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Name: Jono
Country: USA
Celebrating the greatest artist to ever exist.
Yes, And? (105,489) by Jono from USA
(Friday 16 February 2024; 18:04)
It's good to hear Mariah back on a house track. I'm not loving the sound mixing in this remix, it made it too obvious that Mariah's vocals were copy and pasted onto the song. It doesn't even sound like they were in the same room. "When You Believe" was recorded separately, yet they blended seamlessly. Idk, I'm not 100% on this remix, but it does make me anticipate new music from Mariah.
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Grammys weekend (105,272) by Jono from USA
(Monday 5 February 2024; 18:53)
Honestly, I was shocked to see Mariah had attended this past weekend. She had every right to continue to pay them dust lol, but maybe, hopefully, this means the Grammy's are trying to right their wrongs with her in the past. I've always liked Miley Cyrus, even when she was younger and dumber and said some silly things about Mariah in the past. Looks like she's grown up and delved into Mariah's discography and what she's really about. She attended her Christmas show last year. For her to win her first Grammy, and then to spend the majority of it giving her "flowers" to Mariah, and using the butterfly as an analogy... brilliant.
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Would you rather (104,292) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 30 November 2023; 01:27)
New studio album. It's been 84 years since Caution.
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This is a reply to message 104,264 by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 28 November 2023; 18:50)
Re: H.A.T.E.U. (100,194) (100,199) by Jono from USA
(Sunday 17 April 2022; 20:39)
It's one of my favorite songs from Memoirs. But for me, "Ribbon" takes the cake. Her vocal layering and how in the coda she accentuates the melody with the whistles. It is so stunning and genius.
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Somewhat Loved (98,282) by Jono from USA
(Friday 25 June 2021; 20:42)
After giving it a week of solid listening, the song is just ok for me. My issue with it is how busy it sounds; there's too many ideas. Much like Infinity, there are some meh parts, some brilliant parts, and just too many parts.
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Happy Anniversary (97,699) by Jono from USA
(Saturday 27 March 2021; 17:10)
Happy Anniversary Mariah! Thank you for all these years, and here's to many more.
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Re: Ryan and Kelly show, thank you, next (97,026) (97,031) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 24 December 2020; 18:40)
I completely agree with your assessment. Folks forget that there is a subconscious bias against older women in the music industry. Her remaining peers, Madonna/Janet/Celine all do not release hit songs anymore. And there is nothing wrong with that, they all have nothing left to prove. In 5-10 years, these current pop girls will be competing with the next generation that's replacing them. I don't pay attention to Mariah's chart success anymore (except for AIWFCIY because quite frankly, it's the gift that keeps on giving every year lol) because really, what's at the top of the charts today is not the kind of quality music Mariah makes. Yes she and her team can flaunt her 19 No.1s as she's earned them, but I care more about Mariah the artist as opposed to Mariah the business. Her last studio album Caution was fantastic. I will take great quality work over chart positions any time, because decades from now people will only remember the music, not whether it reached #1 on the charts.
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MC / Merry Christmas (97,030) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 24 December 2020; 18:33)
Hello all. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate it, Happy Mariah Carey Day.
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Magical Christmas (96,828) by Jono from USA
(Saturday 5 December 2020; 01:42)
I guess all the memes and jokes about Mariah Carey "defrosting" every December to collect her yearly check is true, considering this is the most she's moved in years. In all seriousness, this was a cute and fun special, and just the right amount of camp. Loved that she reworked the songs so we weren't just getting rehashed vocals. "Sleigh Ride" was absolutely fabulous. Wished the overall special was a little longer as the storyline felt a little rushed, but I'm assuming the pandemic restricted what could be done. After a long and challenging year, having this sort of escapism was nice.
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Oh Santa 2020 (96,792) by Jono from USA
(Friday 4 December 2020; 06:20)
Oh yes.
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Migrate (96,280) by Jono from USA
(Friday 16 October 2020; 04:50)
Off topic but I heard Migrate for the first time in a club at a socially distant Mariah Night event. It sounded amazing all these years later. It's been twelve years and I got to hear one of her best bangers on a loud speaker. My friend who came with who was a non fan said she absolutely loved the song.
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Loverboy Firecracker (95,922) by Jono from USA
(Friday 2 October 2020; 20:00)
The original is infectious. Yes ma'am.
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Her voice (95,881) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 1 October 2020; 03:33)
Much has already been said about the memoir, but I just want to reiterate what a gift Mariah has. Imagine having those kinds of vocals, along with that kind of speaking voice. If she wasn't a singer, she would have easily made it in the voice over industry. Like others on here, I do highly recommend the audible version and following along to the book. Hearing it come from Mariah herself is such a treat.
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Re: Why is she still talking about JLo? (95,793) (95,826) by Jono from USA
(Monday 28 September 2020; 04:34)
Your ignorance is showing. Mariah hasn't "stolen" beats, that's called sampling. It's a completely legal and common process where you pay the original composer/producer to use it, also known as clearance. What JLo/Tommy did was steal ideas from Mariah that were so blatantly obvious. I'm Real (remix) lifts the concept from If We, and we all know about the Loverboy debacle. In art you can be influenced by people, but stealing someone's idea to try and pass it off as your own is taboo. Please do your research before you come on here acting like a damn fool.
