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Name: Matty
Country: Vancouver Canada
I love music of all kinds, with R&B and pop toping my list of favourite genres. I've been a Mariah fan since Charmbraclet, there was something about that album that connects on a deep level. Other favourite albums are Glitter, Daydream, The Emancipation of Mimi, and Me. I Am Mariah.

My Favourite Mariah Songs are: The Art of Letting Go, Fantasy & Shake It Off.

My Least Favourite album is Music Box.

My most start-to-finish listened album (don't-skip-a-track albums): Emotions, Butterfly, The Emancipation of Mimi and Me. I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse.
Re: Woah (91,011) (91,019) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Wednesday 9 October 2019; 06:03)
Who is Elvis Duran? Nick definitely was not coming for Wendy’s gig, he was creating his own gig and Wendy allowed him to use her platform to show his skills as a talk show host rather then a game show host. People vandalize stars on the Walk of Fame all the time. Not sure what you're digging for tbh Wendy and Mariah used each other for the PR game the same way Nicki and Mariah used each other for the PR game. If those where this guy’s jokes, he was simply jumping on the easy agism against women punch line; sounds pretty predictable and basic and wanted an easy laugh
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Re: Happy 24th anniversary Daydream (90,972) (90,978) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 4 October 2019; 03:45)
Two weeks ago, I revived my gold vinyl-press of Daydream from "Vinyl Me Please" and I forgot how flawless this album is. Fantasy is my life anthem (favourite song of alllll time), but my goodness does Long Ago, Underneath the Stars, Melt Away and When I Saw You, blow my mind on Vinyl. I remember this album was the exact moment Mariah transitioned from my mom's favourite artist (in the adult contemporary vain of Celine, Vanessa Williams etc.) to my absolute queen. Every summer we would do a road trip as a family from Guelph, Ontario to the Atlantic Maritimes (Halifax, PEI, Moncton, St. John's etc) and Daydream was one album the family could all get on board with blasting on cassette, in our '93 Mazda MPV (even my Nirvana-fan-bro of a brother was down). I also love after hearing this album in vinyl, I could identify what she did on Daydream was a foreshadowing of what she did on "Caution". Long Ago and Melt Away could fit beautifully on Caution, right after "With You".
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Re: Celine Dion (90,962) (90,965) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Wednesday 2 October 2019; 03:40)
I never thought I'd hear anyone describe Celine as soulless. She's dripping with soul and emotion when she sings. It's funny that when Celine and Mariah first signed with Sony, their stories were so similar (power house vocal, older men steering their careers and personal lives, even their Sony debut album covers look identical). The difference is I can't name a single scandal Celine has every been the centre of during her career. Mariah has had scandals, feuds and a public followed life from the start. Celine doesn't care the weight of all the drama. Plus she's given that breathing room to let the public miss her.
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Re: One Child (90,954) (90,964) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Wednesday 2 October 2019; 03:32)
I'm also surprised One Child isn't on the deluxe. Mariah's given it so much love over the years, and she did such an amazing rendition when she performed it for the Obama's, they could have used that live version. I also hear it on the radio all the time during the holiday season. Wonder if it wasn't included because someone involved in making the track wouldn't sign off on its inclusion? I would have loved if Mariah recorded her own version of "Where Are you Christmas" that would have been fantastic.
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Re: Lover (90,680) (90,684) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 24 August 2019; 19:12)
Argh. T. Swift. Can't sing. Can't dance. Can't be anything beyond skinny white basic. But that women can certainly write a song. She's gonna make billions off writing music, but please, can we get her sing-talking off the radio please.
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Re: Bizarre campaigns (90,681) (90,683) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 24 August 2019; 19:08)
Hahahahaha beyond bonkers but that was the Stella reign of terror, summed up in a nut shell. It was actually a brilliant way to reach a demo MC can rarely touch, but none the less bonkers. Last time I think we saw Mariah run was in the Butterfly video; and before that her short doc vids where she’s riding a John Deer or something, with pet Dobermanns.
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Article: The 25 best singers-turned-actors (90,668) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 22 August 2019; 21:11)
What a ridiculous list. Will Smith is literally one of the biggest actors in the world, like Tom Cruise level and he's sitting below JLo (who in my opinion is as good of an actor as she is a singer, dancing is her lane). Mandy Moore is way more famous as an actor then her singing and is on the most watched TV on atm. She's got range and depth as an actor. Madonna heads and tails above Cher? Uhhh no, I'm sorry, just no. Elvis as an actor not playing a version of Elvis? I haven't seen that film yet. Also, JHud has an Oscar; why is she outdone by JLo?

It's funny they list a cameo as one of Mimi's acting credits. They might as well have sited You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Mariah in Wise Girls, Tennessee and The Butler should have, hands down, be the listed credits.

