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Name: JC
Country: USA
Mariah fan since Music Box through Now.
Mariah / Whitney singing each other's songs (100,896) by JC from USA
(Thursday 4 August 2022; 11:22)
While visiting a fellow lamb in DC, we went back and forth on this topic. As much as I respect themselves as artists, I wish Mariah and Whitney covered each other in their primes. There is no way they were not singing each other's songs when they came on the radio.

What do you wish you could hear Mariah sing of Whitney's and vice versa? I'd love to hear Mariah's rendition of Just the Lonely Talking Again. I'd also love to hear Whitney crush I Don't Wanna Cry. Who cares about Jeter? They probably hung out five times, max.
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Re:#Butterfly25 (100,870) (100,872) by JC from USA
(Monday 1 August 2022; 07:53)
No offense but you are not speaking on behalf of us. The Roof with Brandy was cute (though they sounded too similar, little contrast) and I honestly don't think Mariah is simply going to press play on the existing instrumental and hum. I'm here for anything she's willing to deliver and a refinement of pre-existing work is totally aligned with the 90s dubbing. I just hope for at least 2 new tracks or remixes with less derivative vocals.

Chill, child. We all love MC, and if she wants to re-do some tracks off her best album, it is her right. And it should be [Butterfly]. Daydream is out of the question.

Side note. Decided today to go for Halloween as a monarC butterfly (black leotard, big wings) in honor of the anniversary.
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Re: MC hurry up (100,847) (100,850) by JC from USA
(Saturday 30 July 2022; 04:37)
I love the album, especially THIQUE and Church Girl. I know Mariah's probably been listening to it. I think Bey may have an album of the year. Universal acclaim.

But yes, I need MC16 too. Even just one good "It's like that" moment.
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Re: What sank Charmbracelet? (100,837) (100,838) by JC from USA
(Wednesday 27 July 2022; 09:32)
Critics panned it because her voice sounded weak and there are simply no great songs. Lyrically or musically. Everything about the album was off - too conservative without any risk, no hooks, no theme, and a frail voice hidden behind a whisper. It is my least favorite of any Mariah album. Nothing about it makes sense.

Extra point to the person the blamed its demise on the cover art. Yes, it must be it. Pulled from Wiki, which I totally agree with:

Rating Charmbracelet two out of five stars, Barry Walters from Rolling Stone wrote that none of the songs were bold, that the lack of hooks made the album weak, and said, "Carey needs bold songs that help her use the power and range for which she is famous. Charmbracelet is like a stream of watercolors that bleed into a puddle of brown."
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,555) (100,557) by JC from USA
(Thursday 23 June 2022; 09:13)
Why the heck are we lamenting about an erratic speech (which should definitely not be compared with AIWFCIY's playful tone, totally different) when her tribute was underwhelming and she should have had a higher caliber of artists paying respects.

Sure, she had years to work out her speech, but maybe she was caught up in the festivities and splashes. Y'all are reaching.

Congrats, Mariah. While the 90's may have perceived you as a formulaic writer, it's developed a blueprint for generations. You deserved this.
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Re: Nostradamus on twitter (100,385) (100,402) by JC from USA
(Monday 6 June 2022; 05:51)
Nostradamus is generally spot on and usually uses words carefully. There's a lot of talk of Cardi, but based on recent Twitter engagements, my eyes are on Saweetie.

I do think Cardio's name would be more beneficial propelling a song commercially. However, she's a bit more "pop" and I picture Mariah working with Saweetie more seamlessly while providing guidance and giving more of an edge musically.

This all said, Cardi only has one full studio album under her belt and she's expected for a big summer release. Could they relate?
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Re: Just an opinion AIWFCIY (100,392) (100,401) by JC from USA
(Monday 6 June 2022; 05:42)
Absurd. This is not the same as lifting a sample. The only thing these have in common are a title. I'm sure it will be settled out of court and this guy will undeservingly make some cash.

Also, in terms of "little proof" - Irv Gotti confirmed the takedown. And the obscurity of the Firecracker sample is reason enough.

And, for what it's worth, I do think MC has mistakenly lifted a melody ("You are not alone" by MJ for "Hero", specifically). But this is unequivocal, there is no bias, and I recommend avoiding music law.

