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Re: Exhausted and angry (101,116) (101,122) by jaker20 from US
It's amazing that when she's not releasing, she is tired. So it's probably something happening around her, that is not related to her music. She seems happy when she is making music. But when she is not making music, she's tired. I honestly think lambs are Mariah's happy place. And the people around her are too much to handle.
(Thursday 1 September 2022; 22:47)
Re: New music (101,106) (101,112) by jaker20 from US
I agree that we would normally know because she would be in her best shape. But maybe it's time to be confident of her new shape as well. And also right now, she would miss a great opportunity. The points are so low for songs in the top 10. That is how Beyonce got a number 1, not because it's a good song, but because there's not a lot of competition. I love her but I'm sorry, that song is just awful. Taylor is also releasing because she know this, so it's going to be all about her. I think Mariah is badly managed, and her releases during the past 10 years are badly timed.
(Wednesday 31 August 2022; 15:40)
Re: Nicki Minaj thanked Mariah (101,091) (101,096) by jaker20 from US
To this day, I'm not 100% sure if their beef was real. I know years later, Mariah said she's upset about the Idol situation, but that's more about the situation with the management than with Minaj. With that said, you can't deny that their collab was great and the song is a bop, and that's all that matters.
(Monday 29 August 2022; 20:05)
Re: If it was Whitney? (101,069) (101,076) by jaker20 from US
I personally don't mind her re-recording her classic albums in some way, sort of a different spin but the overall spirit of the songs and album would still be there. These are classic albums that can never be replicated. So she should put a different take on them, not just sing them note for note, like covering her own songs. But it would take plenty of creative thinking to achieve it, or getting the right people involved. I think classic songs should be updated for them to really reach more people and classic status. Beatles and Elvis songs would be forgotten by now if it wasn't for hundreds of artists covering his songs. Mariah's songs are difficult to sing, which is a double edge sword. No one can replicate her originals, but it also limits transcending different walk of life because of their degree of difficulty to sing, and that's where covers and reinterpretations come in.
(Sunday 28 August 2022; 21:52)
Re: Negativity (101,061) (101,075) by jaker20 from US
The latter. Some here are just being oversensitive. I don't see anything wrong with posters expressing their thoughts particularly when Mariah is being silly. Imagine being one of the most impactful female artist of all time, having the most number 1's, next only to the biggest band of al time, now wanting to be called the queen of Christmas. What a giant step down just to make money. She's already the queen of Christmas by main accounts. But to claim it for more Christmas bags and merch is embarrassing. It just make her seem like she doesn't want to make music anymore. It is bound to backfire.

She should focus on making music. I want more of Caution and show more of her art.

One thing that do annoy me though is when lambs say her voice is shot. That's a lie. It's only true if you think Mariah should make more 90s type music where she does high notes 90% of the album. That style has its time, 30 years ago. She also doesn't sound like that anymore. It's not better of worse, just different. Caution proves that, because she sounds great on it. She should express her art in that level now, and collaborate. It's called changed and growth. Unfortunately she may have to shred some lambs who expect her to sing in 90s standards. But it's not like they're checking Caution. Peace all.
(Sunday 28 August 2022; 21:30)
Article: Mariah Carey wants to trademark "Queen of Christmas" (100,986) by jaker20 from US
Mariah's going to lose this case. Lol. This is embarrassing for her to do.
(Tuesday 16 August 2022; 15:39)
Re: Still here (100,962) (100,963) by jaker20 from US
Oh I don't believe any of their numbers. I would believe Mariah sold 1.5 billion before I believe any of the others. Like how did Halsey sell 150 million or Nicky Minaj 100 million or Madonna jumped from 250 m to 400 m in less than 10 years when sales are dead and she's not relevant anymore. Even Cyndi Lauper gets more streaming than her. Now Taylor, Rihanna, Beyonce, and everyone are claiming wild numbers.

