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Name: bliss!
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Re: Best breakup album: Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (100,881) (100,889) by bliss! from .
(Wednesday 3 August 2022; 13:42)
It must have been at the P. Diddy's birthday party. She was wearing the red dress and was all over Derek, but he didn't seem to be reciprocating. She came with another guy, a model. And there are pictures of her with teary eyes, so I guess something must've happened between them.
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(100,841) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 28 July 2022; 19:45)
Charmbracelet is a great album - I mean, c'mon! There are no fillers! The era showed us a more self-reflective and toned down Mariah and I don't mind the whispers. She was glowing and looked better and fitter than in any other era. She was doing exactly what she wanted. Shame we didn't get a single treatment for "The One" or "Subtle Invitation".

It sank because it was not what the general public expected and it didn't feature a song that had "big hit" written all over it. However, as a fan, I appreciate it being the way it is, mature and subtle. It presents early elements of TEOM with "Subtle Invitation" and nods to previous eras with "Lullaby". To be honest, I prefer a bold Mariah trying something different than a repetitive Mariah following formulaic recipes of success.
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Did Mariah ever work with The Matrix? (100,418) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 9 June 2022; 18:15)
I read an article that said Mariah was set to work with The Matrix (production team responsible for some of Avril Lavigne hits) in 2003. Did that ever happen? Also, did she ever work with Korean reggae artist Skull?
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Re: Swan song (96,042) (96,055) by bliss! from .
(Friday 9 October 2020; 18:54)
You made me very curious to read Jewel's memoir. After you posted about it, I read and listened to many of her interviews and she seems to be a very wise and intelligent woman.

Thanks for the insight. Since I've never read a memoir, having a perspective of how other artists approached theirs, gets me closer to realize what I really feel about The Meaning of Mariah Carey.
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Mesmerized / Loverboy (95,916) by bliss! from .
(Friday 2 October 2020; 15:08)
The chorus of "Mesmerize" features vocal layers with the same melody as the "Loverboy" ones. "I want him, I want him, I need him, I need him, I love him, I love him" is very similar to "tell me that you want it, you want it, you want it". By the way, "Mesmerized" would sound great with a live band.

"Loverboy (Firecracker)" is growing on me, I definitely understand why she was so angry about the sabotage. The sample is simply magical, innovative and would bring a whole new flavor to Mariah's body of work. However, I still don't know if its superior to the Cameo one. The vocals are better, but I think the sample could've been used in a softer way (lower in volume throughout the song) like on J.Lo's "I'm real" (I hope MC doesn't read this forum though).
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Is there an award for audiobooks? (95,875) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 1 October 2020; 00:47)
I started listening to the audiobook this morning. This is my first experience with books in this format and I'm loving it so far, I just can't get enough of her super soothing talking voice. I hope Mariah gets an awards for this.

My favorite moment so far is when Mariah discusses Henry, one of her mother's "better" boyfriends, the one with PTSD. The part where she says that she heard from somone that he screamed "She made it. She made it" the first time he heard "Vision of love" on the radio made me cry a bit.

"I hope you also made it, Henry." What a beautiful soul Mariah can be.
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Grunge-riah: a dream come true (95,841) by bliss! from .
(Monday 28 September 2020; 20:50)
Knowing that Mariah had a secret creative life during Daydream has made me even more proud to be a fan of hers.

I love some of the grunge bands that were famous during the 90s, such as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Hole, and I usually listen to them to do exactly what Mariah did: let my frustration and anger out. Then, when I'm calmer, I go back to my beloved hip hop and R&B.

By the way, I always thought Debut-Riah could easily sing any song from Temple of the Dog's only album and I would be super happy to hear her singing raw lyrics such as "Violet" from Hole.

