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Name: enwar00
Country: usa
Been a fan since Vision of Love. I can say I'll be a fan for life.
Re: Insta FLAB (93,592) (93,608) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 13 April 2020; 03:06)
Oh wow, hope you get better soon. Happy Easter to you too.
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Re: TEOM (93,602) (93,607) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 13 April 2020; 03:05)
I agree, it really should have won all those awards. And Mine Again should have won traditional R&B song too. That's awesome that four different songs from that album were nominated for Grammy's. Album of the year indeed.
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Re: Mariah - quarantine (93,591) (93,606) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 13 April 2020; 02:54)
Billy I love Candy Bling. It's such a sweet song. No pun intended. Hopefully it breaks your heart as sweetly as possible.
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FLAB snippet (93,593) by enwar00 from usa
(Sunday 12 April 2020; 22:18)
Love the Fly Like A Bird snippet she tweeted. Only wish it was longer. It's nice to hear all the different a capella snippet performances lately. Maybe she'll continue to focus more on singing via these virtual outlets right now. I'd be happy with more of these performances whether they're dubbed or not.
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ET 50 moments of Mimi (93,424) by enwar00 from usa
(Sunday 29 March 2020; 03:55)
This was fun to watch. Thought I'd share. Love the look in the very beginning. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.
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Oh dear (93,365) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 23 March 2020; 19:04)
I just want one day off when I can go swimming and eat ice cream and look at rainbows.
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Re: C virus future plans (93,284) (93,287) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 14 March 2020; 23:06)
Dang. They low key shade of it all. I got major Mariah vibes from this message.
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Re: AYNAF original video (93,215) (93,226) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 7 March 2020; 18:32)
She's exaggerated that whole covered up from head to toe talk to death for years now. She promoted that same song in baby doll tees and tiny skirts. But maybe Tommy didn't know.
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MC on the radio (93,185) by enwar00 from usa
(Thursday 5 March 2020; 21:22)
We Belong Together was on an hour ago and I just got back in the car and Emotions is on. What a wonderful day.
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Re: Rainbow interlude (93,137) (93,140) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 2 March 2020; 19:19)
Coincidentally just yesterday I read that she in fact
did perform the Rainbow interlude during some of the #1 to Infinity shows. Here's a clip. I think it sounds pretty. Wouldn't you know, it was in that same spot you mention, right before that atrocious version of TGIFY. Did you think the shows were crap, or are you just referencing Licia's appropriately coined term to that song? I went to a #1 to Infinity show and really enjoyed it. It was so nice to hear some of those songs she hadn't performed in decades.
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Re: Anyone else listen to E=MC2 more than TEOM? (93,095) (93,101) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 29 February 2020; 21:20)
You can't sit with us.
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Re: Slipping Away on IG (93,061) (93,065) by enwar00 from usa
(Wednesday 26 February 2020; 21:09)
That's the cutest thing I've ever heard.
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Re: Slipping Away on IG (93,045) (93,049) by enwar00 from usa
(Tuesday 25 February 2020; 15:14)
I can't.
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Question please help (93,012) by enwar00 from usa
(Sunday 23 February 2020; 23:46)
I can't remember if I've asked this before. Mariah wanted to release Can't Take That Away, but the record company did not and they fought. What song did they want to release instead?
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List of non-single favorites (93,007) by enwar00 from usa
(Sunday 23 February 2020; 07:16)
Create a playlist and drink until you're an alcoholic like Mimi.
MC: Alone in Love, Sent From Up Above, Prisoner
Emotions: To Be Around You
Music Box: Music Box
Daydream: Long Ago, Melt Away
Butterfly: Fourth of July
Rainbow: Bliss, How Much, Vulnerability (I hate the recording of this album, dunno what kind of bootleg studio was in Capri)
Glitter: Lead the Way, All My Life
I'd rather listen to Miss You or even There Goes My Heart than anything on Charmbracelet.
Mimi: Circles, Your Girl
E=MC2: Side Effects, Love Story (this album is a fave, really does feel like it's full of singles)
Memoirs: Candy Bling, Standing O (love how the bass bumps in the car), More Than Just Friends
MIAMTEC: Faded, Dedicated. Another fave, and I agree with those who've said removing some tracks (be gone Supernatural, One More Try, Heavenly) woulda made it 100 (not the song, gross). And I woulda rather had The Art of Letting Go close it instead of Camouflage.
Caution: Caution, One Mo' Gen, Stay Long Love You (which I hated at first)
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Re: Non-single favourites (92,989) (92,996) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 22 February 2020; 22:37)
Of all people to go for a lighter note. Thank you though I can't take the dourness. You want people to pick just one yet mentioned three but that's ok I shall oblige. And this is the truth so don't act like I'm trying to act cool. Slipping Away.
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Re: "In the Mix" (92,977) (92,985) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 22 February 2020; 06:45)
So I actually watch mixed-ish and enjoy it every week. I tend to forget about the song and then a few minutes into the show the theme comes on with the song and it's an extra bonus to jam out to.
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Re: New music (92,765) (92,770) by enwar00 from usa
(Saturday 8 February 2020; 23:21)
Bill you didn't like #1's? I used to love it. Loved all the new songs and hearing the rest backwards in time.
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Re: Daydream shuffled (92,612) (92,621) by enwar00 from usa
(Monday 27 January 2020; 06:23)
Ooh I love it, make me a mix tape. I love thinking of Looking In first, like she bout to tell a story (despite that not being the case). Reminds me of Cry. starting off MIAMTEC, which I thought was bold. I think the sequencing on the first handful songs on MIAMTEC was genius. Anywho back to Daydream, ending with I Am Free sound amazing. Def a completely different note and vibe. I would want Slipping Away to follow Daydream Interlude and precede Long Ago. I love Slipping Away. Burn me a copy, please and thank you.
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Stripped performance (92,525) by enwar00 from usa
(Tuesday 21 January 2020; 06:43)
I like this performance of We Belong Together. I remember watching other songs performed at that same show like ABMB and loving it. Band was tight, she sounded great, and it was mixed well. Sometimes the mixing can make or break it.
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Re: Important recordings (92,315) (92,321) by enwar00 from usa
(Tuesday 14 January 2020; 04:41)
Bill I think We Belong Together should be on that list. What a colossal career redefining moment it was. Without that hitting the way it did 15 years into her career, I don't think we would have just experienced these recent records being broken 15 years later.
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Re: Next album/era (92,216) (92,226) by enwar00 from usa
(Wednesday 8 January 2020; 06:14)
Terna I agree with you, I'd rather it be solo if it were to even ever happen. Not so much because of the haters, more so that I'd rather just hear Mimi. I personally think her duet versions of solo songs and even cut and paste raps added on are subpar, such as Against All Odds, IBLYLT, A No No, even When Christmas Comes and Whenever You Call, but especially Angels Cry. And don't even get (caps) me started on those MIAMTEC rejects from Angels Advocate. I've listened to them once maybe. So glad that project was shelved. I would have rather heard the Jump Smokers remix album over that genericness. So I vote no to a duets album. I can't be the only one. Rant over.
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Re: Televised performances (92,215) (92,225) by enwar00 from usa
(Wednesday 8 January 2020; 06:01)
Lists, lists, let there be lists.
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Re: New album (92,109) (92,125) by enwar00 from usa
(Friday 3 January 2020; 21:19)
And also annoying.
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Re: Merry Christmas projected to be #1 on BB200 (92,008) (92,026) by enwar00 from usa
(Sunday 29 December 2019; 21:57)
It's at #4. The highest it's been since 1994. You got my hopes up. Bah humbug.
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