About that Billboard list, I would put Mariah number 2 but I wouldn't be surprised for her to go to number 1 eventually. You see, that's why other artists are manipulating their numbers, because they don't have any classics that will outlast all of us. By the way, I am not arguing though, I just sound like that lo.
(Friday 12 August 2022; 15:51)
Re: Still here (100,959) (100,960) by jaker20 from US
Depending on which source you look at, Rihanna has sold 250 million, which beats Mariah. Even Halsey's label Capitol Records is claiming she sold 150 million. Artists are gaming these numbers, because they are out there getting their records certified and conniving with various publications. Even Wikipedia's list of best selling artists is a joke. There is about a dozen data and chart trackers out there claiming so and so numbers. Just a few years ago, Sony Asia gave Mariah a certification for 1.6 billion sales units, which beats The Beatles making her the best selling artist of all time, yet nobody believed it, lambs included, even though Billboard published the article. But is it that far from the truth? She is the only artist, The Beatles included, that sells every single year after they once dominated the game. I guess I will start referring to that number. If you can't beat them, join them.
(Friday 12 August 2022; 02:00)
Re: Still here (100,953) (100,956) by jaker20 from US
You all notice how artists have been grossly inflating their numbers? I was watching Jimmy Fallon, and Madonna is now claiming to have sold 400 million. These claims kept going up during the last 10 years when sales are basically dead. I feel like many acts are scrambling to secure their spots because sales are over, so they are now grossly inflating numbers.

Meanwhile, Mariah is the only artist who can justify actual claims because she actually have a classic that literally sells annually.
(Thursday 11 August 2022; 19:51)
Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,946) (100,948) by jaker20 from US
Truly an icon. RIP. I love their duet of Hopelessly Devoted To You. I can tell Mariah was fangirling on stage and it's so cute to watch. I didn't realize it has so millions of views on YouTube. I get so many emotions watching it. She was a lovely person inside and out.
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 20:54)
Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,934) (100,937) by jaker20 from US
"Deep In Vogue" sounds nothing is prior to Madonna's "Vogue". Stop starting fake news about suing and everything.
(Monday 8 August 2022; 17:18)
Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,930) (100,931) by jaker20 from US
I don't think Bey snubs Mariah. I don't know why y'all think Mariah is entitled to another aritst's mention. This forum is such an echo chamber.
(Monday 8 August 2022; 02:24)
Re: MC hurry up (100,892) (100,893) by jaker20 from US
Well at least you admit that Diane is being shady. She wasn't asking a question, she wants Beyonce to get dragged because apparently her work doesnt fall into what she consider to be "innovative"? Like how does that affect her exactly that she would go out of her way to complain about it. How pretentious.
(Wednesday 3 August 2022; 22:36)
Re: MC hurry up (100,882) (100,890) by jaker20 from US
Dianne Warren wasn't "simply asking", she was being shady. She is also out of touch and stuck in the past, sampling is a reality of the current musical landscape. Mariah herself samples. Maybe not to the same extent as Beyonce but she does.
(Wednesday 3 August 2022; 18:17)
Re: #Butterfly25 (100,858) (100,860) by jaker20 from US
Something is definitely up. I would love her to release some re-recordings. Or maybe some unreleased songs from the era if they exist!
(Sunday 31 July 2022; 02:09)
Re: MC hurry up (100,857) (100,859) by jaker20 from US
Why should she ask permission from Kelis who doesn't own the rights nor credited for song? Why should Beyonce get involved with Kelis' beef with Pharrel, that is their issue, not hers. Everybody samples, including Mariah. If an artist want to sample a song, the artist give credit to whomever is the legal owner of the song, not someone who is claiming or disputing those credits. Haters are just using this narrative to discredit Beyonce. No one knows how much "effort" she actually put into it. So what? The fact that she is releasing an album, and this is the best they can come up with is just sad, when some artists aren't even doing, well, anything at all with their careers. Don't worship these artists who sits on a pedestal but hardly lift a finger once they built their mansions, because over time, hard work beats talent, always.
(Sunday 31 July 2022; 00:41)
Re: MC hurry up (100,847) (100,856) by jaker20 from US
Kelis is a bit of a cry baby, she should come for Pharrell and not Beyonce. With that said, the record isn't pushing anything, and is not exciting but not every album needs to. It brought Beyonce back to the limelight and into the charts, something Mariah wasn't able to achieve in Caution, which I love by the way. At least Beyonce is actually still putting some effort to her art and creativity and feeding her fans. So, going back to the original post, Mariah really should be creating something and collaborating with talents. If she can produce something like the quality of Caution every 2 to 3 years, I would be happy.
(Saturday 30 July 2022; 19:57)
Re: Songwriters speech (100,487) (100,489) by jaker20 from US
Some of you are just absolutely insufferable heartless human beings. That's what you guys are. She's obviously nervous, and that always triggers her anxieties and disorder.
(Friday 17 June 2022; 21:56)
Re: Article: Mariah Carey to get in Songwriters Hall of Fame (100,473) (100,474) by jaker20 from US
My wish for Mariah's next coming years and decades is to be like Paul McCartney, and that is to keep on writing, keep on sharing her gifts, keep writing even for other artists.
(Friday 17 June 2022; 16:39)
Article: Mariah Carey to get in Songwriters Hall of Fame (100,473) by jaker20 from US
This is probably one of Mariah's most important moments more than her other supposedly "major" awards. An event that that will happen quietly but have bigger meaning to her, because this is what separates her craft from all the rest. She's not just a voice, she's an artist.
(Friday 17 June 2022; 16:20)
Re: Collaborations (100,461) (100,463) by jaker20 from US
I don't want to sound combative but the level of disrespect of some lambs is mind boggling, hence my posts for reality check. If you don't like Caution that is fine. But don't turn around and say she should just make what she's good at instead of chasing the charts. You are the one chasing the charts by asking her to make similar albums from the past which is success-based. What she's accomplished in the past and what she is now can co-exist, and if you are unable to accept that, then my point remains: you are living in fantasy land and you are free to do so as I am to call you out for your hypocrisy.
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 18:07)
Re: Collaborations (100,445) (100,451) by jaker20 from US
I seriously think some of you are living in fantasy land and there is no bringing you back to reality. The Voice is not on Caution, because The Voice has changed. It's not the same. What is not clicking? Your idea of the voice is the 90s, so obviously it won't be the same. It's not better or worse, it's different. Things change in 30 years. Some of us were infants when Butterfly was released. Mariah isn't immune to nature's changes, and she's making music now to complement those changes. And I, as well as many others, like those changes, because I don't live in fantasy land. I appreciate her efforts precisely because she is not just the voice, she is many things. PS She'll be awarded a hall of fame tomorrow and I guarantee she'd be the happiest in her career tomorrow because in case you missed the memo, she happens to be an incredibly gifted songwriter as well not just the voice that you put her in the-voice-box.

