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Name: Mutton Dressed as Lamb
Country: UK
Lamb for life.
Re: Songwriters speech (100,483) (100,496) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Friday 17 June 2022; 23:52)
I wouldn't reference Google. Look at the definition in the DSM-5 instead. This isn't particularly typical bi polar presentation. A manic episode wouldn't just appear while she was on stage, it would've been present for at least 24/48 hours prior. If Mariah is receiving medical/therapeutic intervention then her condition is being poorly managed. It is a real shame that she doesn't appear to have any real friends or someone acting in her best interest.
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Re: UK number one 11/12/2020 (96,926) (96,932) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Sunday 13 December 2020; 16:33)
I knew it. Lol - drop me an email
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Re: UK number one 11/12/2020 (96,909) (96,914) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Saturday 12 December 2020; 14:00)
I used to live in Brighton too. I had a friend and we used to go to lunch and discuss Mariah. Agent M was the name they used. We lost touch and it seemed a coincidence that you used that name.
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Re: AIWFCIY finally hits #1 in the UK (96,905) (96,913) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Saturday 12 December 2020; 13:34)
Elaborate Mr G, sounds interesting. The guy holding that bottle of vodka with George used to be a male escort.
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Re: UK number one 11/12/2020 (96,902) (96,903) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Friday 11 December 2020; 20:32)
Did you used to live in Brighton?
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey celebrates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (96,556) (96,575) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Monday 9 November 2020; 13:37)
Do you want to talk?
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Re: O Canada (96,460) (96,462) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Thursday 29 October 2020; 22:16)
Risperidone would be the drug of choice Mr G.
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Re: Nervous tick / new album (96,442) (96,458) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Thursday 29 October 2020; 16:52)
It's her medication, most likely the SSRI. It's one of the side effects.
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Re: Wow (96,262) (96,292) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Friday 16 October 2020; 17:37)
Even she can't walk a day in her shoes, so that backs up your argument that being a multi-millionaire is really hard.
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Re: End of the affair (96,245) (96,255) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Thursday 15 October 2020; 15:31)
My last thoughts on the subject of Mariah is her refusal to accept years. She's eternally 12. Um... your memoir tells a story of a 12 year old that was treated like trash and made to feel inferior. Why would you want to exist in that head space for all eternity?
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Re: Mariah unfiltered feelings about things (96,241) (96,248) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Thursday 15 October 2020; 12:44)
"I wish Mariah had written the book solely about her childhood and upbringing. That was special and eyeopening and endearing and heartbreaking. The rest of the book is "

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Re: Deflated and angry (96,184) (96,215) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 20:02)
I hear you, I really do. I am saddened by the racial abuse she experienced as I would be for anyone I know. My gripe is that I felt as if I really was part of her family. I was a lamb. I wasn't out in the rain waiting to see her, but I bought everything she ever did (in duplicate) and if anyone bad mouthed her I would rush to her defence.

I genuinely feel as if everything I knew was all a lie, it was fake and the person I thought I knew doesn't exist. It isn't about race, or Celine Dion or the type of music she wants to make. It's about authenticity. I know who I am warts and all and I get that she is Mariah Carey and I am a nobody, but for years I felt that if we actually met we would have a splash and put the world to rights.

I didn't come to this conclusion because I'm a psycho stalker, I came to this conclusion because this is how she has portrayed herself to us. I now know that being real over a glass of shandy booze couldn't of happened because I live in a world of reality and she just doesn't. So I ain't gonna bad mouth her or wish her harm. It's just my time to leave Mariah's world.
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Re: End of the affair (96,189) (96,212) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 19:43)
I've come to the realisation that she isn't the person I thought she was. I've always known she was mixed race and that's always been a non issue with me. It doesn't enter my mind to think of people as black and white. Being a nurse it's drummed into me to respect everyone regardless of race, sex, gender, age or disability.

My lasting feeling is why now? Why hasn't she used her influence to support people before, why not discuss her mental health issues, why not discuss her experiences with racism before? As a global megastar she had the platform to make real change and yet all she seemed to care about for the last 30 years was maintaining an illusion. It feels like a grab at attention when the spotlights are fading.

She says in the memoir that her fans are her real family and we are so precious to her. Well you lied to us for the last 30 years Mariah and family don't do that. In truth it boils down to the fact that I'm angry. I'm angry at a woman I've never met, but thought if I did meet her at some random event she'd be cool and wanna hang out because we are family (stupid I know). I feel like that because that's how she has portrayed herself and constantly told us lambs, but it just isn't true. She is Mariah Carey and after feeling like a member of her lambily I now understand I'm just a random dude in a one sided affair.
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End of the affair (96,170) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Tuesday 13 October 2020; 22:05)
I have run out of excuses for her behaviour, the state of her voice, the obvious lack of self awareness or insight into her own self induced calamities. The memoir feels disingenuous. A faded starlet that tailored her life story to capitalise on the current societal feelings of racial inequality.