I'm .excited for the June release.
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Re: Why does the Billboard article credit Mariah on BE? (100,252) (100,253) by JC from USA
(Monday 9 May 2022; 06:49)
Billboard has actually always been against Mariah. Remember when she was the only female pop artist to have two songs debut at #1 before they changed the rules so AirPlay was more impactful? Non commercial releases were not even chart-able then.

I hope the BBMA performance does bolster streams and, in turn, overtake the original, but it's nice to actually hear her out.

Today, I heard the original Fantasy at JRs and the BBE Remix at Roundup and Mr. Misster here in Dallas.

Dallas lambs, unite.
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Re: Billboard Hot 100 (100,143) (100,145) by JC from USA
(Wednesday 13 April 2022; 03:32)
Not to mention the subject of this thread pertains nothing to the ARIA charts. No offense, but I'm not interested in how BER peaks in Australia.

My guess (pure speculation) is there is a video for the remix. Not sure Mariah and Latto would've just done those promo teasers and not take advantage of the opportunity.

Let's hope they bust it out soon (at BER peak) for a last minute push in attempt for a #1.
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Re: Statistics (100,047) (100,050) by JC from USA
(Tuesday 29 March 2022; 17:53)
Thanks for sharing. Looks like some great momentum. Personally, I love the track. I'm glad there isn't a new verse (though I would loved to have the "I'm in heaven..." part also included).

In Dallas, they've already been mixing these two songs together at the clubs for at least the past few weeks.

Seems they're taking the Doja and Meggan Thee Stallion approach by remixing with big names in hopes of scoring a #1. It worked for both of them (both their remixes hit #1).
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Re: Underated? (99,568) (99,570) by JC from USA
(Monday 31 January 2022; 13:51)
The OP brings up valid points in the fact their careers are shaped similarly. The key difference for me is that Celine was always riding the adult contemporary wave, while Mariah embraced her more urban sound in 1997, much to the disappointment of many.

I do think Renee and Tommy both saw artists like Whitney and polished their own versions in a supreme female vocalist. Celine is culturally different, being French Canadian, and has done a beautiful job crossing over. Mariah came out as a "Whitney" type but as the last responder failed to mention, they quickly changed course by Music Box. Mariah Carey and Emotions have deeper, more gospel tones whereas she begins using more of a chest/head mix with her voice during Music Box and all subsequent years. They realized they needed a distinction.

Celine has a beautiful voice for someone to say they "hate" her voice or songs is incredibly biased. I do think Mariah's probably always had a bit of an ego for writing her own music but nothing she's written in the past 10 years compares to Falling Into You in terms of composition. Her writing has gotten very messy in terms of word choice and structure. Falling Into You was Celine's Daydream.

I love them both. Not one is better than the other, just different.
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Summer Walker / Still Not Over It (99,120) by JC from USA
(Sunday 12 December 2021; 00:54)
Totally random, but I wonder if Mariah is listening to this album. It's a true R&B album and I think anyone who likes Mariah's more "urban" sound would vibe with it. I also think they'd sound so good together.

I like No Love featuring SZA and Throw It Away. Summer's backing vocals reminds me of how Mariah layers and their writing styles are very similar. Obviously Mariah's voice is supreme, but stylistically, I bet Mariah would love this work.
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Re: Music now (98,589) (98,591) by JC from USA
(Thursday 9 September 2021; 02:01)
I'm still obsessing over Save Your Tears remix with Ari. So good. Loved Kiss Me More and also I Need to Know by Doja. Current favorite is Coastin' by Victoria Monet, but it's very underplayed.

Bed by Joel Corry was my favorite bop of the summer. This summer has been packed with jams.

Yet, still listened to Caution in its entirety the other day during a road trip.
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Re: American Idol performance (98,390) (98,459) by JC from USA
(Wednesday 28 July 2021; 07:36)
This is the same approach she takes with many "live" performances. Record a few times and piece together. They did this with "Born again" with John Legend and the late night WBT, for example. If you look closely, you can spot inconsistencies re: where her hair is placed. That said, she often uses backing tracks for select climaxes.

Loved the American Idol medley. Sounded and looked great. Her whole style during that time was sophisticated glam.
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Re: Twitter Spaces audio link (98,451) (98,458) by JC from USA
(Wednesday 28 July 2021; 07:31)
What is with all the hate on Caution these days?

