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Name: TheWind
Country: England
Proceed with caution
Re: RIP Olivia Newton John (100,940) (100,946) by TheWind from England
(Tuesday 9 August 2022; 18:18)
RIP to a true icon. She was a supporter of the LGBT community long before it was fashionable too. She will be missed. I'd love Mariah to cover I Honestly Love You. I think she could really do that song justice. However, this post is about ONJ. A true, true icon and star. A class act. Mariah's tribute was sincere and beautiful. God bless Olivia.
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Re: Bey snubs Mariah (100,919) (100,921) by TheWind from England
(Sunday 7 August 2022; 01:34)
Perhaps they checked in with Mariah, and it was a firm no from Mariah. Mariah can be very protective of her brand, and legacy, and having her name mentioned over a sample of Vogue is probably not in tune with what she would want. Other than that I can't figure it out tbh. And in all honesty, I doubt they would have checked with all the people they name dropped, so it's probably something else. Either way, Mariah is an absolute legend, and a far better songwriter than Beyoncé or Madonna, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Also, I use the term songwriter in the loosest sense of the word when referring to Beyoncé.
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Re: You and I (100,661) (100,680) by TheWind from England
(Saturday 9 July 2022; 14:11)
One of my all time favourite Mariah performances. Simple, controlled, and excellent. And not an insecurity in sight. She was very much in her comfort zone with that song, and knew she would deliver, as you have said. Some of her early 00s performances were great. There was a semi resurgence of the voice post breakdown, and Mariah taking more care of herself.
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Re: BET number 1 trending on YouTube (100,591) (100,592) by TheWind from England
(Monday 27 June 2022; 21:39)
Mariah sounded so good. Was such a cute performance. Credit to Latto too. She did good in her own right. Mariah was great, and that one minute cameo was a nice reintroduction to the stage.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,508) (100,512) by TheWind from England
(Saturday 18 June 2022; 22:04)
Thanks to Google, I guess everyone is a doctor these days. People be diagnosing for fun.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,483) (100,504) by TheWind from England
(Saturday 18 June 2022; 09:39)
So, in the same breath as saying I shouldn't be critical of Mariah because of her mental health issues, you then ask me what is my excuse? Quite hypocritical, and laughable at the same time. Several people have already made the point. She needs to get herself together. This isn't new. She's been diagnosed since 2001. It's such a huge moment for her. I just think people felt let down. With all that being said, I do take your point over mental health. And about perhaps being more respectful. Something we could all learn by the looks of it.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,481) by TheWind from England
(Friday 17 June 2022; 19:47)
Incoherent. Missed the mark. Undermined her purpose for being there. It's embarrassing that at her age she is unable to get it together for these events. Aside from her speech, her outfit and hair were awful too. I don't know who is styling her lately, but that outfit was something befitting a real housewives reunion and not a seasoned diva. And to be clear, that isn't a good thing.
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Re: Collaborations (100,438) (100,454) by TheWind from England
(Wednesday 15 June 2022; 21:06)
I don't believe I said I wanted 90s style runs or indeed music. I clearly stated that I think Mariah needs to keep it simple and stop chasing trends. If you think Caution is truly great, then good for you, but the general public and most fans alike don't agree, as proven by the sales. If most people can see what is glaringly obvious, but a small few cannot, then I'm afraid it isn't us who are out of touch. A 52 year old writing, producing and stylising music akin to that of a 20 year old is not a good look. What I want from Mariah is authenticity, and Caution is anything but that. I also believe Mariah was under Roc Nation at that time of promoting Caution, and I strongly suspect most of the album's promotional budget was spent buying positive reviews, something Roc Nation are known for. There is no way on earth that Caution can by any measurable standard be considered better than Butterfly, Daydream, TEOM, or indeed any other Mariah album, just because it was supposedly well received by critics. It's easily her worst album. There's a reason the late night version of WBT was so well received by fans. It was mature, sophisticated, and sexy, all at the same time. Something we haven't seen for a while. A few tracks of original material written in that vein would not go amiss.