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Save The Day (95,079) by Jono from USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 17:05)
I wanted to love it, but in the end I'm kind of indifferent to it. I knew that getting my hopes up of having a Mariah/Lauryn "collab" would backfire. The issue is the production, it's just too messy. It's like Infinity - the song doesn't know what it wants to be and where it wants to go. The intro sounds misplaced and should have been cut. The beat that kicks in should have come in right after the strings in the beginning. I do love the interpolation of "Killing Me Softly" as it's one of the most gorgeous melodies in music history; and they sound absolutely killer together. Maybe the song is a grower, but first impressions are just meh.
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TEOM 15 (93,588) by Jono from USA
(Sunday 12 April 2020; 17:14)
Happy 15th anniversary. Such a monumental achievement. This was the album that introduced me to Mariah and I haven't turned back since. Still listen to it in its entirety to this day. I love that she's been posting acapella snippets on her IG. The fact that she sung parts of "Your Girl" and "Stay The Night" makes my 13 year old self so happy. Her voice is still a marvel; that quality is undeniable.
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19 (91,702) by Jono from USA
(Tuesday 17 December 2019; 01:47)
I'm overcome with emotion. Congrats MC.
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Amazon mini doc and Billboard charts (91,598) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 12 December 2019; 03:28)
The mini-doc is fantastic, it can be found on YouTube here. The promo she's done for the 25th anniversary of AIWFCIY has been fantastic. Yes as lambs we all know the story behind the creation, but it's good to get it out to the public. Early Billboard predictions are saying she could hit #1 next week, which would be unbelievable considering there's still two tracking weeks before Christmas. Even if she doesn't get it next week, she'll most likely get it by that Christmas week - which incredibly, would give her the last #1 hit of the 2010s decade and the first of the 2020s. After she was ridiculed for her 2014 Rockefeller performance of the song, and her 2016 NYE performance, this would be a full circle moment.
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Re: Grammy Album of the Year (90,314) (90,336) by Jono from USA
(Monday 15 July 2019; 18:27)
With the category now expanded to eight nominees, Mariah definitely has more of a chance but her label and PR will have to really push it in the fall right before the deadline is up. Caution will have come out almost a year ago by that time, so it needs to be fresh in the voter's mind. It's more likely she'd be nominated in the R&B category.
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Article: Will Mariah Carey win Grammys in the general field? (89,854) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 6 June 2019; 21:48)
Oh Grammy's. How you've been so unkind to Mariah over the years. But her 2006 performance is what brought my attention to her and made me a lamb, so I guess I can't completely hate them.
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State of her voice (89,501) by Jono from USA
(Tuesday 7 May 2019; 18:38)
As fans we obviously all know that Mariah's voice now is nowhere near her voice in the 90s or even early 2000s. I have no doubt that Mariah herself knows this as well. Like, imagine having that kind of voice but then as the years go on slowly realizing you no longer have that kind of voice. I have a classically trained vocalist friend who is a casual Mariah fan, in that any performance she sees is via me lol. I sent her the BBMA Icon performance to get her thoughts, and she noted the amount of vocal damage that was present. When I told her Mariah was a coloratura soprano she was surprised, considering how low her speaking voice is. She then mentioned that those voice types tend to peak in their mid 20s; she specifically mentioned 23-26 range. Now we know that this means 93-96 Mariah, which is regularly seen as her vocally golden era. She says coloratura sopranos usually have short-lived careers because their voices just drastically decline, no matter how much you take care of it. I then told her about Mariah's sleeping schedule and habits and nodules, and she said they obviously don't help lol. Concerning nodules she said they're essentially the kiss of death for any vocalist; we know Mariah has a unique voice where they aided her in whistling. My friend thinks that's why her whistles are still intact compared to the rest of her range. I will say I have come to terms a long time ago that Mariah is working with what she's got. There are other artists from Mariah's era that don't even release music anymore or release so sparingly; or, are sadly no longer with us. So I appreciate whatever she has left to give, even if I'm not always a fan. She deserves her flowers.
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Re: BMA vocal analysis (89,452) (89,455) by Jono from USA
(Sunday 5 May 2019; 17:55)
I definitely respect his constructive criticism; he usually is very good about picking apart an artist's voice without bashing, it's a very honest assessment. He also reacted to Mariah's famous 1992 "If It's Over" performance and he was absolutely floored.
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BBMA (89,415) by Jono from USA
(Thursday 2 May 2019; 05:56)
So proud of our girl. She sang about 98% live; the only lipped part was the usual run from Always Be My Baby. She started nervous but also A No No is a tricky song to sing. Now as for that speech - yes. queen. It's been so long since Mariah has accepted an award and I almost forgot how gracious and humble she's always come across when receiving her flowers. Social media lit up talking about her performance and her speech; no she may never reach those commercial heights again, but damn does it feel good to have her back in good graces.
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Re: Caution tour sold out in Chicago (88,511) (88,513) by Jono from USA
(Tuesday 12 March 2019; 18:53)
The show was fantastic. Loved having giant screens showing graphics which gave Mariah an updated look; very much like Caution. Besides a few moments where the backing track kicked in, which only us lambs can really notice, she sounded and looked great. Loved hearing these songs live that I didn't think I'd ever be able to - AYNAF, YDKWTD, and Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. It seemed like the audience was split half and half between casual fans and diehards, which could explain the lesser engagement during the Caution moments. What a fantastic experience, and the overall sentiment as everyone was leaving the theatre was "wow she was great".
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Caution Chicago (88,480) by Jono from USA
(Monday 11 March 2019; 17:59)
Hey lambs, who else is going to the concert? Super excited - first time seeing her since the 2010 Angels Advocate Tour. That was also my first ever concert; coincidentally in the same venue as well. I'm so excited to hear so many of these songs.
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