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Name: TJ
Country: Norway
I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909
Re: Mariah is not a politician (64,195) (64,197) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 11 July 2016; 21:19)
Ha ha.
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Re: Mariah is not a politician (64,153) (64,156) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 11 July 2016; 0:19)
Is that the same Mariah who wrote and sang "There's got to be a way"?
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What concerns me (64,102) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 9 July 2016; 6:54)
Media makes fun of Mariah. How she dresses, how she acts, how she is surrounded by her crew at all time, how she poses for pictures and so on. I do understand why they do it as long as Mariah keeps living up to this stupid diva act. I really miss the more adult, more down to earth person she was in the early stage of her career. Sexy is something you shouldn't force on people, as it's just ending up being vulgar.
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I knew it (63,916) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 28 June 2016; 19:25)
Mariah's idols are not Aretha, Stevie or Patti. It's clearly Cher or Dolly.
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Re: Mariah's Orlando tweet (63,349) (63,372) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 14 June 2016; 15:00)
I've been thinking about the same. It's sad to see that she's a total gone in this setting.
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Re: Divas 96 (the trinity, in memoria) (62,813) (62,886) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 31 May 2016; 20:56)
Mine too.
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Re: Divas 96 (the trinity, in memoria) (62,798) (62,805) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 29 May 2016; 9:49)
About "Change [sic] of fools". I remember watching it on VH1 in 98, and Mariah's voice did crack, but on the dvd-version it's perfect. Someone has done something. Anyway, I love the show, but I agree with you about the Divas Live 96 [sic]. I used to dream about that.
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Re: The blame game (62,658) (62,664) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 25 May 2016; 19:27)
I don't agree with you at your statement about "from the beginning". Back in 1993/94 Mariah said in interviews that she would not do movies or go in that direction, because she didn't like how musicians tried to reinvent their career (probably talking about Madonna). People should stick to what they were good at. Mariah is good at making music, or at least she can be. She's not a good actress. On the other hand, I loved her concert.
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Re: MIAMTEC vs Butterfly (61,433) (61,441) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 20 April 2016; 12:11)
I couldn't agree more. I don't remember much from her last album, but Butterfly sticks like glue.
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Re: MTV Biggest voices in pop: Top 20 (61,410) (61,413) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 18 April 2016; 21:30)
I know. Where was Mariah?
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Re: Make-up not so "pow" (61,358) (61,380) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 17 April 2016; 21:25)
I guess she has "done" some lifting. I have been thinking the same about that smile and her eyes. They're not as they used to. I want to say she looks more "Asian" now, if it's ok to say that.
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MTV Biggest voices in pop: Top 20 (61,372) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 17 April 2016; 15:37)
Well, I know Mariah isn't current at the moment, but if Justin Timberlake enters the top 10, so should Mariah. I love Rihanna's music (of course not as much as Mariah's), but she should never have ended up #1 on that list. She has not the biggest voice in pop music.
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Re: Nathan Morris (61,260) (61,266) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 13 April 2016; 14:41)
And in Oslo, at the Nobel Peace Price Concert, back in 1997.
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Re: Andrew / price to meet Mariah (61,081) (61,086) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 6 April 2016; 21:20)
Nice picture. I have to ask: how tall are you? I was watching her from second row in Oslo, and couldn't make up my mind if she is short or not, because of her extremely high heals (that I don't understand anyone can walk in).
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Edward (61,044) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 5 April 2016; 6:48)
Happy birthday. Eternal 12.
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Re: SSFT Olso 2016 vocals (60,998) (61,014) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 3 April 2016; 19:16)
It was very good. The voice was so good.
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Re: What an amazing show in Oslo (60,960) (60,967) by TJ from Norway
(Friday 1 April 2016; 17:03)
How strange that the media didn't write anything about it before the concert. A lot of people didn't know about it. Bad promotional work from Live Nation I guess.
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Mariah on fire (60,961) by TJ from Norway
(Friday 1 April 2016; 11:03)
Mariah's voice was so good. I had a good view from the second row.
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Re: MC anniversary (60,868) (60,873) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 28 March 2016; 13:28)
I think this whole reality concept is the wrong way to take a career like Mariah's. In this clip, it looks more like making a video, than showing the world what Mariah's life is all about. The same about this wanting to film at the Harrods. She's 46 years old and it's about time to act her age. People doesn't take her seriously, and that's not the way to go. She always mention that she's a producer, songwriter and so on because non fans doesn't know the hard work she puts in her music, but at the same time she destroys the image with "acting all 12" or making this reality-show.
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Re: Belgium show (60,811) (60,820) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 26 March 2016; 9:54)
Well, they say that the lightening doesn't hit the same place twice. We doesn't know where the terror will be the next time. It could be anywhere in Europe or North America. I think Belgium might be the safest place for her to perform. Since Christmas it has been attacks in both Turkey and Belgium. I must admit that I didn't feel safe here in Oslo, the other day. We can't let them win, by feeling unsafe. Life must go on while we fight for peoples freedom. I hope all her shows will be held, and that all of you get to enjoy her show. Peace.
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Set list (60,492) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 16 March 2016; 17:23)
I've tried to find the set list for her opening concert, bur haven't yet. Anyone who knows? Maybe I didn't see the post here. Thanks to anyone who can help me. [Webmaster: See message 60,466.]
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European tour (60,224) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 6 March 2016; 19:47)
Anyone who knows how the ticket sales are around Europe?
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Re: Ten years ago (59,825) (59,834) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 18 February 2016; 7:16)
I was also "shocked" by the picture they used on AYNAF. I loved to go to the record store and just buy the latest single (I have a huge collection), and run home to listen to the remixes. What a time. MTV was so much fun, they actually played music at that time.
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Re: Ten years ago (59,812) (59,821) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 17 February 2016; 15:52)
I have some vague memories about being a young fan. Life was just so easy and without any thoughts of politics and economics. I was 13 at the time she released "Vision of love" and now I'm almost 40. Time goes by.
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Re: Beyonce and Mariah (59,751) (59,752) by TJ from Norway
(Friday 12 February 2016; 17:33)
Has Mariah dropped the high heals? She used to be taller than Beyoncé
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