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Name: TJ
Country: Norway
I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909
Happy birthday Todd (37,602) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 23 April 2013; 20:36)
Cava and some MC would be a good way to celebrate.
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Music in the future (37,557) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 14 April 2013; 10:21)
I hope that Mariah will release some live music on CD and DVD/BR in near future. She has so much material.
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Judge Mariah (37,556) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 14 April 2013; 10:14)
I think she does a good job as a judge. Mariah's critisism is not based on being rude.
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Mariah's height (37,555) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 14 April 2013; 10:11)
There is one thing I never get. That's Mariahs height. She has always said that she is 5'9, but is she shrinking? It's normal to lose an inch or two as time goes by, and to me she looked much taller in the beginning of her career than now. On Idol she should have been much taller than both Keith and Ryan, but she isn't. Anyone?
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AI outfit (37,413) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 16 March 2013; 14:36)
I love her look on the first live show. Simple but hot. Very pretty.
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Mariah, the judge (37,390) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 13 March 2013; 6:24)
I watched the sudden death episodes and I think Mariah gave great feedback. She didn't make silly jokes, but to me she was mature and professional.
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Mariah's success in Europe (37,368) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 10 March 2013; 10:09)
What I was trying to say was that Mariah was on top all over the world in 1993-96. Well, I don't know about the US, but I guess it's the same there. Rihanna and Beyonce might do better on tour. About her success in Europe: Please tell me if I'm wrong about this, but didn't Mariah get an award in 1994 for selling over 25 million albums in Europe? Anyone who remember this?
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About Beyonce, Rihanna and Mariah (37,339) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 5 March 2013; 19:50)
At the moment, I guess that Beyonce and Rihanna would make it better on tour (in Europe) than Mariah. Mariah was the biggest star in 93-96, even if she had not sold as much as Whitney or Madonna. It's about who is the most popular at the moment. I guess that Adele is more popular as well. Who cares?
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Edward (37,338) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 5 March 2013; 19:43)
He he. "Fly like a birth". I would love to see that music video. A great project for MAD TV. Hehe. I love it.
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Chase (37,313) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 25 February 2013; 20:17)
I feel every word that you wrote. This is how I feel it. I have been on this board writing messages since the beginning. There have been many ups and downs over the years, and many "fights" on this board. Many new fans have written here, telling people that some fans are not a real fan, me included. Well, I am still here, that's more than I can say about them. When I was 14, Mariah was the only singer for me. She still is my favorite, but I love so many genres in music, and I always hope that Mariah's music will evolve as she gets older. I am not always sure about that last one. I like this new song. This is so much more what I wish for, than Triumphant.
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Extra interview (37,262) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 21 February 2013; 11:14)
Ha ha. I have to say that Mariah have my kind of humor. She is a funny person. I had to laugh when she reacted on the question about more babies and about the Twitter pictures. So funny.
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The sound of the new song (37,257) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 20 February 2013; 23:00)
I think it's great if die hard fans doesn't think it sounds like Mariah. Why, you might ask? Because that means she did something else than the old so-called "foolproof" formula that didn't work for her lately.
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Stargate (37,233) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 18 February 2013; 23:40)
Is this song a Stargate production? Did you guys know that they are Norwegians? Just wanted to put Norway on the map.
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Almost there, almost home (37,232) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 18 February 2013; 23:37)
Yes. She is almost there and almost home. Remember that this is a Disney song. I just hope she sings with this beautiful voice on the rest of her songs on the new album. So much better than just the clip. I don't think this is her next number one, but I have been wrong before. I got this electropop vibe. That reminded me of the fact that it's sad she didn't release the remix version of Memoirs.
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New album (37,116) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 21 January 2013; 16:51)
"Apparently, Mariah is tired of trying to appeal to teenagers and has made an album that is heartfelt, personal and very artistic." I really, really hope this is true, but I am afraid that it's just something I have heard before. Does anyone remember what they said before her last studio album was released?
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Desiree (37,092) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 13 January 2013; 13:27)
I can't name only one album, but "Mariah Carey", "Emotions" and "Music Box" are my favorite albums. There are some I don't like that much, as Rainbow, CB and Merry Christmas II You. There are some songs I like from the albums, like Heartbreaker remix and My Saving Grace. I think I will have a new "project" going on for the next weeks. I will listen to one album a week. From tomorrow "Mariah Carey" will be played at least one time in the next seven days.
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It's 2013 (37,064) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 9 January 2013; 21:15)
It's 2013, and her new album is not that far away anymore. I really, really hope for something big. Something like her first album, Music Box, Daydream or TEOM in success. If I was in charge, I would not go for "RnB", but pop music. I hope she makes some new ways and takes some risks, because it's been a while since Fantasy.
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Carla (37,063) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 9 January 2013; 21:07)
I don't think anyone can blame Tommy for Glitter, the movie. It's just something people have to realise. It's not that good (I'm beeing nice).
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Stacey (36,873) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 1 December 2012; 0:00)
I haven't been here for a while, but I am so curious about the mp3. My email adress is
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Edward (36,872) by TJ from Norway
(Friday 30 November 2012; 23:57)
You know how much I want to live in NYC. This (performance) is one of the reasons. I do hope she's going on tour in Europe soon. That would make my day.
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Wow (36,849) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 28 November 2012; 21:59)
I just say wow. I am so happy about the latest performance in New York. I have missed that voice for a long time.
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Mariah's evergreens (36,811) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 22 November 2012; 8:56)
I don't think all of Mariah's #1s has the evergreen status as mention earlier. In my opinion there are just a few. I guess maybe Fantasy, Hero and I'll Be There are evergreens. All I Want For Christmas and Without You are evergreens (in Europe). No one can tell me that Touch My Body, Don't Forget About Us, Heartbreaker, Someday, Emotions, Thank God I Found You (and so many more) are evergreens. Artists have many number one songs, but not many evergreens.
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Videos (36,618) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 28 October 2012; 10:02)
I agree with you guys about her videos. They have been reduced to almost nothing. The same pose, the same move. I love "It's like that" and "WBT", "The roof", "Butterfly" and "Breakdown" because they were professional made. Lately it's just "look at me, I am so sexy and I look like I'm 25". Yes, I know Mariah is sexy, but less is more, and I'm not talking about her outfits.
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Desiree (36,478) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 10 October 2012; 21:59)
Don't disrespect someone who made music history. Who disrespected Whitney?
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Edward (36,477) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 10 October 2012; 21:58)
I do remember reading that Tommy M was looking for the next Whitney. Maybe that's the reason people say that without Whitney there wouldn't be any Mariah. Who knows? Take care mr NYC man.
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