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Name: Dk
Country: United States
Re: Kelly Clarkson (98,653) (98,655) by Dk from United States
(Friday 24 September 2021; 11:42)
IMO, the track did nothing for me and is forgettable. I don't think it will appeal to half the people that listen to AIWFCIY every year.
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Re: Something big is coming (98,600) (98,601) by Dk from United States
(Monday 13 September 2021; 03:49)
Christmas dahhhling. Lol.
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Any news on VMAS? (98,593) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 9 September 2021; 18:49)
Has anyone heard any news on the 9/11 tribute for the MTV VMAS?
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Re: VMAS (98,572) (98,573) by Dk from United States
(Friday 3 September 2021; 20:35)
Fingers crossed it isn't from her living room.
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Thoughts on Christmas show? (98,506) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 10 August 2021; 17:24)
Hey, just curious if you guys think Mariah will start her Christmas shows up again this year?
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If you could ask Mariah 2 questions? (98,490) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 4 August 2021; 23:05)
What would they be? First, I would want to know why she hasn't created a new original song with Ariana, and second, what goes through her mind when she is singing/hitting those high notes when she's on stage? I think we all need a Mariah/Ari song.
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Re: MC's sexiest album cover (98,476) (98,477) by Dk from United States
(Sunday 1 August 2021; 01:55)
#1's is the pick for me. Least favorite would be Glitter. I really hope her next album cover doesn't have any photos. Just change it up a bit, it might actually pull some interest from the general public to focus more on her music and less on her image.
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Re: The Rolling Stone Charts (98,464) (98,466) by Dk from United States
(Friday 30 July 2021; 21:02)
Those artists put on more of an entertaining show than Mariah does. As much as I love Mariah more than any other artist (and have been to most of her tours) her concerts are technically the same idea but different ensemble lol and the general public know that. Not to many people want to watch her change and get hair and make up touch ups besides the lambily. But I do believe she tours for us fans and doesn’t care if she’s making millions for a show by getting non-lambs inside the venue.
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Re: Twitter Spaces audio link (98,445) (98,452) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 27 July 2021; 02:54)
I think she had a lot going on behind the scenes with her label. She said Caution was rushed, we know she doesn't like to be rushed with an album and maybe she's sitting on some hit material she might have wanted for Caution but is saving it for when she is in a good place with a company. No one will ever know the % she makes from the album so that could be another factor why. I mean who knows but I'm sure she knows the album is not her best and she has so much more to offer.
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Re: Twitter Spaces audio link (98,447) (98,449) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 27 July 2021; 01:58)
That's a fact.
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Re: Twitter Spaces audio link (98,444) (98,446) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 27 July 2021; 01:11)
What makes you say Maroon 5? I would love to hear them with Mariah.
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Mariah Carey congratulates Andrea Bocelli (98,346) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 13 July 2021; 01:29)
Has anyone seen the video? I am curious to know everyone's thoughts on Mariahs appearance. Does she look tired? I can't figure it out.
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Re: Nick, why oh why? (98,225) (98,226) by Dk from United States
(Monday 21 June 2021; 11:21)
Ya I agree and I highly doubt Mariah would allow Roc & Roe with any of his other baby mamas without her present. Mariah could possibly have full custody of her twins now and which is why he is acting out. But I have no clue what the full story is lol.
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No more single teases, just drop the song (98,199) by Dk from United States
(Friday 18 June 2021; 00:19)
I hope Mariah's next single/album, she just puts it out and doesn't do any teases, countdowns etc. I think it's lame now in 2021, nobody really cares besides the lambily and it would probably spark more interest in the public, especially if it's a decent lead.
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Worst song ever made? Triumphant (98,198) by Dk from United States
(Friday 18 June 2021; 00:16)
Despite the inspiring lyrics and the story behind it, Triumphant would be my least favorite Mariah track in her catalog. It does nothing for me. The song should have stayed in the vault. Other than that I don't personally dislike any of her other tracks.
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Re: Worst song ever made? (98,195) (98,197) by Dk from United States
(Friday 18 June 2021; 00:08)
I love the whistle at the end of Infinity.
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Re: Somewhat not feeling it (98,147) (98,155) by Dk from United States
(Saturday 12 June 2021; 02:35)
After about a dozen listens I'm hooked on the song and can't get it out of my head.
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Re: Caution deserved better (98,109) (98,113) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 9 June 2021; 03:47)
Love this, but I definitely would pick "8th grade" as a single, which is my favorite off Caution. Ya know, throw Drake on a remix, would have been fire.
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Re: Andrew's one trick pony (97,766) (97,768) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 7 April 2021; 16:33)
Bro, you got to much time on your hands.
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Re: New late night Mimi session? (97,746) (97,747) by Dk from United States
(Saturday 3 April 2021; 01:44)
What happened to Kristofer Buckle?
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Re: Cover (97,497) (97,499) by Dk from United States
(Saturday 27 February 2021; 14:43)
I love the thought of Mariah singing "You are not alone".
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Re: Beyond Christmas (97,050) (97,054) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 30 December 2020; 06:33)
This message is just a reply directed towards no one. I always browse MC message boards and I am just so proud of her and the success AIWFCIY has had going to #1 last year. 19 number 1 singles, a number 1 song in 4 decades... come on. It's amazing and who really cares if it's Christmas or if anyone is knocking her for being the Christmas queen, clearly this many people in the world love the song every year. And to anyone ever saying she will not chart again besides her Christmas song, please let me know who has or who will "had/have" the success Mariah has had 30 years into her career. It will never happen with anyone. Again 19 number 1's, a number 1 single in 4 decades and breaking records for the most streams in a single day for any artist in the world on Spotify. Go MC you are the queen and you make any kind of music you want that expresses yourself and who cares if it charts, flops, and what anybody has to say about it. You proved yourself for 3 decades straight and ain't nobody gonna take that away.
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Re: I Had a Vision of Love (92,784) (92,786) by Dk from United States
(Monday 10 February 2020; 01:00)
I must say this is a very incredible post. But I think songwriting and creating music is Mariah's outlet so I'm sure we are bound to have another era or 2 before eh over lol.
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Re: Roc Nation (92,703) (92,708) by Dk from United States
(Monday 3 February 2020; 14:54)
I hope not. Mariah doesn't need to do the Super Bowl. Lol just my opinion though.
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Ariana Grande (92,646) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 28 January 2020; 18:03)
Waiting patiently for a song with Mariah and her. I'm sure it 99% won't happen but I'm gonna be the 1% hoping lol. It doesn't even have to be a hit or radio song, would love to just see what they would come up with, or even just a new remake of one of Mariah's songs.
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