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About Brandon from USA: I have been a fan of MC since VOL. I have followed MC through the ups and downs of her career and want to see her continue to soar as the global superstar that she is.

Made For Me remix (106,600) by Brandon from USA
@Anthony, the problem is that people love the original and a remix really wasn't necessary. MC could definitely benefit from a high profile duet like Usher or CB but it needs to be an original song and not a remix to a song past its prime. "Yes And" was past its prime and people really didn't care for the original which is why it didn't work. Had MC and AG released the remix as the official version first, it might have caught steam, but most people already moved on when it came out. She needs to move more strategically because unfortunately ageism is affecting her and she hasn't been consistently releasing music to stay in the public eye.
(Wednesday 5 June 2024; 03:21)
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My All So So Def (106,599) by Brandon from USA
I wish MC would start incorporating this version into her show. This version had the energy and the vocals that could really add to the show.
(Wednesday 5 June 2024; 03:05)
Aruba concert (106,556) by Brandon from USA
What’s up with her looking tired and uninterested during these concerts? Why perform if she has lost the desire to be on stage? Her energy is on zero. What else is she doing that’s causing her to look exhausted and not give anything? Are her meds causing her to to be sluggish? I wish she would come out and let us know what’s going on so we can be more understanding to her condition.
(Monday 27 May 2024; 18:54)
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Portrait remixes (106,522) by Brandon from USA
I like it. A lot actually. I will admit there were times I wanted her to just go for it and give me some strong high belts like she did in the Honey Morales remix where she goes off vocally. It's apparent that she can't do that anymore but I still really like the remix. I think it can stand beside her 90's house mixes.

I also think they her vocal condition is the reason why she has not moved forward with completing her album. She criticized Caution because she wasn't happy with it vocally and maybe she is hoping that her voice will get back to where she feels comfortable recording an album. She knows we are nitpicky about her vocals and doesn't want to be criticized for her vocals not being there. I hope she's working with a vocal coach to get better and not simply relying on vocal rest to repair her voice.

