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Name: RJJ12
Country: USA
A fan since 1990. Favorite Mariah quotes, "It doesn't matter how I look, if I'm singin..." & "I can't even know what to say." I love R&B and Hip Hop, but I listen to any genre of music as long as the song is great. Love saaaanger/songwriters. I'm not a "yes" fan but I do give credit when its due.
Re: Change (99,170) (99,178) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 14:53)
@Bill. How are you agreeing with Randy when he said the same thing I did? Lol. The exact same thing.
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Re: Change (99,170) (99,177) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 14:52)
@Bill. Nasal where? She was never nasal in the 90s. Her voice was darker and heavier on the first album only. It got lighter after that but it was because the type of music she was singing changed from a very soulful sound on the first record to a more contemporary approach on Daydream.
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Re: Change (99,174) (99,176) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 14:49)
@Ribbon he was referring to Tommy not Nick, he was clear on that. He was like certainty after the breakdown, which Mariah confirmed in the book. They both confirmed it so it's not my opinion.
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Re: Change (99,163) (99,169) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 02:57)
@Bill. To me, her Daydream voice was the best one. She was even better than all the albums before it. Her high belts because lighter and more metallic and she started to whisper a bit more but not as much as the Butterfly album where it became the main vocal technique she used. The type of music she was singing on the Daydream album was different as well so her vocal approach was different. Her early work had a lot of soul infused so her voice sounded heavier, darker. By Daydream she infused more pop and r&b. So her approach was lighter, airier. I disagree she lost power and got nasally after her surgeries. She had some good vocal moments that rivaled her early work, the consistency and comfort ability in her upper range just diminished because of vice abuse and lack of rest and tons of stress. This VOL performance from the Charmy tour is better than any non dubbed VOL performance from the 90s. There is power, agility range, high belts, sustained belts, low notes, whistle. The only thing I didn't hear is a falsetto note - lol. Her voice sounded full and buttery. Even on this [Jimmy Fallon] clip from 8 years ago, she showed more agility here than in any of her recordings and she didn't sound nasally. Notice though that when she goes to belt on TAOLG, there was a rasp and she quickly switched to a whistle. The rasp has been in the upper register for years but it's more apparent when she doesn't rest and uses vices. Her voice only recently got nasally but I think that's studio trickery masking a bad vocal take.
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Re: Change (99,160) (99,168) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 02:28)
@Robert Anthony. Gladys is correct. Mariah has admitted that she is more of an alto and not a soprano and in the vocal analysis I watched they and Mariah herself have confirmed this. She has a natural low speaking voice and she taught herself how to sing high. That's why she has so much control on the bottom end of her voice because it's where her voice natural sits.
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Re: Change (99,159) (99,167) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 02:21)
@Ribbon, he may be all those things but he was still around after the Tommy divorce. Maybe you meant the divorce with Nick.
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Re: Change (99,156) (99,157) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 14 December 2021; 21:53)
@Bill. Of course it won't work if you drink glasses of alcohol with it. It does work if you are avoiding vices. Morgan confirmed that since her divorce she has consumed large amounts of alcohol to deal with the stress. Her vices, stress, and lack of discipline/rest are the cause of vocal decline. When you get a rhinoplasty done they also open up the airways. I've had two and my singing and speaking voice have had no change. In fact, I breathe better now. There was a vocal analysis on [YouTube] for each era that like an hour long and they discuss the rhinoplasty that could have helped with breathing during the [Charmbracelet] era. If the rhinoplasty and boob job hinder her vocals in the 90s, how was she able to bounce back vocally during the [Charmbracelet] tour? She made sure she slept enough each day and stayed away from alcohol and blunts. I lost my voice years ago and when I finally stopped smoking, reduced my stress level, and started to get some consistent sleep each night, my voice slowly came back.
