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Name: Ricardo
Country: New Zealand
Mariah is my most probably favourite singer
Adele? (98,979) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Monday 22 November 2021; 03:05)
Oh so this is an Adele message board now? Haha.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey celebrates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (98,876) (98,878) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Monday 8 November 2021; 03:03)
Only a Kiwi would be this cheeky.
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? (98,774) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Tuesday 19 October 2021; 13:20)
Ugh, every time I come on here [you all are] talking [about] some other female singer.
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Lol (98,758) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 03:38)
Adele's music is starting to sound all the same.
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Free Guy (98,695) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Monday 4 October 2021; 05:44)
It's so telling to me that everyone I know who has seen the movie now has Fantasy stuck in their heads lol. And these are not necessarily Mariah fans too.
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Voices and age (98,646) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Thursday 23 September 2021; 04:00)
Babe sounds operatic now. Diana does a bit too. Nothing wrong with that. But glad Mariah stays true to not going there. Gosh I watched the recent adds on Dionne Warwick channel on YouTube and oooooh doesn't sound like she used to at all. And may I also add, she doesn't even sound good.
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Re: Music now (98,584) (98,588) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Wednesday 8 September 2021; 04:24)
AGREEEEEEEEE. Lol. BUT thank the spirits we have a back catalogue of music that will see us through lol.
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(98,546) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Tuesday 24 August 2021; 09:15)
Um someone anyone just repeats now lol.
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Mmm (98,508) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Wednesday 11 August 2021; 07:35)
No, I admire the talent. And when Mariah was in her prime with that voice. But I'm just not bothered with her personal life etc. Not that I don't care about her as a person, just think it's her business is all. I still admire her immensely! But I've seen the talk on here carrying on about ex husbands having lots of kids and whatever and well it just doesn't rivet me as much as the talk about her voice, song writing etc.
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Bleak (98,489) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Wednesday 4 August 2021; 08:48)
So does anyone actually have a inkling if Mariah bringing out anything yet? Or you all just going to keep discussing her business? And get mad at me, but gee, I'm about that. I want to know.
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Will they have their mum's talent? (98,423) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Friday 23 July 2021; 04:43)
I'll be watching "dem babies" over the next few years. I wonder if that talent Mariah was blessed with shines through her twins? Like how Whitney got Cissy's (and then some in my opinion).
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Re: I was right (98,244) (98,246) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Wednesday 23 June 2021; 06:24)
And you know what? I'd [love] to think she's now in a space where she focuses on what's important in her life. I'm sure we are important to her, but at the same time, we aren't her [kids]. And a few of us up in here need to realise that.
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Mariah? (98,204) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Friday 18 June 2021; 10:33)
I often wonder if she'll ever have a hit again to be honest lol. Diana Ross just released her new single. Mm. Maybe start actually writing songs that you don't have to listen to multiple times to start to like? Because that's what we are getting lol. Love Mariah, but not to the point I'm going to say her recent music is good. Or she still be hitting number one.
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Wow (98,055) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Tuesday 1 June 2021; 15:55)
She better do something soon, or this website is going to sleep.
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Re: Mariah talk (98,050) (98,054) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Tuesday 1 June 2021; 11:00)
Oops beg pardon lol. I listen to Coast FM. In New Zealand, they play 90's music and got myself confused lol.
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Modern female singers (98,049) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Saturday 29 May 2021; 08:22)
Well maybe it's not about "style" or "genre" of singing anymore? There's really no one that sings how Mariah or Whitney or Celine sang now. Lol. There just isn't.
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Mariah talk (98,048) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Saturday 29 May 2021; 08:19)
I never knew Annie Lennox Walking On Broken Glass was the winner of Best Female Pop for the Grammy in 1996. The year Mariah was nominated, and didn't win a thing. Hmmmm.
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Dionne (98,047) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Thursday 27 May 2021; 04:30)
Ok ok ok chill hahaha I just thought it was interesting I love me some Dionne Warwick, in fact she's in all my mixed playlists, and I often watch her throw it down live. Oh, and whoever it was that posted the comment that she wasn't asked about Babs or Whitney, you're absolutely correct just I brung up my cousin anyway hahahahaha but you ever hear someone sing the shit out of a song like my cousin?
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Dionne Warwick (98,029) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Tuesday 25 May 2021; 05:27)
Lol to the Diane Warren. Hahahaha. No, she was definitely Dionne when I watched it lol. Sorry, I didn't realise it was already discussed. I don't think Dionne should say anyone is an icon, nor any other "classic" diva. Just was bizarre to me she hesitated etc and Aretha said Mariah was a true talent. Dionne said she was an outstanding songwriter. Meh again, I bring up the point no mention of Whitney lol or [Barbra] actually, who Dionne has covered a lot.
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Dionne Warwick (98,009) by Ricardo from New Zealand
(Sunday 23 May 2021; 08:49)
I recently watched an interview with Dionne Warwick where she was asked who she thinks is an icon. Several names came up including Brandy etc, but she remained undecided on Mariah. She praised Mariah's writing abilities, but mmm'd and ahhh'd about if Mariah is an icon? It was kind of bizarre really. I love Dionne Warwick and her music, heck she's actually a legend. It still was unusual to me she didn't come out and just say yes Mariah is an icon. Evidently her first cousin Whitney Houston wasn't mentioned in the interview.
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