I guess being from the UK does affect my perception. I'd be a fool to say that racism does exist here, but race isn't woven into every aspect of our daily lives and I am willing to accept that I don't understand her situation because of this.

What I do understand is people and behaviour and the memoir gives an insight into a person that is petty, jealous and struggles with self loathing on a daily basis. Given an opportunity to make a real difference to society as a whole by talking about her mental health issues, she chose to cause more division instead of enabling healing.

I ask the webmaster to post this and then delete me from the board. I used to love this woman and would fight her corner even when I knew I was on to a loser, but now... now, I don't know her.
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Re: Trash (96,076) (96,088) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 22:26)
I completely agree with you Edward. I have really lost respect for Mariah after reading the memoir. It's her book giving us her truth, but that doesn't make it "the" truth. She glossed over some really life changing things and focused on things people would consider petty. I understand how Randy feels as I now feel like the Mariah Carey I knew was an illusion.
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Re: Trash (96,039) (96,046) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Friday 9 October 2020; 16:30)
I think you should add "mind reader" to your bio. You have again put my thoughts into words.
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Re: Wayward Child (95,879) (95,887) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Thursday 1 October 2020; 12:54)
It would be easy for me to say that I did know how much you loved MC, but I genuinely didn't... until now. It is easy for things to be lost in translation via a message board.

I knew the memoir would be good, but I didn't realise how good it would be. Listening to the audiobook was something else. It was an experience. When you spoke about how "I felt like I was a voyeur and Mariah should not have had to reveal these personal things. I felt it unfair she has had to explain the source of her pain." I felt that. I really felt that.

I've never mentioned this before, but yes I do work in Mental Health (lol). Hearing her tell her truths about her triumphs and traumas, made me reflect on the many people I have known in my personal and professional life. So many people just want to be seen and heard. Mental Health is fundamentally important to a well balanced life and this memoir put many of my experiences and those of my patients in to a context I hadn't considered before.

It is easy to tear people down and assume things, judging the book by it's cover, and for that I apologise to you. I have really enjoyed the summer and the memoir has been a gift that I will treasure. I hope you are well and believe me when I say, you aren't alone in your tears.

Bright blessings.
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Re: Wayward Child (95,860) (95,862) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Wednesday 30 September 2020; 01:10)
I couldn't have written it better. Your words sum up how I felt reading Wayward Child and how I feel about the memoir. I have often taken your words as harsh or too critical, but reading the memoir has made me re-evaluate my thought process. You are a true lamb.
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Re: Chick songs (95,833) (95,839) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Monday 28 September 2020; 19:01)
The whole album is available unofficially on YouTube Music. It's bloody brilliant, I love Prom Queen.
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Re: Mariah and Oprah (95,751) (95,756) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Friday 25 September 2020; 17:47)
Ruffle? Those feathers will be plucked. I am inspired by how professional and dignified Mariah has been through it all.
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Mariah and Oprah (95,736) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 21:42)
I realised after watching the interview that Mariah has an amazing sense of integrity. The part where she talks about the awful thing that her ex sister did to her shocked me and I work in psychiatric services. I am not ashamed to say that I might not have been able to carry myself with the dignity Mariah has. I know that her memoir will give many people the strength to fight their own demons.

I have never felt so proud to be a lamb.
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TMOMC is for the curious shepherds (95,366) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Thursday 3 September 2020; 20:39)
The general public don't really know what we as the lambily know. You ask someone who isn't a fan about the Firecracker sample or "sing, sing" or even her marriage to Tommy and you will get blank stares.

If you read any gossip column or newspaper, the comments about her usually are focused on her voice or being a diva past her prime. The memoir isn't aimed at die hard fans, it's aimed at people who don't know her story.. Those people who know the music, but are curious about the woman behind the melodies. I'm looking forward to it.
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Re: Jereministroke (95,280) (95,295) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Monday 31 August 2020; 15:50)
Put a sock in it Andrew.

The account has made me laugh out loud.
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Webmaster (95,125) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 17:48)
Does anyone know how you contact the webmaster?
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Hello (95,062) by Mutton Dressed as Lamb from UK
(Friday 21 August 2020; 11:48)
Long time reader, first time post. It seems like I have known you all for years. Whenever I need the latest news and opinions on our beloved Bo Peep, I would always come here. I hope you are all well and surviving what is a really weird year. Thankfully the new album and memoir will "save the day".
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