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Name: MhieMhie
Country: Philippines
An avid fan since 2008.
Non crediting for BER (100,603) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Tuesday 28 June 2022; 06:21)
Hmm. Based on Latto's latest tweet, I can infer that Mariah purposely did not let herself be credited but pushed the original on better heights. What a humble diva.
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Runway on streaming (100,571) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Saturday 25 June 2022; 01:00)
Hey guys. Runway is now available on streaming worldwide. I loved how it sounded fresh and I mean one of the best tracks from Caution. I wish 8th Grade was sung during her E=MC2 vocals. It would be more magical.
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Re: AIWFCIY (100,387) (100,389) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 02:38)
He wants money. Period.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,330) (100,331) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Friday 27 May 2022; 10:33)
I couldn't agree more. People love to shred a successful person to pieces. They give flowers to people who they "deemed" deserving. Impact wise. I don't know any long lasting song from Taylor Swift. She got her props because of my generation. Once you go swiftie you're cool.

Maybe lambs have special ears because they know how to discern genius. Lol. No shade to others but nobody does create music anymore like how she build her music. Even Somewhat Loved is a genius. Listen to it, be mindful and just don't mind the overproduction by Jimmy J and Terry L.
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Re: Mariah Carey (100,324) (100,325) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Thursday 26 May 2022; 06:24)
Yeah but as a young lamb it is "moment" to witness in my lifetime the magic of having her to be so globally revered once again. Even once only, hear her new stuff on radio, people talk about "Have you heard of that new Mariah track, she is on fire." A kid can dream.
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Re: MC x Cardi B (100,322) (100,323) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Tuesday 24 May 2022; 02:57)
Been seeing a lot of predictions from Nostra on Twitter. Is it the reason why Mariah is silent? I like her better like this than teasing with mediocre output. Based on observation, if she is tweeting studio pics, most of the time they are not her best but when she is very mum and has no social media presence, she is brewing a perfect storm. Rooting for this era. Another TEOM era please oh Lord.
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Re: Big Energy (100,313) (100,314) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Saturday 21 May 2022; 04:29)
I can't really say as I haven't lived long enough to witness her real glory days. Last organic hit I knew was TMB then nothing more. Envious of lambs who got to live out her 90s era. I know it will never eclipse it at this time of her career but hopefully in my lifetime I can see, feel, hear her be back on top. Will it ever be crossed out of my bucket list? Only God and Mariah's perseverance knows.
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The Roof (When I Feel the Need) (100,310) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 18:25)
Mariah, if you are on this board. Move the glass please. We need the track on streaming or digital download.
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Re: Big Energy (100,308) (100,309) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 18:24)
I hope they release the video. The song is still stable on streams other countries. Maybe they're waiting for it to die down then release for a further push.

But anyway, looking forward to an enjoyable new music from her aside from Christmas music. She is more than that.
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Big Energy (100,306) by MhieMhie from Philippines
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 06:24)
I think what Mariah has is her pride. She doesn't want her 20th no. 1 hit to be a feature as it looks like a desperate attempt to match or get ahead of The Beatles. Maybe she's preserving her "tainted legacy" that is why she doesn't jump into the wagon of BE.
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