Anyways, I love the remix and am happy with it for the most part. I'll be jamming to it for a while. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though.
(Friday 24 May 2024; 17:27)
BET Awards (106,424) by Brandon from USA
That was actually 2 years ago in 2022.
(Friday 17 May 2024; 08:05)
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BET Awards (106,420) by Brandon from USA
Muni Long is confirmed to perform at the BET Awards. Hopefully she brings out MC to sing the MFM remix with her. This could be amazing. I want them to pull out all the stops.
(Thursday 16 May 2024; 18:36)
MC’s acting career (106,408) by Brandon from USA
I wish MC would have used some of her down time these past few years to cultivate her acting career. Precious and Wise Girls really showed her acting range and I wished MC would have developed that more, especially since these past few years we haven't gotten any new music. She's only been popping up at Christmas time, then goes away. She could have really established herself in the movie world as a bonafide award winning actress IMO (Lady Gaga anyone). Who knows what's next for MC.
(Monday 13 May 2024; 15:59)
Made For Me remix featuring MC (106,373) by Brandon from USA
It’s confirmed on JD’s Instagram and Muni Longs instagram that MC is on the Made For Me remix. The snippet sounds so good. I always thought MC would sound great on this song and now I get to hear her. So excited.
(Thursday 9 May 2024; 05:21)
Met Gala (106,359) by Brandon from USA
I wonder why MC skips the Met Gala every year. It's definitely a who's who place to be. MC is so beautiful that if she were paired with a stylish and innovative designer and stylist (and stepped outside of her predictable comfort zone) she would shut the red carpet down. I know MC isn't in to high fashion like that but I would love to see her there.
(Tuesday 7 May 2024; 02:57)
Toni Braxton's residency (106,316) by Brandon from USA
I just watched some clips from Toni Braxton's first night's Vegas residency and she did an awesome job. It made me think about some things that MC could do to improve hers since it kinda falls flat to me. First, Toni Braxton moves and dances (she is not a dancer but has put a lot of work into perfecting the moves). She also has female dancers which helps with the aesthetics of the production. (Why did MC ditch her female dancers?) She's also not stiff as a piece of plywood but very comfortable and confident on stage. MC's dancers always look off to me and I think that they need to add the female element into the show. Toni's show also looks aesthetically like a Vegas show with the production, ensembles and dramatics. I also can tell that Toni has put a lot of practice into performing because she's not wandering around the stage like a deer in headlights or constantly looking down at a screen as though she's singing karaoke and waiting for her part. I'm sure Toni lips too but you cannot tell because she has worked at it. I watched her perform Unbreak My Heart and she was so graceful in how she moved and emotive (dramatic) that she really drew you in. Unfortunately, years of neglect to MC's craft (vocal health and learning how to perform) are showing and have been for awhile. You can tell those who have honed their craft throughout the years (Toni, Celine, Christina) and those that haven't (MC).
(Monday 29 April 2024; 15:55)
Hard truths (106,223) by Brandon from USA
No artist is perfect. Every artist has things that they are good at and things they need work in. For example, Celine and Whitney are polished, dynamic performers but couldn't write a song to save their lives. Janet and Ciara are great dancers but lack in vocal prowess. Mariah is no different. She is a dynamic, prolific composer, songwriter, producer, etc. but she is not a great performer. She has said herself numerous times in interviews that she is a studio artist and more comfortable in the studio. She also has said that she had to learn how to perform while she was famous and just figure it out. Unfortunately after all these years, she has done nothing to improve her stage presence and performance style. In my opinion, she has gotten worse and some lambs are blinded to it. I've seen her live in person so I know. She is stiff as a board and I don't understand why. I get my hopes up every performance that her inner performer would jump out and she would amaze us but it's the same thing every show/tour. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's still with us but this latest iteration of MC ain't it. My two cents. Thoughts?
(Friday 19 April 2024; 16:35)
Is that Mariah? (105,407) by Brandon from USA
I was thinking this exact same thing the other day. MC has placed herself in the R&B midtempo box that she needs to break out of if she wants any chance at chart success. There are so many new producers/cowriters that would love to work with her. MC has a bad habit of trying to recreate songs/sounds that she's done before. (How many WBT clones has she recreated?) She also should collaborate with who's hot right now (Ariana, Wkend, Justin Timberlake, Dustin Lipa, Drake, etc). She needs to update her sound, look, visuals, and everything. There should be a new energy similar to what she had during the Mimi era. I really feel like MC still has what it takes to hit number 1 with a non Christmas song but it will not be with the same r&b midtempos that she keeps putting out.

P.S. If I never hear Save the Day again, I'll be a happy person lol.
(Wednesday 14 February 2024; 17:49)
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The Celebration of Mimi (105,328) by Brandon from USA
Mimi, the buzz around you is very big right now coming off of your very successful Christmas tour and recent tributes. We need this Vegas show to be top notch visually and production wise. Spend that money on a dynamic stage, lights, dancers and ensembles. Keep the same glam team that [you] currently have because they have had your look together for a minute and we like that. Take this time to continue to work on those vocals. You have made progress and with practice I really feel [you] can blow us away again. Lastly, we need [you] to get that energy up for performing. There's no reason [you] should be looking exhausted on stage or stuck in one spot like [you] are glued to the floor. We need energy. I know [you] have in you.

