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Name: RJJ12
Country: USA
A fan since 1990. Favorite Mariah quotes, "It doesn't matter how I look, if I'm singin..." & "I can't even know what to say." I love R&B and Hip Hop, but I listen to any genre of music as long as the song is great. Love saaaanger/songwriters. I'm not a "yes" fan but I do give credit when its due.
I Don't Wanna Cry (103,579) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 26 September 2023; 07:03)
Same. Daydream will always be GOAT to me. I wonder if she found the "Ecstasy" song she made with Jermaine that she was looking for during Rarities. She claimed in an interview she couldn't find it. I'm hoping it's been discovered and is. Daydream session song. She said it sampled a particular song but didn't want to give away the idea.
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This is a reply to message 103,570 by Stacey from USA
(Tuesday 26 September 2023; 00:40)
All I Live For differences Rarities/Extended (103,494) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 15 September 2023; 02:01)
Here is a video that points out the differences between the two versions. My theory is she found the Rarities version first and put that on Rarities. She found the extended version later and put that on MB30. A second theory is she found both but put the simpler version on Rarities and saved the extended for MB30 so she she had more to give us and help make the repurchase of an old album worth it. Not sure why some fans are complaining on why we got both and should have just got the extended. Honey was said to have 100 different vocal takes Puffy had to chose from. I wouldn't mind getting different Honey vocal takes on B30. I like both versions for different reasons. I prefer the verses from Rarities as she sings them much simpler and sticks to the melody more but I like the climax on the extended better. My version would be a blend of both. Th Rarities verses and the ending vocal climax of the extended.
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This is a reply to message 103,485 by Andrew from United Kingdom
(Thursday 14 September 2023; 16:56)
Working Hard remix snippet? (103,341) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 17:14)
Here is a second snippet that sounds a or better. This sounds really good.
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This is a reply to message 103,323 by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 00:15)
Disc two (103,340) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 17:09)
Mariah said in an interview that she used everything she was working on for Butterfly. She stated there were no unreleased tracks from that era.
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This is a reply to message 103,338 by Will from England
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 13:20)
Working Hard remix snippet? (103,333) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 03:35)
What's your opinion based on what you heard?
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This is a reply to message 103,328 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 01:14)
Working Hard remix snippet? (103,323) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 00:15)
Since it's so close to the release date, here is a snippet DJ Terry Hunter played in July at a Chicago House Music Festival in July.
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It's a wrap for you baby challenge TikTok (102,077) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 16 January 2023; 01:16)
While you all argue over the definition of primary, joint, sole custody, 6 baby mamas, nonsense and drama, [It's a wrap] is going viral on [TikTok]. Kinds [sic] have discovered the song and made a dance to it. Someone mortified Mariah on Twitter and she even has her own [TikTok] up. What do you all think, a nice bump in streams or a possible top 10 hit a la Steve's [Lacy bad habits viral]?
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Re: Honey/Heartbreaker mashup (101,378) (101,383) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 1 October 2022; 18:46)
I love the mash up too Stacy. It's brilliant. I also like how she incorporated Big Energy. Her set list is more youthful and upbeat. I like the new WBT version. I'm also not caring about pre records and shaky vocals. I will say I like the new ones in her current voice. I will say that her current live midrange sounded very Rainbowish in her tone. She sounds better live than in some of her recent recordings where she sounds like a chipmunk on the high parts. Bring on the projects.
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Re: Global Citizen (101,300) (101,308) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 24 September 2022; 04:16)
Here is a clip of her rehearsal. Spoiler alert as she did some interesting changes/mash up. Her voice sounds pretty good for as much as Mariah in 2022 can muster. Interested in watching the performance now.
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Re: I Stay In Love (101,298) (101,304) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 23 September 2022; 20:17)
I love this song. It's my favorite from the album and should have been the second single instead the trite Bye Bye. Bye Bye hit #20 solely based on the success of TMB. Had she released I Stay In Love as the second single while she was still doing promotion before she disappeared after her wedding it would have went number #1. I know people on this board hate it and call it a WBT clone, but every non lamb I play it for loves it and asks what album it's from and why she didn't release it. The label halfheartedly threw it out there during the fall with one performance and no radio adds or budget. Such a shame. That album was full of radio friendly songs that went to waste.
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Rolling Stone Butterfly interview (101,279) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 21 September 2022; 02:41)
The Rolling Stone Butterfly interview was really good. I loved how she dived into the creation of the songs and how the interviewer noticed that it was Mariah who would lead Walter into a more R&B/Gospel/Soul leaning sound than his work with other artists, like a Celine Dion. I appreciate that even though he has publicly spoken poorly of her, she still speaks highly of him and gives him his flowers. Per this interview we can confirm that Walter was the second producer during the butter knife incident. I liked the bonus story at the end about her experience with weed brownies and how she almost thought she made a mistake with her then experimental approach to Breakdown. Here is the link for those that want to hear it.
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Re: The 8 "new" tracks (101,219) (101,238) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 17 September 2022; 01:48)
I only cared for The Roof feat Brandy and 4th of July Acapella. I never recalled cared for 4th of July, but I heard the isolated vocals and loved all the hidden layers and vocals. It’s better without the music. The other tracks are filler. Wished she would have put more into this anniversary and tacked on Head Over Heels and Last Chance with her vocals. That would have made the purchase worth it. Not purchasing but have streamed. For the nostalgia - lol.
