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Name: TJ
Country: Norway
I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909
Re: Charmbracelet EPs (97,195) (97,201) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 26 January 2021; 19:34)
Me too. That's why I hope she releases something that we have never seen or heard before.
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Re: #MC30 releases are back (97,171) (97,174) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 21 January 2021; 22:13)
I can't wait. The only thing that could top this is a release of her Charmbracelet tour.
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Re: Cosmetic surgery (97,086) (97,090) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 6 January 2021; 14:20)
I think Mariah fixed her teeth in 1991. After LTT. If you watch her First Vision on DVD, you can see that something has been done. Bad or good side doesn't matter.
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Re: Beyond Christmas (97,049) (97,058) by TJ from Norway
(Wednesday 30 December 2020; 16:59)
What a great idea. I would also like to see the Paris concert from 2003. What a concert.
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Re: Chick album in 2021? (97,039) (97,040) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 27 December 2020; 18:45)
We can only hope.
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Tokyo Dome concert (97,038) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 27 December 2020; 10:37)
The concert is going to be aired on December 31 on what I believe is a German channel called 3sat. Just wanted to spread the word.
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Re: The Rarities special edition 4 LP's (97,000) (97,016) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 22 December 2020; 20:08)
I believe it's a new version on its way to the stores (not the one who was released in October). Am I wrong?
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The Rarities special edition 4 LP's (96,996) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 20 December 2020; 10:19)
Do you guys know what is so special with this edition?
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Re: RIAA Diamond certifications (96,962) (96,968) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 17 December 2020; 04:05)
Can we say close, but still far away? I believe her debut album has been certified 9 millions for years, but I guess it take a while to sell a million 30 years after being released. How far away from a gold certification is Caution? Anyone?
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Re: What (96,862) (96,872) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 7 December 2020; 07:47)
You sound like an angry little elf, so I guess I will leave you alone in the dark of your own anger. Merry Christmas.
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Re: I'm back (96,852) (96,853) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 6 December 2020; 14:59)
I think someone drank bottles of wine before that message was written.
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Re: 20th #1? (96,841) (96,849) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 6 December 2020; 10:33)
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Re: Signal to MC (96,842) (96,848) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 6 December 2020; 10:32)
And the big question is: Why is it like this? Why isn't the record company supporting her projects like back in the days?
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Re: Oh Santa? (96,726) (96,731) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 26 November 2020; 16:12)
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Re: Long Ago / This Love mash up (96,571) (96,576) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 9 November 2020; 13:39)
Wow. If I didn't know better, this would be the original. What a cool version.
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Re: My local coffee shop (96,419) (96,424) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 25 October 2020; 07:35)
Go for it.
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Re: The future is not looking good (96,313) (96,325) by TJ from Norway
(Saturday 17 October 2020; 11:47)
It's just that it seems like her real fans are also fading away. When The Beatles released their best of album 30 years after their last studio album, it went to number one all over the world. When Celine put her tickets for sale in Norway, she had to put on an extra concerts because people went crazy. Each concert had about 23,000 tickets sold (last year), while Mariah could not sell 7000 tickets 4 years earlier in the same city, in the same country. I have said this before (like many else) that she should have a change of direction if she still want to be in the game. To many of her "real fans" makes to many excuses and close the blinds so they don't have to face the facts. Sad.
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Re: Billboard 200 (96,096) (96,103) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 11 October 2020; 14:48)
Didn't you predict it to be at the number one spot? Or number 2? With 160.000 sales the first week?
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Re: Billboard's 100 best MC songs (96,074) (96,093) by TJ from Norway
(Sunday 11 October 2020; 00:41)
My list wouldn't look like that at all.
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Re: The Rarities - first week sales (95,849) (95,851) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 29 September 2020; 12:27)
But #2 is still one hell of a number. I'm no fortune teller, so I won't bring my guess to the table.
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Re: OHOMO lyric vdeo Easter egg (95,810) (95,830) by TJ from Norway
(Monday 28 September 2020; 11:29)
Where is the hint? I've been watching the video without any results. I did think of Eminem when I read "Hello, my name is" on one of the pages.
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Just days away (95,717) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 10:58)
For the first time in ages I'm actually counting days, waiting for the release of her music. I get the 90's vibe again. Feeling like a teenager.
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Re: Tokyo Dome concert (95,544) (95,551) by TJ from Norway
(Tuesday 15 September 2020; 16:13)
She should release more concerts on DVD, CD or just digital, and yes, this is one hell of a performance. I just wait for the CB concert from Paris. What a great night that she did tape.
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Re: The Rarities tracklist (95,469) (95,470) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 10 September 2020; 17:24)
That would be the greatest gift of all.
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Re: The Rarities tracklist (95,459) (95,467) by TJ from Norway
(Thursday 10 September 2020; 12:55)
I agree, but (and there's always a but) I also wanted the songs from her debut album, in the way she wanted them, but couldn't release because of her contract with Columbia records. There are other versions of VOL and the rest of the album that she liked better. I'm still hoping.
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