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Name: Robert-Anthony
Country: United States
I have been a Lamb since 1990. I know Mariah. I love her music. I breathe her music.
Super sexy MC (82,592) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 31 May 2018; 19:24)
If MC loses any more weight, she is going look like she did when Touch My Body premiered. She is looking so sexy and beautiful right now. I am even motivated to drop a few pounds for the summer. Her video for the first single is going to be hot. She is going flaunt her body all over the video. You know she is feeling super confident right now. Her vocals should sound really good too. I feel a new single is coming towards the end of June so she can sing it during the residency. There sure isn't a song of summer contender right now. No More Tears Left To Cry - maybe so or not. It would be grand if MC held the song of summer title for 2018. Shut those naysayers down.
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She lost that ring (82,582) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 30 May 2018; 04:40)
Finally, Mariah is letting go of old baggage. This new album is going to be filled with a lot of Red Table talk. 1. The Ring. 2. Stella. 3. Packer 4. Damizza 5. Demi 6. Tanaka. What I find interesting with this album secrecy is that no one knows who the producers and beat makers are for the new album. Poo Bear is just a songwriter and vocalist. He never takes on the role of producer when he collaborates with other artists. Well, 2018 is proving to be Mariah taking her own advice of letting go. We better get a Ed Sherran collaboration with new album. He could become the one to replace Big Jim Wright with the ballads.
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Re: Poo Bear (82,540) (82,556) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 28 May 2018; 21:13)
Thank you for watching the video. Watching the video and hearing some of his other songs like 112's Anywhere and Peaches and Cream, and his song with Shirellx, Poo Boo is a genius with melody and simple lyrics and titles. He co wrote Pink's Love Is Such A Crazy Thing on her first album. E=MC2 shows on his discography section on his website. Being a protege of Scott Storch, I think he offered some non-credited contribution to Side Effects. Wouldn't it be interesting if his collaboration gives MC her 19th #1. Lol.
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Re: Album delayed (82,546) (82,554) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 28 May 2018; 20:58)
I am pretty sure the album is coming this year. What a perfect year to release a new album. The current state of summer music right now is that every song is sounding the same on the radio. July could come and she drops the first single, album title, and TV performances for promotion. She has to be finished recording the album by June, right? The Butterly Returns residency begins in the middle of July.
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Poo Bear (82,536) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 27 May 2018; 06:49)
Checkout out Poo Bear's YouTube video - Afraid of Forever/Let It Play. It is almost an hour video about him creating that next hit in the studio, his work ethic, family, and overcoming his personal struggles. Great video and informative. He is a workaholic and perfectionist just like MC. Lambs, I think we are in store for something really special soon. I have never paid any attention to the name Jason Boyd in song credits until now. I feel MC could have collaborated with anybody new, but his name was possibly pitched by Jay Z and his team as a starting point for a fresh new sound. I haven't learned how to attach video links to my posts yet, so just do a Google search - Poo Bear in the studio on YouTube. Once you find it, can you attach it with your next post? It is a must see video about Poo Bear.
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New album (82,532) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 26 May 2018; 20:02)
I read the May 22 Billboard article where Poo Bear confirmed that he is working with Mariah. I hope that he can create something special with Mariah that she hasn't already done with The Dream, Mike Will Made It, Hitboy and others. Maybe he can create several hits with her that will connect her with the younger buying public. She needs the younger buying music fans to get a radio hit. His work with Justin Beiber on Purpose really surprised me. I thought the album was going to be a flop for Justin but radio played every single released. I just hope she collaborates with Fred Ball, Pop and Oak, Babyface, Da Internz, Murderbeatz, Illangelo, and Kirk Franklin before she lets RocNation hear what she has done with Poo Bear. 7-8 songs sounds very promising for a new sound. However, no studio photos every week is not what I am used to. I want another song like Fantasy lyrically at least.
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Best ballad collaborations list (82,521) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 25 May 2018; 05:13)
I have been thinking lately about Mariah's best ballads from the numerous producers she continuously collaborated with during her career. Well, here's my list.
Best ballad collaboration with Jermaine Dupri - We Belong Together
Best ballad collaboration with Walter Afansieff - Love Takes Time
Best ballad collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis - Yours
Best ballad collaboration with Babyface - Never Forget You
Best ballad collaboration with James "Big Jim" Wright - Cry
Best ballad collaboration with David Foster - After Tonight
Best ballad collaboration with James Posyer - Mine Again
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Trent Harmon (82,512) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 23 May 2018; 13:46)
Has anybody heard Trent Harmon's new CD, You Got Em All? It is a brilliant debut. Trent is channeling Mariah on his beautiful ballad Cause I Do with the melody and his rich vocals.
