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Name: Capri_
Country: China
Dedicated my life 2 my QUEEN Mariah Carey :)
Re: B's Break My Soul (100,693) (100,695) by Capri_ from China
(Monday 11 July 2022; 15:25)
Both are good works. Meteorite sounds complicated while BMS sounds catchy.
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Article: Engagement ring is most expensive celebrity jewel (100,573) by Capri_ from China
(Saturday 25 June 2022; 15:54)
I think Mariah probably didn't sell that ring. Her team made up this news just to confirm she already cleared up her relationship with JP. Because just like she said, diamonds are a girl's best friend.
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Re: I Don't and James Packer (100,233) (100,236) by Capri_ from China
(Sunday 1 May 2022; 03:48)
The whole Stella era is totally a mess, except the SSFT tour.
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Re: Forbes (76,270) (76,277) by Capri_ from China
(Tuesday 13 June 2017; 17:48)
I just wonder how much she made from MAC cosmetics alone since her partnership with MAC is the most successful ever.
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Where's the single and the performance? (76,032) by Capri_ from China
(Sunday 4 June 2017; 16:10)
It's already June and only a month left before her residency and her tour with Lionel Richie, but my question is where is her song with Busta Rhymes and the performance on Best Shazam Game Show? I've keep waiting for weeks but only to receive the drama like she reunite with Bryan, she dined out with Bryan bla bla. But what about her upcoming album? And her song with Busta Rhymes is cancelled or not? And did she gave a bad performance on the show then her part was cut?I think we can do nothing if she didn't want her career back like Christina Aguilera and that's the reason why Mariah is losing her fanbase. What's more, she should prepare for her concerts now, like going on vocal train, losing weight. And after the tour ended, she needs to released the album this year not in 2018. That's all, just my opinion, and I really hope NYE won't be an end of Mariah's career.
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Re: Second favorite artists (75,379) (75,400) by Capri_ from China
(Saturday 20 May 2017; 04:55)
1. Mariah Carey
2. Christina Aguilera
3. Rihanna
4. Ayumi Hamasaki (the biggest diva currently in Asia)
5. Aaliyah
6. Janet Jackson
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Re: Ages? (75,313) (75,354) by Capri_ from China
(Friday 19 May 2017; 09:40)
I'm 21 years old, I started to follow Mariah when I was about 7 years old by the time she came to Shanghai to hold the concert. That's the first time I know how the western white woman looks like (blonde hair, big eyes, long legs and also high note ) when I didn't even know how to say English. After Mariah finished her concert in Shanghai, I learned that Whitney Houston will follow her and also hold a concert in Shanghai. At that time I asked my mum she likes Mariah or Whitney? Her answer is Whitney but I didn't tell her that I was more interested at that white blonde hair beauty Mariah Carey at that time.
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Re: Mariah received half the price of Tarkan (75,145) (75,149) by Capri_ from China
(Thursday 11 May 2017; 15:26)
I got to make a correction, this article said Tarkan received $500K while Mariah received $250K. Sounds unbelievable
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Mariah received half the price of Tarkan (75,145) by Capri_ from China
(Thursday 11 May 2017; 14:27)
I don't know whether it's true, but after I read this article I got to say it seems that Mariah received $2.5 million while Tarkan received $5 million. It's hard to describe my feelings now.
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Re: Busta collab (74,272) (74,277) by Capri_ from China
(Sunday 9 April 2017; 04:27)
Unfortunatelly the people in twitter are suddenly attacking Mariah Carey and Busta Rhymes through a video just posted which they performed in 2015, and people's comments on Mariah's vocal crack and Busta's fat body are terribly nasty. I tried to tell them this is a video from 2015 and posted Mariah's latest performance "One more try", but they just ignore it and continue to attack Mariah. So what should we do?
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Article: The wealth behind Mariah's empire on her 47th birthday (73,970) by Capri_ from China
(Monday 27 March 2017; 03:18)
And Mariah was paid $3 Millon for attending a Russian billionaire ‘s wedding, she sang 5 songs and got $600K for each song.
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Happy birthday Mariah Carey (73,969) by Capri_ from China
(Monday 27 March 2017; 03:01)
Here in the China it's already March 27, happy birthday Mariah, I started to follow you in 2003 by the time you came to Shanghai.
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Re: Celine Dion lipsings and it's ok? (73,644) (73,652) by Capri_ from China
(Wednesday 15 March 2017; 06:34)
The point is Mariah also praised Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Britney during the interview, she said Britney is a nice girl, she heard Beyonce's Lemonade and she loved it. The female artists that she shades or just don't know are Ariana, JLo, Nicki and Demi, who shade Mariah first. I think it's okay that you needn't to say nice things to every artist in music industy.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey celeb hairdresser busted for drugs (73,610) (73,612) by Capri_ from China
(Monday 13 March 2017; 15:53)
You can see her latest instagram, she just posted a picture to show that this news was fabricated and it hurts her.
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Re: Re: Mariah's legacy (73,600) (73,607) (73,609) by Capri_ from China
(Monday 13 March 2017; 15:14)
I remember the leg of SSFT mostly are selling above 60% except Zurich, but she really did a great job in each concert.
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Article: Mariah Carey celeb hairdresser busted for drugs (73,608) by Capri_ from China
(Monday 13 March 2017; 15:07)
Danielle just confirmed that this is fake news herself.
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Mariah Carey may be dropped by Epic Records (73,229) by Capri_ from China
(Tuesday 28 February 2017; 10:01)
I just got this breaking news from Showbiz411, Mariah Carey may gonna be dropped by Epic Records because of her two flopped singles Infinity and I Don't. Is this true? The auther of this article name is Roger Friedman.
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Re: What should Mariah do now? (73,154) (73,155) by Capri_ from China
(Sunday 26 February 2017; 14:06)
I love this answer, she can't hit all the high notes like she used to, but her voice is still pretty and still can hold the performance. I watched a short period she performed on Floyd Mayweather, her voice is clean and bright
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Article: Lionel Richie's concert tour with Mariah on hold (73,122) by Capri_ from China
(Saturday 25 February 2017; 9:59)
I heard Lionel's fan were attacking Mariah on Facebook after NYE, how about now? It's Lionel's problem to hold on the show not Mariah's.
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Re: Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour South America leg (63,807) (63,823) by Capri_ from China
(Sunday 26 June 2016; 15:04)
Really? How do you know?
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Re: Morgan (60,409) (60,424) by Capri_ from China
(Monday 14 March 2016; 16:41)
Really?I saw many people say Mariah is a selfish woman, which I totally can't accept.
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