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About enwar00 from usa: Been a fan since Vision of Love. I can say I'll be a fan for life.

Autocue (106,339) by enwar00 from usa
Your sarcasm is welcomed back Mister.
(Friday 3 May 2024; 01:06)
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More Taylor (106,313) by enwar00 from usa
What's up with these mature messages?
(Sunday 28 April 2024; 22:09)
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Music right now (105,973) by enwar00 from usa
Radical Optimism comes out May 3rd. My most anticipated album of the year.
(Thursday 14 March 2024; 05:39)
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I hope Mariah never releases anything anymore (105,704) by enwar00 from usa
Yay. A friendship is born.
(Saturday 24 February 2024; 06:38)
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I Don't (105,658) by enwar00 from usa
I Don't always gets so much hate on this board. It's funny or maybe ironic because that whole era she sang live at ease and sounded fire, and now here we are some handful years later, the nightmare era is just a memory yet we're scared of her singing one verse live on TV. Yikes.
(Thursday 22 February 2024; 06:53)
General public or bad decisions (105,657) by enwar00 from usa
I love GTFO. Such a slinky song. So glad it opened the album. So underrated. I'll always stan Caution. What a vibe.
(Thursday 22 February 2024; 06:29)
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General public or bad decisions (105,631) by enwar00 from usa
I think that fall in 2013 may have set off a series of unfortunate events, and affected more than we'll ever know.
(Wednesday 21 February 2024; 05:14)
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General public or bad decisions (105,630) by enwar00 from usa
Lol thank you Matty for calling out that discount argument for Loverboy. Just another way to drag her. There were so many singles I bought because they were on sale, therefore I could afford them. No different than songs being discounted now for $0.69 on iTunes.
(Wednesday 21 February 2024; 05:06)
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Stacey and Robert (105,607) by enwar00 from usa
Agreed. That name sounded familiar once you said it. Don't remember the posts though. I feel like I discovered this site during The Emancipation of Mimi, which is almost 20 years ago. Gulp.
(Tuesday 20 February 2024; 15:23)
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Yes, And? (105,495) by enwar00 from usa
Literally the song playing right now in my car as I'm reading your post is Sorry from Confessions on a Dance Floor.
(Friday 16 February 2024; 21:56)
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100% (105,348) by enwar00 from usa
For me 100% is at the bottom of the barrel. I barely listened to it a couple of times. Makes Infinity sound like a #1.
(Saturday 10 February 2024; 19:57)
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Next Friday (105,151) by enwar00 from usa
Are there any differences on the physical versions of MB30 versus the digital ones on streaming?
(Sunday 28 January 2024; 05:20)
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Article: Mariah shows off physique in sparkling "swimwear" (105,150) by enwar00 from usa
Oh wow I think I remember TEOM snippets too. For some reason Joyride was missing so it was new to me when I got the CD. That was a wonderful time in life. I think I discovered this site back then too.
(Sunday 28 January 2024; 05:15)
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Daydream era - unknown performance (105,149) by enwar00 from usa
I can totally see the UOMF remix with Nicki going viral one day. I like Nicki and think she makes some fun music, and she added to that song versus taking away from it, as we've seen with many other insert rapper here copy and paste MC remixes. I can't believe that was 14 years ago. Oh Angels Advocate, maybe we'll get you for MC35.
(Sunday 28 January 2024; 04:46)
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Billy from Greece (104,974) by enwar00 from usa
Billy I'm finally making it to Greece this August. So excited to get to the #1 destination on my bucket list. Couldn't find your email, email me if you can and want, let me know if you do.
(Wednesday 17 January 2024; 02:36)
Merry Christmas to all (104,661) by enwar00 from usa
A golden shower. Did you have one today?
(Monday 25 December 2023; 23:33)
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AIWFCIY back at #1 (104,569) by enwar00 from usa
I just read on Talk of the Charts that AIWFCIY is predicted to be back at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 next week, overtaking Brenda Lee again. Suddenly things seem a little brighter again. Mimi back at #1 where she belongs. It's still a prediction as Billboard doesn't release the official top 10 until Monday. But hopefully it will be, and for the next 3 weeks.
(Sunday 17 December 2023; 01:43)
Fly Like A Bird performance (104,558) by enwar00 from usa
It's been years if not decades since I watched this FLAB performance from the Grammy's. Watching this from the halfway point of her long career with this many more years of life and experience since was amazing, and moved me so much more than in 2006. Mimi tore up that stage. After the performance this clips shows all the televised awards presented that she was nominated for. She was truly used and robbed that night.
(Saturday 16 December 2023; 05:15)
News (104,492) by enwar00 from usa
Yes, AIWFCIY is protected to be #2 again behind Brenda, who is ahead in streaming and sales.
(Sunday 10 December 2023; 07:39)
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Christmas collabs (104,491) by enwar00 from usa
You were correct, I just watched it on YouTube. Honestly I wasn't a fan of the remix, and don't even care too much about the song in general and often skip it, but I'm into this performance. Seems so festive and fun, and I think they sound great.
(Sunday 10 December 2023; 07:11)
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Christmastime Is In The Air Again (104,464) by enwar00 from usa
Always a treat to revisit this performance. An underrated gem from an underrated album IMO. Oh 2012 Mariah, how agile was your voice still. Did that fall somehow affect more than we know?
(Friday 8 December 2023; 07:19)
New video (104,463) by enwar00 from usa
It's true. It's the festive lambs edition.
(Friday 8 December 2023; 03:16)
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Number one (104,438) by enwar00 from usa
Billboard has a whole article discussing Brenda going to #1 and what they think can happen going forward. Many points were discussed here too.
(Wednesday 6 December 2023; 19:15)
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Rockin' Around #1 (104,398) by enwar00 from usa
It's officially #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Congrats to Brenda Lee. I imagine Mariah is gracious and happy for her. Maybe this can further help against ageism and Mimi can get to #1 in decades to come still.
(Monday 4 December 2023; 21:04)
Clips (104,120) by enwar00 from usa
Wow that was really good. Makes me want to go. Thank you for sharing Terna.
(Sunday 19 November 2023; 04:57)
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