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Current record label (82,491) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 22 May 2018; 01:02)
Does anybody know if the new album will be a RocNation or Epic release? I am curious because I thought she still owed Epic three more albums.
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Angel's Advocate tour (82,475) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 20 May 2018; 01:54)
The Angel's Advocate tour is one nobody ever talks about. The tour was very special for me because it was my first time seeing Mariah live ever in Atlanta. The Angel's Advocate tour was Mariah's last big tour with multiple dates back to back. Her voice was strong and sounded great. What I found to be odd was that her voice sounded so hoarse and raspy on MOIA, but when she toured during Angel's Advocate her voice had no rasp or hoarseness. That goes to show what we can expect with the new album and the shows in July and August. Her voice should sound really awesome because she has lost weight and feeling good about her new look. She probably will never do a huge tour again because her voice just can't sustain that type of singing night after night. The Adventures of Mimi DVD is evidence. I just can't watch it as much as I would like to because she sounded so hoarse during much of the concert.
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Creating a new sound (82,426) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 17 May 2018; 00:14)
I feel MC is well on her way to creating a new sound. First, she looks amazing. I can't believe the Mother's Day photo and what it is saying to those body shamers right now. She is looking so sexy with every new photo. I am sure this new sexiness has boosted her confidence and stirred up her old songwriting style. Remember when MC used big vocabulary words and her lyrics had depth. She lost her big vocabulary and lyrical depth after Butterfly. Second, in order to create a new sound, she has to work with new songwriters and producers. So Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox are out and who is hot right now is in. A fast style of singing is out and just her voice and piano is in. I believe her voice will be like Daydream and before. Well, only time will tell.
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(82,411) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 15 May 2018; 02:20)
I am crossing my fingers with this new era that we finally get an original male duet. I would love to see a Maxwell collaboration. It is long overdue. Maybe one with the new neo soul singer Daniel Ceasar or hip hop crooner August Alsina or versatile Childish Gambino. MC is so particular who she collaborates with. She has to really feel the artist and like their energy. Thus, in 2015 we got #Beautiful with Miguel. No more cover songs in this era though.
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RocNation songwriter Fred Ball (82,401) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 13 May 2018; 23:05)
RocNation Signee is a hit making songwriter and producer who crafted the RnB hit Deadwood for Toni Braxton. Could he be writing with Mariah? Fred Ball's resume is here at
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First impressions of TEOM (82,393) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 13 May 2018; 04:06)
My first impressions of TEOM were that MC was back. I remember hearing the album for time from a link on MariahDaily. I was at my parents house and I couldn't stop playing the songs for my family. It was real authentic Mariah Carey. Some of her best work with Jermaine Dupri is on TEOM. Stay The Night is one of Kanye's best produced tracks he has produced for another artist. I stayed up that Monday night so that I could purchase TEOM midnite [sic] at Spin Street in Memphis which closed this year. I drove home listening to [the] CD in my car. That was my first impressions of TEOM. I am hoping for another TEOM but without Jermaine Dupri. Maybe upon his first listen to the initial tracks, Jay-Z will tell Mariah to fly to Virginia Beach and record a few tracks with Timbaland and Danja. We can only hope for something special in the coming months. But I am growing impatient. Thus, with my 2-3 post a week now. Lol.
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The last three mistakes (82,379) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 12 May 2018; 03:32)
I hope the new album rollout and promotion is orchestrated better than MIAM, MOIA, and E=MC2. First, MIAM had the wrong singles released after Beautiful. There was no album promotion at all. It seems like MC was fed up with Def Jam and vice versa. Naming the album with that weird and long title said it all. Second, letting The Dream and Tricky Stewart write and produce most of MOIA was a total disaster. All the songs sounded alike and MC sounded boring. MC had never before had just one production team create her album sound. She strayed away from her hit making formula and took a catastrophic chance. MOIA lacked great singles after Obsessed and the video for I Want To Know What Love Is was cheesy and unexciting. It should have never been an U.S. single. Third, MIAM had many great single choices after Touch My Body and releasing Bye Bye was a huge mistake. Great song with a message but not a great single choice for maximizing album sales and maintaining chart longevity. Migrate would have been a better single choice. Some A&R executive and L.A. Reid dropped the ball with E=MC2. So let's hope MC returns with a hot album cover and title, multiple promotional rollouts and a great fresh sounding album. The Live Nation deal sounds promising.
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Allure (82,360) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 9 May 2018; 22:15)
Mariah is looking so beautiful these days. I really think she is about to show the world again why she is the only songbird supreme. Her voice sounds like it is back to 1997 Butterfly era. I hope she releases a new song in July ahead of the Vegas shows for Song of the Summer. The anticipation and waiting is making me feel really good about The Butterfly Returns era. What other major female artist is releasing a new album this year besides Christina?
