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About Carlos from Brazil: Happy brazilian lamb!

Mariah concert in Brasil (106,596) by Carlos from Brazil
I am really happy to share with you guys that I got my tickets for the Mariah concert in Brasil. I didn't got the tickets for Rock in Rio but for her solo concert which is even better. Who is coming? It appears to be selling fast.
(Tuesday 4 June 2024; 19:25)
Yellow dress at Aruba (106,552) by Carlos from Brazil
That dress is really everything. I don't know about the Met Gala because I feel the dress is a little too simple for that but for a tropical concert it was perfect. She gave Carmen Miranda vibes with the sandals too. Since she is coming to Brazil this year I hope she continues with this island/sunny looks. Also the hair and make up was very beautiful. I am super excited she is coming here guyyysss. It will be my first concert of hers.
(Monday 27 May 2024; 13:25)
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Portrait remixes (106,513) by Carlos from Brazil
I agree, unfortunately when Mariah belts I feel a "childlike tone" that I don't know how to explain. Like she is trying to make her voice "sound young" but it comes out strained and screechy.
(Friday 24 May 2024; 13:17)
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Made for Me remix (106,475) by Carlos from Brazil
I think with "Yes And" they made the song super loud and with Made for Me I felt the opposite. Mariah is fading behind Muni in the chorus. Like an echo. I also felt the whistles were off, dry and weak.
(Wednesday 22 May 2024; 13:14)
Autocue (106,331) by Carlos from Brazil
I noticed that on instagram but honestly it's probably laziness. I bet they wrote the words on a cardboard in the middle of her concert and made her read the lines on a good lighting. It's not like she rehearsed the thing and kept forgotting. I know it's not your point but as hysterical as the people here are they are going to diagnose Mariah with Alzheimer in the next posts.
(Thursday 2 May 2024; 13:20)
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Lipsynch (106,209) by Carlos from Brazil
Since Mariah apparently is lipsynching that much, has anyone ever did a compilation video with her vocals on the same songs sounding exactly the same? I mean, honestly asking. Because I imagine she doesn't have a different version for every song on every show night. Curious.
(Thursday 18 April 2024; 13:21)
The new show (106,174) by Carlos from Brazil
I think if I was in Mariah's situation as a singer/legend with the most difficult songs ever done to sing live I would also use my pre recorded vocals just as she seems to be doing. Looks and sounds like she is using vocals from this year maybe recorded in a studio to be used on tour. As WW used to say. It's still her voice, you know she can sing.
(Monday 15 April 2024; 13:36)
Happy anniversary Mariah (106,047) by Carlos from Brazil
Wishing all the blessing upon our supreme artist. You are a legend Mariah. We love you.
(Wednesday 27 March 2024; 14:12)
Rockin Rio (106,012) by Carlos from Brazil
Yeeesss, and hopefully I will see her live here for the first time. I am beyond ecxited.
(Tuesday 19 March 2024; 12:18)
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There goes my heart again (105,969) by Carlos from Brazil
I saw that too. I am also in line to be fooled. Taylor usually brings new guests to the new TV albums so maybe Mariah on End Game? Have you guys noticed a bug on Spotify where "Yes and" is now Mariah's most popular song with more than 200 million plays?
(Wednesday 13 March 2024; 13:13)
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Mariah never lied or let anyone on (105,875) by Carlos from Brazil
"And none for Gretchen Weiners." Hahaha.
(Wednesday 6 March 2024; 12:03)
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Time of release UK (105,482) by Carlos from Brazil
Are the lyrics about Tanaka? Maybe? Lol.
(Friday 16 February 2024; 14:38)
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Yes, and? (105,474) by Carlos from Brazil
I am gonna play it until my battery runs off and I really like the song but I believe people are divided. Twitter stans are hating. I personally love uptempo vogue dancey tracks so that's why I liked it so much but I think the general public is finally realizing that Mariah's voice has changed. Ariana is like the fourth most listened singer on Spotify so that will bring a lot of attention to Mariah and her voice. I am curious about what you guys think.
(Friday 16 February 2024; 12:02)
CD single preorder (105,446) by Carlos from Brazil
I just bought my copy. I live in Brazil but a national store is importing the single here. I am happy about the new song and hopefully all the US lambs support it a lot so it can surpass the original version.
(Thursday 15 February 2024; 17:31)
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Superbowl (105,304) by Carlos from Brazil
Dou you guys think there's any chance she could appear alongside Usher? That was said a few months ago but I guess Usher was just teasing.
(Wednesday 7 February 2024; 11:52)
Daydream era - unknown performance (105,106) by Carlos from Brazil
I also find it amusing that none of those artists seemed to care about a collaboration with Mariah, mostly Bruno Mars who was supposed to be the feature on Fall In Love At Chritmas but wasn't a holiday person at all.
(Friday 26 January 2024; 11:56)
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Wendy Williams talking about Mariah (105,004) by Carlos from Brazil
Hey guys, I know Wendy is a Mariah "hater" but someone uploaded a full 5 hours of Wendy talking about Mariah on her show. Here is the link to part one. It covers many Mariah stories about Nick, the divorce, the Las Vegas show, etc. I wonder if Norman, a Wendy assistant who is a lamb, maybe lurks here on the board.
(Friday 19 January 2024; 11:59)
Tanaka (104,709) by Carlos from Brazil
I spilled my coffee when I read Conturella hahaha and then you guys brought up Mishka from the grave. Where is this family? Back to Russia? Stella's era was unbelievable.
(Friday 29 December 2023; 11:44)
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I saw on Facebook (103,194) by Carlos from Brazil
There is also a Mariah Carey Barbie Doll in the making. It will be made by Matel Signature Collection and will feature the doll wearing the red dress Mariah uses in the AIWFCIY (Make My Wish Come True) video.
(Wednesday 16 August 2023; 13:03)
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Bye Bryan (103,017) by Carlos from Brazil
What are you saying? He is still following Mariah.
(Monday 17 July 2023; 13:02)
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The greatest songwriter (102,941) by Carlos from Brazil
I think the "problem" with Mariah as a songwriter in terms of being reconigzed is that her voice is so powerfull/beautiful and it's just so "in your face" that people can't manage to look more deeply into her. It's like it's impossible for people to understand that behind the talented superhuman vocals there is also a formidable songwriter/producer and the fact that she is super pretty doesn't help either. It's a "too good to be true" moment.
(Thursday 29 June 2023; 12:52)
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Observation (102,463) by Carlos from Brazil
While we are here bashing Mariah as a singer, as an artist and as everything else why don't we talk about how irrelevant we are as a fanbase? Some self reflection is also needed. Some people here are so proud of following MC since day one while we sit and talk at a freaking messageboard. In a social media era this is like we send each other pigeons with messages.
(Tuesday 4 April 2023; 13:15)
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#Beautiful (102,365) by Carlos from Brazil
Are we going to die without hearing that unreleased remix? It would be too sad.
(Tuesday 21 March 2023; 11:56)
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Die For You (102,312) by Carlos from Brazil
Since you sort of mentioned Tanaka haha. Do you guys think something is happening? I don't think he is with MC anymore. I hope I am wrong and everything is ok, because I think they are a great couple. If he is not, do you think Mariah will find love again?
(Wednesday 8 March 2023; 12:08)
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Rarities re-release (102,137) by Carlos from Brazil
Same amazing tracks.
(Thursday 26 January 2023; 11:48)
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