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Name: Butterfly
All eyes on Mariah (81,869) by Butterfly from
(Monday 16 April 2018; 01:44)
Mariah told her truth. Freeing feeling yes but also more pressure. All eyes will be on Mariah from now on. More than ever. People will look at her differently and very closely.
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Re: Studio pic (80,513) (80,515) by Butterfly from
(Saturday 20 January 2018; 19:19)
I think MC's career works best with a shroud of mystery. Spot on Hilton. The new studio picture is a mess. Are we supposed to be excited seeing you with a drink in the studio. How about being more serious and stop going to the studio like you about to hit the club. It would have been better if she cleaned up her social media and left one post. The post announcing she working on a new album,saying she'll be back when the album is done. People need to miss her. Stay away from the paparazzi hotspots and social media.
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Re: In a studio and drinking (80,508) (80,514) by Butterfly from
(Saturday 20 January 2018; 18:55)
Such a professional.
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Re: New album title (80,488) (80,490) by Butterfly from
(Friday 19 January 2018; 15:54)
It has nothing to do with the title but more about how Mariah presents the project. Music, visuals and how she presents herself to the world. Mimi title made sense at the time because she explained it very well.
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Re: New album ideas (80,454) (80,459) by Butterfly from
(Thursday 18 January 2018; 15:51)
Maturity and growth. She showed that on The Emancipation Of Mimi as a person and artist. I would love if she goes back to Long Island and record her album there. Maybe she will get inspired by the days before fame. Back to basics is a great starting theme. I'm longing for an era focused on music without the boyfriends and the sexy kitten image.
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Re: Stella is back or is Stella back? (80,455) (80,457) by Butterfly from
(Thursday 18 January 2018; 15:25)
Saddened but not shocked. We all knew the old Mariah was not fully back. The Emancipation of Mimi girl would never lower herself by wearing an ex's ring or consider fake relationships. That girl was focused on music and was very private. There's nothing wrong with being single. Grow up and stop the fakery.
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Growth (80,386) by Butterfly from
(Thursday 11 January 2018; 20:01)
While I see some positive changes, I wonder what happened to her? How can such a talented, smart and beautiful person enjoy to self destruct. I ask myself often where's the growth?
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Re: Canceled shows (79,450) (79,454) by Butterfly from
(Thursday 16 November 2017; 09:55)
I don't believe her. This has all to do with the Stella break up. I bet Mariah and her new team are trying hard to get rid of the Stella projects. I've to say I'm so happy the Starz series about her life is not gonna happen since any project with him has been canceled by Warner Bross.
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The Blast (79,430) by Butterfly from
(Tuesday 14 November 2017; 11:52)
Mariah needs to sue The Blast right now. The source is Stella but the latest article they're claiming Mariah's rep told them she is dealing with stomach flu. No way Mariah's rep is talking to them.
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Re: Disgusted (79,341) (79,350) by Butterfly from
(Friday 10 November 2017; 09:34)
Randy, use your brains. No, way she could have done it. She went from the Lionel tour to being in the public eye everyday. You think she can do such a surgery and walk around like nothing happened? It requires bed rest for weeks.
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TMZ (79,287) by Butterfly from
(Wednesday 8 November 2017; 10:20)
Look. I was expecting a gross TMZ article since I saw Stella assistant following a TMZ reporter yesterday. Oh Mariah, stop trusting people.
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Re: Stella / robbery (79,283) (79,286) by Butterfly from
(Wednesday 8 November 2017; 10:10)
Lianna and Zarina should go as well. They're mad at Stella but who knows that might be part of Stella's plan.
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Re: Stella / robbery (79,277) (79,285) by Butterfly from
(Wednesday 8 November 2017; 10:00)
We knew about Stella and we see through Bryan Tanaka too. He will be do whatever it takes to keep his monthly salary and living the luxury life. I said she will regret ever trusting Stella and that goes for Bryan too. She will regret being so stupid and naive.
8 likes reply aka Stella (79,268) by Butterfly from
(Tuesday 7 November 2017; 15:58)
Everything coming from The Blast is from Stella. The site is founded by Mike Walters (ex-TMZ reporter). Just know Stella was Mike's source at TMZ. The Blast broke 2 stories. Both stories make Stella look good.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey and manager split (79,188) (79,191) by Butterfly from
(Saturday 4 November 2017; 15:55)
Amazing news. If she wants her reputation back, Bryan needs to go as well. I cringe every time I see him with Mariah at an A-list event. Yesterday, they went to Goldie Hawn charity event. Everyone knows she's paying him but can she at least keep him away from A-list events and shows?