If its up to you she can recreate the magic of the 90s in imaginary-land studios because that aint happening. It. Will. Never. Happen. So I guess if its up to you, she should retire? If its up to me, she can make more of Caution, and I will be very very happy, because it is a vessel for new fans to discover her older albums and allow her to continue sharing her many creative gifts. Very few artists puts out an excellent album like Caution 30 years into their career with that kind of craft. Yet some of you just slept on it because she isn't screeching on every song like she did 30 years ago. How inane.
(Wednesday 15 June 2022; 15:31)
Re: Collaborations (100,429) (100,438) by jaker20 from US
Caution is a great album, loved by a lot of fans and non-fans alike. It wasn't a hit, but it's one of Mariah's best reviewed albums, ever. So she did a great album, yet you guys want her to do something else. I mean no disrespect, but I really think lambs are out of touch with simple realities. She will not make an 90s type album with those vocal runs, that is just not gonna happen. Her voice is not the same, and she should make songs that fit her current voice. I don't even think she consciously do it. That's just what artists does, she sings with her current vocals, and Caution came out. You want her to do what she does best and not focus on success, but when she does, you want her to go back to the 90s. Who are we to say that is not the art she wants to me? Like who are we to tell her that's not her passion? The truth is, you don't want her to make what she wants. You want her to make what you want and that is music from 30 years ago. You're all seriously living in fantasy land.
(Monday 13 June 2022; 04:21)
Re: Collaborations (100,427) (100,437) by jaker20 from US
"I want to see her do a Lauryn Hill, Prince or Alicia Keys." Lauryn Hill hasn't done an album in 2 decades, Alicia Key's last album was awful and was barely heard by anyone, and Prince is dead.

Collaborations is part of what gets her inspired, she should be encouraged to do it. Her last album only had a few collaborations. But it's a great album, which by the way was not a hit. I think you all are so critical of Mariah. At this point, we should be worried about her making an album, at all, collaborations or not. And Carrie Underwood, seriously? No thanks.
(Monday 13 June 2022; 04:08)
Re: AIWFCIY (100,391) (100,393) by jaker20 from US
Yeah, most Christmas songs sound the same. There's nearly 200 songs with that title alone, many of which have very similar melodies. I read somewhere that this artist suing ripped off their song from "My Heart Belongs to Only You" by Bobby Vinton.
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 16:29)


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