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7 songs one billion streams (103,914) by jaker20 from US
I'm thinking more of like a re-imagined versions, or cover of her own songs, again like the Fantasy ballad, or if BER was her own idea. I agree that straight rerecording won't work for obvious reasons, but re-imaging her songs in creative ways seem to rub off really well on rediscovering her catalog.
(Sunday 29 October 2023; 21:15)
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7 songs one billion streams (103,904) by jaker20 from US
After Memoirs, I feel like Mariah only cared about Butterfly. And then after Merry Christmas took off, she cared ever less about that as well, and she's all about Christmas.

It's only recently that she seems supportive of Daydream. And also I would say around 2019 and 2011, and the success of Free Guy pushed it further. There's an incredible Fantasy ballad cover in that movie, and I wished she had done that herself.

But before that, she was all about Butterfly in the last 15 years. I think it is because of all her most successful albums, that's the one that she actually "owns", creatively and literally, as in masters and all. When I check Wikipedia, she's most credited as lyricist of that entire album. I'm not sure though, that's just my suspicion.

But she definitely should do more. Like covers of her own songs or lend them to soundtracks. I had wished what Taylor Swfit is doing now, that is, re-recording her albums was Mariah's idea. Because her voice has changed, she could have covered her own songs 10-8 years ago in the keys and notes of her move current voice. There's a lot of magic in those songs that the public should be reminded of.
(Sunday 29 October 2023; 02:18)
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7 songs one billion streams (103,898) by jaker20 from US
Mariah now has 7: AIWFCIY, WBT, I Know What You Want, Always Be My Baby, When You Believe, Without You, and Hero. Obsessed is almost there, as well as Christmas Baby Please Come Home, and surely Fantasy, Touch My Body, making it 11. Up there with Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Ariana and Taylor. She's the only pre-2000 female with this kind of streaming power. Talk about a catalog full of classics.
(Friday 27 October 2023; 21:07)
Mariah Carey and her twins star in Christmas campa (103,842) by jaker20 from US
What a gorgeous photo. One of her best photoshoots. She looks great and happy and the kids look happy. They're growing up so fast.
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 17:46)
Mariah duets album 2024 (103,841) by jaker20 from US
Good list. I probably won't put One Sweet Day, because there's no work to be done there and it's already on 3 or more albums and collections.

I'll Be There, Endless Love are also in so many albums, but I'll Be There (non-live), and the Endless Love (live) would be interesting. Both are recorded and not on any albums.

We're Not Making Love Anymore needs be somewhere already. It'll take a lot of work to remaster or clean up, but with all the technology these days, if they don't do it, someone will and release for free on YouTube or something. She's too lazy with her catalog.

Yours will give her PTSD with all the story behind it, but I'm interested on how it sounds like and it'll get people talking.
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 17:01)
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Mariah duets album 2024 (103,840) by jaker20 from US
Lol. Yes that's supposed to be How Much.
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 16:22)
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Mariah duets album 2024 (103,833) by jaker20 from US
Here's how I think it should look like.

1. The Beautiful Ones with Prince
2. One More Try with George Michael (frankly the fanmade mashup is better)
3. Always Be My Baby with David Cook
4. Against All Odds with Phil Collins
5. Too Much ft Usher
6. Want You ft Eric Benet
7. I Wanna Know What Love Is ft. Foreigner
8. Side Effects ft Young Jeezy
9. Cry Baby ft Snoop Dogg
10. My Love - The-Dream remix
11. Every Time I Close My Eyes with Babyface 2024 remastered
12. H.A.T.E.U. ft The Dream
13. With You I'm Born Again with John Legend (live version)
14. Angels Cry ft. Ne-Yo
15. Big Energy Remix with Latto
16. Somewhat Loved with Jam and Lewis
17. It's A Wrap with MJBlige
18. Circles e-lie remix (bonus)
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 07:29)
Thirsty (103,832) by jaker20 from US
See all along I thought it's either Nick, Nicky (Minaj), or Eminem.
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 06:26)
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Thirsty (103,829) by jaker20 from US
Is this about Nick Cannon?
(Friday 20 October 2023; 23:46)
Why is Mariah's not releasing more albums? (103,828) by jaker20 from US
I'm reviving these stats:

Mariah: 15 studio albums, 2 soundtrack, 8 compilation, 4 extended plays, and 1 remix. Total 30 albums

Madonna: 15 studio, 3 soundtrack, 6 live, 7 compilation, and 39 limited releases. Total 70

Barbra Streisand: 36 studio, 11 compilations, 11 live, and 15 soundtracks. Total 73

She should do a remixes 2 (2024 version), duets (she's done a lot and just need to remaster/re-record and a couple and its an album), a B-sides album, a Jazz album that fits her current voice. There's so many ideas. But she is so lazy, it's annoying.
(Friday 20 October 2023; 20:38)
Oh my gosh (103,754) by jaker20 from US
Some of you are so annoying.

