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Name: Jono
Country: USA
Celebrating the greatest artist to ever exist.
Re: Grammy Album of the Year (90,314) (90,336) by Jono from USA
(Monday 15 July 2019; 18:27)
With the category now expanded to eight nominees, Mariah definitely has more of a chance but her label and PR will have to really push it in the fall right before the deadline is up. Caution will have come out almost a year ago by that time, so it needs to be fresh in the voter's mind. It's more likely she'd be nominated in the R&B category.
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Article: Will Mariah Carey win Grammys in the general field? (89,854) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 6 June 2019; 21:48)
Oh Grammy's. How you've been so unkind to Mariah over the years. But her 2006 performance is what brought my attention to her and made me a lamb, so I guess I can't completely hate them.
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State of her voice (89,501) by Jono from USA
(Tuesday 7 May 2019; 18:38)
As fans we obviously all know that Mariah's voice now is nowhere near her voice in the 90s or even early 2000s. I have no doubt that Mariah herself knows this as well. Like, imagine having that kind of voice but then as the years go on slowly realizing you no longer have that kind of voice. I have a classically trained vocalist friend who is a casual Mariah fan, in that any performance she sees is via me lol. I sent her the BBMA Icon performance to get her thoughts, and she noted the amount of vocal damage that was present. When I told her Mariah was a coloratura soprano she was surprised, considering how low her speaking voice is. She then mentioned that those voice types tend to peak in their mid 20s; she specifically mentioned 23-26 range. Now we know that this means 93-96 Mariah, which is regularly seen as her vocally golden era. She says coloratura sopranos usually have short-lived careers because their voices just drastically decline, no matter how much you take care of it. I then told her about Mariah's sleeping schedule and habits and nodules, and she said they obviously don't help lol. Concerning nodules she said they're essentially the kiss of death for any vocalist; we know Mariah has a unique voice where they aided her in whistling. My friend thinks that's why her whistles are still intact compared to the rest of her range. I will say I have come to terms a long time ago that Mariah is working with what she's got. There are other artists from Mariah's era that don't even release music anymore or release so sparingly; or, are sadly no longer with us. So I appreciate whatever she has left to give, even if I'm not always a fan. She deserves her flowers.
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Re: BMA vocal analysis (89,452) (89,455) by Jono from USA
(Sunday 5 May 2019; 17:55)
I definitely respect his constructive criticism; he usually is very good about picking apart an artist's voice without bashing, it's a very honest assessment. He also reacted to Mariah's famous 1992 "If It's Over" performance and he was absolutely floored.
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BBMA (89,415) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 2 May 2019; 05:56)
So proud of our girl. She sang about 98% live; the only lipped part was the usual run from Always Be My Baby. She started nervous but also A No No is a tricky song to sing. Now as for that speech - yes. queen. It's been so long since Mariah has accepted an award and I almost forgot how gracious and humble she's always come across when receiving her flowers. Social media lit up talking about her performance and her speech; no she may never reach those commercial heights again, but damn does it feel good to have her back in good graces.
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Re: Caution tour sold out in Chicago (88,511) (88,513) by Jono from USA
(Tuesday 12 March 2019; 18:53)
The show was fantastic. Loved having giant screens showing graphics which gave Mariah an updated look; very much like Caution. Besides a few moments where the backing track kicked in, which only us lambs can really notice, she sounded and looked great. Loved hearing these songs live that I didn't think I'd ever be able to - AYNAF, YDKWTD, and Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. It seemed like the audience was split half and half between casual fans and diehards, which could explain the lesser engagement during the Caution moments. What a fantastic experience, and the overall sentiment as everyone was leaving the theatre was "wow she was great".
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Caution Chicago (88,480) by Jono from USA
(Monday 11 March 2019; 17:59)
Hey lambs, who else is going to the concert? Super excited - first time seeing her since the 2010 Angels Advocate Tour. That was also my first ever concert; coincidentally in the same venue as well. I'm so excited to hear so many of these songs.
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Caution tour start time (88,438) by Jono from USA
(Saturday 9 March 2019; 20:06)
Hey lambs, will be going to the Chicago date and super excited. Curious if anyone on here that has already been to one of the shows, what time did Mariah actually come on?
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AIWFCIY #7 (86,970) by Jono from USA
(Monday 10 December 2018; 21:51)
The song has officially reached a new peak on the Hot 100, and we still have two weeks (and a little under three tracking weeks) until Christmas. Anything after this is a bonus. Truly incredible, congrats MC on this everlasting gem.
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Re: Mariah sales (86,514) (86,528) by Jono from USA
(Monday 26 November 2018; 05:03)
Say it louder for the people in the back.