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New interview (79,094) by Butterfly from
(Tuesday 31 October 2017; 09:33)
Look at her. I see a confident, mature, smart, beautiful person with positive energy. No diva attitude, no bitterness, no avoiding questions, no splash, no dahhling, no lounging, no weirdness. Yes.
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Re: That ring (79,020) (79,023) by Butterfly from
(Wednesday 25 October 2017; 12:18)
I don't believe Bryan is her boyfriend. That ring and Bryan is just to get back at James for whatever reasons. I doubt James cares about a broke dancer who's on her payroll. If she has any self respect left she would stop fronting for the camera's. What she did after Luis Miguel until Nick was great. Never spoke about boyfriends or her private life. The truth is single or private Mariah is better for her career. Not going to restaurants and events holding hands with a fake boyfriend. Come on, when it's real people know. I miss private, classy and real Mariah.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey hit for $50k by burglars (78,893) (78,898) by Butterfly from
(Friday 20 October 2017; 12:15)
We all know who did it.
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Re: Foxwoods (78,831) (78,832) by Butterfly from
(Monday 16 October 2017; 11:18)
Just finished watching a bunch of videos on YouTube. This is great. She looks alive, sober and happy. She's walking on her own and thank God no awful dancers. Let's hope she keeps it up.
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Re: Clown takes a stand (78,769) (78,770) by Butterfly from
(Wednesday 11 October 2017; 23:29)
Eminem was great. He sure turned his life around. See that's a legend right there. Someone who's not obsessed with attention and comes out once in a while to deliver. She can learn from Eminem. He went to rehab and look at him now. Very humble and just doing what he does best. Mariah wake up and realize what's really important in life. Health, your children and your talent. Grow up and be real.
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Re: Article: Now he's touching her body (78,716) (78,717) by Butterfly from
(Tuesday 10 October 2017; 11:30)
Lol it's embarrassing. She's trying so hard to convince us all. First of all no one gives a shit about her love life and especially when you're paying him to be with you. She's almost 50 good riddance. Time to grow up and stop with all the fake shit. I used to admire her so much because she hated the fake attention seeking celebrities. And again leaving a restaurant. Try something new. A gym, a recording studio.
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Article: Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka on a sushi date (78,706) by Butterfly from
(Monday 9 October 2017; 21:35)
I swear we only see her leaving restaurants. Why is there never pictures of her leaving a recording studio? And speaking about a studio, what happened with "I'm finishing my album in the Bahamas"?
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Re: GMB interview (78,616) (78,623) by Butterfly from
(Monday 2 October 2017; 19:05)
First of all Piers Morgan said her team approved questions about Vegas. If I was her manager and Piers or whoever at GMB asked me can we ask Mariah a few questions about the tragic happening in Vegas, I would say can we please reschedule. This is an inappropriate time. Especially with Mariah lounging with a Christmas tree in the background. Common sense but not in Mariah's World.
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Re: VH1 (78,478) (78,489) by Butterfly from
(Thursday 21 September 2017; 12:07)
Lol as if Tanaka is going to tell her the truth. He's in it for the money and fame. Have you seen the comments he liked on ig? It's a epic performance and we should not ask for more effort.
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Thoughts (78,398) by Butterfly from
(Monday 18 September 2017; 13:03)
Hip Hop Honors was taped yesterday. I saw lots of videos on Instagram. Let's see. Mariah doing the Honey remix with Brat, JD and Mase and doing a whole damn dance thing. She can't even move like a normal person, why dance? Every step she takes someone is there to help her walk from a to b. She's stiff, awkward and looks uncomfortable The dancers need to go and never come back. After the Honey lazy dance went viral you're up there doing the same thing and the whole r&b/hip hop fans are watching tonight. You know what would be dope. A laid back acoustic performance. Always Be My Baby and Breakdown with Brat, JD, Xscape and Bone Thugs. You guys tell me what you like. A stiff Honey performance with lots of dancers and shit going on or just Mariah with her guest doing an acoustic performance.
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