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Country: South Africa
All is possible if you believe. Still doubt Mariah is human, unbelievably amazing
Re: Vocabulary (100,698) (100,702) by Mò from South Africa
(Tuesday 12 July 2022; 17:59)
I saw some people asking on social platforms if MC has some sort of a walking disability. I get the "diva thing", but she has overdone it and makes her unrelatable to ordinary people. Imagine how powerful the moment would have been if she walked in like a queen that she is, unaided. The commotion, bodies around her and all the help takes away from her.
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Re: What if that's just Mariah? (100,554) (100,555) by Mò from South Africa
(Wednesday 22 June 2022; 20:56)
Bill I am with you, and what we are saying is not being negative. As a matter of fact I am the least negative person. I have been teased for years by people for seeing good even if there isn't.

I believe feedback is a gift. A part of me had hoped Mariah with all the time she had before the big day she would have crafted a powerful speech (no gimmicks). She has always wanted to cement her place as a respected songwriter. This was her big moment and also a big moment for everyone globally who have rallied behind her.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,493) by Mò from South Africa
(Friday 17 June 2022; 23:29)
Randy, you are not negative. The speech was horrible. *Closed my ears* Sad moment for true lambs. It was one of her most anticipated speeches as a songwriter, and it turned into self mockery.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,486) (100,492) by Mò from South Africa
(Friday 17 June 2022; 23:17)
Mariah is a professional, groomed from the start of her career for public appearances. What played out on that stage was tragic.
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Re: Collaborations (100,456) (100,462) by Mò from South Africa
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 15:40)
Bill, I pray Mariah never has to address "issues" relating to her voice. As a perfectionist that she is, she continues to record music, and put an effort to work with whatever state her voice is in.

We all have free will, and can move on to artists we believe have voices meeting our ear preferences, instead of wanting to strip Mariah of her dignity by explaining to the world the state of her voice.
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Re: The Roof feat. Brandy (100,171) (100,189) by Mò from South Africa
(Saturday 16 April 2022; 14:18)
Terna, you beautifully painted the picture past and present.
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Re: Memoirs is an attempt at Butterfly II (99,943) (99,954) by Mò from South Africa
(Sunday 20 March 2022; 17:59)
Randy, Memoirs is one of my favorite albums. I even own a physical cd and cherish it. I enjoy it without trying.
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Re: Mariah and Celine (99,578) (99,586) by Mò from South Africa
(Tuesday 1 February 2022; 12:31)
Randy and Bill, wow, lol. But I have to agree, enough about excuses. In as much as Mariah is my number 1, Celine is highly talented, humble and relatable on a human level.
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Re: AIWFCIY hits #1 (99,240) (99,246) by Mò from South Africa
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 14:36)
Amen special K.
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Re: Mariah at McDonald's (98,933) (98,938) by Mò from South Africa
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 12:07)
Myles, I couldn't agree more with you. Nothing wrong with MCs new deal. Champagne, caviar and mermaid dresses makes her unrelatable. There's more to her, she is human. And bottom line it's her decision.

The general public believes lambs live in a bubble and lambs sometimes block her success as *gatekeepers*, and often the first to critique her every move.
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Re: Mariah a Christmas act (98,739) (98,742) by Mò from South Africa
(Friday 15 October 2021; 13:33)
For some reason it does not bother me. She has achieved more than many people can claim, regardless of field of work. Adding a Christmas act is another big achievement. She broke into the industry when Adele was barely 2 years old. Let's give her a break.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,287) (98,289) by Mò from South Africa
(Saturday 26 June 2021; 14:19)
Stacey, lives in its own rotten world.
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Re: Mariah's age (97,733) (97,734) by Mò from South Africa
(Thursday 1 April 2021; 11:55)
Even if she was 79 , surely that information or lack of it has no impact on anyone's quality of life.
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Re: Album rankings (97,484) (97,491) by Mò from South Africa
(Thursday 25 February 2021; 21:39)
1) Butterfly
2) Music box (diamond treasure)
3) MOAIA (my ears hopelessly love this one)
4) Daydream
5) E=MC2
6) Glitter
7) Rainbow
8) All others change positions according to the space I am in life.
9) Last position would be "The elusive chanteuse". I have tried but can't connect with this album (at all).
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Re: Mimi's Late Night Valentine's Mix (97,348) (97,350) by Mò from South Africa
(Friday 12 February 2021; 16:53)
Words fail. Amazing.
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Re: Supreme interview part I and II (97,157) (97,159) by Mò from South Africa
(Monday 18 January 2021; 12:32)
I enjoyed the interview. Great conversation between all of them. One thing for sure is that Mariah has worked hard to cement her place. She can tell her story however way she wants.
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Re: Ryan and Kelly show, thank you, next (97,028) (97,033) by Mò from South Africa
(Thursday 24 December 2020; 20:22)
Terna, I could not agree with you more. I have made a similar observation. They will do whatever necessary to ensure "she" does not tie that record. Even non Mariah fans will tell you the same observation. Unfortunately she has never allowed herself to be a puppet of the music industry executives (influencers and gate keepers etc) and her chart success annoys the hell out of them. This is not rocket science.
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Re: That Mariah power (96,733) (96,734) by Mò from South Africa
(Friday 27 November 2020; 15:17)
Terna, I thought the same thing. Seems Christmas albums are now in fashion. MC has created so many templates in the industry.
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Re: 9/11 (95,512) (95,517) by Mò from South Africa
(Saturday 12 September 2020; 15:04)
Hilton, I could not have said it better than you.
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Re: Save The Day video (95,508) (95,516) by Mò from South Africa
(Saturday 12 September 2020; 09:56)
I cringed from the little I saw. Did not want to see more, which is unlike me. I closed the clip. I like your front line covid concept (it would have matched the message of the song).
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Re: Another take on the voice (95,187) (95,206) by Mò from South Africa
(Tuesday 25 August 2020; 20:24)
Hi Nikki, I will gladly assist your brother with info. Where in SA is he going to be based? Feel free to reach out.
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Sadly, criticism is the main order of the day (95,179) by Mò from South Africa
(Monday 24 August 2020; 19:51)
Unfortunately Mariah's fans (ironic enough) generally have the most negative comments towards her. I doubt there will be anything good enough she puts out which will satisfy her fans. Her fans do a great job criticizing her than the general public.

What the general public got from SDT was a creative, comfortably enjoying herself, asking for no permission to be herself.
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(94,928) by Mò from South Africa
(Monday 17 August 2020; 16:54)
My all
One sweet day
Stay the night
Always be my baby
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Re: Great documentary (94,420) (94,428) by Mò from South Africa
(Monday 22 June 2020; 19:15)
Andrew, what an on point analysis of that performance. That's how I've always analyzed it. MC sang it as recorded. There's a point where she was a bit frustrated but kept it cool. At some point WH was too loud and MC held back, she is a genius, otherwise it would have sounded very untidy.
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Re: Gold editions and tour (93,646) (93,680) by Mò from South Africa
(Friday 17 April 2020; 17:11)
Andrew, I have not laughed this hard in a while, thanks for the YouTube link. Might now have cancer from sound waves,
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