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Re: Change (99,153) (99,154) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 14 December 2021; 20:25)
A rhinoplasty has no effect on the cords. She's had at least two and they would help with breathing other than the obvious cosmetic changes. Breast implants may impact breathing but none of her cosmetic superhero would effect her voice. Stress, sleep, and vices (alcohol and smoking) would affect the voice. She isn't as disciplined anymore and she loves to drink. Her vocals technically change with each album. Putting down the alcohol and getting 8 hours of sleep with a humidifier would help but then there is the real world and life gets in the way.
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New album wish list (99,144) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 13 December 2021; 19:53)
Since she is also working on new music. I already want to put in a request. I need her to work with Salaam Remi. I have no idea why she had not worked with this man. From his work with Amy Whinehouse, Fugees, and Miguel, it's a no brainer. I love Snoh Allegra's "I Want You Around" and can totally hear Mariah singing it. My second request is that she gives us tone with this album like she did with the live vocals during the Rainbow era. Gone where the high belts but she made up for it singing in full voice so her buttery tone shined through. That's what I love about Snoh's voice. She doesn't have to do a lot because her tone is so satisfying. No whispers in caps.
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Re: Uncertainty (99,136) (99,143) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 13 December 2021; 19:31)
Hi Edward. I think she is stripping the songs down and doing a "live" sounding version. The 2008 Hero was horrible but her voice was in tatters in 2008 with only a few memorable performances at the end of the year when she was pregnant before she miscarried. I agree is best not to recreate her classics but I'm cool with new versions as long as she sounds good. Crossing my fingers that if she decides to do any upper belts that they do get studio enhanced. It makes her voice sound thin, sharp, and nasally. I really loved the stripped down version of Love Story she did for MTV years back.
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Re: Uncertainty (99,125) (99,130) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 13 December 2021; 06:34)
She's working on a new version of the roof at the moment. She confirmed on an interview also confirming that she filmed the creation dying her Butterfly Lounge Atlanta sessions.
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The Butterfly Lounge: The Atlanta Sessions (99,123) by RJJ12 from USA
(Sunday 12 December 2021; 18:35)
So it looks like she is working on a project documenting her creating music in the studio. Finally. If this isn't the best idea in years. I feel like this might be the filming though if reinterpretations of her previous songs (We Belong Together, The Roof). Wondering what she cooked up with her band in Atlanta. Question, any albums or artists you'd like Mariah to work with on a new record? What are people wanting from the new album?
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Re: Christmas BPCH (Magic Continues) (99,036) (99,037) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 4 December 2021; 23:38)
Visually speaking I loved the production. I was surprised that she changed up a few vocals on FILAC. I thought she was going to mime to the studio version. I like the new vocals to BPCH. I'll take full voice mid range Mariah vocals over whispery vocals anyday. I like the vocal choices she made and replaced high bells with high falsetto notes or whistles. Two small critiques. This was too short. It was almost like what is the point? She could have added a couple of other songs she didn't sing in the previous special to continue to push other Christmas songs especially the ones she wrote. She's been promoting that her voice is in the best condition it's been in a long time, but anytime she belts high on the new BPCH vocals, it sounds digitally altered and not in a good way. I hope she can really rest and stay away from vices that dissipates the voice. I need full voiced vocals on the next album.
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Re: Luis Miguel series (98,940) (98,948) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 15 November 2021; 07:09)
No problem Dee. What where your thoughts?
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Re: Luis Miguel series (98,941) (98,947) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 15 November 2021; 07:08)
If you listen to lamb folklore it was After Tonight that he was supposed to duet with Mariah on for Rainbow (now I think that was the song Mariah wanted Toni Braxton on). You had me thinking so I did some digging and this article confirmed what you are saying. David Foster was supposed to produce LM album, Great American Songbook but they sell out over the autotune issue and from the understanding the album never came out. LM did release a version of the song in 2020 with Celine Dion to his fans on Instagram (they sound great together I may add). Do you think that was calculated shade since he removed Mariah and put Celine on instead and only released this one song, especially since this story would be told on his series? Anyway, here is the article I found.
