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About TJ from Norway: I've been a fan since she released Vision of Love in 1990.

Insta: tony2909

Re: Pure sales (91,403) (91,409) by TJ from Norway
That's what I'm thinking too. She was selling like crazy in that period. Didn't she?
(Wednesday 20 November 2019; 18:06)
Re: Pure sales (91,381) (91,386) by TJ from Norway
But didn't her debut album sell like crazy?
(Monday 18 November 2019; 12:48)
Re: Pure sales (91,369) (91,370) by TJ from Norway
Interesting video. I just thought it's a little strange how late Mariah appeared on that list. Nothing before 1994?
(Saturday 16 November 2019; 15:07)
Re: St John the Divine (91,244) (91,257) by TJ from Norway
The day that Edward got the title troll on this board, tells me that the new mentality that grew with the social media's finally reached a new level. It seems like if you are not agreeing with you guys, you are against Mariah and everything she has done. I can't wait for a society where no one are allowed to have their own opinions. Oh wait. They exist around the world. What are they called? Dictatorships? Just please stop name calling people who has a different opinion than you. And no. I'm not a troll either.
(Monday 4 November 2019; 19:45)
Re: Memoirs now onto Rainbox vinyl (91,241) (91,256) by TJ from Norway
Have you tried
(Monday 4 November 2019; 19:36)
Re: St John the Divine (91,238) (91,255) by TJ from Norway
Wow. Try to discuss the case, not the persons who are discussing. It seems like someone is trying to make a fight out of nothing all the time here.
(Monday 4 November 2019; 19:32)
My Mariah Carey year - 1995 (91,203) (91,204) by TJ from Norway
I want to say he same year as you because the first time I heard Fantasy was crazy. It was so different but reminded me about Dreamlover (which had the best remixes ever). I have to say that 1993-94 was my Mariah year. I was 17 and everything she touched turned into gold. Dreamlover was something I never heard her doing before. She released singles in different versions and I started collecting. I guess that Dreamlover was the first CD-single I bought. Then came Hero, AYNAF and so on. The German magazine, Bravo, had articles every week, and I did my best reading them. It was magical, and everyone around me thought I was crazy because I loved and lived (for) her music.
(Thursday 31 October 2019; 03:51)
Re: Vision of love (91,138) (91,144) by TJ from Norway
I guess we shouldn't talk for everyone. Let's change the topic. It's almost time for some Merry Christmas (the album).
(Wednesday 23 October 2019; 19:35)
Re: Mariah's IG (91,078) (91,079) by TJ from Norway
I guess I'm blonde, but what's wrong with that list?
(Friday 18 October 2019; 13:58)
Re: About siblings (91,029) (91,035) by TJ from Norway
I think more people should listen to Alanis Morissette's song "Hand in my pocket" and keep on walking. It would solve so many problems. I miss the 90's for so many reasons.
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 22:33)
Re: About siblings (91,024) (91,028) by TJ from Norway
As long as people don't turn into "me-me-me" persons. Far too many people are that today.
(Thursday 10 October 2019; 08:18)
RIAA (91,014) by TJ from Norway
I always used to have a look at the numbers on that site, and now she has surpassed Madonna again. Good job, Mariah. Try to find Beyonce on that list. She has not had big sales in the US. Only 15 million.
(Tuesday 8 October 2019; 23:04)
Re: Movies - missed opportunity (91,005) (91,007) by TJ from Norway
Are you taking about Glitter, the movie or the album? Mariah got good reviews for her album but not for her acting in Glitter. The reason why, is simple. She can't act. She is not better than the other singers who tries acting, and she is miles away from the actors who actually can act (she is not near Whitney either). Mariah know music, but not acting. Period.
(Tuesday 8 October 2019; 11:48)
Re: Happy 24th anniversary Daydream (91,000) (91,002) by TJ from Norway
My mum would never win that award, as she can't stand her. I guess my extreme type of fan in the beginning of the 90's made my whole family, and all my friends into goats. I played her music all day long, with the speakers hanging out of the windows so all my neighbor's could enjoy that music.
(Monday 7 October 2019; 15:25)
Re: Daydream (90,976) (90,979) by TJ from Norway
It was released on September 29th in Norway. Remember it well. Next year both "Daydream" and her debut album should be celebrated. To Mariah (if she ever reads these messages ): we need re-releases with some extras.
(Friday 4 October 2019; 08:33)
Re: Celine Dion (90,962) (90,969) by TJ from Norway
I agree with you Edward, as I always do, when we discuss Mariah. I just hope that Mariah can change her reputation, because as we know, the music doesn't make money on album sales anymore, and she need people to buy her tickets. Btw: ITM is playing on repeat here. Just love the beat.
(Wednesday 2 October 2019; 09:31)
Celine Dion (90,955) by TJ from Norway
Almost 50,000 tickets sold in half an hour here in Norway. Mariah sold 5,000 in half a year. She either have to look at her promotion team, or her musical reputation. IDK. I don't understand how some people here think that Celine is "over".
(Tuesday 1 October 2019; 17:52)
Re: Merry Christmas 25 (90,892) (90,897) by TJ from Norway
Maybe it will be released on DVD or other formats? Didn't she say that there will be many gifts?
(Wednesday 25 September 2019; 19:33)
Re: Could you imagine (90,819) (90,823) by TJ from Norway
Maybe it's time for you to take a break? Don't be the class clown. Chill.
(Sunday 15 September 2019; 19:36)
Re: Last post (90,805) (90,807) by TJ from Norway
Only three letters needed: OMG.
(Thursday 12 September 2019; 17:11)
Re: Roe Roe at Target (90,796) (90,799) by TJ from Norway
I think it's great that he doesn't share pictures of the kids (if that's the case). They should be protected from the public scene.
(Wednesday 11 September 2019; 23:50)
Re: It's not just Glitter (90,785) (90,787) by TJ from Norway
I totally agree with you. In the early 90's she said that she wouldn't do acting, and she should have stuck with that. I was really embarrassed when I watched Glitter at the cinema. It was just bad. As the crazy fan I used to be, I still bought the DVD. Love the album, can't stand the movie. She's not an actress, she's a singer (producer, etc.). It's like she has no expressions in her face, and can't use her voice in movies.
(Wednesday 11 September 2019; 12:26)
Re: Brad Pitt should've been the male lead in Glitter (90,764) (90,784) by TJ from Norway
I guess he wouldn't have done it if he was asked.
(Wednesday 11 September 2019; 07:09)
Re: Mariah and Ellen (90,751) (90,753) by TJ from Norway
Is this for real? Rewatch that interview, it might be that you change your opinion. I guess it's the Christmas interview in 2016 you're taking about? If so, I don't see what you're seeing. Anyway, I do agree that it was from an area that wasn't good for Mariah.
(Wednesday 4 September 2019; 19:21)
Re: Videos (90,702) (90,708) by TJ from Norway
Best (difficult):
1. Honey
2. It's like that
3. My All
4. Fantasy
5. Always be my baby

Worst (also difficult):
1. Auld Lang Syne
2. I Don't
3. I Want To Know What Love Is
4. I'll Be Loving You Long Time
5. Heartbreaker
(Friday 30 August 2019; 19:12)


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