I hope that seeing her fans reaction to the Chick project makes her realize that we will embrace – or at least be curious about – her music not matter what, and that we would love a jazz album as well hehe.
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Re: Mimi Outta My Head and Into Yours (89,247) (89,249) by bliss! from .
(Sunday 21 April 2019; 01:02)
Since I first heard this song "Too Deep", by dvsn (which is a duo founded by the "GTFO" producer Nineteen85), I thought: "That's exactly what Mariah should be doing." Something with strong vocals, melodic, sexy and with gospel choirs. "GTFO" is good, but it's not exactly what I expected from a collaboration with Nineteen85. It lacks climax. But it was a nice attempt.
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A No No x No Scrubs (melody) (86,608) by bliss! from .
(Wednesday 28 November 2018; 07:01)
Has anyone noticed how there's a part of "A No No"s melody that is very similar to the chorus of "No Scrubs" by TLC?

"No, I don't want your number" is "No, you ain't gonna lie to my face no' mo". If you try to sing TLC's lyrics to the melody of "A No No" you might get what I mean. Or am I just tripping?
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Re: A lengthy meditation on the album (86,306) (86,308) by bliss! from .
(Tuesday 20 November 2018; 19:20)
Hey Chris, I really appreciate your words about the album, it's nice to read all kinds of opinions, especially from early 90s fans. I just keep wondering if the fact that she's singing about childish, casual, self-referential topics is a reflection of a woman who felt she found love (with Nick) - and got terribily devastated when it ended - and now has found that life should be taken less seriously, but always with an underlying caution? Maybe the light-hearted quality of the album is a reflection of how she's dealing with things right now, and maybe this approach is healthier for her?

