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Name: Korey2
Country: United Stated
I'm a flight attendant who loves music, adult coloring, and good times with friends.
Shania Twain (102,177) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Saturday 4 February 2023; 14:35)
Ok call me random. I know Shania loves some Mariah. She's attended Mariah's Christmas concerts before. Has Mariah ever spoken any about Shania? I was trying to remember.
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Upcoming appearances (101,711) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Wednesday 30 November 2022; 18:14)
Oh wow I didn't know about the twitter thing. That would be amazing to have a chance to see her say hi and maybe a pic.
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This is a reply to message 101,702 by Tyler from USA
(Tuesday 29 November 2022; 21:37)
Article: Is Mariah Carey moving to Buckhead? (99,497) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Saturday 22 January 2022; 04:34)
Looks like a beautiful place! Congrats Mariah. Let me know when the house warming is and I'll try to swing by. Need a new waffle maker or some yankee candles?
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Re: Change (99,195) (99,273) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Thursday 23 December 2021; 16:55)
Hi! Where can you listen to the stems?
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Re: Tommy Mottola, a monster? (97,554) (97,556) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Tuesday 9 March 2021; 01:50)
I highly recommend Tommy’s memoir as a read as well. I agree with a lot of what you said. Imagine not having all those albums you listed.
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Mariah: The Diva, The Drama (97,435) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Monday 22 February 2021; 01:30)
Did anybody see this on Reelz? I missed the very first bit, watching some now.
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Re: Want to miss her (97,165) (97,173) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Thursday 21 January 2021; 19:40)
Andrew I will agree with you here. Keep the momentum going while she can. Some hot singles and videos that people want to watch over and over.
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Re: Supreme interview part I and II (97,140) (97,157) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Sunday 17 January 2021; 21:06)
I agree. Mutual respect was shared and it was amazing. All of the tangents made up or were a lead up to the answer. I felt it was one of my favorite interviews oh hers ever. Also loved the one when Caution came out. To me it shows just how intellectual Mariah is on music and many things. Have a great week everyone.
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Re: QuestLove Supreme interview Pt. 1 (97,134) (97,156) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Sunday 17 January 2021; 21:03)
I don't recall the book talking about Honey being different at first to what was released.
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Re: Swan song (96,026) (96,320) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Saturday 17 October 2020; 03:45)
I don't post much but hate to see you go. You're in NY right? I don't love to chat sometime about it all. Any way to contact you? Or anybody know how?
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Social media (95,733) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 19:45)
Is there a way to share your social media if we wanted to? Would love to look up and see more of some of you. I’m WKEK2 on insta. It’s private due to someone duplicated my account but I may make it public again. I’m getting so excited for the book and album. Hope you’re having a great day.
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Re: Chapters (95,683) (95,700) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Wednesday 23 September 2020; 03:04)
How was Tori’s book? I enjoy her too Mr. What’s your favorite Tori album/single?
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Re: We are in for a ride (95,344) (95,373) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Friday 4 September 2020; 03:39)
I would so love a book tour. Jessica Simpson did one that was really cool. You could meet her and take a pic. How amazing it would be to meet Mariah and get her book.
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Re: Butterfly EPs and recap (95,250) (95,265) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Saturday 29 August 2020; 00:40)
Please don't discredit your hard work sir. I was already wondering if we would get to see your recap... and gratefully we did. Thanks once again for taking the time to do so. Hope you have a streaming delightful weekend.
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Re: EP recap (94,913) (94,917) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Sunday 16 August 2020; 06:43)
Thank you for taking the time to do this. I actually really enjoyed the information. All good to know. Hopefully she will share some of those b-sides soon. Can you hear me?
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Dolly covers All I Want... (94,899) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Friday 14 August 2020; 04:23)
Dolly announced her new holiday album today. She's going to be covering All I Want For Christmas with Jimmy Fallon. I love both Mariah and Dolly. I wish they could co-write something one day.
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Super box set (94,712) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Saturday 25 July 2020; 21:54)
Do you think that there's any chance we could get a giant box set with all these MC30 releases? I'd be interested for sure.
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Rise Up (94,133) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Tuesday 19 May 2020; 06:06)
Hey everyone. Is there a MP3 of the Rise Up performance. I'd love to add it if so. Have a great day.
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Re: Ariana Grande butterfly tattoos (94,002) (94,018) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Thursday 7 May 2020; 05:55)
Did you know butterflies were associated with Dolly Parton as well. She has an album Love Is Like A Butterfly and has used butterfly symbols especially with Dollywood for years?

I personally feel a butterfly can mean differently to each although the same. We all go through changes.
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Re: C virus future plans (93,282) (93,284) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Saturday 14 March 2020; 16:26)
I think you may have misunderstood my post but whatever. May your day be just as nice as you.
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C virus future plans (93,277) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Friday 13 March 2020; 15:37)
Wow this world is really at a crazy time. I'm grateful for Mariah's sake that she didn't have a lot of shows scheduled. I wonder how this is impacting her plans for the year more than we know? Hopefully gives her time to be with her family and work on another amazing album that maybe we can enjoy sometime soon. Hope you are all staying well Korey.
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Re: Dolly Parton (92,702) (92,705) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Monday 3 February 2020; 04:23)
I love Dolly too. I've always wished Mariah and Dolly would do something together. They both have albums titled Rainbow and butterflies are important to both. Also each broke away from a very influential male relationship that was tied to the music business.
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Book signing / M&G question (92,546) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Wednesday 22 January 2020; 21:27)
An interesting thing her team might consider for her book release. Jessica Simpson's new book is being launched with a small book tour. Fans buy a ticket and it includes a photo with Jessica and a copy of the book. I've wanted a photo with Mariah for years now (even considering a M&G at one of the upcoming Vegas shows) so it would be cool to me to know I could definitely meet her at a book signing. What do you guys think? Also for fans that have done the Vegas M&G how long do you have to chat with Mariah and how long does it take to get your picture? They take with their cameras correct?
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Re: Melissa Mariah's manager (92,054) (92,061) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Tuesday 31 December 2019; 18:20)
I totally agree. I was wondering if it was new blood on her team or what, but this makes a lot of sense. Let’s hope this team sets up the next album amazingly as well.
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Forbes list (62,920) by Korey2 from United Stated
(Wednesday 1 June 2016; 20:56)
I just saw some article about Taylor and Beyoncé on Forbes list of richest self-made women. Is Mariah on the list? I can't seem to find the full list.
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