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Name: OrangeClouds
Country: England
Re: Easy on me (98,760) (98,767) by OrangeClouds from England
(Monday 18 October 2021; 00:55)
Have to admit, it's script for the Someone Like You live at the Brit Awards at the O2 Arena, and Make You Feel My Love. The voice makes me feel anxious. Those two performances are written into music history and should make your heart cry. If they do not, it does not beat. But otherwise the voice doesn't do much for me.
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Re: Easy on me (98,752) (98,754) by OrangeClouds from England
(Saturday 16 October 2021; 22:37)
If Mariah had released Easy On Me, certainly the members of this board would have gone wild, of this much I am sure. The world wants Adele again. In fact, it's craving her. Do we have to insult current pop artists to make this acceptable? Must we label her "formulaic" to dismiss her and feel better about missing old-school Mariah?

Most artists stay the same. They go with trends, they harmonise a little differently, they jump on producers of the day but they keep their fan base. Mariah didn't. There's no fan base. I question the motives of fans here who attack Adele.

Yes it sounds similar but the "meaning" of her song is new. Remember when Mariah had to defend herself against attacks about sounding "samey" with Heartbreaker with the idea of "formula"? "I have a formula" she said. Didn't she just. It worked. And she ditched it.

Mariah was great but became a punch line. With a Christmas hat, no less. Don't hate Adele for surfing her own tidal wave. After many years out and no scandals and a private life she's still the buzz.

Perhaps she's what Mariah could have done. Not taking away from Mariah's achievements and shout out to Adele for that hilarious clip at the O2 where she found your Mariah was there the day before, but come on.

Honestly: and speak honestly: if Mariah had released this song, would you thumbs up? Or thumbs down?
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