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Name: jaker20
Country: US
You Will Never Be MC
Re: Collaborations (100,445) (100,451) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 15 June 2022; 15:31)
I seriously think some of you are living in fantasy land and there is no bringing you back to reality. The Voice is not on Caution, because The Voice has changed. It's not the same. What is not clicking? Your idea of the voice is the 90s, so obviously it won't be the same. It's not better or worse, it's different. Things change in 30 years. Some of us were infants when Butterfly was released. Mariah isn't immune to nature's changes, and she's making music now to complement those changes. And I, as well as many others, like those changes, because I don't live in fantasy land. I appreciate her efforts precisely because she is not just the voice, she is many things. PS She'll be awarded a hall of fame tomorrow and I guarantee she'd be the happiest in her career tomorrow because in case you missed the memo, she happens to be an incredibly gifted songwriter as well not just the voice that you put her in the-voice-box.

If its up to you she can recreate the magic of the 90s in imaginary-land studios because that aint happening. It. Will. Never. Happen. So I guess if its up to you, she should retire? If its up to me, she can make more of Caution, and I will be very very happy, because it is a vessel for new fans to discover her older albums and allow her to continue sharing her many creative gifts. Very few artists puts out an excellent album like Caution 30 years into their career with that kind of craft. Yet some of you just slept on it because she isn't screeching on every song like she did 30 years ago. How inane.
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Re: Collaborations (100,429) (100,438) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 13 June 2022; 04:21)
Caution is a great album, loved by a lot of fans and non-fans alike. It wasn't a hit, but it's one of Mariah's best reviewed albums, ever. So she did a great album, yet you guys want her to do something else. I mean no disrespect, but I really think lambs are out of touch with simple realities. She will not make an 90s type album with those vocal runs, that is just not gonna happen. Her voice is not the same, and she should make songs that fit her current voice. I don't even think she consciously do it. That's just what artists does, she sings with her current vocals, and Caution came out. You want her to do what she does best and not focus on success, but when she does, you want her to go back to the 90s. Who are we to say that is not the art she wants to me? Like who are we to tell her that's not her passion? The truth is, you don't want her to make what she wants. You want her to make what you want and that is music from 30 years ago. You're all seriously living in fantasy land.
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Re: Collaborations (100,427) (100,437) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 13 June 2022; 04:08)
"I want to see her do a Lauryn Hill, Prince or Alicia Keys." Lauryn Hill hasn't done an album in 2 decades, Alicia Key's last album was awful and was barely heard by anyone, and Prince is dead.

Collaborations is part of what gets her inspired, she should be encouraged to do it. Her last album only had a few collaborations. But it's a great album, which by the way was not a hit. I think you all are so critical of Mariah. At this point, we should be worried about her making an album, at all, collaborations or not. And Carrie Underwood, seriously? No thanks.
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Re: AIWFCIY (100,391) (100,393) by jaker20 from US
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 16:29)
Yeah, most Christmas songs sound the same. There's nearly 200 songs with that title alone, many of which have very similar melodies. I read somewhere that this artist suing ripped off their song from "My Heart Belongs to Only You" by Bobby Vinton.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,361) (100,366) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 31 May 2022; 05:45)
Mariah alone having another hit song is going to be extremely difficult, to be very honest. I think what she needs is to collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Whitney had a big global posthumous hit a couple of years ago with Higher Love, and now Mariah as well with Big Energy remix. See the trend there? If the release of BER been handled in a better way, we would be having a different conversation right now. Technically, she does have a recent hit with BER which is charting outside of the US which is more than I can say about most of her contemporaries. But it seems anything less than no.1 is a disappointment for lambs.

I think maybe a lot of us want Mariah to pull a Cher. So we are hoping her to achieve something that's only been achieved once ever, that is too much to ask and unrealistic. If she keeps collaborating she could still churn out hits in the coming years. Her music is still within the genre that is popular right now. The success of BER shows she's in a good spot if she chose to pursue it. Hits mean having another new generation to listen to her music. Some lambs seem to think that catering to young people is a bad thing, which is snobbish.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,360) (100,361) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 30 May 2022; 20:37)
I feel like her next hit will be from a soundtrack, like "Love Me Like You Do" type of song, one that's not an r&b, but something that's more current. Again, similar to how Cher pulled it off, because "Believe" was completely different from the rest of her discography, but was of its time.
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Re: Big Energy (100,313) (100,317) by jaker20 from US
(Saturday 21 May 2022; 22:15)
Most record artists love their numbers. They either just don't want to admit, or they don't have numbers to show in the first place. I'm sure it's important to artists of any generation as well. If BER tops the charts, imagine the surge of streaming across the board Mariah's discography. Even now, with BER being a modest hit, it's rubbing off on Fantasy's streaming because a new generation is discovering it.
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Re: Big Energy BBMA performance (100,292) (100,297) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 17 May 2022; 02:23)
Watching that performance make me think that pushing for the remix with Mariah would have done wonders to her career. But that moment has passed I guess. I wish her all the best though.
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Re: Best album addition? (100,264) (100,268) by jaker20 from US
(Thursday 12 May 2022; 00:25)
Ken Li could have been no.1 too but they botched its release, so that's 25 no.1s.
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Dreamlover appreciation (100,257) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 9 May 2022; 21:24)
Why is this masterpiece not getting classic treatment like Fantasy, Without You, and many others. Even Breakdown has become more of a classic than Dreamlover which went to number 1 and is one of Mariah's best songs ever. Maybe it needs a tiktok mashup or remix or be featured in a movie soundtrack? It seems Mariah herself also doesn't promote it as much. What's the tea? Does she hate the song like Migrate?
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Re: Why does the Billboard article credit Mariah on BE? (100,251) (100,252) by jaker20 from US
(Sunday 8 May 2022; 02:21)
I think we all know the rules. But as I pointed out, the recent Billboard article seems to be crediting Mariah. Why they wrote it that way, I don't know. That said, yes the 50/50 rules makes sense. But when another artists who sampled a song, is the same who did a remix, both of which is helping the "original" (Latto's version) to chart higher. I don't know if this has happened before. BE already stalled outside of the top 10 a month ago until the remix was released. But BE is giving Fantasy a new audience too, so I'm not totally complaining.
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Why does the Billboard article credit Mariah on BE? (100,245) by jaker20 from US
(Saturday 7 May 2022; 00:25)
They are confusing and misleading. At least UK charts credit Mariah.
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BE continues to do well (100,200) by jaker20 from US
(Sunday 17 April 2022; 20:58)
I don't know if Mariah will be credited but it's looking like BE will be around throughout summer. If Mariah and Latto's teams play it right, they could push it to the finish line.

