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Name: RJJ12
Country: USA
A fan since 1990. Favorite Mariah quotes, "It doesn't matter how I look, if I'm singin..." & "I can't even know what to say." I love R&B and Hip Hop, but I listen to any genre of music as long as the song is great. Love saaaanger/songwriters. I'm not a "yes" fan but I do give credit when its due.
Re: Lovecraft Country (96,286) (96,291) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 16 October 2020; 17:05)
Hey RibbonB. This is the website I use to watch both shows.
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Re: Lovecraft Country (96,272) (96,278) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 16 October 2020; 02:02)
I love this show. It's kind like a period piece mixed with Sci fi with black leads. I've been busy with work so I've only gotten to episode 4. I will have to binge watch this weekend. Have any of you seen "Raised by wolves"? It's my current addiction. I watch both shows on a website online for free if anyone wants the link.
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Re: What if (96,263) (96,275) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 16 October 2020; 01:04)
Edward. Now you are sounding ridiculous. That's the point, Mariah wouldn't have done that. Mariah could have still squeaked about a whistle note that night. She used to compensate with tons of whistle notes in 2005 when her upper register was lacking. She let out a whistle note in 99 even after Diana told her in rehearsal "you will not be hitting that note tonight" only to have the note edited out per Diana's request when the show re-aired for reruns. You see Mariah open her mouth and nothing comes out. Whitney wouldn't have stepped up to Aretha, her Godmother and the same lady who her mother sang backup for because she knows the rules. Respect your elders if you want to be part of the soul singer circle. I remember in a late 90s Whitney interview they said you are the biggest singer since Aretha. Whitney's was like "Oooh um don't tell Aretha that." She knew to respect Aretha and she didn't want any smoke from Aretha or her mother Cissy. It's not a race thing, it's respect. Mariah thought Celine should have stood down. Celine was defending Carole because Aretha sang over Carole and Celine's parts, so she took revenge and stepped up to Aretha. Are either of them are wrong? No. It's subjective. Mariah is ok to feel the way she does. Celine is ok if she felt she wanted to defend her friend. Neither are wrong but why is Mariah being crucified for feeling like you should respect those that came before you. And to say she overhang with her male counterparts. She's the soprano. She is supposed to sing the top notes/harmony. And why can't she include this in her book if she felt it important. It's cool if you guys are disillusioned with her, I'd respect you more if you left like Randy did. But to keep coming here just to keep the tone of this board so toxic is concerning. This is not normal. We get remixes, rarities, vinyls, a book that some of you hate, and looks like she isn't done. Let the rest of us that accept who and what she is in 2020 enjoy our little Mariah hobby. God Bless and hope some of you find some happiness in your lives.
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Re: Trash (96,095) (96,204) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 17:33)
Just to add a correction here on the Patti/Mariah diet. Patti didn’t drown out Mariah. She had Mariah's whistle note edited out of the performance. There is a non edited clip floating around. These older divas do not play. They demand respect or they will pull rank and have the producers edit the performance. The same thing happened in Divas 99. During rehearsal Mariah hit a whistle note when all the divas come out to sing together, only for Diana to turn around and tell Mariah, you won’t be hurting that note tonight. Mariah defied Diana during the live show and still hit the note since she was crucified for not singing more for the first Divas only for Diana to have the producers edit the note out. It’s an unwritten rule. You don't out sing the elder divas/artists or will suffer the consequences. The pic the divas took at the end of the first Divas Live said all that Aretha was feeling. She only posed with Mariah and Gloria, while poor Carole, Celine, and Shania were in the back. Petty, sure, but Aretha made her point, and so did Patti and Diana.
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Re: Cool On You (96,177) (96,203) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 17:04)
"Kick rocks." "Eat dirt.". Love this song.
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Re: Allure (96,186) (96,202) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 16:55)
I feel bad they weren't mentioned and to me this was really the start of her musical liberation. I read in an urban magazine at the time that Tommy shut the label down as the start of his plot to punish his billion dollar investment (oops I meant Mariah) for leaving him and escaping his grasp, even though they had a top 10 (Billboard Hot 100) hit with [All cried out]. Per the blind item, Mariah called every major label and offered to sign with them if they picked up the acts that were dropped from Crave. All her calls went unanswered as I'm sure Tommy sent Steve Stoute to threaten any label exec that dare interfere. This would have been a good story to tell in that princess chapter. I heard Allure went on the Wendy Williams radio show and when she mentioned it to Mariah, Mariah cut her off and changed the subject. I feel bad for the group. [They] signed with smaller labels but never got the push or material that they had access to when they were with Sony and faded away.
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Re: Promo / Mariah's biopic (95,890) (95,894) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 1 October 2020; 17:41)
So Mariah's team has been doing a great job with the roll out and promo. They sent the book to celebs including Bebe Rexa and Lee Daniels. Lee teases that Mariah is getting a movie. Sounds like he wants to be on the helm of that project. I wonder if this will be a mini series or go to the big screen?
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ET rare moments (95,762) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 26 September 2020; 01:57)
So good. I wonder if Mariah has the full footage of some of these backstage performances and rehearsals. Of course they had to throw in a shady moment. Before I don't know her, there was "I didn't see her". Lol.
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Mariah approved spoilers (95,759) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 25 September 2020; 21:29)
I love how Mariah will rename a whole project of someone else leaks it before she does. But as long as she does it, it's all fair game. Still not a fan of [Here we go round again] but those vocals are insane. Is she belting at the top of her register? Show off-lol. Lullaby of Birdland sounds so dreamy and it sounds like a proper studio recording. I told y'all Cool On You was hot. It screams hit, and no surprise since everything recorded for [E=MC2] was intended to be a single. It sounds more Daydream like than [E=MC2] and could have nestled quite nicely in between Long Ago and Melt Away. Don't go to her twitter if you are still trying to wait until the release date. The album isn't even out and it's already my new obsession.
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Re: Interview (95,734) (95,740) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 25 September 2020; 05:16)
Hi Billy from Greece. Here is a very low quality rip. Fyi, there are spoilers from the book in this interview.
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Re: Mariah is everywhere (95,714) (95,738) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 25 September 2020; 01:04)
Lambs on another board were flipping out that there was no promo outside of her social media but I knew they would wait until closer to the release date to start promo. The Oprah interview was good. I like that Oprah took Mariah to task when she tried to avoid one of her questions. Mariah can do this with other interviewers but she knew Oprah wasn’t going to let that one go. Dont watch it if you don’t want spoilers of the book.
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Re: Snippets (95,698) (95,703) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 23 September 2020; 04:25)
Hey Edward. I heard the snippets and can share my thoughts. Spoiler alert for those that want to hear the album fresh.