I still listen to and love it. A great "mood" album with a consistent theme. And also, her most critically-acclaimed studio album since Emancipation. I used to love having my friends over, setting my lights to purple, and having splashed.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,313) (98,319) by JC from USA
(Tuesday 6 July 2021; 06:56)
Girl, those who are comparing AIWFCIY to Somewhat Loved must be kidding. AIWFCIY finally hit number one due to how streaming is weighted, which becomes especially important during the festive season.

Somewhat Loved will never chart. I believe Mariah knows it, considering the very little social media promotion and lack of any other support. She's featured, so thankfully this will not be her lead into her next studio album.

Give me more Caution vibes, elevated, please. And perhaps a more cohesive, well-structured bop to bring it on home.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,299) (98,302) by JC from USA
(Thursday 1 July 2021; 04:52)
Mariah is unlikely to have any new material viral on TikTok; if anything, it will be older "classics".

SL gets 2 stars from this lamb. Chorus is decent. "Ain't such things as lover and friends" ties it together nicely, especially how drawn out "lover and friends" is. Overall structure is a bit disjointed. Intro, versus, chorus, all sounds like half baked songs pasted together.

I see a lot of praise for the lyrics (SMH). It feels like a failed attempt at narrating a story. I was so underwhelmed, I didn't even try to push this song on my friends the way I did the whole Caution album.

Can Mariah get someone to clean up her work? I wish she'd relinquish some writing and production control to someone with more skin in today's music game.
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Grammy's: Mimi edition (97,522) by JC from USA
(Monday 1 March 2021; 02:52)
Since Mariah's albums are all quite unique from one another, it's hard to simply rank. But I thought it'd be fun to pick some Grammy categories and list the tracks we think would be nominated/win if they went up against themselves.

I'd love to see what you guys put in these categories (or other categories), including album cuts.

Record of the year:
Fantasy (winner)
We Belong Together

Song of the year:
Vision of Love (winner)
We Belong Together
One Sweet Day

Best r&b album:
Emancipation of Mimi (winner)
Me. I am Mariah

Pop album of the year:
Mariah Carey
Music Box (winner)

Album of the year:
Mariah Carey
Music Box
Emancipation of Mimi (winner)

Best collaboration:
Fantasy feat. ODB (winner)
One Sweet Day feat. Boy II Men
Endless Love feat. Luther Vandross
Breakdown feat. Bone Thugz
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Re: Finally able to speak (72,907) (72,916) by JC from USA
(Monday 20 February 2017; 3:56)
I disagree. While I agree Mariah was totally snubbed that year (I remember watching it, loved her green dress), Jagged Little Pill was much more complex in terms of songwriting and many people remember the hits the album spawned (You Oughta Know, Ironic, Hand in My Pocket, Head Over Feet, etc.). Personally, I agree that ABMB or Fantasy should've been recognized, but I do not think the snug was a racial issue. It more likely had more to do with Mariah receiving special treatment in Sony days including bigger budgets and promotion. Also, during this era, it should be noted that Mariah was often criticized for a lack of soul and being seemingly contrived. All of her hits were very formulaic, though I'm proud of her for pioneering the R&B/pop collabo with Fantasy. After the divorce, her music, IMO, became even better but less recognized. Butterfly is a beautiful album where she actually emotes and stops playing it so safe.
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Re: Next album (57,658) (57,665) by JC from USA
(Friday 6 November 2015; 5:05)
I like "Mine Again". TBH, I've been listening to "Stay the Night" a lot. I think it's also seemingly effortless but so strong.
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Re article: Underrated '00s pop songs you need to hear asap (57,644) (57,664) by JC from USA
(Friday 6 November 2015; 5:04)
It was actually the best-selling song of 2001.
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Re: Adele (57,659) (57,663) by JC from USA
(Friday 6 November 2015; 5:02)
Glad you own it, but it did. We should all appreciate the vocal talents brought to us by other people. I'm a lamb, through and through, but I refuse to bash on other artists. It's not a good look. It also doesn't make sense when we compare every contemporary, charting artist to MC. Side note: Can't wait for the snow to fall and listen to "Miss You Most".
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Re: Single release strategy / Hello (57,629) (57,638) by JC from USA
(Wednesday 4 November 2015; 9:47)
I completely disagree. I find it ridiculous that a lot of lambs attempt to compare Mariah to whatever song is really hot right now. "Hello" and "The Art of Letting Go" are nothing letting go. Mariah doesn't even belt until 2:57, where she kills it. "Hello" has much more simplistic lyrics, and surprisingly, a lot more melisma.
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