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New projects (101,237) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 17 September 2022; 01:44)
Interesting interview. So she still has multiple projects in the works. The Butterfly Lounge is still coming but not finished. A soundtrack that will go with her visual adaptation to her book. Here I thought she abandoned everything. Looks like she is still not done.
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Re: New music (101,106) (101,109) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 31 August 2022; 04:07)
I think she's pregnant. Maybe I'm wrong. In the last pics I saw of her, every single one she is using something to cover her stomach. In one pic you can see Tanaka hand her a fan. It would make sense since everything stopped all of a sudden. All these hints to something coming in late March/April and then radio silence. If she is, congrats to her, if not, hopefully we will get some new music next year, because it doesn't seem like anything other than Christmas merch is coming our way this year.
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Re: Mariah and Luis duet (101,018) (101,021) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 23 August 2022; 04:27)
I agree Bill that the song may have been After Tonight. David Foster produced that one and Diane Warren helped co-write it. I would have loved to be a fly in the wall to see Luis Miguel confronted David Foster about the auto tune and flat out cancel the duet. I also think they when that idea fizzled out it was the same song Mariah asked Toni to duet on Rainbow and Toni ending up having to turn her down as it was during her label issues with Arista.
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Re: Mariah and Luis duet (101,015) (101,017) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 22 August 2022; 20:44)
The Whitney/Enrique duet was really good. Such a romantic song. It fit both of their voices. From Luis Miguel's TV series on his life, he was having vocal issues when recording the duet. The song didn't really seem suitable for his voice (per the show he was also drinking during the session which is death to the chords). Mariah told him he sounded flat, which sent him into a tailspin. Mariah and David Foster were talking in the booth, it's assumed they discussed using auto tune to "fix" the flaws. When Luis heard the final product he noticed and laid into David Foster (who is a very arrogant producer). Years later Luis released the duet and replaced Mariah with Celine. The shade. Here is a clip from the show.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey's Atlanta home burglarized (100,980) (100,982) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 15 August 2022; 18:15)
A lot of celebrities in Atlanta have been robbed lately. I wish her team would have noticed a trend and tightened up security. Might be an inside job. Glad they weren't there when it happened. I hope nothing irreplaceable was taken. I'd feel bad if they took her plaques or awards.
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Re: Is something going on? (100,917) (100,936) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 8 August 2022; 16:20)
She fluctuates in weight rapidly. In April right before the Masterclass she seemed to be in great shape sitting in the pool in that skin tight red dress. She hinted towards a project coming out at the end of April (possibly the Butterfly Room). I think something happened that put a stop to her releasing the project. Something beyond her control. I think she spiraled into depression and indulged in stress eating, especially if the powers that be put a stop to the release of her new project. I hope she takes care of herself. It’s too bad that labels will only invest in her Christmas music/projects.
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Re:#Butterfly25 (100,870) (100,871) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 1 August 2022; 02:53)
From an interview Mariah did there are no leftovers from Butterfly. She said she used everything she created for the album. She might redo it with duets like she did with [The Roof]. It might be interesting depending on who she duets with and how she restructures the songs. Even if it sounds bad, it will come and go and we always have the original album to listen to.
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Re: MC hurry up (100,848) (100,852) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 30 July 2022; 06:06)
I’ve been listening to the [My all] ep and watching the live performances on [SNL] and the Rosie O’Donnell show
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Re: What sank Charmbracelet? (100,835) (100,837) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 26 July 2022; 18:53)
I agree with you on the lyrics. It’s on par with Butterfly. I always thought of Charmbracelet as Butterfly part 2. Or maybe the bookend of what Butterfly started with the whispery vocals and personal lyrics to the songs she wrote.
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Re: What sank Charmbracelet? (100,807) (100,821) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 25 July 2022; 18:43)
The single choices and the whisper vocals. Ballads were out of fashion when [Through the rain] came out here in the States. It was all about the r&b and hip hop collabs in 2002, which is funny because she helped popularize it in 95. [...] This was the peak of this formula. The record company should have went with "You got me" as the first single. It was up tempo, the guitar riff was infectious, and it had Jay [Z] on it. The second single should have been Clown to capitalize on the Eminem beef. It would have been played out of sheer curiosity. When TTR and BOTHB were seldomly played, both times the radio DJ stopped the songs mid way and said, I love Mariah but her songs are two [sic] slow and old fashioned. Damn.
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Re: Some trivia for you (100,648) (100,660) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 5 July 2022; 21:05)
Oooh Roberto Antonio I'm in Chicago now. Tell us more about this man you moved there for.
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Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,635) (100,640) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 2 July 2022; 05:49)
I'm an OG lamb from Vision of Love days. I've spend endless amounts of time and money towards my love for this lady's music. But not all of us OGs are going to come on here and bash her saying she's an embarrassment and why won't she use her money and resources to get help. That's all some fans do. Bash what's left of this lady and kick her while she is down. And claiming that they do so because they've been there from the beginning is just BS. Not everyone feels that way that is an OG. I rather celebrate what's left and pray she pulls herself out of whatever she is struggling with. She's 50, which is around the same age that Whitney died (48), Michael (50) and Prince who almost made it to 60 (57). If she continues down this path, she doesn't have much time left. Why not pray for her, wish her well. I guess do what you want, but not all OG fans feel the same way.
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Re: BET performance (100,587) (100,589) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 27 June 2022; 16:41)
Why did she sound better than the record? I wish it was longer.
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