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Name: Vítor Henrique Pereira
Country: Brazil
I dream of life.
The end of Mariah (98,778) by Vítor Henrique Pereira from Brazil
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 03:43)
If you agree that the I industry is unfair to veteran artists, regardless of being legends, you breathe. No tea, no shade, Adele, though, released a single, the album is coming, and she has already broken all possible records with a song, which is beautiful, the lyrics are strong and deserves success - and that's all yep. However, I saw a lot of people already making jokes that she has been singing the same song since 2011, and in fact, all the artistic elements of her releases, whether music or music videos, follow the same pattern.

And what do you say about Mariah? "Twentieth attempt at We Belong Together", "Another clip lying down caressing her body" and so on. Mariah has, indeed, her pattern, and not because I'm a fan, but artistically, I think she outclasses in terms of compositions, arrangements, and even within these cited patterns, she still seeks to innovate somehow, and even then, unfortunately, no longer makes the same splash as Adele and her "more of the same".

We can still say that Adele is still closer to Mariah musically, in addition to her lyrics talking about love, the romanticism of her songs, and in this parallel both should be on the same level of success today, but Mariah is already saturated for the industry and consumers younger music players don't "want her anymore".

It's no use saying that such an album was poorly worked, that the single was poorly publicized, that the record company or Mariah is to blame, no, it's nobody's fault, this is the time that is cruel to any artist. Adele and Mariah, both with their "more of the same" and their standards, but only one of them still "gets there".
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