) by Billy from Greece
(Tuesday 16 February 2021; 16:22)
So good.
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Re: Taped performances during quarantine (97,351) (97,360) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 13 February 2021; 12:00)
I've noticed it too. The thing is, her acapellas during 2020, or whenever you hear her voice stripped, do not have that quality and it sounds just beautiful. I guess it's a choice in how the whole performance is ultimately mixed, maybe to fit whatever "radio-friendly" standards are out there now, I don't know. In other words, it does not sound to me like it's another phase in her vocal evolution, but who knows. I just adore the essence of her voice and whenever you get to hear it at its most natural it's still captivating. By the way, the new arrangement of "We Belong Together" is just perfection, truly wonderful.
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Re: Lullaby remix (97,262) (97,265) by Billy from Greece
(Monday 1 February 2021; 09:06)
I also enjoyed it, enwar. Lullaby is one of my favourite Mariah songs.
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"Joy to the World" - San Jose 2003 (96,952) by Billy from Greece
(Tuesday 15 December 2020; 16:25)
An awesome live (minus only a couple parts) performance of "Joy to the World" from the Charmbracelet tour.
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Showbizz 411 / Roger Friedman (95,853) by Billy from Greece
(Tuesday 29 September 2020; 15:33)
I have really started to feel bad for this guy, having to write one sh*t "article" or "review" about Mariah after another. He must be a really miserable human being. Poor little Roger.
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Interview (95,734) by Billy from Greece
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 21:12)
How can I watch the interview without Apple TV+? Any ideas? Unless someone manages to upload it on YouTube before it's taken down.
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Out Here On My Own (95,587) by Billy from Greece
(Thursday 17 September 2020; 20:43)
It sounds divine.
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Re: Fourth of July (95,165) (95,168) by Billy from Greece
(Monday 24 August 2020; 10:37)
Oh enwar, you're such a romantic.
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Re: Walter A. (95,135) (95,140) by Billy from Greece
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 01:21)
"he tamed her bipolar." Seriously now?
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Re: Underneath the Stars - video (94,911) (94,915) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 15 August 2020; 19:26)
Yes enwar, exactly my thoughts. I also assumed that it was just a performance video and I got those Butterfly vibes you mention.
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Underneath the Stars - video (94,908) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 15 August 2020; 01:22)
This is monumental, I can't believe it.
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Re: Happy 30th anniversary Mariah Carey (94,369) (94,380) by Billy from Greece
(Sunday 14 June 2020; 09:31)
Oh how I love "Alone in Love". Virtual hug enwar.
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Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour (94,123) by Billy from Greece
(Monday 18 May 2020; 01:01)
A little throwback to the consistency of the vocals of this tour.
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If Only You Knew / Over The Rainbow (94,089) by Billy from Greece
(Wednesday 13 May 2020; 14:45)
A better quality video of this amazing performance here.
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Loverboy (94,052) by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 9 May 2020; 10:59)
Although the chorus could fit Firecracker, I love and prefer the Cameo sample for all the dissonance it creates.
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Re: Quick opinion poll (93,835) (93,858) by Billy from Greece
(Wednesday 29 April 2020; 15:53)
The past few years I tend to find "I Stay in Love" somehow sale and soulless, though I don't mind at all listening to it when I play "E=MC2". Actually, when I played the album yesterday I was surprised that I enjoyed ISIL more than I thought I would. "You're Mine" is a different case for me. It has a different structure, not necessarily trying to duplicate the "We Belong Together" formula. It's quite dreamy, but not on the same league as her classic "dreamy" songs (f.i. "Underneath the Stars"). Likewise, when I played "Me. I Am Mariah" recently I was again surprised by how much I enjoyed YM. Regarding "Angels Cry", I find it very "pretty", if I can use that word for a song. I think it's very radio friendly, with a developed melody. What I've always [found] interesting is the praise that "Last Kiss" gets by Mariah, Quincy Jones, and fans. Again, I do enjoy the song but I think it's more intriguing from a songwriter's perspective. For instance, I find "For the Record" to be a superior track in many ways. But it's true that over the years we listen differently and can re-discover a song or even an album for what they are.
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Allure and more (93,733) by Billy from Greece
(Wednesday 22 April 2020; 11:43)
First things first, "The Wind" is gorgeous. The meticulousness of her delivery is astounding, without being gratuitous or blasé. Second, I'm obsessed with Allure's "All Cried Out" and "Last Chance". The magic of Mariah's musicality at the point was the ambiance that she could create with the harmonies, instrumentals and structure of her songs, both of her solo discography and in side projects such as this (or Babyface's "Everytime I Close My Eyes", or 7Mile's "After"). It's too bad her creative relationship with Mark C. Rooney went south because together they created a sound that fit her like a glove (as shown also on the Butterfly tracks he co-produced). Too bad he chose the cheap way to go. Coming back to "Last Chance", this is actually the perfect transitional Mariah ballad between "Daydream" and "Butterfly". It could fit into either album as hidden track for instance. It's amazing how the tiny parts of her melismas and backgrounds steal the show everytime.
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