Anyways, good luck Mimi on your new show and hopefully new music coming soon. We love you.
(Friday 9 February 2024; 02:00)
Super Bowl (105,308) by Brandon from USA
Usher and MC don't have a hit together so it wouldn't make sense for him to bring her out. I could see him bringing out Alicia Keys to sing "My Boo" because that song was a huge hit. Super Bowl performers don't get a long time to perform and Usher has so many hits that MC isn't needed. MC said herself in an interview that Usher doesn't need her to put on a show at the SB (not verbatim). Plus, their performance styles are different. Usher is very energetic and moves smoothly whereas MC stiffens up on stage and can be somewhat dry. I can't see it guys. Sorry.
(Wednesday 7 February 2024; 15:42)
Superbowl (105,307) by Brandon from USA
No, Usher's show is too high energy for MC unfortunately. She might look out of place on stage with him and his highly choreographed show.
(Wednesday 7 February 2024; 15:25)
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Look (105,220) by Brandon from USA
I agree. I'll thought overall that Mariah looked stunning. Her face, hair, jewelry were all flawless. While not a huge fan of the dress, I will give her kudos for stepping outside of her comfort zone lately fashion-wise and going for more high fashion moments. We know she likes to recycle the same style of black sequined early 2000's dresses with so I'll give her a pass for trying something new. I feel a new era coming soon and if she is continuing to step outside of her comfort zone visually and musically, I can't wait.
(Friday 2 February 2024; 16:41)
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Congratulations (104,503) by Brandon from USA
No sir, you are not.
(Monday 11 December 2023; 16:21)
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Reality check (104,150) by Brandon from USA
Old school MC fans from the 90's know a lip synced performance when we see one and it was definitely prerecorded which is the norm for her these days. Her nerves along with the inconsistency of her voice has has caused her to lean on prerecorded vocal tracks. I just want more movement from her if she's going lip sync.
(Tuesday 21 November 2023; 14:56)
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Performance (104,146) by Brandon from USA
I don't think asking a singer to sing and work on stage presence is being negative. Us diehard fans knows what she is capable of (Daydream tour, Butterfly tour, Charmbracelet tour, etc). Everyone is entitled to an off day but it's a problem when it happens frequently. We have a right to be concerned and ask questions.
(Tuesday 21 November 2023; 04:53)
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Article: Mariah Carey has new rose gold hair colour (104,085) by Brandon from USA
I take back what I said. Looking at the pics and videos from the show, it actually looks really good on her on stage.
(Thursday 16 November 2023; 14:51)
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Article: Mariah Carey has new rose gold hair colour (104,076) by Brandon from USA
It's too "wiggy" for me. I prefer more natural looking styles and wigs on her.
(Thursday 16 November 2023; 03:35)
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Kudos (104,061) by Brandon from USA
Kudos to Mariah's current glam team. Hair, makeup and ensembles have been on point for her recent interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, ET and Jennifer Hudson as well as the Grio Awards. I love to see Mariah in high fashion moments. More of this please.
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 05:50)
Mariah, please be ready (104,012) by Brandon from USA
Andrew, I totally agree with [you]. You aren't being negative but just keeping it real. Some of us fans don't believe that Mariah is untouchable and can't be criticized. Anyone who has had the same job for 30 years should be an expert at that job, not still looking like a deer in headlights when on stage, which Mariah does in her live shows a lot. We are just asking her to put more effort into rehearsing for her shows, practicing singing her songs in her current range, put together a great entertaining show, and taking care of her voice for preservation. Isn't that what we all want? We aren't asking her to perform brain surgery or something that she isn't capable of. All of these things are within her control. She just doesn't seem that interested.
(Friday 10 November 2023; 16:03)
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Mariah, please be ready (103,992) by Brandon from USA
It irritates me when she just wings it because it's so evident. Some people who are natural and confident performers (Celine, Whitney, Fantasia, etc.) could get away with it but performing in front of people is just not where MC is strong. She has even referred to herself as a studio artist in interviews. However, with constant practice and working with seasoned professionals, she could get there. I've never understood why she hasn't called Frank Gatson who has helped Beyoncé become the performer that she is today. For some reason, it comes off that she is only concerned with the glam aspect but doesn't really care about actually performing and giving people an experience at her shows. It feels lazy. I feel like she thinks "I'll just stand here, sing (lip sync) these songs right quick, collect my check and go lay back down and be pampered." If she won't practice and rehearse, she could at least properly warm up her voice. I'm going on a rant. Let me stop lol.
(Wednesday 8 November 2023; 17:42)
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Mariah, please be ready (103,977) by Brandon from USA
Mariah, please be prepared for your upcoming Christmas shows. Please do not step on that stage looking and acting as if you are under rehearsed and don't know what to do on stage because we can tell when [you] aren't ready (which seems to be the norm unfortunately). Please be professional and have your voice ready. And make sure your pre-recorded vocals match what you can do live. We hate a rough transition from live to pre-recorded.
(Monday 6 November 2023; 20:22)


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