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Re: Mariah sales (86,473) (86,493) by Jono from USA
(Sunday 25 November 2018; 07:36)
I've given up on sales/chart positions when it comes to Mariah. She's already achieved everything, there's nothing left for her to prove. The only reason why I'd care about sales is so that the record company can stay afloat and keep supporting acts like Mariah. I'm not obsessed about her "getting her 19th #1" because honestly what difference would that make? The only reason why I'd want her to release good singles is so that the general public, and not just the Mariah fans, discover her brilliance. If TEOM had not happened, I wouldn't have become a Mariah fan. At this stage in her career I'm judging solely on the work, and Caution is her best album in 13 years.
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Genius interview (86,051) by Jono from USA
(Friday 16 November 2018; 21:19)
Here is the full interview. Best interview of hers in a long time. The hour flew by. And even though the interviewer went deeper with album cuts and fan favorites, it still felt like they were only able to touch on maybe 20% of her work. That's how astonishingly huge this woman's catalog is. .Listen, I would watch an hour long Genius interview for each one of her albums.
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Caution review (86,039) by Jono from USA
(Friday 16 November 2018; 18:28)
I already love this album. The production is so different from what Mariah has done in a while - easily her most redefining sound since TEOM. Since 2005 I felt like she has been trying to replicate the sound of the album without much success. Caution seems like a new direction for her while still retaining what makes her Mariah. This is how R&B sounds like in 2018 and I am here for it.
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Caution era (86,000) by Jono from USA
(Friday 16 November 2018; 06:50)
Is officially upon us. M and her team have done a fantastic job with the promo. Remember, her last studio album's promo consisted of her on snap story riding the L train in an evening gown. I am so proud of her and the great body of works she continues to put out. She has outlasted her peers, and is looking radiant. Happy listening everybody.
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A No No impact (85,559) by Jono from USA
(Friday 2 November 2018; 20:58)
The song on her YouTube channel already has a 260k views in 36 hours as of typing this. In comparison, GTFO has 333k in 1 month, and With You has 532k after 3 weeks. Granted those two have separate music videos, but the songs weren't taking off like A No No has. Mariah needs to pull a Shake It Off and demand this be the next single because the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This song has the legs to actually carry/promote the album for a few weeks, before the general public flocks to her Christmas songs and forget about Caution come December.
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Mariah and Skrillex (85,049) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 18 October 2018; 18:26)
I never thought I'd see these two names on the same song but yet hear we are - "The Distance" is fire.
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Mariah and Busta (84,969) by Jono from USA
(Tuesday 16 October 2018; 21:16)
Remember this being previewed over a year ago? Long shot but I'm hoping this is also on the album. It's got the vibe and attitude to match the album cover and title.
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Caution album cover (84,966) by Jono from USA
(Tuesday 16 October 2018; 21:02)
Yes mama.
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Golden Globes (80,308) by Jono from USA
(Monday 8 January 2018; 05:17)
It was so nice seeing Mariah at an awards show again. She looked absolutely radiant and stunning.
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One Sweet Day tied (78,171) by Jono from USA
(Monday 28 August 2017; 21:00)
Mariah and Boyz II Men are now joined by three other artists in sharing the Hot 100 Record. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I am thankful Taylor Swift released her music when she did, because her early numbers all but guarantee Mariah/Boyz II Men can still co-share the record.
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Unforgettable remix (78,090) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 24 August 2017; 20:02)
I had already loved the original track, so to hear that Mariah was joining forces (and maybe taking matters in to her own hands to save her #1 record ) made me ecstatic. And she delivers. Both the remix and acoustic remix are great; however because of the intentional Weeknd-like vocal effects, I think the remix version works better. So for those of us who still care about her OSD record, we have both this remix and Taylor Swift's new song to support this Friday.
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Mariah Pride (76,332) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 15 June 2017; 20:24)
Cute, and it makes sense, but once again Mariah & Co are behind schedule. All orders wouldn't ship until July, and by then Pride month and most Pride marches are over. Also was hoping for a little variation/re-imagining of the iconic Rainbow cover, but for those of us who weren't old enough at the time get to cop some Rainbow era merch.
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Article: Mariah-Bruno Mars mashups are taking over the internet (75,742) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 25 May 2017; 23:51)
The Emotions/That's What I Like mashup is incredible. Pow.
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Re: Martyn who? He is not the only victim (75,698) (75,741) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 25 May 2017; 23:49)
Delete your account.
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Rest in peace, Martyn (75,655) by Jono from USA
(Wednesday 24 May 2017; 16:24)
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