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Name: B
Country: USA
Slowly but surely®™ The Vindication of B ®™

"There are people called haters and we give them positivity" MC
Do you like Mariah? (99,087) by B from USA
(Thursday 9 December 2021; 18:44)
Do ya'll even like Mariah because it's getting harder and harder to tell.
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Re: Adele (98,982) (98,993) by B from USA
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 22:25)
Adele reminds me of Celine Dion. In my opinion, 30 is more comparable to Let's Talk About Love which also lacks cohesion. Both contain two or three massive hits surrounded by filler. I'm obsessed with To Be Loved. It reminds me of a classic Carey ballad.
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Re: MC30 (98,796) (98,802) by B from USA
(Friday 29 October 2021; 03:17)
Her voice is in the best shape its been in years and I think scoring her 19th #1 has reinvigorated her and she's going to attempt to tie or break The Beatles record. I can't wait to hear Mariah's soaring voice backed by a choir.
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Re: The lyrics (98,141) (98,149) by B from USA
(Friday 11 June 2021; 19:14)
Jimmy and Terry confirmed that Mariah had already started working on Somewhat Loved when she brought it to them, and they said that they took the song in a different direction, so the complaints about the song being disjointed are valid it was done intentionally.
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Re: Caution deserved better (98,142) (98,148) by B from USA
(Friday 11 June 2021; 19:09)
I think they should've released 8th Grade, Caution, and Giving Me Life as singles.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,136) (98,138) by B from USA
(Thursday 10 June 2021; 15:30)
That describes most of Jam and Lewis' output. I love it, and Mariah's voice sounds amazing. Remember this isn't Mariah featuring Jam and Lewis.
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Mariah sensationally quits Jay-Z's management company (98,094) by B from USA
(Monday 7 June 2021; 03:50)
Mariah helped Jay score his first #1 on the Hot 100 and played an instrumental role in LA Reid, making him President of Def Jam, so she has every right to demand to be Roc Nation's main priority, especially with a new album and tour. I'm sure Melissa's departure and Roc Nation singing Christina also played a role in her decision.
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Re: Album rankings (97,484) (97,503) by B from USA
(Saturday 27 February 2021; 15:25)
1. Bufferfly
2. Daydream
3. Caution
5. Merry Christmas
6. Emotions
7. E=MC2
9. Rainbow
10. Glitter
11. Charmbracelet
12. Music Box
13. Memoirs
15. #1's
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,493) (97,502) by B from USA
(Saturday 27 February 2021; 15:20)
I had one as well and the first album I ever bought was Daydream.
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Re: Cover (97,497) (97,501) by B from USA
(Saturday 27 February 2021; 15:19)
I would love for her to give us an official cover of You and I or any other Stevie Wonder song.
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She who mustn't be named (97,273) by B from USA
(Tuesday 2 February 2021; 17:46)
Did ya'll hear the news that Voldemort is plotting a comeback with a reality show about helping women after they've hit rock bottom? I can't.
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Re: Kelly and Ryan (97,270) (97,272) by B from USA
(Tuesday 2 February 2021; 17:22)
I just assumed the other surprise was either a new album/single or Someone's Ugly Daughter with Mariah singing the lead.
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Mariah Carey's sister sues over tell-all memoir (97,271) by B from USA
(Tuesday 2 February 2021; 17:19)
Not surprised that Allison is once again trying to use her relationship with Mariah for her financial gain. I noticed that she didn't deny the allegations in Mariah's memoir.
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Re: MC16 (97,105) (97,109) by B from USA
(Saturday 9 January 2021; 21:14)
I think they could write an amazing ballad together. Bruno's When I Was Your Man, and Mariah's We Belong Together are two of the best ballads of all time.
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Re: Walter (97,104) (97,108) by B from USA
(Saturday 9 January 2021; 21:04)
After years of mentioning them she finally worked with them.
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Re: Walter (97,104) (97,107) by B from USA
(Saturday 9 January 2021; 21:03)
Go to YouTube and/or Google and look into it. He says she falsely claims she wrote the song by herself, which she's never stated. In 1994 Walter stated Mariah came to him with the lyrics and melody, and they went from there. Yes, she no longer mentions his name but after he sided with Tommy she owes him nothing.
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Re: MC16 (97,103) (97,106) by B from USA
(Saturday 9 January 2021; 21:00)
Maybe if Mariah decided to make a standards album.
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MC16 (97,100) by B from USA
(Friday 8 January 2021; 19:36)
Who do you want Mariah to work with on her next studio album?
The Weeknd
Bruno Mars and The Smeezington's
Dev Hynes
Happy Perez
David Morales
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Re: Walter (97,097) (97,099) by B from USA
(Friday 8 January 2021; 19:29)
Walter keeps insinuating that Mariah doesn't give him the credit he thinks deserves, which isn't true. Mariah wrote the lyrics to AIWFCIY by herself and had already started working on the melody when she took it to him, and they finished the song together. After being betrayed her, she owes him nothing.
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2020 (97,070) by B from USA
(Friday 1 January 2021; 09:35)
In 2020 Mariah blessed us countless amazing live performances, a deeply personal memoir, TMOMC, which allowed her to tell her "unvarnished truth", while elevating the audiobook into an art form, releasing The Rarities, a collection of previously unreleased songs including the original version of Loverboy, and a festive Apple TV special Mariah's Magical Christmas Special. I almost forgot to mention her duet with Busta Rhymes Where I Belong. Mariah ended 2019 and began 2020 at #1 and ended 2020 and began 2021.
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Re: Mariah's World (96,908) (96,931) by B from USA
(Sunday 13 December 2020; 15:55)
Some of the scenes are still enjoyable. However, like Mariah, I prefer to pretend those bleak years didn't happen. Mariah's career has been on an upswing since she fired Stella in November of 2017.
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Re: Do you think Mariah has another #1 in her? (96,928) (96,930) by B from USA
(Sunday 13 December 2020; 15:46)
I think she does and she's regained the general public's favor by going out of her way to bring some joy to 2020.
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Re: AIWFCIY finally hits #1 in the UK (96,901) (96,912) by B from USA
(Saturday 12 December 2020; 13:00)
Surprised it didn't the year after he passed. Didn't he pass away on Christmas day?
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Re: O Santa! O Mariah (96,904) (96,911) by B from USA
(Saturday 12 December 2020; 12:56)
Reading this made me cry. It brought back memories of me being mocked for defending Mariah during the Glitter era. I was a sophomore in high school, and everyone I went to school with knew I was "Mariah's biggest fan", but I got the last laugh when Mariah scored the biggest comeback in music history and went on to become the legend that she is. I read AIWFCIY is predicted to return to #1 on the Hot 100 this week but haven't heard anything about how Oh Santa is performing.
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Re: Oh Santa (96,884) (96,889) by B from USA
(Tuesday 8 December 2020; 21:13)
And the general public who seem to love the song.
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