The industry is in a discombobulated state right now. Newer artists Chance the Rapper and Megan Thee Stallion don't have a label. Ariana and Demi Lovato just left their management. Lady Gaga is doing her own thing away from the music industry. Drake is said to be retiring indefinitely. Rihanna is a lingerie and makeup mogul now.

That's the state of things right now. So its natural for Mariah to not be focused on new music other than Christmas.

I do want Mariah to release something in January/February, because that's the time her non-holidays catalog gets a boost. That's how Its A Wrap got viral and BER became a global hit. But that alone did much better than many contemporaries of her. Labels made no difference, why? Because 2023, labels don't move the needled as much as it use to.

These retirement guessing game is so obnoxious.

Mariah literally comes back every year during the holidays because she is big during the season. Any artists would kill to have that kind of career. I can name at least 10 artists who have big names and of high caliber who are doing nothing and they have labels, because they have to grind on stage for grueling tours because they get nothing but coins from the new music they make. Shawn Mendez doesn't seem to be that invested. And so is Justin Bieber. Some of these newer artists would kill to have a career Mariah has, 10-month vacation and 2 months of guaranteed smash. And you want Mariah to retire? Come on now.
(Sunday 15 October 2023; 01:51)
Einstein re-release in 2009 instead (103,728) by jaker20 from US
When she mentioned "vault" I think that's what she's referring to, so it's possible. But I also think the best of that list is on E=MC2. That album sounds like every song is a single, and now we realize that that's not necessarily a good thing.
(Thursday 12 October 2023; 21:22)
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Merry Christmas eligible for diamond (103,710) by jaker20 from US
With the holiday season gearing up, it will be diamond anytime now, her 3rd diamond album. Her debut album has been stuck at 9x platinum for nearly 20 years now. That could potentially be her 4th, making her the first with 4 diamond albums. But she doesn't even bother with that album anymore.

But anyway, congrats Mimi.
(Wednesday 11 October 2023; 01:21)
Einstein re-release in 2009 instead (103,709) by jaker20 from US
How tragic that would have been, considering 13+ years later MOAIA is out-streaming MC2, all her albums in fact except Daydream and TEOM.

I don't think Obsessed would have helped E=MC2. Obsessed was a hit because it was a lead single. Otherwise, it would have met the same fate as IBLYLT, which I thought was a great single and deserved better promo.
(Wednesday 11 October 2023; 01:12)
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WIth You I''m Born Again (103,681) by jaker20 from US
She should have released a Duets album in 2017, because there was a long gap between TEOM and E=MC2. Like a collections album similar to No.1s but with a couple of new songs.

She's got at least 10 duets/collabs to choose from. For example, they could remix another version of Every Time I Close My Eyes where Mariah and Babyface alternate on the bridge or verses so it's a more balanced "duet". And of course, the fact that "With You I'm Born Again" does not exist anywhere is almost criminal.
(Sunday 8 October 2023; 05:28)
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She's checking her list - she's checking it twice? (103,680) by jaker20 from US
I would like for her to add Dreamlover into her lists. It's midtempo, and can include some fun stage visuals. I would like it to get a revival like Fantasy. Amongst all of her pop lead singles, this seems to have been left behind because she doesn't perform it.
(Sunday 8 October 2023; 05:00)
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Drake gets his 12th number one (103,593) by jaker20 from US
4 of his number ones are as a featured artist on the tracks. He's the featured artist. So he will always have those asterisks.

And it's not like Mariah is completely over. AIWFC literally just hit no.1 3 years ago, and if BER was handled properly, it would have been her 20th.

If Mariah wanted to play that game and get 5 more number ones, she could have just done a bunch of silly collabs, like these artists number ones that no one remembers a year later. But I don't think she's that desperate.

