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Name: Anthony Carey
Country: U.K
MC Black Irish (100,290) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 15 May 2022; 19:57)
Hey Lambs! I am flying into Chicago in a couple of weeks (May 26th) and trying to find where I can purchase the Black Irish? If anybody does know a place not too far from the city center - could you please let me know. L4L.
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Mariah V McDonald's (99,870) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Monday 7 March 2022; 23:56)
Hi Lambs. I wanted to know as if anyone has received the T shirt yet? I am in the UK and I have to buy one online, so can anyone tell me what brand label name is the authentic one as I've seen a couple of different names. LYM.
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All Mariah magazine (92,959) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Thursday 20 February 2020; 00:03)
Hi guys. Just going through some old magazines and feel I have lost a few through moving homes etc. Can we confirm how many of the All Mariah magazines were published in print? Thanks Lambily.
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Re: Mariah in Blackpool (82,373) (82,376) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Friday 11 May 2018; 22:35)
Hey. I got my MC in Blackpool tickets and absolutely shocked to even say "I am going to see Mariah in Blackpool." I think apart from anything else - it is just part of a bigger plan to get Mariah's name back out there especially in the UK. I am so excited to see what she will perform given that it is a "festival" style - will be the hits again but could certainly use a festive moment/surprise for sure.
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Re: Christmas tickets (78,504) (78,519) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 24 September 2017; 23:51)
Hey Lamb. Yes I got my Manchester ticket last week. Something Mariah related that has actually not been delayed or arrived late lol. I too feel excited to see her perform Christmas in UK and then I fly to Las Vegas the following day to see her at Caesars.
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Mariah Twitter voice message (71,030) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Monday 9 January 2017; 1:16)
Well... I didn't see this one coming, however what I found rather interesting is the way it was done. Mariah who we know doesn't control her own social media accounts yet she states she is taking a break from it? Is Mariah taking back some control? It's also interesting the way Mariah did this directly rather than using Stella or anybody else to post. I hope Mariah takes the break she needs and this has all been the wake up call she needed - from the start of the NYE episode I have said Mariah needs to realise the circus around her and start afresh. Mariah is far from stupid and in fact a lot more clever than she is given credit for, and after all what does Mariah say? "Through every storm, if you look hard enough a rainbow appears." Let's just sit tight, await what hopefully will be the next chapter and show only love and support.
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Mariah 2017 (70,935) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Saturday 7 January 2017; 14:44)
Happy New Year guys. Well first of all I want to say about the whole NYE incident and that even though it wasn't Mariah's best moment to say the least, look at all the public interest it has gained. They do say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Anyway, I think generally we need to just accept it and move on - especially as technically it was last year. I have been enjoying watching Mariah's World as it has shown I think the general public a different side and the amount of non lambs in my working environment that are getting onto the show and actually enjoying it is really good. I know people hate the whole "reality/docu-series" essence but that is the current climate we live in. With regards to Stella I really don't have anything negative or positive to say except that I feel she just is not suited to Mariah as her client, maybe somewhat out her depth as this was certainly a game changer for her. The one thought that keeps crossing my mind lately is where is Sony throughout all of this? Didn't Mariah sign back to them and they are letting her do whatever she pleases? I feel they need to step in with a heavy hand for Mariah's sake.
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The Beacon Theatre - here I come (67,384) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Thursday 20 October 2016; 22:40)
Thank God Mariah finally got round to releasing the Christmas shows, I have had to change my flights from the UK to make sure I see it a couple of nights at least. I got my ticket for the Tuesday night show and holding back to see if there is any extra dates towards the end of the week. Also, great to see that Mariah's World is starting to be advertised on TV here in the UK - it certainly is going to be a Happy Mariah Holiday this year.
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No sign of The Beacon shows yet? (67,187) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Monday 10 October 2016; 23:28)
Well here we are into October and still no sign of the Christmas Shows - what do we think? I'm so praying right now as my holidays to NYC are booked to coincide with Mariah's Christmas shows. Luckily though I have got my ticket for the last show in Vegas so I can at least find comfort in this for now.
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Re: Mariah at The Beacon Theatre (66,692) (66,700) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 25 September 2016; 23:42)
Thanks for the info. Fingers crossed then we will hear some dates soon as I already have my flights booked (14th - 20th) so I need to make sure I catch at least 1 show as that's the only reason I am going.
