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Name: Michael
Country: United States
I love Mariah.
Mariah in Denver at the Ball Arena (104,173) by Michael from United States
(Thursday 23 November 2023; 05:54)
After 20+ years of waiting, I finally got to see Mariah in Denver. With my whole heart I'm telling you it was live. She sound amazing. Whatever she has been doing to strengthen and get her voice back has been working. Her voice was strong, and clear. Her agility, and tone is back. She was funny, engaging and looked like she was having a blast. I'm so very proud of her. The arena was sold out, and the crowd was hot. It was surreal. She is so stunning in person. Looks much younger than her true age. I had the time of my life. I also made friends with other Lambs. I'm eternally grateful for being able to put a check mark next to this bucket list item. I'm also very thankful to my partner with surprising me with this early Christmas present.
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Lawsuit (103,937) by Michael from United States
(Thursday 2 November 2023; 01:23)
I hope the judge in this case is smart enough to realize the two songs are completely different from each other. Hook, melody, everything. Just because the other song with the sme name is more successful, doesn't give you the right to sue. And again, why wait 30 years. It's a reach in my opinion.
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Ring on some very important fingers (102,553) by Michael from United States
(Friday 14 April 2023; 05:22)
Has anyone else noticed the rings both Mariah and Bryan are wearing on their wedding ring fingers in her vacation photos with the green bikini? And in her Easter video where she is petting the bunny? Makes me wonder.
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