And even, let's say, Mariah losing herself in this ghetto-princess fantasy is in fact Mariah losing touch with reality after all this years trapped in this celebrity world? I also think she gets frustrated with how she's perceived and how she sees herself, reason why she's always claiming to be a song writer first, and not only a singer. You really gave me a lot of food for thought.
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Webmaster (78,591) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 28 September 2017; 13:27)
Is it possible for us to check our previous posts? Sometimes I like to keep track on what I posted here. [Webmaster: Yes, you can. Just click on your photo.]
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Janet's radio documentary: Janet, Jam and Lewis (78,590) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 28 September 2017; 13:25)
Have you guys heard this? In this unexpected radio documentary, Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis dissect the layers of 11 Janet's hits and explain the meaning of the songs. How I wish Mariah would do this for "Butterfly", is it too much to ask for?
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Re: VH1 (78,455) by bliss! from .
(Wednesday 20 September 2017; 17:04)
Is Mariah having coordination problems? In the beginning of the performance, as she gets onto the stage and unzips her bodysuit she looks so uncomfortable and visibly slow. It gives the impression that she's medicated or doesn't know where she is. It's the first time I'm actually worried about her health.
On a note, for people who said that Mariah is not known to move a lot on stage, what can we say about this unique performance of SOS Band - Just be good to me?
Of course I'm not expecting her to do this ever again, but maybe it's time to stop worrying about ensembles, choreographies, Tanaka and looking cute, and just spend some time at home until she's able to deliver an average performance where we don't feel so bad or worried about her. I'm also scared about a second breakdown and I do think after her divorce, she was never able to get it back together again
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Mariah talking about her weight in 2015 (77,593) by bliss! from .
(Monday 31 July 2017; 15:27)
I choose to believe Mariah is super self conscious about her weight, but lately hasn't put "natural" efforts to get back in shape, which is understandable, sometimes people are not ready or focused enough to sacrifice some pleasures. Or maybe she feels good about herself the way she is now? I remember this quote from an interview to Daily Mail Weekend on May 2015 and I loved how honest she was when she spoke about her weight gain:
"I was bedridden for a while, but I didn't really want to talk about it because I was worried I wouldn't regain the use of the arm. Being stuck in bed was terrible but I had really good physical therapists who came and moved the arm up and down for me to retrain my mind in that muscle memory. I got through it but it wasn't easy." She shakes her head and sips her wine. 'I'm still recovering from it now in terms of getting my body back to where it was. Before that I was in a really good place and I think, why?" She slaps the extra inches of flesh she's trying to shift in the way we women do. Then she shrugs. "There's a reason for everything and that's how I look at it. Last year was not a pleasant year for me, but I've had unpleasant times before and it hasn't stopped me."
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Re: Being controlled by a sociopath? (76,503) (76,530) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 22 June 2017; 08:09)
Thank you for your extensive reply, Tijl. I have also been in a relationship with a sociopath and know how it feels like. I would say is a bit hard to be open to relationships again, as you become attracted to the same kind of people over and over again until you realize the vicious cicle. I also think Mariah falls under the codependent category, since she is, as you mentioned, very creative and emotional, but at the same time, insecure and a real people pleaser.
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Being controlled by a sociopath? (76,496) by bliss! from .
(Wednesday 21 June 2017; 16:24)
Dear lambs. I was reading about MC Guru's death (I know, it's been a while) and ended up finding a lot of articles saying Guru was being heavily manipulated during his final years by his manager Solar. The guy was controlling his emails and even wrote a "letter from the grave" on Guru's behalf. If that was not enough, Solar didn’t let Guru's family visit him when he was in a coma. I don't want to create theories or anything, but do you think it's possible that Mariah – in a fragile moment like Guru was in his final years as a recovering alcoholic – is being manipulated by Stella on the same level? These thoughts give me goosebumps.
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Re: Art of Letting Go (74,331) (74,341) by bliss! from .
(Monday 10 April 2017; 19:53)
Haha, so "Vision of Love" was supposed to be the 90s "I Don't"? Where can I read about her vision on red undegarment? Was it said in an interview?
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Re: Ridiculously bad videos (74,214) (74,225) by bliss! from .
(Friday 7 April 2017; 02:37)
Edouard, I gave an example of one video, "My All", which the vulnerability part makes sense and it's very beautiful to watch, not because she's vulnerable per say, but because it matches the song. She did bad ass videos where she wasn't vulnerable like "Honey", "It's Like That", "Shake it Off" and "Crybaby", with the difference that they all had some sort of storyline instead of her touching herself all the time and looking stiff. Nothing wrong with showing skin, but some of her recent videos are just boring because they are all about that. I mean, her lyrics have so much potential to create great visuals. "I Don't" could be a kickass video, if it had a storyline like her old stuff.
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Re: Ridiculously bad videos (74,202) (74,206) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 6 April 2017; 16:45)
It was nice when Mariah had videos with storylines or symbolism that didn't have her sexuality/looks as the main focus. "My All" was extremely sexy, but still was able to portray her vulnerability, laying on a large conch shell while her lover appeared in a lighthouse. So much was being said with few resources. The problem is that now her videos are all about her looks and her assets. Very uncomfortable to watch and no strategy whatsoever.
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Re: Mariah's mystery collaborator (73,150) (73,161) by bliss! from .
(Sunday 26 February 2017; 19:26)
I read that the collaborator is Bryson Tyller. That will be awesome.
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Brazilian website criticizes Mariah's Team (69,826) by bliss! from .
(Monday 12 December 2016; 17:13)
A famous Brazilian website called UOL wrote an article about how Mariah's team is censoring the press when interviewing her. Here are some of their advices when doing so:
- Questions about her personal life are prohibitted. The interview must be about Mariah's World, music, fashion and beauty.
- Mariah's World is a 8 episode docu-series, not a reality show.
- Do not ask her for a selfie or an autograph.
UOL's team also shared that they shouldn't ask her why she doesn't like her series to be called a reality show and what she doesn't like about this type of format. Details about the cancellation of her tour in Brazil - or any reference, such as when she intends to perform in the country again - have also been cut. The article is basically critizing the fact that is hard to ask questions to an artist regards a reality show, if they can't touch her personal life - even though they understand this type of question is usually censored. And that her team's demands make it hard to do a rich content interview with her. Here's the full article.
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