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Re: Collaborations (100,427) (100,429) by TheWind from England
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 12:58)
I couldn't agree more. The current Mariah is at her best when she just strips it back, doesn't overthink it and just goes with the music and melody. This constant thirst to be current is exhausting and counterproductive. The irony of it all is, if she just stuck to her guns, trusted the simplicity of her process and went with it, she'd get more acclaim and we as fans would be happier, that's for sure. Caution was an example of Mariah chasing current trends, albeit in her own style, but selling the album as not chasing trends, to save face should it not do well. We need no more of that. Get a piano, some strings and get into the studio and do what you do best. Nobody has ever fallen in love with Mariah because of songs like Thirsty, or anything off of Caution. Go back to basics Mimi and give us what we want.
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Masterclass - taking care of your voice (100,195) by TheWind from England
(Sunday 17 April 2022; 10:38)
I loved the masterclass sessions. Seeing Mariah produce should be enough evidence for any doubter as to how good of a songwriter and producer she is. However, did anyone else notice in the taking care of your voice session, that Mariah didn’t really show any real knowledge of how to warm her voice up, or protect it beyond using humidifiers and not talking. That really surprised me and shows that perhaps a proper vocal coach for a prolonged period of time could help her. No disrespect intended towards Mariah or the sessions. I thought they weee fascinating and that her voice was gorgeous throughout. I loved every minute. It was just something I noticed.
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Re: Memoirs is an attempt at Butterfly II (99,955) (99,966) by TheWind from England
(Monday 21 March 2022; 22:49)
It was a good album. Languishing is modern Mariah at her best.
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Re: Underated? (99,570) (99,577) by TheWind from England
(Tuesday 1 February 2022; 00:37)
Did Celine Dion write or produce anything in Falling Into You? Show Mariah's pen game some respect. I agree that she hasn't written anything of real substance in some time, but don't dismiss everything she did in the first 15 years of her career to just to make a point that compares her level of talent to Celine's. Celine has had a great career and is very talented, but Mariah has had every right to be arrogant about her songwriting. It did set her apart, it does set her apart and those songs have stood the test of time. It takes a supreme level of talent to sing, write and produce at the level Mariah did, even if she hasn't done that in 10 years or so. It's worth remembering that Mariah wrote and produced more number ones on her debut album than Celine or Whitney did combined for the whole of their careers. And to be clear, I really like them all. They are all very talented, but Mariah's artistry is unique and gives her a different edge when comparing them. We as fans, myself included, can sometimes take for granted the levels Mariah showed. Just because we don't see it much anymore, doesn't mean we shouldn't respect that she had that in her locker. Every year she has a song she wrote in 1994 go to number one. She is timeless.
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Re: Smoke and mirrors (99,219) (99,229) by TheWind from England
(Monday 20 December 2021; 10:06)
With all due respect, do you even know what projecting means? I'm not quite sure you understood my post.
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Smoke and mirrors (99,215) by TheWind from England
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 13:48)
I don't fully buy the message being sent out by Mariah that her voice has been restored over lockdown, as well as her reasoning for not wanting to tour again. I think that over lockdown she posted some well edited, and carefully doctored performances that were very well received by fans and the public. Her voice hasn't received that much praise in a long time. She now knows that the studio environment is the only place where her voice can shine like that in its current state, and I suspect her insecurities are getting the better of her. Hence, the focus on the Butterfly Lounge idea, where she highlights her songwriting process and can show her voice off in a setting that she is completely in control of. Whilst I think it is a great idea, I don't think it will bring in the money she needs to fulfil her lifestyle, so don't be surprised if she tours again in a year or two. The Butterfly Lounge would work best when accompanying an album that displays Mariah's maturer writing side, followed by a tour. On a slightly different note, I haven't been impressed with her output this Christmas. It seems a little lacklustre to me. Her appearance with James Corden was embarrassing for a star of her caliber. She was drunk, the weird hand movements covering her face shows she is at a place where she is being ruled by her insecurities. I do hope she starts to give less smurfs about what people think, and embraces how amazing she is.