I Pray sounds good from what I heard. This was one I had always wanted to hear. I'm told Paul was given Mariah's vocal reference and never released it.

HWGRA - The production sounds dated and the hook didn't grab me. The vocal is like a blast from the past, but from what I heard, wasn't a song I would miss hearing again. The same with Last Night, as both these songs have a Motown/Jackson 5 sound. Hook didn't grab me either and from what I heard wouldn't have fit Daydream, but I will reserve full judgement when I hear the tracks in their entirety.

Loverboy - Lambs will be divided on this one, as it's the most poppy sounding lead uptempo single of her career versus the more r&b, bouncy version we got. It cut off before the vocal really started to kick in.

Cool On You - A super short clip but sounded like a sure fire hit. Makes sense as the approach for E=MC2 was to only make singles and no album tracks.

I heard a clip of Can You Hear Me but to me, Out On My Own sounded better because of the tone she was serving during the Rainbow era.

The ballads will be the highlights from what I heard and for anyone wanting classic 90s Mariah ballads. This is your album.

I didn't hear Mesmerized as the clips were taken down by the time I tried to get to that one.
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Re: New documentary (95,696) (95,701) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 23 September 2020; 03:37)
I watched this one and meant to post it. It's really good. They chronicle all of her interviews in what appear to be chronological order from her debut up until Music Box. It's almost like going back to 1990 and watching her rise to become one of the biggest artists of all time. I usually fast forward the performances but some of them in this documentary have audio from interviews woven it. It's worth watching and very well done.
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Lead The Way - a vocal lesson (95,693) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 22 September 2020; 17:39)
A very impressive breakdown of Mariahs complex runs in this song. A very well spoken and intelligent blogger put this together. I enjoyed his video. It just proves Mariah is one of the vocal GOATS of song.
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The Glitter era - a documentary (95,692) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 22 September 2020; 17:34)
This was really well put together. I hope she goes rogue and sends Loverboy to radio stations with a Drake feature. I saw an Unsung on Loyd where he was going to radio stations himself and providing them with his single to play and it started to chart. He made a statement that he thought that was illegal to do.
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Re: Out Here On My Own (95,595) (95,601) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 06:29)
Just heard this on Spotify. It does not disappoint. Such a beautiful vocal. Rich in tone, sung in full voice in her mid range. I love that it's in 2000 and has Mariah listed as the sole producer. The Rainbow era may have lacked high belts, but she made up for it by giving us a lot of tone. Excited for the album and book now. This song gives you the feels from beginning to end. The whole thing is a journey. I could hear this on the radio if the label is willing to give it a radio budget and put money behind promoting the record. She needs a video of a little Mariah performing this in a talent show. I feel like she is telling a story on how the songs are being released. First STD, and now On My Own. Today's artists don't do this.
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Re: Sudden weight loss (95,557) (95,577) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 17 September 2020; 05:24)
Cool sculpting. It's been reported she does this and Kris admitted on one of the housewives shows that he does it. It's non evasive and she might as well spend all that money on herself. Here is a video on cool sculpting.
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Re: Save The Day video (95,500) (95,508) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 11 September 2020; 23:58)
I saw the clip. Horrible. If they must shoot a video, why the same concept that has already been used 1000 times. Riding on top of a car with sexy poses for 3 minutes. Not the biggest fan of the song, but it has a great message. She could have shown essential workers risking their lives like postal workers, nurses, doctors. Shown female athletes striving to win the game. Had Mariah March in one of the protests with her Covid mask on or at least show footage of these protests. Next single please. Is this even a single? It hasn’t been sent to radio. Mariah camp, I implore you to have better video concepts, if only for the nostalgia. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a decent video. (How much could have Dreamlover cost? Dancers and a hot air balloon.)
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Re: The Rarities tracklist (95,470) (95,475) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 10 September 2020; 22:22)
I think she is saving other rarities for a Rarities 2 album. Hypnotized wasn't included. All In Your Mind demo, although Mariah said it was only a comp and wanted to share the short clip? The Crave Song? Heard of this but never found an interview where it's mentioned. I would have liked I Feel It included from TEOM. It was so soulful.
