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General public or bad decisions (105,625) by jaker20 from US
No amount of no.1s is worth her sanity. That's not a bad decision, if anything she saved herself, and gave us Butterfly. Look what's happened to some popstars who never recovered and never regained their sanity.
(Wednesday 21 February 2024; 01:21)
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Yes, And so close to top 10. Now or never (105,621) by jaker20 from US
Tracking isn't done yet. That's for prior week.
(Wednesday 21 February 2024; 00:57)
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Yes, And so close to top 10. Now or never (105,613) by jaker20 from US
We don't know. It's going to be very very close. The remix should have more points than the original for her to get credit. Both versions together, it is at no.11 and went +49%. Assuming the original dropped like it did last week, then the remix portion of that should be more than 50% already, giving Mariah credit at this point already. There is no way the original went up after the remix is released, unless there is some shady stuff going on behind the scenes. The 3 new remixes released by Ariana's team complicates it slightly, but it's not doing any numbers currently.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 17:43)
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It just occured to me (105,606) by jaker20 from US
It was the lambs who got it to rise that high. It's patently confirmed math. It had a huge drop last week, and then rose 49% this week. This is all lambs' work. That's just math. Its also confirmed that on the same day that these numbers came out, they released 3 new remixes. They just want all the numbers but they don't want her be credited. It would be hilarious if she still manage to squeak by lol. I guess we'll find out in the next few days.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 15:13)
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Yes, And so close to top 10. Now or never (105,604) by jaker20 from US
Its seems like it's now just 1%. It's going to be very close to get her credited. That 3 new remixes released by Ariana's team was very very trashy behavior on the same day they found out that its going to be close.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 15:05)
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Yes, And so close to top 10. Now or never (105,593) by jaker20 from US
It is down to the wire.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 01:10)
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It just occured to me (105,592) by jaker20 from US
"Ariana stans aren't 100% on board with the song itself." I'm referring of course to the Yes, And original version.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 00:22)
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It just occured to me (105,590) by jaker20 from US
From what I am reading, Ariana stans aren't 100% on board with the song itself. If lambs had high expectations for MC, imagine their expectations for Ariana who is supposed to be a more current of an artist and had been gone for a long time. They expect Ariana to give Taylor a run for her money and this is just not it.

So that's the whirlwind of negativity that Mariah's hopping into. Not to mention the cheating and homewrecker allegations.

Lambs should just enjoy the song and not get involved in that mess lol. It's not yet taking off, but I think it's a good addition to Mariah's remix catalog.

Like I said, I think Mariah did it just to return a favor, dipped her toes, but didn't completely jump in.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 00:20)
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It just occured to me (105,582) by jaker20 from US
That Mariah just had a collab with Ariana, and it's a remix. A 2018 me would think that if they ever work together, it's going to be the biggest news of the year, it's going to be an event, it's going be their song together and not one or the other just hopping in, and it'll debut at no.1 based on their names alone, whatever the quality of the song. Now that moment is gone. It cannot be repeated.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 20:37)
Writing (105,581) by jaker20 from US
For the record, Mariah has written a bunch of songs for Allure and Trey Lorenz. I agree though, she should do it more often.
(Monday 19 February 2024; 20:28)
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Yes, And? lyrics (105,551) by jaker20 from US
I'm personally more for not censoring the artist and let Mariah do what she wants. Artists are supposed to express themselves and at this point of Mariah's career, thinking if she should cuss or not should be the least of her concerns.

Mariah, the person, has so many facets and it would be great to see those sides of her, and not write again about when your hero will come along to cast your fears aside or if its supposed to be for people who lost their grandmothers. I love them, I absolutely love those songs. But telling her not to use some lame cuss word in a song which is censored anyway because it might terrify the kids is being extra gatekeeping imo.

And let me remind she's barely released anything anymore, like at all, and hopefully it's not because she cares way too much about what others will say to the point of dropping ideas each time. In fact, I would to argue that it was GTFO and Caution are the highlights in terms of depth that lit her late 2010s career revival.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 22:20)
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Let's get it to number one (105,547) by jaker20 from US
I heard the Yes, And remix the other day. It was their big "new music this week" with a drumroll announcement. Don't be surprised if it gains some traction on radio, especially on the club radio stations.

But expecting it to go to number one is too much to ask. I feel like it was just Mariah returning a favor to Ariana for appearing on stage with her and JHud last Christmas, and nothing more. They seem to enjoy each other and that's great to see.

I just hope Mariah is more consistent with her releases. There is some buzz right now. She should have a follow up in 3 to 4 weeks, the same way that she should have a follow up immediately after BER blew up, and the same way she should have a follow up every Christmas on January.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 18:42)
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Yes, and? better promo strategy (105,546) by jaker20 from US
I agree. The song already hit number, and was already on its way down. Mariah made it a better song, but she cannot save it on the charts. It's too late. I agree with you, if the remix was the original version, it would have been bigger.

Lambs should just enjoy it for what it is, and it should not always be attached to chart position. In 2 days since it was released, Mariah gained 2 million listeners. So it helps her in some other way.