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Take your time MC (82,308) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 5 May 2018; 18:56)
I really feel MC is getting ready to surprise really soon. She hasn't confirmed any producers or collaborations yet. But if it is true about Poo Bear as one of the producers, I can't wait to see what they come up with. She always puts in the mix multiple producers and collaboration surprises. The anticipation and stakes are high so take your time Mariah. If Accelerate by Christina is any indication of her June Hip Hop album release then MC shouldn't rush her album. Accelerate is a disjointed Hip Hop mess. Her vocals are flat and muffled. The rap lines are off topic. Radio is going to pass on this song. You can tell Kanye produced it because the beat and production is way off.
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Daydream vs. TEOM (82,299) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 4 May 2018; 03:30)
I remember when I first heard Daydream. I couldn't get enough of the whole album. And when I heard TEOM for the first time, it felt like Daydream II. Always my two favorite albums.
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(82,245) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 1 May 2018; 00:24)
The title is symbolic to everything Mariah has been through in the past 3 years. She has been caged like a bird unable to be herself. She is free to spread her wings again. Didn't she break free in 1997 with the Butterfly album? Didn't we feel it with every song that she was free from her captors? Perfect title to return to a soaring form with those heartfelt ballads and uptempo R&B songs she is known for. She is out of her cocoon and looking absolutely amazing. I am pretty sure I am right. I know I am because I have been a Lamb since day one. Super excited for The Butterfly Returns.
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MC should collaborate with David Garcia and Josh M. (82,195) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 29 April 2018; 14:20)
David Garcia and Josh Miller co-wrote Bebe Rexha and FGL's Meant To Be. This song is hot and has broken all records on the charts and having massive sales. Can you imagine if Mariah stepped out of her box and wrote a couple of songs with these Country Pop song writers? Their collaboration would be reminisce of her songs with Ben Margulies and Walter Afansieff. David Garcia co-produced Carrie Underwood's upcoming album, Cry Pretty. This album is going to take Carrie Underwood to a soulful and emotional place she has never gone before on any of her other albums. And all because of David Garcia. Checkout his website. He is a very talented songwriter and producer.
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(82,193) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 29 April 2018; 01:04)
We have seen videos or read the following about what we can expect with this new album:
1. Possible collaboration with The Weekend.
2. Snippet of a Busta Rhymes collaboration.
3. 2017 YouTube video of Mariah in studio with DJ Khaled and Travis Scott.
4. Possible collaboration with Childish Gambino.
5. DJ Suss One says she is 7-8 songs in.
6.. And just recently 7-8 songs in with Poo Bear.
I am hopeful for more songs like Mine Again, Lullaby, Circles, Can't Let Go, and Melt Away.
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5 Songs that would be #1 again if resung/reimagine (82,159) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 26 April 2018; 04:39)
I was thinking today about #1 songs by MC if they were resung or reimagined with a duet partner would be another # 1 song on the Hot 100. So here goes my list:
1. One Sweet Day - Bruno Mars and Pink
2. We Belong Together - Zayn
3. Hero - Tori Kelly
4. Emotions - Kelly Clarkson
5. Love Takes Time - Jeffrey Osborne
6. Touch My Body/I'll Be Loving U Long Time - Sza and David Guetta
7. Don't Forget About Us - Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar and DJ Khalid
What would be your list of resung/reimagined # 1 MC songs?
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What if MC said my last album and my last tour (82,121) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 24 April 2018; 02:32)
What if this 2018 new album will be her last and a 2019 world tour will be her last tour. How would Lambs react? Would it pave the way for MC to finally be free to live her life not in the public eye and just focus on raising Roc and Roe? What would be her legacy?
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Will JD and BMC get in studio with MC in 2018? (82,096) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 22 April 2018; 17:44)
I don't think JD and BMC will have any songs on MC's new album. I say that because JD was asked on Twitter if he knew anything about MC's new album and his reply was "Nothing." So I feel MC wants to create a new sound by not working with her former hit making duo. Her secrecy who she is working with this time is a good thing but I am so used to her posting pictures of who she is in the studio with. I guess she wants to surprise us this summer or fall. But I am going to be really disappointed if she doesn't release new music in 2018. Only time will tell since she is back on the road in October.
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Hopeful for new Timbaland songs and Cardi B (82,073) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 21 April 2018; 17:33)
I just finished listening to Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake. This is the kind of song Mariah needs to write with Timbaland. I hopeful for at least two new Timbaland songs. Plus I would love to see collaborations with Cardi B, DJ Mustard, Babyface/ Antonio Dixon, and Malay. Something tells me a new single is coming in May or June.
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