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Name: D
Country: USA
Re: Much Todo about not much (100,547) (100,549) by D from USA
(Wednesday 22 June 2022; 03:13)
I love her new song. It's Beyoncé, she will slay, wait for the video.
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,425) (100,426) by D from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 21:49)
Actually I didn't and if [you're] gonna come at me for my opinion on twitter space because it sucks and claim I made it up you probably should get a life. Google it and you can find articles on it and people discussing it from way back on the day decades ago like I said. Some speculations from 2006. Again I am not surprised at a Mariah and Prince song, thank you.
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,422) (100,424) by D from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 14:20)
It could have been speculations, but I heard decades ago they had an unfinished song for the Glitter soundtrack, so for me I wasn't surprised.
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,416) (100,417) by D from USA
(Thursday 9 June 2022; 18:01)
I think it's a sweet way for fans to connect with Mariah. On another note, for me IMO she always sounds like a broken record. She never has information and everything is hush hush and she can't talk about anything. I get it, projects have to be but at the same time it's boring and I would rather her come out when she can discuss actual details on a project and what it means to her.
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Hello (100,351) by D from USA
(Sunday 29 May 2022; 03:03)
Hello. I just wanted to take a second and introduce myself, I have posted here numerous times randomly and realized I never properly introduced myself to the lambs. I'm Daniel, live in Boston and I have been a lamb since 1990, when I was 5. My grandmother was the first person who played Mariah's debut cassette tape for me and since that day I followed Mariah and she has always been a part of my life. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet but Mariah has saved my life not once but one too many to count with her music, voice and who she is as a person. She is always there for me. I have looked up to her my whole life, she is my inspiration and I am so grateful for such a beautiful and talented women to shine for me. Everyday that goes on I thank God for her and her music because if it wasn't for Mariah, I really don't know where I would be. But anyways if any lambs ever want to chat about Mariah I am so down to making new friends my email is and my twitter is @DanielkennethV.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,326) (100,328) by D from USA
(Friday 27 May 2022; 02:55)
Well I hope she gets another #1 soon because I don't think she would want the title for the oldest female to score a Billboard #1. Lol just saying "Eternally 12" common Mariah give us a new single please.
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Re: MC x Cardi B (100,320) (100,321) by D from USA
(Monday 23 May 2022; 01:46)
Where was this confirmed?
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,299) (100,301) by D from USA
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 19:24)
Maybe it's more Covid related as to why she just shows up around Christmas the past 2 years lol.
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Big Energy BBMA performance (100,292) by D from USA
(Monday 16 May 2022; 03:13)
I wasn't a fan of this performance.
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Re: MC Black Irish (100,290) (100,291) by D from USA
(Monday 16 May 2022; 00:16)
Hi, I found it by using Instacart and the nearest stores show who has them in stock.
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Re: MC16: Rumour mill (100,274) (100,276) by D from USA
(Friday 13 May 2022; 02:11)
I didn't get to listen to this twitter space. Did Mariah have anything specific to say about radio not playing BER or was it just a statement she made?
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Re: Shout out to Robert-Anthony / the Lambily is the best (100,265) (100,267) by D from USA
(Wednesday 11 May 2022; 23:48)
When is something coming?. She needs to do something asap lol.
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Re: Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,222) (100,223) by D from USA
(Thursday 28 April 2022; 01:59)
On Tidal she is down as one of the writers.
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Re: Billboard Music Awards (100,204) (100,205) by D from USA
(Wednesday 20 April 2022; 21:21)
I would be down for Mariah to perform at the BBMA but only if she would be moving on stage, if she is going to stand in one place with this jam then no just play her vocals.
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H.A.T.E.U. (100,193) by D from USA
(Sunday 17 April 2022; 01:18)
Just showing H.A.T.E.U. some love, this song has always been one of my top 10 Mariah songs. I would love to see her perform this again.
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Re: The Roof (When I Feel the Need) (100,165) (100,170) by D from USA
(Friday 15 April 2022; 13:08)
Hi, is their [sic] another version anywhere online besides YouTube? Thanks.
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Re: She can do it (100,142) (100,144) by D from USA
(Wednesday 13 April 2022; 02:29)
That is correct. Lol.
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Re: Stella would've gotten her credited (100,119) (100,120) by D from USA
(Sunday 10 April 2022; 14:38)
I don't think the charts seem to phase Mariah anymore, as she is still tweeting about the song not even being credited lol.
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Re: BE jumps to no.3 (100,080) (100,083) by D from USA
(Monday 4 April 2022; 01:50)
Wow. Crazy to think the original had more streams than the remix, but then again it was out for 3 days extra for that chart week. I really hope the remix picks up.
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Another #1 single thought (100,072) by D from USA
(Friday 1 April 2022; 00:23)
If Mariah really wanted to get another #1 song on the charts she would just have to release a signed cd single like she did with AIWFCIY. It would more than likely surpass streams with the pure sales to reach the top spot.
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Re: Big Energy remix - Spotify chart (100,048) (100,055) by D from USA
(Wednesday 30 March 2022; 10:19)
How is a song #1 on iTunes where you pay $1.29 for a song and not even in the top 200 on Spotify where you pay monthly (I believe lol), that confuses me.
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US iTunes #1 (100,029) by D from USA
(Monday 28 March 2022; 16:17)
"Big Energy Remix" is now sitting pretty at the #1 spot on the US [iTunes] chart.
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Latto Mariah ft DJ Khalid (99,981) by D from USA
(Saturday 26 March 2022; 00:17)
Big Energy remix Monday. Didn't see this coming, what a surprise. Can't wait.
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Concert ensemble (99,958) by D from USA
(Monday 21 March 2022; 04:01)
What was the last concert Mariah performed wearing the same ensemble throughout the whole show?
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving (99,930) (99,932) by D from USA
(Saturday 19 March 2022; 12:38)
I could hear him on Butterfly or My All.
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