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Name: Critter
Country: USA
Die For You (102,319) by Critter from USA
(Thursday 9 March 2023; 00:59)
Grande has matured so nicely that her voice is almost evoking the same resonance (for me) as our young Mariah did in last century. I will start paying more attention to her from now on.
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This is a reply to message 102,318 by JC from USA
(Thursday 9 March 2023; 00:04)
Who cares about the Grammy's? (102,193) by Critter from USA
(Wednesday 8 February 2023; 00:24)
It's rather funny to see people coming to Beyonce's defense for why she didn't win the album of the year. To me, it's rather an embarrassment to hear her on radio as if it can be called music. It sure seems like she is an early adoption of ChatGPT - using AI to work on her album and maybe her singing too. Anyways, Rarities truly is the best works MC released in past 10 years or so. My 2 cents.
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This is a reply to message 102,190 by "MariahHater" from Hell
(Tuesday 7 February 2023; 22:50)
Article: Mariah Carey scores milestone 10th week at No. 1 (101,925) by Critter from USA
(Tuesday 20 December 2022; 22:22)
I have never heard OTR, not even once since it's no longer #1 on the road.
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This is a reply to message 101,920 by Warren from Trinidad & Tobago
(Tuesday 20 December 2022; 16:46)
Re: Full of grace (101,460) (101,464) by Critter from USA
(Sunday 16 October 2022; 19:27)
The way I look at Patti is probably the same as the kids look at Queen Mariah these days. Right?
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This is a reply to message 101,460 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 16 October 2022; 00:58)
Re: Easy on me (98,760) (98,766) by Critter from USA
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 18:29)
You are not the only one. Next.
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Somewhat not feeling it (98,147) by Critter from USA
(Friday 11 June 2021; 18:33)
I feel any song from The Rarities bests Somewhat Loved. Don't you think? Ms Carey, Mariah badly needs to stop singing her own materials for a change. I mean it in the nicest way. Have a good day (or night). Cheers.
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MC hitting #1 every year from now on (91,705) by Critter from USA
(Tuesday 17 December 2019; 03:10)
I can't believe it. Happy.
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Re: A No No video review (88,405) (88,410) by Critter from USA
(Friday 8 March 2019; 22:57)
First boo to the 2 pieces of rumors about the video (first with Eric pulling off ANN, second with a no-name rapper). I literally grieved over them for 10 min each.

With them setting my expectations rather low, I watched the video and genuinely absolutely 100% enjoyed it. It's different, presentable (not too much cleavage), colorful. Not to mention the high notes.

I love it.
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Wendy oh Wendy - don't look like an idiot again (86,390) by Critter from USA
(Wednesday 21 November 2018; 23:36)
"I was watching Wendy Williams a couple weeks ago, and she made a comment about how Mariah just walks into a studio and songs are made for her and she just sings them," he says. "I want to let her know: No. Mariah writes all her records. She's very involved in every step of the way. She knows her stuff."

Source: Rolling Stone
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Caution - my take (86,045) by Critter from USA
(Friday 16 November 2018; 19:26)
I have a simple taste for good music. If it can't make me hum/sing to it after a few listens, then it won't make to my playlist. Why would I let a song grow on me?

The first few songs available before the sale are her stronger tracks. I am grateful. Thanks MC. I am not feeling the rest of the album. Many of you says, X is this song, Part II; Y is that song Part III. It only means X, or Y are not as good or original.

Anyway, my standout tracks:
1. The distance
2. A no no
4. Runway. Especially the version featuring the Japanese singer. The ending reminds of "I feel it coming" by Weeknd. Groovy.
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Two fears (85,156) by Critter from USA
(Sunday 21 October 2018; 08:30)
Even though I am supposed to be grateful of new music and not care about radio play and whatnot, for some reason, I am afraid of the following two things:
1. M sitting on The Distance, a gem like she did with Migrate.
2. M putting out a turn-off video, like she did with You're Mine.
Keeping my fingers crossed neither would happen.
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How many times it take (85,087) by Critter from USA
(Friday 19 October 2018; 06:47)
How many times does it take you to love the new music?

