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Name: Lady B
Country: USA
I Wish You Well
Re: Tanaka and Nick (98,272) (98,276) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 25 June 2021; 04:26)
This is spot on. Some folks are delusional.
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Re: RibbonB (98,261) (98,263) by Lady B from USA
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 16:46)
RB, you think I'm talking about your comments in the T thread when I'm actually talking about your N thread, specifically the last sentence of your first post in the N thread (and several assumptions throughout that thread).

And again, your saying that you are "consistent" is not a thoughtful retort. One can be consistently wrong, consistently make flawed assumptions and/or consistently think that being loud on a particular topic makes them right.
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Re: RibbonB (98,259) (98,260) by Lady B from USA
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 15:52)
Hi Eddy! I actually wasn't talking about that thread.
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Re: RibbonB (98,257) (98,258) by Lady B from USA
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 14:54)
Being consistent on the subject is not the retort to my critique that you think it is.
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RibbonB (98,255) by Lady B from USA
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 06:13)
I see RibbonB has taken the role of Andrew on this board persnickety takes that are based on flawed assumptions. A tad more polite, I guess.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,081) (98,088) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 5 June 2021; 21:16)
Independent of whether she left RN or not I find it hard to believe that her and Jay are personally on the outs.
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Mother's Day (97,963) by Lady B from USA
(Monday 10 May 2021; 00:09)
Happy Mother's Day, Mariah. What an amazing blessing Dem Kids are in her life.
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Favorite interlude (97,950) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 8 May 2021; 07:31)
Pick one (that's what makes it interesting - don't post a list!). I'm going with Languishing. Very powerful.
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Re: New material (97,934) (97,935) by Lady B from USA
(Wednesday 5 May 2021; 01:50)
Indeed. I'm really glad he's gone. It's in keeping with the "Be Nice or Leave" mantra.

I think there will be some good surprises on the music front this year. Can't wait!
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Re: Go independent (97,878) (97,879) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 23 April 2021; 15:42)
Hilton gets it.
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H.Anniv (97,697) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 27 March 2021; 15:48)
Happy Anniversary, Mariah. I hope you're enjoying it with loved ones. Your Lambs love you!
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Re: Someone make a list (97,667) (97,672) by Lady B from USA
(Monday 22 March 2021; 21:52)
Has anyone ever seen Andrew and John in the same place?
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Re: Defamation (97,642) (97,647) by Lady B from USA
(Sunday 21 March 2021; 05:43)
Andrew: Says multiple ignorant, uninformed things related to US defamation law.

Me: Points out that he doesn't know a damn thing about what he's talking (loudly) about.

Andrew: Show me what I said wrong, I mean, I never studied US law but prove that I'm wrong.

Me: Gives him credit for admitting his ignorance while showing him a few ways he was wrong (which he asked for).

Andrew: HAHAAHA, I win!*

*aggressively likes his own post with his multiple accounts

Thanks for the laugh.
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Re: Defamation (97,621) (97,641) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 20 March 2021; 21:56)
Andrew, thank you for validating my opinion that you are largely ignorant as to US Law and the relevant cases. It takes a big person to admit they do not know what they speak of, so bravo for confirming that you merely googled the law, and did not study stateside. It is not my job to educate you in all the ways this, in my opinion, was clear in many of your statement before you admitted it, but rest assured in my opinion your stated "knowledge" of the proofs and, importantly, the burdens, gave away the game.

Let's give you a chance to redeem yourself. Do you think either ex-sibling will win their case? Do you think either will make it past MTD or SJ? Are you aware of the different burdens for a public figure plaintiff (and yes, due to their various interviews, both tv and magazines, a court would likely find both to be public figures)?

I'll end where I started - I give you credit for admitting your ignorance of US law.
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Re: Defamation (97,619) (97,620) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 19 March 2021; 06:03)
Much like the ex-siblings, Andrew does not understand Defamation Law in the US.
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Re: Mariah Carey's sister sues over tell-all memoir (97,274) (97,279) by Lady B from USA
(Wednesday 3 February 2021; 09:29)
The biggest tell that this is a frivolous suit is that she is repping herself. If it had merit a plaintiff's attorney would take it on contingency (they are paid a percentage of winning rather than hourly).
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Re: Biopic battle (97,149) (97,153) by Lady B from USA
(Sunday 17 January 2021; 08:37)
"Whitney is a 2015 American biographical film directed by Angela Bassett", Wikipedia

"The movie stars Yaya DaCosta as Houston, Arlen Escarpeta as Brown and Yolonda Ross as Houston's longtime friend and road manager Robyn Crawford."
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Re: Quest Supreme interview pt. 2 (97,144) (97,147) (97,151) by Lady B from USA
(Sunday 17 January 2021; 05:28)
The book came out less than 4 months ago. I'm sure that many who listen to the podcast haven't gotten it yet/don't know all the stories the way we do so promoting it makes sense.

The biggest tell that you aren't a fan is saying she puts Tommy down too much given what we know. Shame on you.
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Re: Supreme interview part I and II (97,140) (97,145) by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 16 January 2021; 20:01)
Couldn't agree more, Hilton.
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Re: QuestLove Supreme interview Pt. 1 (97,125) (97,127) by Lady B from USA
(Thursday 14 January 2021; 02:19)
Preach, Hilton. Often the most ignorant speak the loudest.
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Re: MC16 (97,100) (97,102) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 8 January 2021; 22:06)
Bruno Mars head and shoulders above the rest.
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Re: Walter (97,094) (97,095) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 8 January 2021; 07:51)
Is this you? "Is anyone else completely sick of hearing about and reading about AIWFCIY? It's a bit much." Yet a couple of days you're... Ah, never mind. Happy New Year!
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Re: Beyond Christmas (97,049) (97,050) by Lady B from USA
(Tuesday 29 December 2020; 17:43)
Whispers *You do know you don't have to read about it if you're tired of it, right? You can keep scrolling and let the rest of us enjoy her success.*
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Re: The "perfect" R&B album (outside of Mariah's world) (97,017) (97,019) by Lady B from USA
(Wednesday 23 December 2020; 07:04)
I thought you wanted one album, which is hard to answer (and interesting to do so). Listing 5+ or 10+ is easy. Pick one!
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Re: The "perfect" R&B album (outside of Mariah's world) (97,010) (97,012) by Lady B from USA
(Tuesday 22 December 2020; 05:02)
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
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