I think Mariah still has a couple of surprises up her sleeve. But even at this point, none of them will have the same career as Mariah. 19 no.1s and one of them a global timeless classic. Not even The Beatles or Elvis has a song that's in the same level as AIWFC, and never will Drake.
(Wednesday 27 September 2023; 22:42)
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#Beautiful (103,551) by jaker20 from US
There's a smash hit hidden somewhere in this song. It has 5 remixes but they landed in the wrong hands who were not inspired it. This David Guetta convo has me thinking. The song has a classic beat and someone like him would do wonders with it.
(Friday 22 September 2023; 20:55)
Why is Mariah's not releasing more albums? (103,493) by jaker20 from US
I'm not really sure, but that's what it says on her discography. Probably Glitter, and the All I Want for Christmas Is You animated film because Mariah wrote and produced half of that soundtrack.
(Friday 15 September 2023; 01:47)
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Why is Mariah's not releasing more albums? (103,488) by jaker20 from US
Mariah's albums: 15 studio albums, 2 soundtrack albums, 8 compilation albums, 4 extended plays, and 1 remix album. Total 30 albums.

Madonna's albums: 15 studio albums, 3 soundtrack albums, 6 live albums, 7 compilation albums, and 39 other limited releases. Total 70 albums.

Barbra Streisand albums: 36 studio albums, 11 compilations, 11 live albums, and 15 soundtracks. Total 73 albums.

(Thursday 14 September 2023; 20:21)
Daydream is Mariah's magnum opus (103,469) by jaker20 from US
Some say it's Music Box, Butterfly, TEOM, and some even say it's Caution or Merry Christmas, but that's only because she has so many.

But Daydream is really where she hit the pinnacle, when she got the most Grammy noms, and hit her 11th no.1. She could have said it's a wrap (no pun) at that point, but she went on and on and gave The Beatles a run for their money.

But Daydream is what I would call a perfect pop album, start to finish. You can sense a longing for more maturity here before she went full blow emancipated in Butterfly, the writing is some of her best, and the melodies are classics.

"Fantasy" is a just a perfect pop song and best example of sampling. It is so good that even the remixes are top notch bops and its stands out a rework such as BE. It even works so well as a film score in multiple variations because it just have so many facets. Rolling Stone putting at no.400 in their 500 greatest songs of all time is just criminal because I can't think of a more perfect pop song. Oh and the rest of the album slays too. Classics each one of them.
(Wednesday 13 September 2023; 20:38)
Mariah shares photo "homage" to Dreamlover video (103,468) by jaker20 from US
Mama looking gorgeous and fresh and happy. Honestly she won the genetic lottery she's always been one of the most gorgeous of them all, and with that talent.
(Wednesday 13 September 2023; 20:22)
My Prayer, Workin Hard (Remix), Do You Think Of Me (103,404) by jaker20 from US
These are the new ones I haven't heard of that I like the most. I hope this is a taste of more that is hidden in the vault. Funny I was just listening to C&C's first album and I definitely hear that chemistry there in Workin Hard (Remix), the original not so much though. I prefer the remix. My Prayer and Do You Think Of Me sounds like classics to me.

Dreamlover definitely needs a new remix and it will be just as big as Fantasy. Because the Def Def club version does not hit as hard. The public needs to be re-introduced to Dreamlover gem in a big way, ala Free Guy remix, or maybe bring in the Pnau to re-interpret the song and I definitely see it being a big hit again.

All the songs in Proctor are some of her best live recordings, and I wish they were released at the time, and they would have been as big as the MTV ones.

All in all, I really love the 30th anniversary edition. Which makes me excited about what else she's been hiding lol. For me, the newer version of Hero is also love. It hits a bit harder for me. It's a proof that it's not all about the vocals, I think she felt it more in the revival version. And then the a cappella of Music Box, chills. Mariah I love you. There will never be a Mariah in the history of music.
(Saturday 9 September 2023; 23:34)
I'm That Chick is a bop (103,261) by jaker20 from US
And you all better stream.
(Wednesday 30 August 2023; 18:14)
How Mariah's "Dreamlover" changed dance remixes (103,237) by jaker20 from US
It's Dreamlover's turn to go viral and bring this beautiful and great song to the new generation.

This is really the song that brought Mariah's career into a new level, from R&B to global pop. At that point, she had 6 number ones, and if this song didn't take off like it did, Music Box would not have become one of the biggest albums in history. This song brought her from Paul Abdul level of success, to Beatles level of success. Horray for Dreamlover.

Maybe January would be the right time. Every year since AIWFCIY reached number 1, Mariah goes viral at that time of the year (BIR and Fantasy, IAW, etc.), because after the holidays, the awareness on Mariah's catalog is at its a high point. So she needs a post-holiday release plan or something.
(Monday 21 August 2023; 21:27)


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