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Name: Bradley
Country: South Africa
Learning about life and myself everyday. Huge Mariah fan like most of us here.
Andrew (104,270) by Bradley from South Africa
(Wednesday 29 November 2023; 00:53)
That's literally all he does, and he's proud of it too. It's the only way anyone engages him, there's no other way he gets attention. I've been here since 2005, and I can assure you that if Andrew was any other way, everyone would just scroll past him. If he were to just give his opinion without being condescending, he'd be a pompous bore with little reason to exist. It was cute at first, but now he's a grown man and it's kind of sad. Bless those who still tolerate him, they keep him feeling worthy.
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This is a reply to message 104,244 by David from USA
(Monday 27 November 2023; 03:12)
Imagine (104,058) by Bradley from South Africa
(Tuesday 14 November 2023; 23:15)
Imagine knowing that the ones you feel closest to are waiting for your next move so that they can decide whether it's your reclamation, or whether it's your demise. And we're all so entitled. We've been here for her entire career so she will always owe us something. We'll give her our unconditional support, and then we'll set the conditions for our support. How dare we consider that her life's issues have caught up with her and have slowly eaten away at her over the last few years. How dare we even think that those issues could hamper almost every effort she makes. And now that we know she's working on new music, we'll set our standards for a possible success, and she better pray hard that she impresses us.
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Mariah, please be ready (104,006) by Bradley from South Africa
(Friday 10 November 2023; 00:19)
Andrew, your schtick has become tiresome. I'm objective too, and I hold musicians to a high standard, but you're the pits bro. And I know you'll reply to this with a well thought out response. Reading and listening to respond is what you do, it's what defines you. Do you ever get tired of this though? Webmaster you can delete and block me after this if you need to, I'll accept, but after reading this guys messages for over a decade, I have to suggest that he sits on a "duck". If "anal" had any other name, it would be Andrew. I'm sorry if offend here, but this is the most pleasant words I could find to sum up this person.
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This is a reply to message 103,995 by Andrew from the UK
(Thursday 9 November 2023; 00:36)
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