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Name: Dk
Country: United States
Bodyguard beating a fan (79,985) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 20 December 2017; 22:34)
Back in August when I went to go see Mariah in Boston, my boyfriend and I were waiting outside off the TDGarden property just to say hi when she arrived. We saw Lionel's crew, her crew and her kids get off the bus. When it was time for Mariah to step off, and I know they were not her personal bodyguards but these 2 guards for the "Hits" tour started screaming and flashing blue lights in our eyes telling us all we had to move, leave, go, and one guard followed us for a bit down the street yelling all crazy things. And again it was only me and him and these other older ladies I remember like 4 of them. It was completely uncalled for, I was even wearing her T-shirt and hat. So once we were near the street we saw like 2 huge umbrellas blocking the bus door and all these people surrounding her when she must have got off. I just read the new story of a bodyguard beating a fan and made me think what if we didn't actually walk away and leave, I think they can be really extreme sometimes.
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New Twitter message (79,965) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 19 December 2017; 10:55)
"An update for my lambs in Australia and New Zealand. I have exciting news for you. We're now planning a much bigger tour in 2018. Because of this we're moving the Australia/NZ dates a few months to October. I'll be kicking off my tour with you then and can't wait to see you all." This sounds exciting except a few months isn't February-October. Lol that's like half a year. Hopefully she makes some stops in the U.S. and lots of other places. Could this be a Butterfly20 world tour?
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Re: 3rd Christmas album (79,929) (79,930) by Dk from United States
(Sunday 17 December 2017; 01:37)
I would be so happy if she completed a track from the 2015 Christmas Beacon show when she sang "Christmas in New York" freestyle. I have been in love with it ever since.
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Over 1 million views in 9 hours (79,904) by Dk from United States
(Friday 15 December 2017; 22:06)
I wanted to see how many views AIWFCIY would get on YouTube from 7-4 while I was at work and it was well over a million views, that seems really good.
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Re: The Grinch (79,891) (79,895) by Dk from United States
(Friday 15 December 2017; 13:34)
I heard that too. I'm sure nothing will ever leak because Mariah is a good person and would not want to ruin the life of her kids who had nothing to do with their mothers actions.
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Re: The Grinch (79,873) (79,877) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 14 December 2017; 20:07)
Seems like she loves drama, anybody else would of kept walking lol.
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Re: All I Want chart prediction (79,866) (79,870) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 14 December 2017; 16:48)
That is really exciting if she breaks the top 10. Woohoo go Mariah.
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Re: Festive concert Manchester (79,851) (79,862) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 14 December 2017; 03:04)
At one of the Beacon shows, A guy 2 rows in front of me was praying with his hands high up in the air above his head and kept reaching high everytime Mariah sang lol it was quite dramatic but funny because it was every song.
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Re: New pics (79,846) (79,849) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 13 December 2017; 11:10)
I love this look.
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Re: Christmas in London (79,831) (79,839) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 12 December 2017; 21:39)
I didn't understand the whole looking at the monitors. She did that in NYC last week. But the past 2 years I do not remember her doing that at the Christmas shows.
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Re: Stephen Hill from BET (79,818) (79,827) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 12 December 2017; 17:32)
I've seen Mariah’s new manager outside the Beacon show and she is to the far right of her in the new video she posted celebrating the shows on Instagram. And I believe the lady who is next to her on the right is her new assistant. Bravo to Mariah for a whole new team. Lots of exciting things going on. Maybe he is another manager too.
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Re: Golden Globe (79,813) (79,815) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 12 December 2017; 10:32)
I know this is very exciting.
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V magazine (79,745) by Dk from United States
(Friday 8 December 2017; 22:48)
I've just seen online MC did another photo shoot for V magazine. This is exciting.
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Re: Patti LaBelle on WWHL (79,702) (79,706) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 7 December 2017; 11:56)
I loved that interview. I wish we all knew what Stella actually did. Lol.
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New assistant (79,673) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 5 December 2017; 20:01)
Does anyone know if Mariah has a new personal assistant? And I didn't see Kristopher at her NYC show last night thought as odd I always see him.
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Re: Christmas show on Monday (79,542) (79,545) by Dk from United States
(Saturday 25 November 2017; 01:33)
Thanks. Just went to read it.
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Re: Cancelled Christmas shows (79,543) (79,544) by Dk from United States
(Saturday 25 November 2017; 01:24)
Haha that is funny. I thought for a second all the shows before Beacon had something to do with Stella and she would still get a %, but now some of the first Beacon shows won't happen.
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Christmas show on Monday (79,541) by Dk from United States
(Friday 24 November 2017; 22:02)
I really hope Mariah is well, but I hope she announces soon if she will or will not be perfoming at the Beacon Theatre starting Monday for her shows. It will be awful if it's announced the day of the show for everyone traveling to see her. I would assume she would know today if she is "ready" to be back.
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Re: I want some answers (79,508) (79,511) by Dk from United States
(Wednesday 22 November 2017; 01:43)
All the money was probably getting to Stella's head so she started acting like a weirdo lol. But come on like her whole family was in on managing Mariah, that is just way too strange.
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Roc Nation (79,491) by Dk from United States
(Tuesday 21 November 2017; 10:16)
This is the best news. I am so happy for Mariah, so happy.
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Re: Article: All I Want For Christmas Is You returns to the top 40 (79,487) (79,488) by Dk from United States
(Monday 20 November 2017; 23:18)
Ahhhh me too. That would be the best.
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Re: Christina's shade of Mariah's voice: karma (79,484) (79,485) by Dk from United States
(Monday 20 November 2017; 13:23)
People have always attacked Christina after performing. It was never as bad like they attack Mariah, but people are absolutely ridiculous. It must make other people feel better about themselves to try and bring someome down.
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NYC / Vegas (79,469) by Dk from United States
(Friday 17 November 2017; 02:20)
Maybe I am thinking too much about it but does anyone else find it strange that all of Mariah's Christmas concerts up until NYC are cancelled? Not one of the shows is gonna happen. I have a feeling it has something to do with Stella booking them and getting her % from the concerts. I could be totally wrong, but I hope if Mariah is sick she takes good care of herself because a lot of lambs including myself really want to see her in NYC.
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Re: The Star on Vevo (79,459) (79,464) by Dk from United States
(Thursday 16 November 2017; 19:05)
I think the mystery kid is Maryann Tatum’s son.
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New photo of Stella (79,418) by Dk from United States
(Monday 13 November 2017; 14:13)
Browsing online I came across Stella's new instagram photo and she is clearly flipping everyone off in the photo. Lol. Wow. She's such a child.
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