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About TJ from Norway: I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909

Re: OHOMO lyric vdeo Easter egg (95,810) (95,830) by TJ from Norway
Where is the hint? I've been watching the video without any results. I did think of Eminem when I read "Hello, my name is" on one of the pages.
(Monday 28 September 2020; 11:29)
Just days away (95,717) by TJ from Norway
For the first time in ages I'm actually counting days, waiting for the release of her music. I get the 90's vibe again. Feeling like a teenager.
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 10:58)
Re: Tokyo Dome concert (95,544) (95,551) by TJ from Norway
She should release more concerts on DVD, CD or just digital, and yes, this is one hell of a performance. I just wait for the CB concert from Paris. What a great night that she did tape.
(Tuesday 15 September 2020; 16:13)
Re: The Rarities tracklist (95,469) (95,470) by TJ from Norway
That would be the greatest gift of all.
(Thursday 10 September 2020; 17:24)
Re: The Rarities tracklist (95,459) (95,467) by TJ from Norway
I agree, but (and there's always a but) I also wanted the songs from her debut album, in the way she wanted them, but couldn't release because of her contract with Columbia records. There are other versions of VOL and the rest of the album that she liked better. I'm still hoping.
(Thursday 10 September 2020; 12:55)
Re: New vocabulary (95,267) (95,272) by TJ from Norway
It's 31 days till September 29th. Just saying. It's my birthday and you all should mark that date for more than one reason. Haha.
(Saturday 29 August 2020; 13:45)
Re: Rarities tracklisting - real? (95,261) (95,268) by TJ from Norway
Agree. I was hoping for some real "unreleased" stuff. Fingers crossed.
(Saturday 29 August 2020; 09:04)
Re: Webmaster (95,125) (95,144) by TJ from Norway
You just did.
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 08:08)
European release? (94,996) by TJ from Norway
15 dollars turned into 65 when shipping and taxes was added. That's too expensive. I hope it will be released in Europe too.
(Wednesday 19 August 2020; 22:40)
Re: Name game (94,924) (94,925) by TJ from Norway
Thank God I Found You
O Holy Night
Never Forget You
You're Mine
(Monday 17 August 2020; 15:55)
Re: The Meaning of Mariah Carey (94,520) (94,536) by TJ from Norway
It's at least my birthday, and Daydream was released on that day in Norway.
(Friday 10 July 2020; 09:00)
Re: Keep calm and Carey Dion (94,491) (94,495) by TJ from Norway
I wish that Mariah could be more like Celine. She still seem to have her feet on the ground, while Mariah is flying high. "I need alcohol" was the best comment ever. Lol.
(Friday 3 July 2020; 21:32)
Re: Ranking Mariah Carey albums vocally (94,469) (94,472) by TJ from Norway
Try to listen to it. It is so good. Maybe you change your mind. I hope so.
(Sunday 28 June 2020; 21:37)
Re: Ranking Mariah Carey albums vocally (94,462) (94,463) by TJ from Norway
1. Mariah Carey
2. Music Box
3. Merry Christmas
4. Emotions
5. Daydream
6. Glitter
7. Butterfly
9. Rainbow
11. E=MC2
12. Charmbracelet
13. Merry Christmas II You
14. Me. I am Mariah
15. Caution
(Friday 26 June 2020; 11:41)
Re: Whitney (94,414) (94,423) by TJ from Norway
About CĂ©line Dion: that is your opinion. Why compare them?
(Monday 22 June 2020; 07:15)
Vision of a Love, Apollo theatre (94,149) by TJ from Norway
You can find her performance on Amazon prime.
(Wednesday 20 May 2020; 14:09)
Re: Rolling Stone article (94,147) (94,148) by TJ from Norway
I can't believe they forgot If it's Over on Saturday night live on that list. I didn't read your message before I wrote mine. Can't agree more.
(Wednesday 20 May 2020; 14:06)
Re: Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour (94,131) (94,135) by TJ from Norway
What a concert. I was sitting on the second row, and at one point she looked at me, pointed and said: "I love that you know all my lyrics." The guy behind me tried to steal my moment by telling me that she was pointing at him. I know that it was me. Lol.
(Tuesday 19 May 2020; 11:55)
Re: 30th anniversary (94,099) (94,110) by TJ from Norway
I don't remember anniversaries, but yesterday I started the day with playing that song for my class (by accident) while they were washing their hands (as a new morning routine).
(Saturday 16 May 2020; 10:34)
Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,086) (94,087) by TJ from Norway
I'm always grateful for Mariah's music. I just wish that she would use her voice differently when she makes new music. I rather listen to songs in the lower part of her register than her upper one.
(Wednesday 13 May 2020; 13:56)
Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,083) (94,085) by TJ from Norway
I usually love Mariah's vocals. Just not here. To me it's like listening to ms. Fine (if anyone here is old enough to remember that show). It's ok in a concert, with all the noise around it, but it's like she doesn't use her chest or stomach while singing anymore. It sounds like she produces the sound through her nose. Sorry to say it.
(Tuesday 12 May 2020; 23:28)
Re: CB tour (94,012) (94,022) by TJ from Norway
I wanted to go on that show, but I was a poor student at the time. I guess you had the time of your life.
(Thursday 7 May 2020; 13:20)
Re: Ranked album covers/photography (93,970) (94,000) by TJ from Norway
Hahaha. I never understood why they made the two [three]different covers.
(Wednesday 6 May 2020; 11:17)
Re: Ranked album covers/photography (93,968) (93,999) by TJ from Norway
I need to have a look at my collection again. I think I made a lot of bad choices on that list I made. The Open Arms cover should have been included instead of ILT.
(Wednesday 6 May 2020; 10:22)
Re: Ranked album covers/photography (93,957) (93,967) by TJ from Norway
1. Music box
2. Emotions
3. Butterfly (eyes closed)
4. #1's
5. Daydream

1. Dreamlover
2. Hero
3. It's like that
4. Without you
5. Say something
(Monday 4 May 2020; 11:46)


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