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Name: Dav
Country: Ireland
Ever since MC broke into Europe with I'll be there, I've been in awe!!!
What's next? (100,600) by Dav from Ireland
(Tuesday 28 June 2022; 02:15)
Mariah said there's no surprise album right? So what's next? I need new music!
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,918) (98,919) by Dav from Ireland
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 14:28)
If Aretha Franklin can do the Snickers Diva ad and still have legitimacy, Mariah can do the same.
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Where is Mariah? (98,768) by Dav from Ireland
(Monday 18 October 2021; 19:12)
Looking forward to the new Christmas special and the new Christmas music (that's allegedly better than Where are you Christmas). Surprised we haven't heard anything yet. I bet November 1st will be a big day for us Lambs!
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MC16 (98,567) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 1 September 2021; 13:06)
Do we think we might get MC16 in 2021? Or is it too close to Christmas?

Imagine if she dropped a Dreamlover, Honey, Heartbreaker type single this month? One can fantasize.
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Re: Recounting the first bought album experience (97,673) (97,677) by Dav from Ireland
(Tuesday 23 March 2021; 20:07)
Mine was Butterfly! As a repressed young gay growing up in Ireland, I had to hide my musical tastes as well as everything else for fear of being seen. I first became aware of Mariah when I'll Be There was played everywhere in 1992 (aged 11). In 1993 I managed to get my hands on a friends Music Box cassette and copied it onto a blank tape, which I listened to every night on my Walkman and imagined my life when I would be older. Daydream came out and I burred it onto the other side of my blank tape. 90-minute tape worked perfectly. I listened to them back-to-back, night after night for years. I remember being in the car and hearing Butterfly on the radio, it was a metaphysical experience. That songs still chills me. I went into the CD store and bought the single. (I didn't get the single album system at that point.) Next My All was everywhere, and I went to buy the single and saw the album. Life changing. Mariah comforted me in those lonely times, she knew isolation and how it felt to be outside. Luckily Ireland is a very different place now, much kinder and accepting. I think Mariah has found a kinder life too and is more accepting of herself.
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Re: The Mariah Report (88,984) (88,991) by Dav from Ireland
(Thursday 4 April 2019; 14:48)
I didn't even know it was called the nightmare era until I stated listening a few months ago.
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The Mariah Report (88,980) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 3 April 2019; 20:51)
Guys are you listening to the Mariah Report podcast on iTunes? It's fantastic. Two lambs, lambing out about Mariah every week. They're 4 years and over 200 pod casts in. Enjoy.
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Mariah in Dublin (87,910) by Dav from Ireland
(Tuesday 5 February 2019; 19:22)
Booked. Her first show in Ireland.
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Re: We are in the midst of the Mariahsance (87,177) (87,180) by Dav from Ireland
(Friday 21 December 2018; 11:21)
Great article. Thanks for writing it.
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Re: Almost Home (86,643) (86,648) by Dav from Ireland
(Thursday 29 November 2018; 14:18)
I remember reading at the time that she got the track and made some changes to the lyrics, and therefore was credited.
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Re: Runway (86,610) (86,614) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 28 November 2018; 15:32)
Can you send me one too please?
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Justice for Glitter (85,920) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 17:35)
Glitter is now number 7 on iTunes USA. Just bought my copy, have you? So random and fun.
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Be nice or leave (85,917) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 16:48)
Great to see all the positivity on the board. We're a day away from hearing the new album. Glitter is in the top 10 in iTunes USA. Mariah is just on the way home from a sucessful tour of Asia. She's in good vocal shape, looking well and seems happy. It's a great time to be a Lamb. The nightmare era is over and we're just getting going on the Caution era. But it's all in fighting and discussions about Ariana here. Some people just choose to be negative.
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Re: Top 4 from Caution (85,911) (85,916) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 16:43)
2. With You
3. The Distance
4. A No No
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Sit your ... down (85,434) by Dav from Ireland
(Tuesday 30 October 2018; 15:07)
Congratulations Mariah on a strong performance. "Vocal deterioration?" Sure Jan.
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Re: Too many bubbles for my taste (85,187) (85,193) by Dav from Ireland
(Monday 22 October 2018; 18:07)
Some members who shall not be named need to move on with their 90's expectations around single release. The industry is very different. There's no money in singles, and even albums. The focus is on getting a buzz for a new era and where the money is, the tour. When's the last time Beyoncé had a number 1 hit? Just sit back and enjoy the show. If you can't GTFO quietly, and a respectable way? Just bow out as a fan and leave us in peace?
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Re: I broke the seal (85,006) (85,008) by Dav from Ireland
(Thursday 18 October 2018; 01:34)
Merry Christmas Todd.
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Caution (84,890) by Dav from Ireland
(Monday 15 October 2018; 16:09)
It’s so explosive.
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Re: I love this (83,887) (83,895) by Dav from Ireland
(Thursday 20 September 2018; 18:19)
You're welcome. I'm obsessed with it. Why didn't they release this version day 1? Lambs would have enjoyed it much more. Never thought I have Triumphant on repeat. Her vocals are everything on it. Hair raising.
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Re: GTFO I effing love it and so does everybody its (83,878) (83,883) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 19 September 2018; 23:27)
This is such a great time to be a lamb, which can sometimes be rare. Can we not focus on the good things happening? Get over the video and enjoy the song and the excitement for With You and MC15.
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I love this (83,882) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 19 September 2018; 23:19)
Really re-framed the song for me.
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New era (83,641) by Dav from Ireland
(Monday 10 September 2018; 18:54)
It's happening. Cryptic message on Twitter and another on her Instagram story.
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Re: Emotionless (82,951) (82,952) by Dav from Ireland
(Friday 29 June 2018; 23:16)
You is kind, you is smart, you is important.
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Album by the end of the year (82,868) by Dav from Ireland
(Tuesday 19 June 2018; 09:25)
Mariah has said she hopes the album will be released the end of the year. That’s 2019 so.
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Re: Mariah and JD (82,770) (82,771) by Dav from Ireland
(Wednesday 13 June 2018; 00:51)
Oh and B Cox is there too. Sigh.
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