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About TJ from Norway: I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909

Re: Ariana (87,140) (87,148) by TJ from Norway
That's one of the songs I feel she has made before. It could have been on TEOM. We are all different in opinions and stuff.
(Wednesday 19 December 2018; 21:20)
Re: Ariana (87,122) (87,126) by TJ from Norway
A new sound? I like Caution, but I don't hear a new sound.
(Wednesday 19 December 2018; 07:28)
Re: Ariana (87,093) (87,104) by TJ from Norway
Everyone who knows me, know that I'm a huge fan of Mariah, but I do think her diva behaviour appeared quite early in her career. My neighbour used to meet her from time to time back in the 90's trough work, and told me that she was a big diva already back in 94, when she released her Christmas album. She had changed a lot from her debut, she told me. From a humble, unsecured girl to a demanding person in just 4 years.

I always thought this happened during the release of Butterfly, but sources tells me different. I guess the lifestyle is so extreme that it will change most people. I for sure would too. I guess. Fame doesn't always bring the best in a person. I guess that Ariana experience some of the same reactions on being famous.
(Monday 17 December 2018; 19:10)
Re: Caution drops to #163 on Billboard 200 albums chart (87,011) (87,020) by TJ from Norway
I wonder if this album is dead by the lambs as well, now that it doesn't do well on the charts? What was wrong? Who screwed Mariah?
(Thursday 13 December 2018; 07:48)
Re: Bill (86,812) (86,843) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 4 December 2018; 06:26)
Re: TJ (86,785) (86,800) by TJ from Norway
I'm not joking. When saying they should be in bed, I mean that they should not be on stage. If you could see how uncomfortable her daughter was, you would agree. I don't understand how you can say it's ok to do this and it's ok to not use seatbelts, just because it's Mariah. I didn't "mom shame" her at all, I just expressed my thoughts on seatbelts.
(Monday 3 December 2018; 06:55)
Re: Concert in Stavanger, Norway (86,750) (86,774) by TJ from Norway
The only thing I wish she wouldn't do was bringing her kids on tour, performing on stage. The concert ended like 10pm and seven year old kids shouldn't be on stage. They should be in bed, sleeping.
(Sunday 2 December 2018; 17:52)
Re: Why Mariah Carey is getting mom shamed (86,739) (86,773) by TJ from Norway
Even if it isn't against the law, it's not ok to drive without seat belts. Period. It's 2018 and we know better. I don't say they were driving, but it's never ok.
(Sunday 2 December 2018; 17:46)
Re: Concert in Stavanger, Norway (86,750) (86,772) by TJ from Norway
This concert was a lot of fun. Strong voice.
(Sunday 2 December 2018; 17:43)
Re: Mariah sales (86,482) (86,498) by TJ from Norway
Are you sure that there are still 100,000 lambs/fans in the US? I'm not sure. It seems to me that they don't have to paint that wagon anymore. They need to build a new one, because her fans seems to be falling off. I guess the wind isn't called Mariah at the moment.
(Sunday 25 November 2018; 14:33)
Re: Multiple copies (86,146) (86,155) by TJ from Norway
Spot on. It's crazy.
(Sunday 18 November 2018; 00:25)
Re: Poor Rainbow, record rankings (85,767) (85,785) by TJ from Norway
Was it "too gay" in 1999? Did straight guys stay away because of the rainbow? I don't know.
(Saturday 10 November 2018; 09:29)
Re: Mariah Carey in Madrid (85,763) (85,784) by TJ from Norway
There's no promotions in Norway either. The concert isn't even listed as a Christmas concert on ticketmaster here. Crazy.
(Saturday 10 November 2018; 09:24)
Re: Poor Rainbow, record rankings (85,760) (85,783) by TJ from Norway
It's just so difficult. I think I have to say Music Box. I guess the reason why, is that I was 16 when it was released and was full of emotions (as most kids are). It was so exciting to buy the album, read all the lyrics and messages from Mariah on my way home, before I got to listen to the songs. I became a fan of Mariah when she released VOL, but didn't start to collect singles and stuff before the release of Dreamlover. It was nice to be a crazy fan back then. I just had to have all versions of her singles. Lol. How I miss that.
(Saturday 10 November 2018; 09:22)
Re: Poor Rainbow, record rankings (85,738) (85,747) by TJ from Norway
There's a lot of songs on that album that I enjoyed when it was released. If you were told to pick just one album, which one would you pick? I guess one or three albums would get more votes than the rest of them. It doesn't mean that people don't like Rainbow, it's just that everyone has one album they prefer more.
(Friday 9 November 2018; 06:12)
A No No and X-Girlfriend (85,524) by TJ from Norway
I'm not sure if anyone else feel that A No No is X-Girlfriend chapter two?
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 19:18)
Re: Album cover (84,956) (84,981) by TJ from Norway
The picture is not that photoshopped, but it is photoshopped. Love the colours.
(Wednesday 17 October 2018; 07:21)
Re: Album cover (84,946) (84,953) by TJ from Norway
Am I at a stand up comedy show?
(Tuesday 16 October 2018; 16:35)
Re: Album cover (84,934) (84,950) by TJ from Norway
If it's the picture underneath I get another vibe from Charmbracelet.
(Tuesday 16 October 2018; 15:21)
Re: Album cover (84,939) (84,947) by TJ from Norway
Thank God I was ironic then. I will be glad if she tried something new this time.
(Tuesday 16 October 2018; 14:52)
Re: Album cover (84,913) (84,927) by TJ from Norway
Haha. I see two small stripes of that caution tape and her being naked underneath it. I guess they get one hell of a job making it decent in Saudi Arabia.
(Tuesday 16 October 2018; 09:43)
AMA performance (84,853) by TJ from Norway
I like that show.
(Saturday 13 October 2018; 23:29)
Re: This message board is sad (84,679) (84,698) by TJ from Norway
I do agree that it might be to much negativity here, but I think the reason why, is because people know what she is capable of doing. I'm for sure like that. I'm not sure that she believes in her self anymore and that that insecure ends up in trying to look pretty or sexy. I don't understand the choices she takes musically. What's her intention and in what direction is she going? The discussion would be much better if people (me included) just focus on the topic and don't attack each other on a personal level. I'm just glad I'll be at her Christmas concert this year.
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 21:25)
Re: The ultimate disgrace (84,636) (84,643) by TJ from Norway
Evolved? Backwards? Seriously? Note to self: sheeps are not the most intelligent animal.
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 11:15)
Re: Try again Mariah (84,364) (84,379) by TJ from Norway
Do we discuss topics or persons?
(Friday 5 October 2018; 14:17)


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