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Luis Miguel series (98,939) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 13 November 2021; 20:20)
So I saw this clip on the breakup of Luis Miguel and Mariah. Interesting is was all over a war of the egos. I mean, if you don't want your voice to be altered because you came to the session unprepared and drinking alcohol while recording of course you are going to sound flat and need "help". Lol. They referred to the producer as David. I have a feeling that's David Foster and the song was "After Tonight". Mariah should have given the rights to the song (if they asked for it). May have gotten it some streams and some cash in her pocket for doing nothing. The actress can really sing. That climax was Mariahesque. Especially the whispers. Here is a clip.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,919) (98,922) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 16:55)
I thought the Snickers add was brilliant. One of the best SuperBowl commercials that year. As long as the official add is good, you can pretty much sell anything.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,912) (98,913) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 11 November 2021; 02:42)
This isn't a new low but actually a testament that she can still nab an endorsement deal with a major fast food chain. J Balvin, a huge Latin artist, had his meal there, Travis Scott, a big hip hop artist, had a meal with them. Nelly and Anitta have meals with Burger King and Meg The Stalion had sauce with KFC. Only artists with major pull or a proven track record get these deals. I rather an endorsement I can afford rather than an expensive champagne I'm never going to buy. Hopefully her née song will play in the background during the commercial. She should have two versions, the night version should be the ballad and the day version. Should be the gospel part. I hope a shake or ice cream come with her meal and an hi c orange. Lol.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,895) (98,900) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 03:46)
Kirk Franklin is under the RCA Inspiration imprint as he is a gospel artist so I think that's why it's also included but I would t be mad at a gospel album. She's needed to do a gospel and jazz album for the longest.
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Mariah - new label (98,892) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 9 November 2021; 17:43)
So according to the New York Post Mariah is releasing music on her own imprint "MARIAH" in partnership with RCA records. So her deal with Epic must be over. Seems like a smart move so far. She was able to get to collab with Khalid, a big artist on RCA and Kirk Franklin who is signed to RCA Inspiration.
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Re: Babyface (98,877) (98,887) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 8 November 2021; 19:08)
Babyface hasn't had a hit in decades. I liked his 90s productions but Mariah was always the better songwriter.
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Fall in love at Christmas time (98,821) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 2 November 2021; 06:30)
I love love love the snippet. It sounds promising and the smidge of vocals I heard already surpass Cautions restrained vocals. Khalid sounds really good on the record and they blend really well together. I'm not even mad that it's a ballad. Doesn't sound like anything she's done but still r&b. I was dreading more Christmas stuff because all I want is a new album, greasy songs and vocals, a TEOM level push of her records (I really wish she'd spend her own money if the label doesn't want to give the proper budget) and some live singing. Two songs tops for each performance and sing everywhere - lol. One can dream right. Anyway excited for this new Christmas record.
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Re: Tanaka and MC (98,706) (98,707) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 7 October 2021; 01:25)
She has said she will never get married again and is not having anymore kids. This was before she got with him so I'm sure he is aware and seems to be happy with their current arrangement.
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Re: Mariah and Ryan Reynolds in romantic comedy movie (98,554) (98,556) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 28 August 2021; 00:26)
I disagree that she is a bad actress. She's good when she isn't playing herself or some version of her and when required to take direction. She's used to having control, and when she does, the results suck, hence that horrible Hallmark movie. She was amazing in Wise Girls. I didn't see Mariah Carey when she played Rachel. I would love another gritty role as a supporting character. A comedy would be great but only if she had 0% control.
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Re: MC's sexiest album cover (98,477) (98,481) by RJJ12 from USA
(Sunday 1 August 2021; 09:48)
I liked how she said for her new project that she wouldn't even care if she was on the cover. That's new for her as well know she is very particular about her looks. If anything I'm hoping it's her evolving as an artist and diving more into her artistic side instead of leaning towards the same vanity shots. I love the blue She Hulk Caution cover. I didn't think she would have the guts to do that. Hoping for more artistic album covers in the future. Notable mention to the Emancipation and Butterfly covers. The close up Music Box cover is her most beautiful cover. It just can't be topped.
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