With You: 25
The Distance: 1
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Re: The Star (78,977) (78,989) by Critter from USA
(Tuesday 24 October 2017; 04:54)
Can't agree more. It is the closest to the original Mariah we fell in love with. No singing with fingers trying to write something in the air if you know what I mean. She just sang the notes the way they are supposed to be sung. I love The Star.
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I started to like it after a second listen (72,001) by Critter from USA
(Thursday 2 February 2017; 21:10)
I don't know what else people expect. For me the depth of the lyrics is on par with any radio hits at the moment. And I didn't immediately like it but the hook part just sticks after first listen. I started to like it after a second listen (even though probably not Billboard top 20 material). I don't, it clearly is the opposite of I do as often said in a wedding. So it makes a lot more sense to me than I can't (suggested by someone). Cheers.
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I enjoyed her show recording so much (47,525) by Critter from USA
(Tuesday 21 October 2014; 7:37)
I thoroughly did. At first I was a bit annoyed by the chit-chat of 2 female concert goers. Very soon, their chat actually became enjoyable. One went like, "She is doing a wardrobe change." "I love her", "I wish I could be her scarf." "So beautiful". Then she went on saying, "After seeing her sing, who would watch 're Alice's (a Chinese tv show)." One of them of course said of Hero, "What a great song" and the "encore, encore" with the strong accent. All added more to the recording. Thanks for posting.
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Camouflage and #Beautiful are the best (44,026) by Critter from USA
(Friday 23 May 2014; 5:16)
I like Camouflage and #Beautiful the best. Meteorite is refreshing (but it does remind of Madonna). The rest is very familiar Mariah sounds. There I said it. After following Mariah's music for 2 decades, I think 2014 is the year I finally outgrow her music, even though it is still head-and-shoulders above what's on radio today. (Thank you webmaster for removing the down voting.)
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"Art of letting go" and "Somebody that I used to know" (40,895) by Critter from USA
(Friday 31 January 2014; 10:19)
I happened to hear these two songs back to back and suddenly wondered if Mariah may be channeling it a little bit. (Probably not.) Anyway, I enjoy both songs very much and thought I would share what occurred to me. Cheers.
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"Do you know this one? Come on come on for the nostalgia" (40,401) by Critter from USA
(Saturday 4 January 2014; 8:48)
I love the ad lib lines like this one from the new year performance. Great job!
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I can't agree with B from the US more (40,227) by Critter from USA
(Sunday 15 December 2013; 1:27)
I want to like Beyonce's music, but I can't get past her voice and way of singing. Irreplaceable, isn't it annoying to sing like that or what? No offence to her or her fans though. I do enjoy Destiny's Child. That's pure harmony of 3 singing voices. And I do enjoy her in one of the Austin Power movies. Anyways, I am still hopeful about Mariah. I'm waiting for her full album to drop. Thanks.
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Bad songs, perhaps (39,124) by Critter from USA
(Wednesday 28 August 2013; 8:18)
Even a bad Mariah song beats most of the songs played on radio today. With that said, I tend to skip the ones where Mariah uses both full voice and whispery voice even in a same sentence of a song. Am I saying I would wish for Mariah to belt all the time? No. But there is a long period that Mariah tends to swing between full/whispery voice in most her songs. For instance "After tonight", (I know a lot of you may go like what?), she would go full voice with "af", and then suddenly whisper "ter tonight", and full voice with "will", whisper "you remember me". These days she still does it, but I feel it's smoother, or at least not in a middle of a sentence. Oh well. Maybe it's just me.
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Favorite album (39,026) by Critter from USA
(Saturday 17 August 2013; 0:47)
My favorite album since the Millennium has to be TEOM. As for songs, I just love "Languishing". BTW. I like to listen to songs in random order on my iPod. And last week, I heard "Now That You Know", "Joy To The World remix" and "Chain of Fool" with Aretha. I haven't heard it in a while and they are still so great. Cheers.
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