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Name: Victoria
Country: USA
I love me some MC
Re: Collaborations (100,438) (100,439) by Victoria from USA
(Monday 13 June 2022; 10:33)
Damn Jake. I'm scared of you.
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Re: "Emotions" in the Masked Singer Belgium (99,933) (99,947) by Victoria from USA
(Sunday 20 March 2022; 08:16)
Wow. She did the climbing notes of the so high part. I can't recall MC doing it live, like she did it on the recording.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey's brother: 5 fast facts you need to know (99,904) (99,909) by Victoria from USA
(Sunday 13 March 2022; 17:02)
I still don't believe those allegations. Certain types of people will say anything. I unfortunately have known a lot of sex workers and you can't believe most things that come out of their mouths. They have no moral compass.
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Re: Perfume (99,732) (99,741) by Victoria from USA
(Monday 21 February 2022; 05:34)
I like Honey and Ribbon the most. I had M, but it must've been bad. It smelled like bootie.
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Re: Don't Look Up (99,310) (99,324) by Victoria from USA
(Wednesday 29 December 2021; 22:37)
She's totally trump. I can only hope he gets his face eaten by a dinosaur too.
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Re: Missing You (99,318) (99,323) by Victoria from USA
(Wednesday 29 December 2021; 22:34)
I'd love it. I love Tina's version too.
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Re: Here We Go Around Again as the 5th single (99,175) (99,182) by Victoria from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 18:04)
That is not a number one song. I like it, but nope.
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Re: "Dem Burgers" (99,158) (99,164) by Victoria from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 00:53)
Her thinking might be, that people could be grateful for the free food. Grateful people might stream her Christmas music.
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Marilyn Monroe (98,575) by Victoria from USA
(Saturday 4 September 2021; 22:22)
I still don't understand the whole Marilyn obsession. Maybe as a child, but not as an adult. [censored] Mariah should be a huge fan of Blowpez, if that's the case. Sorry, just my drunkey thoughts.
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Re: Music Box tour footage NYC (98,564) (98,565) by Victoria from USA
(Tuesday 31 August 2021; 05:27)
It really hurts now to hear her say that her mom is there. It was just to introduce the story we all already know. Patricia singing her that song, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was a one time moment. At least she complimented the see you next Tuesday
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Monroe (98,403) by Victoria from USA
(Wednesday 21 July 2021; 00:34)
Someday, hey hey.
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Dionne Warwick (97,891) by Victoria from USA
(Monday 26 April 2021; 17:35)
Can you believe this woman? She's so forgettable.
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MOAIA Dream demo-ish song (97,775) by Victoria from USA
(Thursday 8 April 2021; 03:40)
Has anyone listened to Finding Hope's 3:00 a.m.? It's probably a song everyone has already heard. I just know it's the first non Miss Carey song that I'm really gonna enjoy this summer.
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Re: Mariah's age (97,729) (97,731) by Victoria from USA
(Thursday 1 April 2021; 01:52)
So why haven't her money grubbing siblings mentioned this before? They don't seem to shy away from anything exposing her as a villain.
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Re: MC30 tomorrow (95,238) (95,245) by Victoria from USA
(Friday 28 August 2020; 02:34)
You wish 2 Pac.
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Re: Emotions album (93,700) (93,702) by Victoria from USA
(Sunday 19 April 2020; 01:52)
I used to have the Emotions poster. I also had the Love Takes Time subway poster. I have no idea where the posters cardboard tube ended up
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Re: I Have a Vision of Flop (92,259) (92,262) by Victoria from USA
(Saturday 11 January 2020; 01:03)
If you're not around, you'll always pop up again later.
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Re: Billboard week of 12.28 (91,794) (91,796) by Victoria from USA
(Friday 20 December 2019; 02:03)
Just saw Wendy talking about 19th #1 and then had to discuss the no tip situation. Starts with a positive and ends with a negative. Reminds me of someone who said he was leaving, but keeps on coming back. Andrew Williams.
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Re: Caution at The Grammy's (90,345) (90,346) by Victoria from USA
(Wednesday 17 July 2019; 23:35)
Record of the Year is one song. It's not a whole album.
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Re: Madonna's BBMA performance (89,502) (89,504) by Victoria from USA
(Wednesday 8 May 2019; 00:41)
In the world we live in now, a person in their twenties can be a grandmother.
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Re: Till the end of time (88,285) (88,294) by Victoria from USA
(Monday 4 March 2019; 00:48)
As if we didnt't know he was coming back.
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Re: Butterfly (87,940) (87,942) by Victoria from USA
(Thursday 7 February 2019; 00:33)
Who writes a comment that long? Whoa.
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Re: Full - We're Not Making Love Anymore (87,263) (87,265) by Victoria from USA
(Friday 28 December 2018; 00:26)
I don't think it's a great song, but I miss her sounding like that magic. She's still the best, but the things she could do before time ravaged all our bodies.
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Re: Other early duet partners (87,261) (87,264) by Victoria from USA
(Friday 28 December 2018; 00:23)
Michael McDonald? Ooof.
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Re: Walter the retail relic (87,182) (87,186) by Victoria from USA
(Friday 21 December 2018; 23:07)
Sorry dude, but no. I just went through a video of all their songs together. Most of her final album tracks were with him, which were her most personal tracks. Not to mention "Do you think of me" and "Everything fades away", "Love takes time".
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