I actually think it will get better airplay over the next few weeks than the original. It might even be a club hit. It's a real bop. But expecting it to be number one is too much to ask. Already, some lambs are trashing it on twitter, because it didn't hit number one on iTunes. Like why does everything have to be attached to the charts. It gives us something to enjoy until the album arrives, so just enjoy it for what it is.
(Sunday 18 February 2024; 18:26)
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"Mariah sounds too loud on the remix" (105,508) by jaker20 from US
That's always been how she is on her remixes. Clearly they don't know Mariah's iconic remixes which are still some of the best.
(Saturday 17 February 2024; 15:43)
Is that Mariah? (105,410) by jaker20 from US
I don't mind Mariah staying in her lane, and bring predictable. She bring her usual style, and just put a slight new twist or flavor to it. Like this Selfish AI sounds like something Mariah would make, that is why its being embraced by lambs.

Right now, her bigger problem is that she's not even in any lane because she's not releasing anything at all.

Frankly I was so disappointed when she let January pass without anything. I thought there was going to be some surprise release, but nothing. It's all just lambs talking about MC16 which I don't even know where that came from.

What that means is, if she can't capitalize on her annual buzz (which by the way, she's the only artist who have this luxury), that means she can't and unable to capitalize on anything. This is now her 4th year she wasted since AIWFCIY went to no.1, she seems comfortable now to just be a Christmas artist.

Sad really. Now I get why some lambs hated this Christmas trend. It made her lazier than she already is.
(Wednesday 14 February 2024; 18:35)
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Beyonce (105,388) by jaker20 from US
Hate to break it to you, but Mariah will not release anything this year. There, I said it. It's 10 years since the release of MIAMTEC, Mariah has only released 1 studio album (Caution). She is completely wasting her annual Christmas hype. I am shocked once again, that January passed and she had nothing to capitalize on it. She's doing this game every year. So I don't really see this year being any different. Don't count on it, you're just going to be disappointed. Unfortunately, I think Mariah is surrounded by the wrong people.
(Monday 12 February 2024; 22:38)
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Ariana what are you doing here? (105,376) by jaker20 from US
It depends. It remix should get more consumption than the original for her to be credited.
(Monday 12 February 2024; 01:52)
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MC, Ariana and JHud (104,543) by jaker20 from US
The stiffness is possibly, the heels too. Its higher than ever this year. Last year, she was walking and moving about more comfortably on stage, but this year the outfit is tighter, and the heels higher. Hopefully it's not medical. Mariah has never really been as active like say Cher or even Madonna.
(Thursday 14 December 2023; 20:14)
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O Holy Night (104,542) by jaker20 from US
She should focus on her original songs, not the covers. The covers are doing great for what they are, and they help sell the album. Speaking of whch, I think that album will be diamond next year.
(Thursday 14 December 2023; 20:05)
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Another close call (104,541) by jaker20 from US
Bless Brenda, but I think RATCT is just terrible. For a Christmas song it doesn't feel like it goes anywhere, and the melody is flat, its neither here not there.

Of the songs in that era, Darlene Love's Christmas Baby Please Come Home is a much better song. There's a reason why Mariah's version is her second more popular Christmas song, because the song itself is great, and then she updated it. But I don't think she's going to promote it more than that. Maybe they can remix the two songs.
(Thursday 14 December 2023; 19:57)
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Another close call (104,540) by jaker20 from US
Yes RATCT is more of a family sit down get together kind of song.

AIWFCIY is more festive and celebration with a timeless message. These two songs will play together forever.

Oh Santa has a great beat and a fun song, but it has a stalker-y message. Maybe that's why its still not grabbing the public.

When Christmas Comes sounds like a real classic-in-the-making to me.

Christmas Time Is In The Air is a great stroll around Christmas song, when you're driving or walk-around-the-park or in a bus.

I'm re-discovering The Star. What a beautiful song. It deserves more love.

Miss You Most At Christmas can be the next Last Christmas with a good video. It has a similar dreary sad message.

These are all Mariah originals.
(Thursday 14 December 2023; 19:50)
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Christmas collabs (104,480) by jaker20 from US
Apparently, Mariah will (rumor) bring out JHud and Ariana in MSG. But to me, this collab isn't doing the song any favors. Their voices don't blend well. Well, Ariana and Mariah's voice blends a bit, but JHud, bless her, doesn't.

So got me thinking: who should Mariah collab next? How about Darelene Love or Brenda Lee, in the form of mashup. It's not like Mariah, Ariana and JHud all showed up on the studio.

I actually really really like Mariah's live duet with Michael Buble. I thought their voices blend so very well together. And I don't hate her duet with Justin Bieber, either.

So it sounds like Mariah's best duets are with the male artists. I can't wait for Mariah/Usher being together again.
(Saturday 9 December 2023; 04:32)
Mimi send Brenda flowers (104,455) by jaker20 from US
That just goes to show what kind of hear Mariah has. She is all about the spirit of the season.
(Thursday 7 December 2023; 21:18)
MC diamonds (104,454) by jaker20 from US
It is eligible for certification. Next year could be a big year for MC on the album's 30th anniversary. MC should do something and stop playing.

The way I see it is, to drum up excitement, release an album Caution 2.0 level of excellence, do a big push the debut album, both leading up to the 30th anniversary of legendary album. Which would give her 4 diamond albums.
(Thursday 7 December 2023; 21:17)
Number one (104,453) by jaker20 from US
Now you're making stuff up. That's cute, but I was the one who said before the season even started that Mariah might not reach no.1 this season because Brenda's label is aggressive this year. While you said labels have no impact lol.
(Thursday 7 December 2023; 21:16)
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