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Re: Loverboy - Firecracker (95,453) (95,465) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 10 September 2020; 03:32)
Hilton I think you are on to something. She would need a feature to get radio to play it and the general public to be interested in it. Drake is the only choice if she can pull it off and get the label to send it to multiple formats. Didn't he post a pic of Mariah from Dreamlover with a heart a while back? Getting the song to number 1 would be the best form of karma. Plus Drake is the male version of Mariah when it comes to petty so I'm sure he would be down for it. He used to date I don't know her, so using him to get a historic number 1 when I don't know her used her ex to do the same thing back in 2001. The blogs wouldn't stop talking. Now that would be a juicy story.
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Re: Deniece Williams (Lee and This is GHM) (95,208) (95,217) by RJJ12 from USA
(Wednesday 26 August 2020; 06:48)
Morgan did say that she began to drink heavily after Tommy and it peaked during her breakdown which makes sense. Tommy didn't put the drink in her hand, but he was a catalyst to her bi polar disorder by staking her, taping her phone, putting out bad press about her (Wendy confirmed she was offered a nice amount of money to bash Mariah everyday) reducing promotion, radio ads, and using other artists on the same label against her, and then sabotaging the success of a future project on a new label to stick the last nail on the coffin. Mental state does have a barring on one's voice and how they care for it.
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Re: Deniece Williams (Lee and This is GHM) (95,173) (95,193) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 25 August 2020; 02:43)
Here you go again banging the same drum regarding deceit. Not sure [you] forgot that Mariah got exposed on New Years. There is no deceit anymore. Everyone knows her voice isn't the same and she uses pre records. It's obvious that the "change" that happened in 1997-98 with her voice was her use of alcohol as Tommy made it a mission to ruin her. Some people turn to Jesus, some to food, Mariah turned to alcohol to cope. Couple that with insomnia and anxiety that peaked in 2001 with a bi polar episode, the cords took a toll. Morgan confirms all this here. This vocal analysis is a good overview to her decline. It's up to Mariah to stop depending on her vices. I can only hope she makes good choices in her life, and cheer her on from the sidelines because she's not really passionate about making music like she used to because of her bi polar disorder per her [People] magazine interview when she came forward with her diagnosis. For crying out loud, you guys are finally going to get songs with Ben, Walter, 90s prime vocals, on a 2020 album and still going on that she won't stop using pre records. That said, I'm not mad at Deniece for calling Mariah to the carpet for not caring for her instrument the way she should have. She didn't mean it with ill intent although I hate that lambs went after her. Here is the video where she gives her opinion.
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Save The Day (95,118) by RJJ12 from USA
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 15:10)
The song is so so. The sample is odd and only really on fits at the end. I love the hook but those verses are sung and arranged horribly. Airy crap with moments of brilliance when she actually sings in full voice. She did the same thing on the beautiful remix with Jeezy. The layers vocals give me "Imperfect" vibes. I would have rather she released Slipping Away. It's only not new to fans. I have a feeling the tracks aren't going to be anything special, hence why they were never released. It makes sense to release this song because of the current climate but if this is the strongest song in the bunch of never heard of songs, she is better off releasing the b sides as singles. Hell, I'd take UTS as never got a it's proper chance with the video. Still looking forward to the project while STD hook sticks in my head.
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Re: Mariah (92,625) (92,630) by RJJ12 from USA
(Monday 27 January 2020; 15:12)
I already posted the video with receipts that it was Michael's former handler that orchestrated his death. Michael fired him because he didn't trust him 6 months to a year prior to that last gig yet days before his death his signature was all over documents acting as Michaels handler behind his back.
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Re: Things have definitely taken a turn (92,287) (92,322) by RJJ12 from USA
(Tuesday 14 January 2020; 06:04)
Ribbon, one of my favs but I have to disagree. It's very follow the leader on the board sometimes so the same bitter privileged girls on the board start their trolling because they obviously are so unhappy with their lives. My advice to those girls, find a real career. I mean now we are calling books that aren't even out until third quarter flops over a title that obviously went way over their head (simple b.t@&e$). It's a book, is it really that deep? Let it flip flop and disappoint I say so the girls can rant. Muah.
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