My top 10 list would be:
1. Wil Smith
2. Mandy Moore
3. Jennifer Hudson
4. Mark Wahlberg
5. Ice Cube
6. Cher
7. Dolly Parton
8. Ice-T
9. Barbra Streisand
10. Ms. Mariah Carey - She's never ever given enough credit in this department even with Precious.
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Re: Chart manipulation (90,637) (90,646) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 01:16)
I remember Mariah's records and singles in the city I grew up (Guelph Ontario, 45mins south west of Toronto), were always pretty pricey. I never saw anything-Mariah discounted on the shelf or in the discount bin. I remember visiting Ottawa at St. Laurent Mall, and they had this massive Loverboy display and stock pile at the front of the store where the single was $1.99 after the film bombed. I remember if the average CD was $14.99, Mariah's would always be $16.99 plus. Singles were always $2.99 plus. Who I do remember being a massive discount queen where I grew up was Madonna (no shade). You could always find Madonna's most recent release in the discount bin along with most of her catalog. Again, no shade just memory.
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Re: Played on the radio (90,638) (90,645) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 17 August 2019; 01:07)
In Vancouver Canada, Fantasy, Always be my Baby and We Belong together are still play in regular rotation of Virgin Radio 94.5 which is the most current Top 40 station. On the A/C station we listen to at my office, ABMB, Vision of Love, I'll Be Loving U Long Time and #Beautiful come on regularly.
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Re: The new Jerry O'Connell show (90,518) (90,519) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 2 August 2019; 21:02)
Yeah; Whoopi and Mariah's relationship is beyond weird. Whoopi shades her whenever she can, yet there are also social photos of them hanging out with Lee Daniels and Raven Simon and people. I even even remember when Mariah was a guest of The View years ago and MC and Barbara we're chatting about their dogs ChaCha and Whoopi is rolling her eyes at her.

Also, who cares if Jerry's show flops? Mariah should do the morning talk show circuit more often, and given the push and time slot Jerry is getting, the network seems to be putting a lot behind it. Plus it's not as if Mariah hasn't been involved in flop projects in the past.
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The new Jerry O'Connell show (90,511) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 2 August 2019; 02:02)
Did anyone watch The View today with Jerry O’Connell as guest? There was a lot of Mariah focus, I love how he dances out to Heartbreaker. He was so kind and generous about his experience with her. His "new Nick Cannon" joke was funny. Do you think Mariah will be his surprise first guest when his show debuts? Jerry is taking over Wendy’s TV time slot, now that she’s wrapping it up. It’s a good slot. It would be a cute look on Mimi as well. Helping out a friend.
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Re: 16 Weeks (90,430) (90,443) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 27 July 2019; 01:03)
What’s with all the Old Town Road hate? In 2019, the cultural significance of this song is massive, given the state of 'Merica right now; a gay black rapper with a country legend, doing country-hip-hop fusion is pretty groundbreaking. We praise Mariah for her hip-pop fusion that lead to the new pop normal, so why not appreciate what this song has done? The novelty of this genre bending song, along with a gay black rapper getting a number one song on Billboard is pretty significant.
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Article: Mariah Carey confirms new music is in the works (89,920) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Wednesday 12 June 2019; 04:18)
What if Mariah and Trey do a full duets album? That could be really cool. Maybe a pop album that some are asking for.
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Article: Mariah's former assistant reveals singer has fake booty (89,889) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Sunday 9 June 2019; 20:31)
Seriously. Butt injections? Who cares? She's had twins, she's a superstar, she's gorgeous and any work she has had done is done at beyond expert levels of perfection and subtlety. We know Mariah had her breasts done. Personally I think 3 times (1997, 2011, and again in 2017). Why would she be ashamed over some butt injections? people inject stuff into their face, legs, booties, necks etc. all the time. I have friends in their 20's, living regular middle class, pay cheque to pay cheque lives getting fillers and injections. Also, look at Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Joy Behar, all the Kardashians, they are all open and proud of the work they've had done and all look amazing. It's not like she's looking a mess; like when Courtney Cox, Renee Zellweger and Nicole Kidman got their whack faces (which all three have corrected recently, lol, thank goodness).
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Years of note: A vocal evolution (89,714) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 24 May 2019; 19:46)
I've always loved every era of "thee voice" Mariah has ever had throughout her entire career. I love when it's powerful, I love with it cracks. I love that you can tell where she's at emotionally in her life just by listening to her voice in that era. There are bench marks where her voice has shifted into a new phase. (This is not good or bad, it's evolution. I don't want to debate what your personal opinion is on how her voice sounds at any given time.) What I'd like to hear is when do you think her voice fluttered into the next phases? These are the years that stand out to me:
1. 1997
2. 2003
3. 2011
4. 2018
What years do you think you heard an era shift?
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Mariah and weed (89,713) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 24 May 2019; 19:36)
We've all seen Mariah at the weed dispensaries over the years, and people attribute this to her "decline in voice" but I truly don't believe she smokes weed, she does edibles. She eats Gummies. She ingests weed, she doesn't inhale it. If she smoked proper and drank, her voice would be completely gone without a chance of vocal supremacy she has now. Look at Rihanna's vocal decline in 10 years and we know she smokes weed proper. 30 years, Mariah's voice is still astounding. Her voice has always been as delicate as a butterfly.

