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Name: enwar00
Country: usa
Been a fan since Vision of Love. I can say I'll be a fan for life.
Re: Rarities tracklisting - real? (95,261) (95,263) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 29 August 2020; 00:25)
I am extremely happy that Do You Think Of Me, Everything Fades Away, and Slipping Away are being included on this album. I prefer them over an alternate take of All In Your Mind. Since people are wanting that hopefully she'll put that on an expanded or deluxe version of the debut album or something of that nature. Who knows what else may be in store.
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Re: Underneath the Stars (95,210) (95,214) by enwar00 from usa
(Wednesday 26 August 2020; 02:43)
No. What did it accomplish?
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Re: Fourth of July (95,161) (95,165) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 24 August 2020; 03:29)
Oh yes, that song is magical. One of my all time faves. Such a sweet, sweet song. I miss a good Mariah bridge. And I'll wait for a day when I can feel what I used to feel when I used to listen to that song. I understand that may never come, but who knows.
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ABMB (95,163) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 24 August 2020; 03:17)
I turned on the radio in the car for the first time in a long time this morning, and Always Be My Baby was on. It was a cute moment. I definitely feel it's her most enduring song besides AIWFCIY.
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Re: There For Me (95,095) (95,098) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 02:12)
I think because it kinda sucks.
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Save The Day (95,038) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 21 August 2020; 06:25)
Wow this seems different than than typical Mariah songs, both lyrically and sonically. Uplifting but in a more extroverted way. An older song yet very fitting in 2020.
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The Rarities is #1 (95,006) by enwar00 from usa
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 06:40)
The Rarities is the #1 best-selling CD and vinyl on Amazon at the moment. That's just wild to me, especially considering it's not out for another month and a half. What's more is that the vinyl of the debut Mariah Carey album, also released on October 2nd, is at #8. The promo must really be working to get people this interested.
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Re: Lauryn Hill (94,993) (95,005) by enwar00 from usa
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 03:43)
That's what I was thinking too, something prominent about how they used the sample.
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Re: Name game (94,949) (94,950) by enwar00 from usa
(Tuesday 18 August 2020; 20:19)
Lol at Kaleidoscope. I could totally see that, surprised she hasn't named an album that already. How about the fact that as I'm typing this on my walk a butterfly was flying and hovering around me.
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Re: Name game (94,938) (94,940) by enwar00 from usa
(Tuesday 18 August 2020; 05:34)
So I'm thinking Z and Q but then will guess K?
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Re: Underneath the Stars - video (94,908) (94,911) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 15 August 2020; 07:43)
I honestly thought the video they shelved was just a performance video from the concert, like the one for Forever, and I guess Hero and Without You, so I honestly never really cared that much years later finding out it was shelved. But seeing the snippet isn't just a performance video definitely leaves me wanting more. I'm getting such a Butterfly video vibe from it. In my opinion, had this been released as a single with full promotion it really could have been a perfect bridge between the Daydream and Butterfly eras. To me the sound and especially vocal stylings foreshadowed the next album. I love MC30.
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Re: AYNAF (Soul Convention Remix) video (94,895) (94,898) by enwar00 from usa
(Thursday 13 August 2020; 09:55)
Haha. But I feel like you really thought that was the video.
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Re: AYNAF (Soul Convention Remix) video (94,893) (94,894) by enwar00 from usa
(Wednesday 12 August 2020; 15:10)
Are you being sarcastic? Because that's not the video.
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Re: AYNAF (Soul Convention Remix) video (94,878) (94,882) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 8 August 2020; 04:30)
Stop. I just went on here to post the link and of course you already beat me. What is this even? How does this exist? I didn't even know it existed and I can't believe it's a thing. I still haven't watched it because I'm in the middle of something somewhere but can't wait to get home and watch it. Yay I love MC30.
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Re: New TOTP videos (94,853) (94,856) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 7 August 2020; 06:04)
Just watched them. They're cute I guess. It's fun to see Mariah so young and bopping around and wearing trendy 90s fashion. That show with the backing tracks though. And what are the odds that Georgina The Honest Vocal Coach is the first comment on the Dreamlover video, since she just got brought up today.
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Re: MC30 (94,854) (94,855) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 7 August 2020; 04:21)
Ok I'm usually not one to complain about what she's serving us right now with MC30, especially because I can't wait until all those AYNAF remixes are streaming since I haven't even heard them all, but I'mma have to agree with you. There best be some b-sides coming soon. We need Do You Think Of Me on streaming platforms. Bring on the unreleased tracks like the one from Emotions Bill won't stop talking about. Is she saving the best treats for last? Should we hold on to hope? Or are we going to get treated. And not in a good way.
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Re: The Honest Vocal Coach (94,836) (94,837) by enwar00 from usa
(Thursday 6 August 2020; 14:33)
Georgina is awesome. I went down the rabbit hole some months ago. When she imitated Britney's baby voice, I died.
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Re: Can't Let Go live (94,771) (94,783) by enwar00 from usa
(Sunday 2 August 2020; 02:29)
He says his name is William, but I'm sure it's Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy.
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Re: Emotions live in TOTP (94,779) (94,782) by enwar00 from usa
(Sunday 2 August 2020; 02:27)
Oh wow I've never heard her sound like that. She can barely speak. She still looks good though love the hair. So cool Can't Let Go didn't even have a video yet, love hearing stuff like that. Yeah I loved that she switched up the song during the performance, she's amazing, do wish she did more of that. I hope there's more goodies from the Emotions era, especially since I feel like it was cut short already.
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Re: Emotions and Make It Happen HD (94,769) (94,776) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 1 August 2020; 23:49)
I did miss that. Did they just update the ones that were already on there?
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Emotions live in TOTP (94,775) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 1 August 2020; 23:46)
I've never seen this performance before but stumbled on it looking for the new remastered videos. Sounds very different hearing her some the songs much lower throughout and I like it. Always nice to hear something new.
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Can't Let Go live (94,749) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 31 July 2020; 04:55)
I am definitely not disappointed that she posted this performance of Can't Let Go that I've never seen and have watched a few times today. Simply flawless. As her songs continue to age, for me this one continues to go higher on the list of standouts and I think it's one of her best.
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Eminem (94,690) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 24 July 2020; 07:10)
Also, do we really think Eminem is sitting around scared or even thinking about Mariah's memoirs? Because that sounds like fake news to me. Insert shrug emoji.
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Re: Nick (94,686) (94,689) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 24 July 2020; 07:05)
Does anyone else not even read these super long essays that don't even have to do with Mariah anymore? Maybe I'm the only one, and I'm ok with that.
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Re: Someday Live Debut (94,660) (94,662) by enwar00 from usa
(Tuesday 21 July 2020; 15:45)
Yeah that would be fun to watch. No don't do that, I wait all winter for summer and you're wishing it away. No wonder it's flying by. What do you think she'll put out this Friday?
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