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Name: Carlos
Country: Brazil
Re: AIWFCIY, 19th #1 (91,411) (91,421) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 21 November 2019; 13:43)
I'm not completely sure but I think Spotify and other streaming platforms only count ten plays for a day per user so I don't really see the need of US fans to stream it all day but ten times per day. I know this information lacks a source but I've seen it in a famous singer's stories on Instagram.
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Article: Mariah Carey says ex-assistant leaked medical records (90,666) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 21 August 2019; 15:11)
Only Mariah couldn't see this train wreck.
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Article: Anitta shares inspiring story after Mariah follows her (90,659) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 20 August 2019; 13:01)
I am so glad Mariah started following Anitta. She's a queen in Brazil and she is really supportive of Mariah since day one. I really hope they should meet but I don't see a collaboration because they work are so different.
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Re: Vegas final show this leg 2/21/19 M&G (long) (88,575) (88,577) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 14 March 2019; 12:45)
Mara, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this moment. I cried reading your message and I could only think about how Mariah would confort you with her songs. I guess your mom kind of had this mission for fighting for your hapiness and she passed very proud of her family. I'm sure. I'm sorry to respond but I just wanted to tell how brave and beautiful you are. Take your time to get well and God will take care of all the rest.
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Re: Slick Rick (86,997) (86,998) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 12 December 2018; 11:25)
The sample is really short. It's when the song is beginning. You can hear an "EMCEEEEEE". It's almost when Mariah is doing her first line and JD is doing his JD thing.
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Re: Almost Home (86,648) (86,649) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 29 November 2018; 15:01)
I think it's sad that she doesn't like Almost Home. I love this song so much and I think it presents Mariah in a different kind of way wich is good for a change. Maybe next year we'll try a #JusticeforAlmostHome campaign.
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Re: A lengthy meditation on the album (86,306) (86,312) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 20 November 2018; 20:30)
Chill man, chill.
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AMAS (84,657) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 15:12)
So you really think JLo didn't lipsync and many others? Oh please. Even Post Malone lipsynched.
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AMAs rehearsal (84,549) by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 8 October 2018; 18:30)
Did Mariah skip the reherasal? There are pictures of some artists that did show up.
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With You (84,382) by Carlos from Brazil
(Friday 5 October 2018; 14:30)
I think the music landscape of these days are not about raw talent and vocals anymore. If we take a look in today's chart it's more about being edgy and current with a strong social media impact. Take a look at today's divas and you will find nothing but lack of real vocalists. Halsey, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Ella Mai (which I think is what Mariah is mostly sounding like) are talented but they don't need all those melismatic runs. I think people are not interested in that anymore. Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson almost went unnoticed with their albums. Even Ariana who is a great singer has yet to have a number one record and let's be honest, she's way weaker than Mariah. I think "With You" is about being current. No exagerated vocals and a minimalistic beat just like Ella's singles. If Mariah is holding herself or if it's because she couldn't hit those notes from the past she could only benefit from all of this.
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Re: Calling on the lambs (84,195) (84,219) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 2 October 2018; 14:12)
Wish I could help you but I guess a North-American would do it better than me.
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Re: GTFO (83,779) (83,781) by Carlos from Brazil
(Friday 14 September 2018; 15:24)
Save your thumbs up for the GTFO (Forehead and Petty UK Remix). Now that is something.
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GTFO is for the goats in here (83,675) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 12 September 2018; 15:31)
GTFO is about someone on this board probably.
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Gossip after gossip (78,347) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 12 September 2017; 20:46)
How many gossips people will create so Gossip Cop can debunk the story? I think we reach a new low. It's getting super boring to be a Mariah fan.
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I don't (72,367) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 8 February 2017; 12:44)
I know it is still too soon to say something about the song being a hit, but so far the single is almost completing one week within the iTunes top 100. The song is at #70 and seems to be stabilized. The radio needs to start playing it. The streaming is what worries me. It didn't break the one million mark yet.
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Re: sue (71,190) (71,194) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 12 January 2017; 12:06)
Mariah's image in Brazil is also a little tarnished after the cancellation of the tour and the NYE. The Brazilian journalist José Norberto Flesch who is known as a guru about upcoming tours and events in music was asked if Mariah could be booked for Rock in Rio someday and his answer was "No. Rock in Rio is a festival of success." These are rough days.
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Stella ain't leaving (70,864) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 5 January 2017; 19:53)
So apparently there is a made for television movie about Mariah's life and career and (where is the drumroll) a second season for Mariah's World. The secret (so why tell it?) projects were discussed by our beloved Stella in an interview with ET. The movie seems an interesting idea but everything that comes from her current team seems tacky and destined to flop. Also the projects looks far from being related to new music.
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NYE "performance" (70,649) by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 2 January 2017; 17:35)
It is impossible to visit the board and not mention what happened. Altought there is so much to say you guys most definitely said it all. This is a toxic combo of everything that could go wrong as an artist, a brand and a team. Since we love MC so much I believe it is almost impossible to let go of her but in times like these all our efforts to be the best fans are vanishing as we speak.
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Re: Buzzfeed article (69,971) (69,972) by Carlos from Brazil
(Thursday 15 December 2016; 16:40)
I couldn't agree more. It is a must read for sure.
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Slayriah in NY (69,213) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 7 December 2016; 16:12)
I must say I was mad at Mimi for cancelling the tour in Brazil and the whole South America but she is slaying at Beacon and now I wonder where the American Idol judges and The Voice coaches on lamblyland are hidden. Can't see them. Regarding Mariah's World I hope we will truly understand what happened with the SA leg of the tour. I can't be mad at our girl any longer.
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Re: SA tour (67,513) (67,515) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 26 October 2016; 16:28)
I'm beyond devastated about the cancelation of the tour. We heard the tickets were at about 90% sold according to MariahNow. It would be the my first time seeing this legend live so I hope she comes back really soon. We're waiting for the refund now.
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Re: Article: The Lyric interview (65,557) (65,560) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 23 August 2016; 15:20)
I would love a Mariah and Madonna collaboration. If it's not true they shouldn't use Mariah's name as the interviewed.
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Opening act in Brazil (65,111) by Carlos from Brazil
(Tuesday 9 August 2016; 19:29)
It was announced that the opening act for Mariah's SSFT is the band Il Volo. We speculated it could be John Legend or Plácido Domingo. It was a bit of a let down.
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Mariah's World logo (64,920) by Carlos from Brazil
(Wednesday 3 August 2016; 18:36)
The new logo is really bad. It feels like it was done in a rush and by an amateur. Now this is what I call cheap image.
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Sign the petition (64,557) by Carlos from Brazil
(Friday 22 July 2016; 13:34)
As a Brazilian lamb and a very positive one I do agree with the petition and I also signed it. I will send it to the biggest Mariah site in Brazil (Mariah Now) so I hope they see it and show support. Some instagram photos on Mariah's account are very unflattering and the disconnection with the fans is clear. On a side note I got my ticket for the front row in the SSFT in my country and I coundn't be more excited.
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