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Name: TJ
Country: Norway
I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909
Re: Whitney (94,414) (94,423) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 22 June 2020; 07:15)
About CĂ©line Dion: that is your opinion. Why compare them?
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Vision of a Love, Apollo theatre (94,149) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 20 May 2020; 14:09)
You can find her performance on Amazon prime.
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Re: Rolling Stone article (94,147) (94,148) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 20 May 2020; 14:06)
I can't believe they forgot If it's Over on Saturday night live on that list. I didn't read your message before I wrote mine. Can't agree more.
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Re: Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour (94,131) (94,135) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 19 May 2020; 11:55)
What a concert. I was sitting on the second row, and at one point she looked at me, pointed and said: "I love that you know all my lyrics." The guy behind me tried to steal my moment by telling me that she was pointing at him. I know that it was me. Lol.
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Re: 30th anniversary (94,099) (94,110) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 16 May 2020; 10:34)
I don't remember anniversaries, but yesterday I started the day with playing that song for my class (by accident) while they were washing their hands (as a new morning routine).
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,086) (94,087) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 13 May 2020; 13:56)
I'm always grateful for Mariah's music. I just wish that she would use her voice differently when she makes new music. I rather listen to songs in the lower part of her register than her upper one.
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,083) (94,085) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 12 May 2020; 23:28)
I usually love Mariah's vocals. Just not here. To me it's like listening to ms. Fine (if anyone here is old enough to remember that show). It's ok in a concert, with all the noise around it, but it's like she doesn't use her chest or stomach while singing anymore. It sounds like she produces the sound through her nose. Sorry to say it.
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Re: CB tour (94,012) (94,022) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 7 May 2020; 13:20)
I wanted to go on that show, but I was a poor student at the time. I guess you had the time of your life.
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Re: Ranked album covers/photography (93,970) (94,000) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 6 May 2020; 11:17)
Hahaha. I never understood why they made the two [three]different covers.
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Re: Ranked album covers/photography (93,968) (93,999) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 6 May 2020; 10:22)
I need to have a look at my collection again. I think I made a lot of bad choices on that list I made. The Open Arms cover should have been included instead of ILT.
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Re: Ranked album covers/photography (93,957) (93,967) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 4 May 2020; 11:46)
1. Music box
2. Emotions
3. Butterfly (eyes closed)
4. #1's
5. Daydream

1. Dreamlover
2. Hero
3. It's like that
4. Without you
5. Say something
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Re: Funeral (93,934) (93,942) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 2 May 2020; 21:29)
Without You.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey shares kitchen selfie holding two kettles (93,734) (93,738) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 22 April 2020; 20:30)
Is it a selfie if someone else took the picture? Don't like the picture, but that's my opinion.
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Re: What if Mariah never married Tommy in 1993 (93,692) (93,694) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 18 April 2020; 15:29)
Wow. And the Nobel peace prize went to?
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Re: Emancipation anniversary (93,594) (93,611) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 13 April 2020; 08:54)
I love TTF. I love the whole album, except DFAU. Never liked it. To me that song was only about milking the WBT success.
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Re: Favorite non-successful song (93,551) (93,554) by TJ from Norway
(Friday 10 April 2020; 11:30)
I think the SNL is much better. It's like her voice is just all over the place. From the very deep, low notes to the highest chest notes I've ever heard her sing live.
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Re: Favorite non-successful song (93,532) (93,549) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 9 April 2020; 08:59)
Does it have to be released as a single? Because isn't all her songs that didn't get released as a single non-successful? I will say All in Your Mind and If it's Over. One of those was released. Case closed.
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Re: ET archive (93,477) (93,484) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 1 April 2020; 13:56)
Wasn't this video uploaded here last week, or am I going crazy in quarantine/homeoffice, and just seen everything on YouTube? Btw: Hi to all of you guys. Hope all of you are doing ok.
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Re: Vote for Mariah's ABMB iHeart performance (93,471) (93,474) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 31 March 2020; 18:31)
Me too.
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Re: Them low notes (93,364) (93,367) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 23 March 2020; 23:41)
Love them. "If It's Over" got some lovely ones.
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Re: What a feeling (93,240) (93,254) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 11 March 2020; 06:44)
As I wrote the other day about the hotel on Gran Canaria. At least 5 songs a day.

Btw: Mariah was huge in Norway in 93/94 when Music Box was released. She didn't get number ones, but the album sold a lot of copies.
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Re: Daydream anniversary (93,050) (93,056) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 25 February 2020; 20:07)
Love the dvds.
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Stranded on Gran Canaria (93,031) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 24 February 2020; 19:47)
Due to a sandstorm this weekend I'm stranded on Gran Canaria. Today I've heard 10 songs by Mariah on the speakers in the bar. They just played Vision of Love really loud. I just might to have to stay here for a little longer than necessary.
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Re: Hidden song - Love Take Time (92,607) (92,639) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 27 January 2020; 22:09)
I noticed that Alanis Morissette is missing on that list, so it might be older songs that should have been on that list as well. Who knows? Wasn't the song originally going to be on her next project, Emotions?
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Re: Geek alert: UK singles ranking (92,314) (92,324) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 14 January 2020; 07:06)
Why wasn't The Roof released in GB?
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