It's interesting to note that the song that will probably hold off BE is somewhat a similar situation. Which is Jack Harlow's First Class which samples Fergie's Glamorous. Similarly the best part of the song is Fergie's part, without her getting credit. It would be interesting if she ends up pushing to get credit. It now looks to me like BE release just wasn't properly planned, or they didn't know it will blow up.

Overall, its a sad state of music these days, and how the new artists get all the credit.
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Mariah credited in UK and Oz (100,180) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 15 April 2022; 22:38)
Hopefully US follows suit.
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Re: Mariah's next number one (100,149) (100,158) by jaker20 from US
(Thursday 14 April 2022; 21:27)
I loved French Montana's remix with Mariah. I hope she does more of those. In general, Billboard is trying to stop artists on remixes from getting credit. Remixes of course are different from ft. artists. The case is slightly different here because the artist on the remix (Mariah) is also an artist which is on another version of the song which the original (Latto's version) sampled (Genius of Love). It's a convoluted situation.

That said, I don't think Mariah was tricked or used. Mariah isn't stupid. She knows that she may or may not get credit. But with Latto's version going up the charts, it also reminds people what a gem Fantasy was. That on is own is getting streams, and is getting some cute bumps on YouTube views.
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Re: Billboard Hot 100 (100,138) (100,143) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 13 April 2022; 01:27)
"But it would take a little persuading."

That doesn't even sound right.
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Re: She can do it (100,137) (100,142) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 13 April 2022; 01:24)
Elton John only got back on the charts because of Dua Lipa, lets be honest.
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Re: Billboard Hot 100 (100,131) (100,134) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 12 April 2022; 01:43)
Latto's team should get Mariah credited too if they want to get lambs fully on-board, as well as get more press. As it is, it won't go higher. For all we know the remix is at 45% points of Latto's version, and just needs a little bit of push. The 50/50 rule should have exceptions in this case, because Latto's version stalled at no.13 weeks ago, and that already samples Fantasy, and then on top of that, it was the remix that pushed it to top 3.
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Re: #3 (100,095) (100,099) by jaker20 from US
(Wednesday 6 April 2022; 01:04)
Yes, Mariah could get credited next week, because the remix is new. Also, the remix is more radio friendly. The original has a lot of explicit lyrics even though a clean version exists, people know mostly the explicit version. So hopefully that helps the remix.
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BE jumps to no.3 (100,080) by jaker20 from US
(Sunday 3 April 2022; 21:18)
Mariah doesn't get credit because the remix version is getting lesser streams than the original. But it's close. So stream yall! Lol. So she could end up helping Latto go to no.1 (or no.2) without her getting credited, which is a shame. But now I'm also excited for the follow-up. Because honestly, Mariah has dozens of second-tier hits that can be remixed and mashed.
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The remix is a bop! (100,032) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 28 March 2022; 18:21)
MC's beats are just timeless.
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E=MC2 (93,804) by jaker20 from US
(Tuesday 28 April 2020; 02:06)
This album sounds so fresh even now, any song in this album is radio and chart ready.
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Re: Boy (I Need You) (92,411) (92,429) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 17 January 2020; 21:19)
The best way to experience Mariah is creating your own playlists across multiple albums. Some albums flow well on its own, but we're talking 30 years of discography and many of the songs are classics on their own. And with such a diverse discography some songs will speak to you differently than how they were originally intended. I myself have 5 Mariah playlists and I grouped Boy I Need You with the mid to low tempo R&Bs which includes:
(Boy) I Need You
The Roof
Loverboy (some say it's trash but I love it)
If We
Last Night A DJ
Ger Your Number
Say Somethin'
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Re: Boy (I Need You) part 2 (92,404) (92,410) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 17 January 2020; 01:28)
Seriously an underrated pop genius. One of the best Mariah songs that didn't chart (along with Say Somethin'), in this case it didn't even chart. The video is cute too.
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Re: Songwriters Hall of Fame (92,408) (92,409) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 17 January 2020; 01:08)
And the topic was R&R HOF, do you know how to read?
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