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Name: Carlos
Country: Brazil
Observation (102,463) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 4 April 2023; 13:15)
While we are here bashing Mariah as a singer, as an artist and as everything else why don't we talk about how irrelevant we are as a fanbase? Some self reflection is also needed. Some people here are so proud of following MC since day one while we sit and talk at a freaking messageboard. In a social media era this is like we send each other pigeons with messages.
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This is a reply to message 102,462 by Lady B from USA
(Tuesday 4 April 2023; 02:57)
#Beautiful (102,365) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 21 March 2023; 11:56)
Are we going to die without hearing that unreleased remix? It would be too sad.
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This is a reply to message 102,364 by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Tuesday 21 March 2023; 03:43)
Die For You (102,312) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 8 March 2023; 12:08)
Since you sort of mentioned Tanaka haha. Do you guys think something is happening? I don't think he is with MC anymore. I hope I am wrong and everything is ok, because I think they are a great couple. If he is not, do you think Mariah will find love again?
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This is a reply to message 102,311 by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 8 March 2023; 04:54)
Rarities re-release (102,137) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 26 January 2023; 11:48)
Same amazing tracks.
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This is a reply to message 102,132 by Brad from USA
(Thursday 26 January 2023; 04:31)
Caution (102,099) by Carlos from Brazil
(Friday 20 January 2023; 11:58)
Maybe she knows everything will happen for her on Christmas time for probably the whole eternity and then she is a little lost with other projects. I guess she maybe lost the will or the inspiration. The Christmas success is of course a blessing but comes with a price. Maybe if AIWFC wasn't so successful Mariah would have to step it up like never before to keep her "business" and keep going strong and relevant.
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This is a reply to message 102,096 by Edward from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2023; 13:26)
Whoopi Goldberg mocks Mariah (101,898) by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 19 December 2022; 17:01)
Darlene Love can have that poor and shitty "Queen of Christmas" title. I've always tought Mariah was much more that to anyone. She is the "Queen of Music". Nothing less.
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This is a reply to message 101,895 by BFF from United States
(Sunday 18 December 2022; 22:39)
Mariah and Dolly and Patti and other stuff (101,748) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 7 December 2022; 12:12)
The bus is sooo cool. I saw a footage on [YouTube] of her leaving the apartment and going to the bus and you can see what to me looked like a huge TV with an image of a fireplace haha.
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This is a reply to message 101,746 by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 7 December 2022; 00:42)
Mariah wearing pants at the premiere of "Spirited" (101,612) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 9 November 2022; 11:58)
I love the pants. Made her look younger. She looks stunning this season. I also love the mini dress or mini skirt she wore on the streets with Tanaka by her side.
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This is a reply to message 101,610 by bliss! from Brazil
(Tuesday 8 November 2022; 18:35)
Who should play Mariah on her biopic series? (101,590) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 3 November 2022; 16:49)
She really looks like Mariah.
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This is a reply to message 101,589 by bliss! from Brazil
(Thursday 3 November 2022; 16:04)
Re: Global Citizen (101,343) (101,344) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 27 September 2022; 13:02)
Why Mariah's performance is the only one not uploaded on Global Citizen's YouTube Channel? There is only the actual live transmission but not the separated performances.
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Re: Little Mermaid - Halle Bailey (101,286) (101,287) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 21 September 2022; 15:45)
I was also believing it was a gospel album but a lamb asked her about it on twitter spaces if it was a jazz themed album and she kinda said it's more like some jam sessions with live instruments. I am more inclined now to believe it's a bunch of songs maybe old and new with some sort of arrangements just like that We Belong Together Mimi's Valentine Mix.
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Re: Another taste of honey (101,268) (101,275) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 20 September 2022; 12:54)
I am so sad about it too Mimi L. I can't die without knowing what D.U.N.C.E. means haha and the theory you said about. Wow Mariah is a genius for it and it makes so much sense!
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Re: Honey 4K (101,221) (101,225) by Carlos from Brazil
(Friday 16 September 2022; 13:07)
I hope in the Honey minidoc that Mariah would tell us what is D.U.N.C.E. because I know that must be some inner joke of hers.
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Exhausted and angry (101,116) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 1 September 2022; 12:56)
I got myself a bit worried after listening to the Meghan podcast. When she asked Mariah to describe herself in three words she said exhausted, angry yet hopeful or something. I hope Mariah is ok. She really sounded very tired.
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Re: BET performance (100,604) (100,605) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 28 June 2022; 12:55)
It was so goooood! She and Latto finally did it. What a performance!
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Re: Just an opinion AIWFCIY (100,401) (100,404) by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 6 June 2022; 13:05)
How could Mariah "lift" "You are not alone" when "Hero" is from 93 probably written in 92 and Michael's song is from 1995?
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,357) (100,360) by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 30 May 2022; 13:10)
Sorry about that. What's happening is Netherlands? That's next level poor taste.
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Re: Big Energy (100,306) (100,307) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 12:51)
She was the one daydreaming about BER getting to number one in first place on that "radio stream" she did with Latto. I bet she tought jumping on the remix would make her instantly get credited and would also make it to the number one on the first week.
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Article: Mariah Carey tweets tribute to No. 1 fan (100,300) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 15:10)
This is so beautiful that got me in tears too.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,298) (100,299) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 12:55)
It was such a wasted opportunity for Mariah. Not only the performance would be very good to expose her talent to new generations, she would also be the most amazing legend of the event with Mary J and Janet also. It would be an honor for the young artists there to talk about Mariah on the red carpet, see her, hear her live. At the end of the day truth is I am very tired of Mariah only showing up at Christmas wearing red in a snowy scenario.
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Billboard Music Awards (100,203) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 20 April 2022; 12:59)
I really hope Mariah could join Latto on the BBMAs performance. I really wish Mariah could also walk the red carpet. Give us the looks, the hair, the festiveness and maybe interact with the new generation of singers while she is there cause she is a respected legend and should leave the house once in a while. Lol.
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Re: Billboard Hot 100 (100,129) (100,130) by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 11 April 2022; 12:57)
Mariah won't be credited again. The remix is still not surpassing the original in 2 fields (streaming and radio) only sales.
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Big Energy remix (100,071) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 31 March 2022; 12:55)
Its so good! There is so many layers to this song. Each time you listen to it you hear something different specially the background vocal parts and the bass guitar.
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Re: Perfume (99,732) (99,743) by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 21 February 2022; 11:53)
Matty you are a hottie and with a Mariah scent you are even more perfect.
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Re: Never Forget You (99,368) (99,370) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 4 January 2022; 17:44)
Oh, OK. I'm sorry. I forgot this music industry is all about women and how they are treated respectfully and honored. How they can dress the way they want, how they can age the way they want and how they can eat the way they want. I guess I really didn't hear myself. This things never happened. Imagine someone coming on the board and saying Mariah can't talk on interviews or how Mariah's dresses are making her fat and the urgency we have for a man to take control over her! Imagine that! We should all petition for Mariah's conservatorship to begin since she can't handle shit. Walter and Tommy should be her conservators.
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