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Loverboy Firecracker (95,925) by TheWind from England
(Friday 2 October 2020; 23:04)
Mariah was robbed in every sense of the word. The Firecracker version of Loverboy is amazing. Wow. Just wow. The version released sounds rushed, and disjointed, and lacks a chorus that punches. This version would have been a huge hit. No doubt. It just pops right out of the speakers. The vocals are fire too.
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Re: Out here on my own (95,602) (95,623) by TheWind from England
(Friday 18 September 2020; 21:21)
Didn't realise it was [a] cover lol.
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Out here on my own (95,602) by TheWind from England
(Friday 18 September 2020; 07:16)
"Out here on my own" is the kind of music Mariah should be making consistently. Great melody. Relatable lyrics. Gorgeous vocals. Not overthought. Not overproduced. Not over layered. An absolutely gorgeous track, and the best I've heard from Mariah in a long, long time. She should trust her writing instincts more and keep it simple.
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Re: Andrew (95,037) (95,065) by TheWind from England
(Friday 21 August 2020; 12:53)
You, and nobody else on this message board gets to comment on somebody else's mental health. Not only does it do harm to people who suffer from mental health issues, but trying to "out" people, for want of a better word, is despicable. I'ts also hugely offensive to diminish someones opinion based on mental health issues. If someone wants to talk about their mental health issues, it is great, but unless you're qualified and know the person you're diagnosing personally, then you're doing more harm to sufferers of mental health than good. If you can't handle a different opinion, then I'm afraid it isn't Andrew who needs to leave this message board. The whole point is to listen to an array of views, and not just sycophantic fandom for the sake of it. I don't always agree with Andrew, but I do respect the basis of his opinion and his ability to deal in fact.
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Re: Triumphant (94,817) (94,826) by TheWind from England
(Wednesday 5 August 2020; 22:57)
Just to be clear, it wasn't even an era, that's how out of touch it was with Mariah's fan base, as well as the general public. If Mariah fans were the problem, what was the issue with the general public, were they somehow deluded as well? Triumphant was garbage. It sounded like it was recorded through a cheese grater. If that's your introduction to Mariah, and let's say, the bar in terms of excellence for you, then I feel for you. There is a back catalog of B sides that Triumphant can't even hang with.
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Re: Triumphant (94,820) (94,825) by TheWind from England
(Wednesday 5 August 2020; 22:51)
Finger snap, and twirl in agreement.
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Re: Martyn Hett (94,165) (94,171) by TheWind from England
(Friday 22 May 2020; 15:06)
Well said.
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Re: I Don't (94,151) (94,155) by TheWind from England
(Thursday 21 May 2020; 08:39)
I agree. The sample is really well done. It's just a shame the video looks like a low rent porno.
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,097) (94,098) by TheWind from England
(Thursday 14 May 2020; 23:16)
It was definitely creative.
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,092) (94,094) by TheWind from England
(Thursday 14 May 2020; 12:17)
I appreciated it for what it is, in the context of Mariah's current voice. By recent standards it was good. I am dubious as to whether it was dubbed or not though. It looks like it was pre-recorded and may have been dubbed, with some studio magic added to the parts where she sings fast. However, I don't have enough technical knowledge to make more than an uneducated observation regarding this.
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E=MC2 (93,911) by TheWind from England
(Friday 1 May 2020; 14:26)
I've never liked this album. For me, it was the first time we have heard Mariah's voice in what is essentially her current state. Prior to this, Mariah was capable of producing an album with vocals that were outstanding, even if they were not at her 90s peak. On this album, her voice was noticeably thin, dry and lacked power. No matter how much Mariah's voice changed, I always felt that up until this album, she was an elite vocalist, and that on her best day was as good as anyone else out there. This album and the subsequent performances were ultimately the starting point in a period of mediocrity. I tried listening to it again the other day, and quickly realised why for me it is probably one of Mariah's worst albums. The sequencing is odd, and the vocals are a let down. The album has some great moments, like Touch My Body, For The Record, Thanx for Nothin, but it was essentially full of We Belong Together rip offs. I get Justice for Glitter. I would love Justice for Charmbracelet, but Justice for E=MC2 is a stretch. It had its dues, it was number 1 and produced a number 1 single.
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