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About John john from UK: 40 something coffee shop owner that loves music playing every minute of the day! - especially Mariah! Johnjohnhull instagram

Love Music Box (103,381) by John john from UK
I love this album and now we have a larger addiction, it's just pure heaven. Nostalgia at its greatest. For me Music Box is Mariah's greatest work and my most played album.
(Friday 8 September 2023; 18:36)
HMV (UK) (102,184) by John john from UK
Rarities is now available to preorder for £79.99 - 28/04 is its release date and it's free postage which is a far bit cheaper than Mimi's site.

(Sunday 5 February 2023; 21:35)
Happy birthday Mariah (97,702) by John john from UK
Many happy returns Mimi.
(Saturday 27 March 2021; 20:07)
Re: You're Mine late Night Valentine Mix (97,385) (97,393) by John john from UK
Love both versions, cannot believe it's available on iTunes. Very happy lamb today.
(Wednesday 17 February 2021; 19:59)
Re: "H.A.T.E.U. (Stripped)" (97,377) (97,378) by John john from UK
I regard this song as one of her best. Love this stripped version.
(Tuesday 16 February 2021; 19:07)
Re: The Rarities special edition 4 LP's (96,996) (96,999) by John john from UK
I'm not sure but I ordered it last night as it's the only one I don't have. Apparently 10 week wait.
(Sunday 20 December 2020; 18:22)
Oh Santa feat JHud and Ari (96,799) by John john from UK
Wow, well first Mariah looks the same age as them in the video. Did she drink a something magic to turn back time? Love Jhud in the track she adds some star quality. Ariana is ok but not sure if it's me but seems a little shy or not really into it? Love oh Santa song anyway this just adds something better to the track. Not sure [where] it will chart or if it will but a good effort and oh would have thought this time last year she'd be releasing a track with these two. 2020 might be a terrible year for the world but a pretty good one for Mimi and us.
(Friday 4 December 2020; 08:55)
Rainbow colour vinyls for sale? (96,717) by John john from UK
Anyone want to sell a coloured vinyl to a UK buyer? (please) instagram - johnjohnhull - message me
(Monday 23 November 2020; 19:32)
Re: TMOMC - #1 New York Times best seller (96,020) (96,021) by John john from UK
Congratulations on yet another #1 Mimi. I'm only a few chapters in and enjoying it. Tried very hard to stay away from spoilers and Instagram.
* fav song so far from new album is - Do you think of me
(Thursday 8 October 2020; 13:41)
The rare moments (95,923) by John john from UK
I went to bed early so I could wake up and download the album at 12.15 am. Listen to 2 songs went to bed and got up for work at 5am. Then had my work sound system for 2 hours. I love it, it's so good and can't wait to learn every song word for word. Book arrived too and 70 pages in and enjoying it so far.
(Friday 2 October 2020; 20:13)
New all I want for Christmas video (91,861) by John john from UK
Just checked out the new video. Only been out a day and has over 4.5 million views. This is huge. I love the video too. Also so happy for the 19th #1. I was at a Christmas market having drinks when I found out. I pretty much celebrated all night. It looks like she may have another week at the top too.
(Saturday 21 December 2019; 18:10)
Re: Memoirs now onto Rainbox vinyl (91,241) (91,245) by John john from UK
Did you buy it from me in the UK? If so I have more vinyls for sale coming this week
(Monday 4 November 2019; 15:43)
Deluxe white vinyl (91,149) by John john from UK
It's now on eBay.
(Thursday 24 October 2019; 16:25)
Re: Memoirs vinyl box set (91,098) (91,107) by John john from UK
It's waynmumb_0. I'm adding more Mariah items daily. The records should be added this week. This is my husbands account as he's so organised with things than me or no one would ever get any items sent.
(Sunday 20 October 2019; 20:57)
Re: Memoirs vinyl box set (91,075) (91,091) by John john from UK
I have one. Mine will be added to eBay this week. I'm currently selling all my Mariah items, starting with this gem.
(Saturday 19 October 2019; 13:51)
Re: Videos (90,702) (90,707) by John john from UK
It's like that
Say something
The roof
Touch my body

I don't
Love takes time
Obsessed remix
I wanna know what love is
(Friday 30 August 2019; 15:25)
Mariah is hilarious (90,235) by John john from UK
#bottlecapchallenge we have a winner. Mariah jus shows everyone she is the funniest queen ever. Honestly I laughed so hard when I saw her post on Instagram.
(Sunday 7 July 2019; 20:25)
Re: Andrew gone (87,363) (87,366) by John john from UK
I stopped reading his posts after every time I posted about anything he replied negative and what seemed jealous. Never known a real fan (like Andrew) to be so negative about people and the artist we all love. It's confusing he would take the time to read and post so much when clearly he's not a massive lamb like we are and I get the fact Mariah's not perfect. She's close to it though.
(Wednesday 2 January 2019; 12:37)
Merry Christmas to all the lambs (87,219) by John john from UK
Have a festive time guys and an awesome new year.
(Monday 24 December 2018; 19:21)
½ a billion views (87,174) by John john from UK
Woo hoo Mariah smashed 500 million views today on YouTube for AIWFC. Congratulations, still sounds so fresh in the radio too.
(Thursday 20 December 2018; 22:33)
Mariah in Leeds (87,033) by John john from UK
I was fortunate to see Mariah this year at Leeds. I thought she was great. Show seemed to be better than the year before. I took my sister who (like me) she's had been a fan for many many years. She cried as she's never seen her before and thought she sounded amazing. She loved Hero. In fact the whole stadium went mental. I've never seen that reaction before from an UK audience. Overall I'd give her 9/10 she looked amazing too. Side note I got to meet Bryan Tanaka too, he was such a gentleman and came back to have a photo with me and my sister. I liked that as he could have just forgot about us and gone back stage. What ever is happening in Mariah's life she seems to be happier and smiling more.
(Thursday 13 December 2018; 20:36)
First listen (86,003) by John john from UK
Immediately drawn to 8th Grade and Giving Me Life. Downloaded at 3am and went to work even early so I could listen to it loud on my own. Sounds great.
(Friday 16 November 2018; 07:49)
Glitter no 11 on global chart (85,948) by John john from UK
Not only is Mini-Me no 1 in USA and no 6 in the UK, she's now one slot away from top 10 global album. Wow this is insane and a credit to all the lambs. Have you bought yours? I know I did yesterday and listen to it all and loved every minute of it (one of my favourite albums). Caution tomorrow I wonder how that will chart (fingers crossed top 10 too).
(Thursday 15 November 2018; 10:40)
No no nnnnnnana no (85,503) by John john from UK
This song is amazing and should have been the latest single. I'm basically obsessed with this (to the annoyance of my husband ). It's playing constantly all morning. This album is gonna be a hit.
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 09:53)
Love all 3 singles from the new album (85,045) by John john from UK
Love love love all this era. I'm hoping we have another video soon too, something less glamour and more raw. Less then a month to wait for he album of the year.
(Thursday 18 October 2018; 17:30)


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