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Name: B
Country: USA
Slowly but surely®™ The Vindication of B ®™

"There are people called haters and we give them positivity" MC
Re: Snoop Dogg (90,248) (90,261) by B from USA
(Tuesday 9 July 2019; 21:49)
There's no bad blood between Mariah and Snoop. He was shading the challenge not MC.
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Re: I am free (90,206) (90,254) by B from USA
(Tuesday 9 July 2019; 14:40)
Walter was loyal to Tommy, his employer. He reported to him that he was afraid Mariah was going to alienate her audience with the direction she was taking her music and Tommy confronted her about it and once he did it confirmed her suspicion that Walter was feeding Tommy information. Sad yet predictable that he would choose Tommy over Mariah even after Mariah fought to work with him.
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Re: Just To Hold You Once Again vs My All (90,241) (90,252) by B from USA
(Tuesday 9 July 2019; 14:21)
Jeter was a huge Mariah fan so maybe JTHYOA is one of his faves and that's why she referenced it in My All.
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Cosmopolitan (90,251) by B from USA
(Tuesday 9 July 2019; 14:13)
Marah is on the cover of Cosmopolitan's August issue.
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Re: I am Free (90,208) (90,219) by B from USA
(Saturday 6 July 2019; 23:27)
Side Effects is the best song on E=MC2. I wish they had released it as a single.
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Re: Mariah's greatest lyric (90,178) (90,218) by B from USA
(Saturday 6 July 2019; 23:26)
I'm torn when it comes to Languishing. I think it is perfect as is but sometimes I find myself wishing it was longer.
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Re: Two voices (90,215) (90,217) by B from USA
(Saturday 6 July 2019; 23:19)
We will never have another Whitney or Mariah in our lifetime or possibly ever.
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Re: Caution (90,150) (90,216) by B from USA
(Saturday 6 July 2019; 23:16)
Correction: Caution has now sold over 100,000 copies in pure sales in the US. Wonder what it's sold when streams are included, does anyone know?
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Re: Greatest emotional ballads (90,205) (90,207) by B from USA
(Friday 5 July 2019; 14:28)
Love Takes Time
Can't Let Go
Just to Hold You Once Again
When I Saw You
My All
After Tonight
Lead The Way
I Only Wanted
We Belong Together
Miss You (Most at Christmas Time) is so underrated. When she sings Cry., Camouflage, Portrait I really feel it. On Cry. and Camouflage you can feel her heartbreak and when she sings Portrait you can feel how her past experiences have made her guarded and insecure and yet against all odds she remains hopeful.
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Re: Mariah's greatest lyric (90,164) (90,194) by B from USA
(Thursday 4 July 2019; 17:56)
We Belong Together.
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Re: I am free (90,191) (90,193) by B from USA
(Thursday 4 July 2019; 17:50)
I would love for Mariah to discuss how emotions affect the voice. The emotional toll the end of her relationship with Tommy and their subsequent divorce took on her voice is obvious. Her voice began declining (or became unpredictable and unreliable) when her marriage began imploding. I'd also like to know why she decided to marry Nick after only knowing him for a few weeks. It still seems so out of character. Was it during a manic episode?
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Re: Caution (90,155) (90,183) by B from USA
(Wednesday 3 July 2019; 14:43)
I shared the sales update to show that Caution is still selling and hasn't disappeared like MIAM did after just two months.
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Re: Greatest lyric (90,180) (90,182) by B from USA
(Wednesday 3 July 2019; 14:37)
How 'bout you get the [censored] out?
How about you get the [censored] out?