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Mariah at The Beacon Theatre (66,689) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 25 September 2016; 14:44)
Hey lambs, I wanted to see if anybody has heard anything on whether Mariah is doing the Christmas concert series this year? I was trying to cast my mind back as to when it is usually announced and something tells me late September / early October. Any info would be a great help as I need to get organising myself.
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"The wedding will not happen" saga (64,037) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Tuesday 5 July 2016; 14:25)
As per my last post regarding Mariah and James, I have noticed a couple reiterating what I said about the problem with Nick and Mariah feeling lonely etc. This is certainly a feeling that is going to resurface "if" Mariah is genuinely in love with James as much as expressed i.e. marriage. I get what people are saying about "staged photographs" and I do sometimes feel is Mariah trying to convince us or herself that James is "the one"? I think that the best thing Mariah could do at this moment is take a step back, away from the "so called" team around her and focus on herself/children, she is already so blessed and if she carries on this path in life I can't help but feel there is going to be a bump in the road ahead, she is looking hot and sounding great so use this as a building block to getting back the focus and make it all about her career. Moving on, I loved the Essence performance and I was good to see Da Brat back on the scene, could there be another collaboration in the future? Who knows but Mariah beamed and I am so happy for her as I feel every performance is a battle with the press etc for Mariah and this time she was certainly "triumphant".
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Mariah at 1Oak (63,910) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Tuesday 28 June 2016; 15:35)
Hey fellow lambs. Well as a lot of you by now know I am always at Mariah's defence - fighting her corner but even I have to admit I wasn't excited about the 1Oak ensemble. I get that Mariah has to let herself go and have "moments" but there is certainly a time and place for these and in the general public ain't one of them. I will undoubtedly always have Mariahs back but like in our own world if our friends and family behaved in a certain way we would be worried/concerned and I just wonder what is really going on in "Mariah's world". I was also looking at a comment someone had made regarding James and marriage but I just don't see this working and before people get hot under the collar I will tell you why. Mariah clearly has trust issue's and has never disputed this however she is "in love" with the ideology of being in love and unfortunately until she deals with her own demons then she will find any situation difficult. I think in different circumstances James would have been great for Mariah but right now I think she needs to be on her own like anyone after heartache and breakup and get herself emotionally stronger. I still and always will love Mariah and will be there in Las Vegas again for the August leg as my love for her is "supernatural".
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Las Vegas 2016 (63,155) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Wednesday 8 June 2016; 17:13)
Hey guys. Well even though I was back in Las Vegas at the February dates, I couldn't wait until Christmas to see her again so booked my flights from UK and off I go to see Mariah in August. The reason for my post, I was talking to the girls at the Britney store and she explained the staff rotate between Britney shop and Mariah/Celine shop, and was telling me they heard there will be new merchandise of Mariah's this time round. Any of you guys managed to check it out yet? Here is hoping however I did think it was odd they would and will probably have to wait for the 2016 Christmas shows for any new items. Take care and countdown to Mariah's World.
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The Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour programme (60,949) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Thursday 31 March 2016; 23:20)
Hey guys. I just wanted to plea if there was any fellow lamb out there going to upcoming shows from this tour - would they please please pick me up a copy of the tour programme and ship to me in the UK? As you notice from my previous posts I did make the Leeds and Manchester shows but the programme wasn't ready. If any of my fellow Lambs would be willing to help then please email me on
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Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour / Brussels (60,748) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Tuesday 22 March 2016; 22:54)
First of all, want to send my thoughts and prayers for all the lambs and everybody in Brussels at this time - as our Mariah once sang "There's Got To Be A Way". I am a little worried about the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour stopping over there March 27th and I would like to think Mariah and her team postphone (at time of writing I have read she is awaiting government advice) the show until further notice plus in respect for those that have been touched by this tragedy. Anyway, just a note for those who may be interested, I posted a direct message to big Jim Wright on twitter asking if we are getting a tour programme for the tour and he replied confirming that it is "coming soon". So let's wait and see what beautiful pictures this will be packed with.
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Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour (60,659) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 20 March 2016; 12:57)
Wanted to ask if anybody has heard whether there will be a tour programme? I did ask at both Leeds and Manchester stalls however they both stated they are not certain and it's because it's too early into the tour. I am praying we do get a tour programme as I have every one so far, plus if not been to Europe since 2003 would be nice to have one "for the nostalgia" and my collection of new merchandise aka everything they sold lacks a programme to be complete.
