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About TJ from Norway: I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909

Re: Try again Mariah (84,364) (84,379) by TJ from Norway
Do we discuss topics or persons?
(Friday 5 October 2018; 14:17)
Re: With You (84,295) (84,299) by TJ from Norway
It's hard to separate this song from other songs she has done. For example "Angels Cry" and a whole bunch of other songs she has recorded after WBT. I think that she should listen to music that she hasn't recorded herself. Someone should take a big needle and break through that bubble.
(Thursday 4 October 2018; 10:45)
With you (84,291) by TJ from Norway
I just found the song on Spotify. I agree with those who say this is not a good track. Yes it could be on an album, but not as a single. I got a Charmbracelet vibe.
(Thursday 4 October 2018; 08:10)
Re: GTFO on the charts? (83,988) (83,991) by TJ from Norway
My whole point was not the charts, but the quality of her music.
(Monday 24 September 2018; 23:03)
GTFO on the charts? (83,987) by TJ from Norway
I remember people wanted a new number one and clearly this song doesn't reach that top spot. You guys wonder why? It's just not good enough. Yes, it wasn't that bad, but the video was all boobs and wine. She's almost 50 and I guess it would benefit her if she understood that. I'm turning 42 this weekend and I have changed allot since I was in my 20's. I don't dress the same way, even if I still try to be some kind of current. Some styles are made for kids, some for teens and some styles for people over 40. I don't think her fans are 12 years old and she should stop focusing on them. There are less lambs now, than 20 years ago and I guess some will fall out of the Mariah farm this time too.
(Monday 24 September 2018; 20:44)
Re: When With You drops on October 5 (83,884) (83,889) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 20 September 2018; 13:58)
Mariah Carey dines with friends in West Hollywood (83,860) by TJ from Norway
It is so nice to see to see her wear something normal (for once). One big applause for that outfit.
(Tuesday 18 September 2018; 21:45)
Re: GTFO video (83,767) (83,780) by TJ from Norway
It's just another "look how pretty I am" video. Seen it too many times before.
(Friday 14 September 2018; 15:13)
GTFO picture (83,677) by TJ from Norway
Is it just me, or doesn't the picture and the title express the same? I think the picture is too much "look at me, I'm trying to be innocent and sexy", the title says "I'm trying to be a bad ass, even if it doesn't fit me". Now I'm worried.
(Wednesday 12 September 2018; 19:29)
Re: Beacon shows (83,609) (83,625) by TJ from Norway
Well, as she is in Norway December 1st, and Gothenburg two days later, I really hope she doesn't plan to have concerts in New York at the same time.
(Saturday 8 September 2018; 19:18)
Re: Aretha's funeral performances (83,562) (83,569) by TJ from Norway
I meant to say "just as you said". I didn't say that you were ugly.
(Sunday 2 September 2018; 17:09)
Re: Aretha's funeral performances (83,555) (83,562) by TJ from Norway
I think #metoo had a great agenda at the very beginning, but as you it turned out to something ugly. I still don't think the pastor did something wrong. Let's just agree to disagree.
(Sunday 2 September 2018; 09:20)
Re: Aretha's funeral performances (83,549) (83,552) by TJ from Norway
I can't say that the pastor did something wrong with the way he held his hand. Seriously. Metoo had a great agenda, but this is not in that category.
(Saturday 1 September 2018; 22:15)
No Mariah? (83,537) by TJ from Norway
Didn't Mariah go to Arethas funeral? Just asking.
(Friday 31 August 2018; 21:10)
Re: Brit-sync (83,495) (83,512) by TJ from Norway
I know. Not in Oslo either, but still she sold 20,000 tickets in 3 hours.
(Wednesday 29 August 2018; 11:16)
RIP Aretha Franklin (83,383) by TJ from Norway
What a voice. I hope that Mariah will cover one of her songs. RIP.
(Thursday 16 August 2018; 19:46)
Mariah the make up artist (83,356) by TJ from Norway
Is this article for real? Is that an old picture? I mean... this is so 2017.
(Sunday 12 August 2018; 17:10)
Re: Demi Lovato is a complete idiot (83,311) (83,315) by TJ from Norway
I know the Demi topic isn't Mariahish, if taking drugs is an illness, why doesn't smoking count as an illness?
(Monday 6 August 2018; 22:16)
Re: Here's some proof? (83,295) (83,297) by TJ from Norway
It's obviously hard for some people. This discussion has been really entertaining.
(Friday 3 August 2018; 14:35)
Re: Change of topic (83,239) (83,242) by TJ from Norway
Let's not forget the remix of TGIFY.
(Tuesday 24 July 2018; 09:54)
Re: Victoria (83,189) (83,192) by TJ from Norway
(Friday 20 July 2018; 17:08)
Re: (83,143) (83,181) by TJ from Norway
It seems to me that you are obsessed with Andrew. You tell people to not read his posts, but it seems like you read all of them.
(Friday 20 July 2018; 09:51)
Re: Article: The good, the bad and the ugly of "Loverboy" (83,151) (83,155) by TJ from Norway
The album is superb, but the movie? I was embarrassed while watching it. Mariah knows how to sing emotions, but can't express them on the screen.
(Tuesday 17 July 2018; 11:53)
Re: Wise Girls 2 (83,098) (83,107) by TJ from Norway
Am I the only one who think Mariah should stick to singing, and stop this acting thing? She is clearly not an actress and she doesn't know how to act in movies. She doesn't have face expressions enough to be in movies and she doesn't use her voice correctly when "acting". Even her fingers are tuned in to the diva act she has been doing for years in real life, in every movie she has done. I love the musician that she is, but can't stand the acting. Some (most) people can't do both.
(Friday 13 July 2018; 00:41)
Re: Who's a singer? (83,071) (83,078) by TJ from Norway
I totally agree. I don't understand where he get this from.
(Wednesday 11 July 2018; 11:55)


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