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Name: MC85
Country: Canada
I’ve been a true lamb since the Butterfly era but of course had enjoyed her music prior to that! High school years were rough for me and when friends asked what was wrong with me I didn’t know how to describe it, so I sent them lyrics to particular MC songs since she’s always been able to put my feelings into words. To this day she brings me such joy; I can be having a truly awful day at work and then one of her songs (even one I’ve heard 5000 times) will play on the store radio and I’ll instantly be in a better mood. I believe in spreading positivity and sharing love, appreciation and enjoyment of Mariah with her true fans!
Biggest non #1 hit after 33 years (102,391) by MC85 from Canada
(Friday 24 March 2023; 19:37)
I have worked with and still do work with lots of much younger people, from early teens to mid-to-late 20's and they all know and can sing along to "Obsessed", even well before it had it's little semi-recent viral moment. So that's my choice, though definitely "Without You" isn't far behind though WU isn't as familiar to the young'uns.
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(Thursday 23 March 2023; 00:25)
"It's a Wrap" on the Hot 100 (102,260) by MC85 from Canada
(Friday 24 February 2023; 01:16)
Thank you everyone for your input.
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(Thursday 23 February 2023; 19:30)
"It's a Wrap" on the Hot 100 (102,251) by MC85 from Canada
(Thursday 23 February 2023; 03:44)
Does anyone know why it hasn't chatted yet? It seems to be very popular and the Spotify numbers are good. Even the young'uns where I work are walking around singing it or recognize it when I'm singing it lol.
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Funny dream I had (102,180) by MC85 from Canada
(Sunday 5 February 2023; 03:37)
Hey guys. I don't post often but I always love to read everyone's thoughts and comments here. I figured I had to share this with everyone as it's too funny (and oddly specific) to keep to myself.

So last night I had a dream about MC and long story short, the gist of the dream was that our girl announced she'd be releasing a brand new album on February 27th called "Delights of Love" and the lead single was called "L.O.V.E." and was already doing well on radio. The album cover was a random blue design with a faint image of MC's face in the background lol.

Not sure how I feel about the album or single titles but a new album on February 27th sure would be fantastic.
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Funko Pop (101,575) by MC85 from Canada
(Monday 31 October 2022; 14:19)
Thank you so much for your post. I haven't heard/read the recent Twitter space that you're referring to but that makes me sad. I'm not saying I'm a blind fan who refuses to acknowledge any faults of hers, but as I said in my other post, I just don't personally like contributing to critical posts or comments about her. I get enough of that in day to day life and it can hurt and I just don't feel she deserves that.

Anyways, I'm so so on board with a Jazzriah album. Would be a dream come true for me.

And in regards to a release of Someone's Ugly Daughter, I really hope Mariah releases her original lead vocal version of the album and if she wants to, sure, the Millie collaboration of it. I just neeeeeeed to hear the original.
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(Saturday 29 October 2022; 02:41)
Funko Pop (101,574) by MC85 from Canada
(Monday 31 October 2022; 14:10)
Thanks for your reply. I love your comment how she's been providing her artistry the best she can. That is such a beautiful way of putting it. It's a reminder that, even though her voice has naturally changed since she is, after all, a human being, and started 32 years ago, it doesn't mean I will ever stop being thankful that she and her music exist.

She isn't immune from criticism and obviously isn't perfect, but who is? And I just don't feel the need to criticize somebody that I love, just as I try not to do in real life relationships.
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(Saturday 29 October 2022; 01:07)
Funko Pop (101,569) by MC85 from Canada
(Saturday 29 October 2022; 00:39)
Hey all. I'm a long time lurker and never ever post here but I just wanted to shout out Joachim for bringing some positivity into the mix.

We can all agree MC's voice is not what it used to be but reading everyone's unnecessarily (imo) verbose and vitriolic comments lately is pretty disheartening.

Aren't we all here because MC has been a majorly positive influence in our lives? Hasn't she helped us all through the bleakest of times? Hasn't her artistry helped some of us feel more understood and maybe less alone in the world? I know she has been and done all of these things for me thankfully.

She's a human being with deep insecurities that we are all aware of and personally I feel she deserves a bit more understanding and a bit more love.
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(Tuesday 25 October 2022; 19:46)
Re: O Canada (96,460) (96,477) by MC85 from Canada
(Saturday 31 October 2020; 13:58)
Andrew, your response reinforced and cemented everything I said in my message. I don't see a need to further engage with you after you perfectly proved my point. I hope that seeing that I received 37 "likes" for my initial message will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on how you treat other people.
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Arrogant and toxic (96,452) by MC85 from Canada
(Thursday 29 October 2020; 06:03)
I've been creeping this board for years, to read genuinely insightful and kind-hearted comments from other fans yet I've always found it confounding that most people seem to be fine with Andrew from the UK consistently putting people down for their opinions, statements and comments.

I'm genuinely curious as to why this person is still allowed to use this board when nearly every single message he posts includes some sort of demeaning, hurtful or downright rude remark to another board member.

Shouldn't we all be celebrated for having our own opinions and for sharing our love for our favourite artist? Am I missing something?
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MC30 iTunes purchases (95,282) by MC85 from Canada
(Sunday 30 August 2020; 06:05)
Hey all. Forgive me if this has already been discussed and I might be the only one still actually purchasing music on iTunes, but I've been having a bit of trouble. So I've bought everything pre-Daydream EP's every Friday but for a number of them, even though the entire album/EP downloads, I can't play certain tracks either on iTunes itself or once I've transferred to my iPod (I'm old school yes). Like if I queue up any of these tracks it just automatically skips to the next one. Out of 13 tracks on the AYNAF EP only five will actually play for me. Anybody else had this problem? Thanks in advance.
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The Rarities plus hello (95,011) by MC85 from Canada
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 10:31)
Hey all. I've been creeping this message board for many years now and finally bit the bullet and created an account. I'm so pumped to share my enthusiasm for our girl with you all, and especially share my supernaturally ecstatic excitement for the new album. Can't wait to share my love with you all.
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