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Name: TJ
Country: Norway
I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909
Forbes (76,270) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 13 June 2017; 07:23)
Mariah is not on the top 100 musicians list. Guns n Roses are, JLo too. I was sure she was going to enter that list after a year of touring and Las Vegas.
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Re: Mariah Bulochnikov (76,108) (76,123) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 8 June 2017; 14:34)
Single white female, anyone?
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Elton John (75,998) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 3 June 2017; 15:08)
I'm watching Elton John's show from the Brits Icon show. A lot of celebrities are talking about him and how he listen to other musicians' music. I hope that Mariah listen to music by other stars and newcomers, to get inspiration to make good songs.
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Re: Martyn's safety (75,589) (75,607) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 23 May 2017; 22:52)
Me too.
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Re: Mariah loosing a lot of fans (75,529) (75,543) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 22 May 2017; 22:48)
Do you mean that when she disappoint you personally with her music, you have the right to be disappointed, and still be a real fan? But at the same time tell the other real fans who lost interest in her latest projects for "goats"? It should bother Mariah that her fan base is falling apart. Less fans, less money and less opportunity to make music.
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Re: Ages? (75,313) (75,338) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 18 May 2017; 19:21)
40 years and still going strong.
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Re: Most challenging song live (no lip) (74,318) (74,321) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 10 April 2017; 15:34)
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Breakup? (74,319) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 10 April 2017; 14:39)
Rumours has it that Mariah's fling is over. Maybe she's cleaning?
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Article about Mariah and politic statements (73,883) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 23 March 2017; 19:39)
Wasn't Mariah very much politic the first time Obama got elected as president? What's the reason she kept silent last year? I think the "vote or die" T- shirt told a lot 8 years ago.
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Re: TJ from Norway (73,843) (73,854) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 22 March 2017; 15:54)
Haha. My friends used to say she had to be a guy to sing those low ones.
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(73,833) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 21 March 2017; 23:05)
I didn't know that Mariah is a man. The article "Mariah Carey, a vocal powerhouse" claims that she's the youngest of three brothers.
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Mariah and Celine (73,646) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 14 March 2017; 23:24)
It would be so nice if they did a song together. Give me a power ballad and I shut up.
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Re: Andrew continues hateful, rude and disrespectful (73,461) (73,468) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 9 March 2017; 21:01)
It seems to me that he's not alone here.
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Re: I Know What You Want (73,305) (73,310) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 2 March 2017; 19:37)
Ha ha ha.
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Re: Mariah looks great lately - new stylist? (73,205) (73,208) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 27 February 2017; 17:44)
I guess I'm getting to old, but I didn't like the green dress. Her breast are too big for that style. Am I the only one?
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,123) (73,131) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 18:00)
Or was it the nosejob what changed her voice in 97? Just asking.
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Re: Grammys (72,698) (72,711) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 15 February 2017; 17:04)
Oh you're so wrong darling. Mariah should recreate all her old albums. Oh. That was my opinion, and you got yours. Just keep calm and let people have their own opinions. I didn't know that you decided the rules here. I'm not here to tell anyone that Daydream isn't a good album, because I simply love it, but Jagged Little Pill has sold more than 15 million copies in the US and more than 33 million world wide. It also had 3 number ones on the single charts. You might not remember it, but I guess you're not her biggest fan. I also believe that many people have forgotten Mariah's number ones from that time. I don't think you can say that Jagged Little Pill is not impressive and got even higher sales numbers than Mariah has for Daydream.
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Re: Grammys (72,683) (72,707) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 15 February 2017; 16:46)
I didn't say that Mariah didn't deserve to win. She was beaten by an artist that also deserved to win at that award show. I don't remember the categories, but I remember I was sad at the time (but as time goes, these things doesn't take as much energy as it used to).
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Re: Grammys (72,648) (72,675) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 14 February 2017; 22:52)
It's not about where Alanis is today. At that point she made one h*ll of an album. It was the biggest hit of the year. I still enjoy the songs. She even recreated it acoustic ten years later (Mariah should do the same). Adele, a charismatic artist, a good voice and with really good songs, deserves her awards. Why on earth are Mariah's lambs so envious of other artists who do well? Mariah lost that year (1996/97) to an artist who was no less to Mariah and the "Daydream" album.
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Re: Lionel Richie Facebook fans attack Mariah, help her (72,442) (72,464) by TJ from Norway
(Friday 10 February 2017; 13:50)
Didn't a lot of MC fans the same against Lionel on this board? Maybe, if she can show a humble side of her self again, she can turn this around, but if she's going to keep up the diva act, dress like she's working on the nearest corner, people won't love her.
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Re: Tour DDV / special (72,414) (72,421) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 9 February 2017; 13:40)
I'll buy a copy. I have been waiting for a live DVD for years. She should also release her (not number ones) music videos on DVD.
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Re: Adele interview (71,753) (71,762) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 29 January 2017; 19:37)
I too thought that her having the twins would inspire her to make good music, but it didn't. She's 46, but she's not acting like one. She's so out of touch with the real world that I don't see make really good music in the next years. I used to be crazy about her release new music, but now I'm like "so what?"
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Break from media and sosial media (71,011) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 8 January 2017; 21:11)
I'm so glad she takes this step.
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Re: Is it the 90s? Voice message (70,995) (71,010) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 8 January 2017; 21:06)
I'm sorry to say, but voice messages again? This is so 2001. It started good, ended bad. I hope for difference this time.
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Re: Tommy Mottola (70,834) (70,926) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 7 January 2017; 2:25)
Have we followed the career of the same artist? You said "It's all spite and it pains him that Mariah left him and succeeded without any input from him whatsoever, and now is considered the industry's best - the standard." From my sight of view her success has never been the same after they split. Her sales are telling something opposite of what you try so hard to convince the rest of us. I'm also not sure about that she's considered the industry's best at this point of her career. Yes, she used to be in the top, but that's some years ago. Tommy made her the big successful artist she used to be, the singer that no one could beat. The story went another direction after 1997 (with one exception).
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