(How 'bout you)
Take your tings [sic] and be on your merry way
Just playing
So, what do you do
When somebody you're so devoted to
Suddenly just stops loving you
And it seems they haven't got a clue
Of the pain that rejection is putting you through
Do you cling to your pride
And sing "I will survive"
Do you lash out and say, how dare you leave this way
Do you hold on in vain as they just slip away
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Re: MC's masters (90,171) (90,175) by B from USA
(Tuesday 2 July 2019; 16:25)
She does. After 25 years the ownership of maters are transferred to the artist/songwriter. I believe Mariah's deals with IDJ and Epic included her receiving ownership of her masters. it would also explain her being able to include the #1's she amassed during her tenure at IDJ on #1 To Infinity. If not she owns the masters of Maraih Carey, Emotions, Music Box, and Merry Christmas and next year she'll receive ownership of the Daydream masters. Here's a link about artist being able to reclaim their rights to their music after 25 years.
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Caution (90,150) by B from USA
(Monday 1 July 2019; 16:34)
Has finally sold 100,000 copies in the US.
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Re: Most liked (90,074) (90,078) by B from USA
(Tuesday 25 June 2019; 06:43)
MC - Alone in Love
Emotions - And You Don't Remember
Music Box - I've Been Thinking About You
Merry Christmas - AIWFCIY
Daydream - Long Ago
Butterfly - Breakdown
Rainbow - After Tonight
Glitter - Lead The Way
Charmbracelet - The One
TEOM - Don't Forget About Us
E=MC2 - Side Effects
Memoirs - Candy Bling
MCIIY - When Christmas Comes
MIAM - Dedicated
Caution - Caution
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Re: Charts (90,055) (90,077) by B from USA
(Tuesday 25 June 2019; 06:39)
Madonna hasn't outlasted Mariah. Both are still making music and touring smaller venues. Madonna's album selling 30,000-40,000 more copies than Mariah's isn't suprising considering she has a devoted fanbase who actually purchase her albums unlike Mariah. We also have to take other factors into consideration including the negative press Mariah received between 2014 and 2018 and R&B's commercial decline. Madonna released a pop album that panders heavy handedly to the Latin market while Mariah made an album that appeals exclusively to her fans so Madame X outselling Caution is understandable if frustrating and infuriating.
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Re: Long Ago (90,018) (90,048) by B from USA
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 19:13)
Has always been one of my favorite songs. I listen to it at least once a day.
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Re: Songs least liked (90,044) (90,047) by B from USA
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 19:12)
Mariah Carey - There's Got To Be A Way
Emotions - The Wind
Music Box - Hero
Merry Christmas - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Daydream - Open Arms
Butterfly - The Beautiful Ones
Rainbow - Did I Do That?
Glitter - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Charmbracelet - Irresistible
TEOM - To The Floor
E= MC2 - O.O.C.
MOAIA - Up Out My Face and Up Out My Face (The Reprise)
MCIIY - Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
MIAM - One More Try and Heavenly (No Ways Tired / Can't Give Up Now)
Caution - The Distance
This was hard. In my opinion, Daydream, Butterfly, and Caution are perfection from start to finish.
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Stella and Co (89,994) by B from USA
(Saturday 15 June 2019; 05:17)
The lambs/detectives on Twitter have gotten Stella's phone number and are going ham on her.
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Re: The Daily Shame (89,964) (89,972) by B from USA
(Friday 14 June 2019; 00:19)
Who cares? Packer is gay and Mariah was his beard. Mariah told Packer she was a "born again Virgin" to avoid sleeping with him, I can't. Did we not watch this play out on Mariah's World? I thought it was clear to everyone she began seeing Bryan while still engaged to Packer, was it not? Some of ya'll have a looser grip on reality than I do.
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Re: Studio session in Barcelona (89,919) (89,946) by B from USA
(Thursday 13 June 2019; 00:45)
I hope and pray that she isn't recording another Christmas album.
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Re: Lead the Way (89,936) (89,943) by B from USA
(Thursday 13 June 2019; 00:24)
Agreed. Her voice was in fine form during the recording of Glitter.
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Mariah Carey (89,935) by B from USA
(Wednesday 12 June 2019; 16:59)
It's a special occasion, a cause for celebration. Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Mariah's self-titled debut album.
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Re: Lead the way (89,933) (89,934) by B from USA
(Wednesday 12 June 2019; 16:56)
It was written during the Butterfly sessions but wasn't recorded until 2000/2001.
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