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Mariah - Leeds and Manchester show timings (60,658) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 20 March 2016; 12:28)
Well there seems to be some unfortunate press regarding Mariah's "late" arrival to these shows even to the point where some reports are quoting her tweets etc prior to event arrival, this is clearly just being somewhat pathetic as I posted earlier the arena staff was informing concert attendee's that Mariah will arrive onstage at 8.45pm. First of all, I go to many concerts every year supporting artists and music and have never been to a concert that started before 9.00pm, secondly I was in the VIP seats for the shows and my ticket plus information was as follows (quoted by Ticketmaster uk) Doors 18.30 / Registration 18.30 - 21.00 / Support 20.00 and Mariah Carey 21.15. So a 15 minute wait, certainly not bad when I have waited longer for many other artists. However what certainly does annoy me is when other artists have been "late", where was the press then? Christmas shows Mariah was "on time", Las Vegas shows 10 minutes late. I look at it this way, if Mariah was an hour late she is certainly worth it considering she hasn't toured in the UK since 2003 so suck it up and just enjoy the fact we finally have Mariah back in our country.
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Re: Mariah - Leeds show (60,567) (60,656) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Sunday 20 March 2016; 12:20)
This is obviously where you are getting the "facts" mixed up/somewhat confused as if you read my previous article. Ticketmaster confirmed to myself and probably many others that the order of events are: Doors 18.30 / Registration 18.30 - 21.00 / Support 20.00 then Mariah Carey 21.15. Which means therefore Mariah arrived 15 minutes later than scheduled which to be fair isn't bad considering the current press of other touring artists.
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Mariah - Leeds show (60,562) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Friday 18 March 2016; 16:36)
Well I have just returned from the amazing show in Leeds UK and have to say Mariah is on fire. The set list was fantastic, her voice was in amazing form and was truly a walk through Mariah memory lane. Now onto the negative people. I witnessed concert members booing before Mariah came on stage "apparently" 45 minutes late, well first of all I was informed by Ticketmaster that Mariah would arrive onstage at 9.15pm and did in fact arrive 9.30pm. Therefore, only 15 minutes late, so all this ridiculous negativity about 45 minutes late. Let it go. Mariah gave everybody a outstanding performance and it just annoys me when people have nothing better to do than hate on Mariah. To those who always seek pleasure on being constantly negative and jumping on the bandwagon, I suggest you go find a hobby as you have way to much free time on your hands. Rant over.
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Mariah Las Vegas (59,638) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Saturday 6 February 2016; 17:40)
Hey guys. I wanted to ask if there is anybody on this board who has been to see Mariah in Las Vegas this year (2016)? I am interested to see if there is any additional merchandise at the store or have they changed the couple items that had 2015 to 2016?
I bought everything when I was there last summer and will be returning next week before flying back home to the UK ready for the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in Manchester and Leeds. Have fun guys.
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Mariah Carey The Beacon shows (58,406) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Monday 14 December 2015; 12:09)
Hey guys, Happy holidays from the UK. So thrilled to wake this morning to the announcement that Mariah is coming to Europe finally, so excited. Anyhow, I fly out to NYC tomorrow to see Mariah at The Beacon shows on both Tuesday and Thursday but wanted to ask anyone if they know what time roughly Mariah arrives at The Beacon so I can try see her as she enters the venue. Thanks guys.
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Mariah Christmas show at The Beacon (57,251) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Tuesday 13 October 2015; 14:01)
Well guys, I got my show tickets. Thank God especially as I had already booked my flights and hotel from the UK. The only thing I will say is I am slightly disappointed that I was unable to purchase the VIP tickets as they only accepted customers who reside in USA/Canada. I even telephoned Ticketmaster from the UK and was on for 30 minutes begging and pleading haha. I have managed to book the last 2 shows anyway as I land on December 15th - wouldn't it be good if she added another date for me to go at the end. Enjoy the show guys.
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Re: Article: Is Mariah Carey coming back to the Beacon Theatre? (57,114) (57,120) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Monday 5 October 2015; 19:43)
I thought it was "official" too with regards to the stage set already being put together. Besides I have booked my flights and hotel from the UK now especially to see Mariah so it has to happen. Lol.
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Mariah Carey The Beacon Shows (56,500) by Anthony Carey from U.K
(Monday 7 September 2015; 2:11)
Great to see David Korins tweet about working on the Mariah Carey Christmas show at The Beacon - I can't wait. Any lamb's have any idea of dates yet? I was fortunate enough to come and see her last Christmas from the UK and I have booked 15th-21st December flights/hotel to cover the period she ran for last year so fingers crossed I will get to see Mariah again, or back to Las Vegas I have to go lol excited.
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