1:14 mark: "That's right Usher. Don't be blowin' smoke in my face."
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Most precious and first item (89,686) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Tuesday 21 May 2019; 23:53)
My first Mariah item was a burned CD copy of Charmbraclet that I was obsessed with. A few weeks later my first purchase was a CD of Music Box from a local used store.

My most precious Mariah item by far is my Glitter vinyl. I absolutely love the song arrangement on the vinyl verses the standard CD release. If my house is burning down, that's what I'm grabbing and running with lol.
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Help Me Make It (89,586) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 16 May 2019; 01:30)
I have always loved this song. I love Right to Dream, but I like "Help Me Make It" even more. Such a different sound for Mariah, and so complimentary to her voice. This sound sheds light on a different side of her soul and artistry.
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Wise Janet quote (89,518) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Wednesday 8 May 2019; 17:22)
I think Janet said it best when distinguishing Madonna's brand of "Sexy" from hers. "How do I put this? I think what I do has class to it. I'll say that." - Janet Jackson.

Madonna's take on "sexy" and reviling has a very different execution and slant then Mariah, Janet, Toni, JLo etc. These four women aren't raunchy in any way. Madonna is queen of raunchy without any class. I'm not diminishing Madonna's impact or work, but we can't honestly compare Madonna flashing her crotch and dry humping her dancers to Mariah's cleavage. This isn't at all about age, this is about execution, class and brand of "sexy". Good for Madonna for still giving and her hustle, but her rolling around in a pirate Halloween costume just didn't do it for me despite the neat technology used during the performance.
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iTunes it's good to see (89,437) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 3 May 2019; 03:04)
It's good to see MC's Greatest Hits and #1 to Infinity compilations, as well as "Hero", "A No No" and "WBT" all back on the Canadian iTunes. It's fun to see how TV appearances effect music sales (and when it doesn't effect the sales, it's a bummer). Again, congrats Mimi on a stellar performance and speech that's getting praise across all media and platforms.
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Yas Billboard Babydoll (89,419) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 2 May 2019; 07:19)
Yes yas yessss Mariah. What an amazing performance and more importantly, speech Mariah gave at the Billboard Awards. That's why she's a legend. Great song selection. Gorgeously classic Mariah ensemble. Hair was full diva. And the message of her speech was perfect and charmingly executed. Mama killed it.
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Re: Angel's Cry (89,326) (89,329) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Friday 26 April 2019; 18:22)
Oddly enough I hear Angel's Cry on the radio a fair bit and have seen the video played a lot in retail stores like Footlocker that play videos in-store. It's like the ultimate slow-burn. The classic Mariah song that never charted. It's an amazing ballad by Mariah, with or without Ne-Yo, and should def have been the 2nd single from MOIA (would have been a more successful following of her predictable formula we were talking about a couple weeks back). I always thought Angel's Cry or Up Out My Face ft. Nicki should have been the second single. If the second single was UOMF, there would have been a very clear vibe to the album as dark, aggressive and a strong kiss off. Going from "Obsessed" in the ghetto to "IWTKWLI" at my mom's office with AC radio playing in the background was an odd single's transition. Even more jarring then the TMB to Bye Bye transition with the E=MC2 era.
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Re: When You Believe (89,264) (89,266) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Monday 22 April 2019; 00:45)
Randy, dead. Lol. Me either. Get my attorney on the horn ASAP. But it’s not unheard of in the least.
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Re: When You Believe (89,256) (89,263) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Sunday 21 April 2019; 23:26)
I'm really not sure you can compare MyHWGO and WYB just based on the money pumped into each project. We're taking a Dreamworks animated film verses a James Cameron epic. Also "When You Believe" has a massive Christian religious theme woven through it which I imagine would deter a huge demo of the global buying public. MHWGO has a universal theme of love and lost. WYB is more of an "in-the-shower-lip-sync-song" verses MHWGO being a "first-dance-at-a-wedding" kinda song, making it more accessible in a grander sense, if that makes sense. WYB isn't as accessible as "Hero" when thinking about them as empowering personal anthems.

I agree with the point that at this moment Whit and MC we're having a "low moment" compared to previous successes; where as Celine (even tho she'd been around since the '80s in Canada at least), she was a slower burn to success and super stardom. 1997-2001 seemed to be Celine's top 40 cool moment. Before and after Celine always slide more into the Michael Buble realm of Adult Contemporary.
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At least it's before... (89,124) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 11 April 2019; 23:19)
It's so odd that JLo got BBIA before MC. Although I guess culturally her impact has been massive. Her and Bey seem to be the most beloved general cultural icons almost in history. However, at least she's getting this award now which will be used, I'm sure, to promote "Caution" (like JLo did with AKA, being promoted in 2014). At least Mimi is receiving her award before Madonna, Sting, Britney Spears, Paul McCartney (hello Beatles, 21 #1s on Billboard), Diana Ross, U2, Jay-Z, Eminem, to name a few.
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